agreed upon   (合意された)

Many protections for the elder can be agreed upon.

Truces were agreed upon in 1475, 1476, and 1478.

In June 1991, a ceasefire was nominally agreed upon.

agreed to pay   (支払うことに同意した)

The sponsor agreed to pay for weekly travel to New York.

MTY agreed to pay about US$300 million to acquire Kahala.

agreed to pay Legia €400,000 to sign Cafú.

agreed to sell   (販売することに同意した)

He agreed to sell Eastleigh so that he could own Sunderland.

On 25 July 2011, Bari agreed to sell Masiello to Atalanta B.C.

Five days later, Madrid agreed to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus.

agreed to join   (参加することに同意した)

Wang was pleased, and agreed to join him and Tian.

Arce then agreed to join Flandria on 17 June 2019.

agreed to take

Savage eventually agreed to take on the role.

They agreed to take her as their queen.

Columbanus agreed to take up the issue on behalf of the king.

finally agreed   (最終的に合意した)

Columba finally agreed, and Aedan came to receive ordination.

Their father finally agreed.

Joseph Stalin initially refused this treaty, but finally agreed with this treaty.

generally agreed

Reviewers generally agreed the story was subpar.

It is generally agreed that the name "Plenmeller" is of Brythonic Celtic origin.

It is generally agreed that no heavier elements than boron were produced in the Big Bang.

government agreed   (政府は同意した)

In return, the Czech government agreed to renovate the building.

The government agreed with Walker & Robertson to a charter at rate of £1200 per month.

In 2009, the French government agreed to compensate victims of nuclear tests in Algeria.

agreed not

Einfeld agreed not to apply for re-admission.

Captives agreed not to fight until they were officially exchanged.

Given the post-war shortages, both parties agreed not to publish it.

eventually agreed

Savage eventually agreed to take on the role.

However, she eventually agreed to record it.

The powers eventually agreed that Laupepa would become king.

agreed to allow

Dennis agreed to allow detectives to tape his statement.

In 1929 the Treasury agreed to allow one penny daily for the upkeep of Peter.

The crew eventually agreed to allow Corbet aboard and "Menelaus" was not needed.

agreed to give

After a few minutes a car stopped and agreed to give her a lift.

Atari agreed to give Paradigm more time to work on "Terminator 3: The Redemption".

Hearst agreed to give the Boettigers editorial freedom to "make it the best paper in Seattle."

agreed to provide   (提供することに同意した)

IFI agreed to provide 50% of the budget.

John Ericsson for his analysis and opinion, which he agreed to provide.

He continued: Jackson agreed to provide boats and other provisions for the expedition.

parties agreed

Both parties agreed to this, in an effort to keep costs down.

Both the parties agreed on 4 points.

Given the post-war shortages, both parties agreed not to publish it.

agreed to purchase   (購入することに同意した)

EasyJet agreed to purchase GB Airways in 2007, but The Beehive was not included.

In February 2009, the United Arab Emirates Air Force agreed to purchase four C-17s.

The perpetually postponed Major League Football claimed it had agreed to purchase the equipment.

agreed to work   (働くことに同意した)

Hansen agreed to work with Stensgaard on the project.

On March 7, 1978, they agreed to work to plan an escape.

Eventually, he agreed to work in the office on Thursdays.

agreed to help

Omrao Khan agreed to help on building such mosque.

Kenya also agreed to help train Somali government employees.

Nakens was hesitant but agreed to help.

agreed to buy   (買うことに同意した)

In 1996, Crowne Ventures agreed to buy the hotel for $35 million.

Software AG agreed to buy IDS Scheer for €487 million in July 2009.

FedEx Express agreed to buy 19 more of the −300F variant in June 2012.

agreed to make   (作ることに同意した)

Two months after Virgin agreed to make the movie, filming began in San Francisco.

After some discussion, both Tim and Chhai agreed to make three parts of the story.

After discussing the matter, the two leaders agreed to make an attack on the Canadiens.

agreed to sign

Governments agreed to sign a free trade agreement.

He agreed to sign for Inverness Caledonian Thistle in July.

On 23 July 2007 Lara agreed to sign for the Indian Cricket League.

agreed to play   (プレイすることに同意した)

In 2015, Ojeda agreed to play for Cortuluá.

In April 2019, he agreed to play for Leuven from the 2019–20 season onwards.

Whilst they were in administration, Morrison agreed to play for the club for free.

reluctantly agreed

The Finns very reluctantly agreed to these demands.

Hall and Wexler reluctantly agreed.

After some complaints were addressed, the players reluctantly agreed.

agreed to participate

Twenty-four communities in 7 states agreed to participate in the study.

RENAMO have, however, agreed to participate in the Parliament and the Council of State.

In Pennsylvania, 120 public school districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate.

agreed to support   (サポートすることに同意した)

but in April 1912 the B&A agreed to support the project.

Brown agreed to support legislation establishing a memorial.

He also agreed to support an amendment requiring the prime minister to be elected.

agreed to let

Zeus considered Apollo's words and agreed to let him live.

His family agreed to let him study painting, but only if he also studied medicine.

Shortly thereafter, Wangensteen agreed to let Barnard switch to Lillehei's service.

mutually agreed   (相互に同意した)

The amount should be mutually agreed upon.

On 10 January 2019, Ridgewell and Portland mutually agreed to part ways.

On April 25, 2018, the Hawks and Mike Budenholzer mutually agreed to part ways.

agreed to return   (戻ることに同意した)

The center agreed to return the transparencies, but they were lost.

However, Kornheiser agreed to return to the station, now known as WWWT, beginning January 21, 2008.

In January 2016, he agreed to return in Romania to play for Petrolul Ploiești until the end of the season.

agreed to become   (になることに同意した)

A total of 32 physicians agreed to become charter members of ASCI in 1908.

He agreed to become Prime Minister once they had ousted Jacques Necker from the post.

The owner, Albert Wade, prepared the land for planting and agreed to become caretaker.

agreed to meet

She made contact with her and they agreed to meet.

On September 4, 1937, Reiss agreed to meet Schildbach in Lausanne.

Sevilla agreed to meet with Toulon, but no agreement was initially reached.

agreed to accept

Goodman eventually agreed to accept £500 a year with a residence abroad.

Warner then agreed to accept the union's demands, and the kidnapping threat ended.

The Wends agreed to accept Danish suzerainty and the Christian religion at the same time.

all agreed

We all agreed to it and we basically rewrote it.

They all agreed that the indications of dying were undeniable.

This is against international rules that we have all agreed upon in the WTO."

agreed between

Only one televised debate was agreed between the two candidates.

Her marriage was arranged to confirm a peace compact agreed between Henry and Conrad.

On February 16, 2018, WAFA revealed that a deal had been agreed between Waja and Toronto FC.

agreed to acquire   (取得することに同意)

On April 22, 2010, Visa Inc agreed to acquire Cybersource for about $2 billion.

SAP SE agreed to acquire Concur Technologies in September 2014 for $8.3 billion.

Wells Fargo announced it had agreed to acquire all of Wachovia for $15.1 billion in stock.

later agreed

Valentine later agreed a further year on his Hereford contract.

The SFA later agreed on all counts.

He later agreed to cash it with the promise of an engraved watch.

agreed to form

It was then McIlrath agreed to form the band.

In the first election, SPD and DDP agreed to form a coalition.

Negotiations were unsuccessful and Ostravak agreed to form coalition with ČSSD and KSČM.

company agreed   (会社は同意した)

In 2014, the company agreed to trade grain worth $500 million for oil with Iran.

The company agreed and changed their advertising in line with the code of conduct.

Eventually the company agreed to save the murals and part of the surrounding forest.

agreed to terms

When the draft ended, Wieneke agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings.

Two months later, Sydney announced that they had agreed to terms with Motherwell F.C.

On June 10, 2009, Dellucci agreed to terms on a minor league contract with the Blue Jays.

then agreed

Arce then agreed to join Flandria on 17 June 2019.

Warner then agreed to accept the union's demands, and the kidnapping threat ended.

The two Matildas then agreed to exchange prisoners and Stephen ruled as king again.

not agreed

The first War Office contract was not agreed until 1868.

Its place of articulation varies over Swedish regions and is not agreed upon.

In the summer, he ran the Georgia-Florida line which was not agreed upon until 1859.

sides agreed

Both sides agreed to take an oath to prevent violence against each other.

Both sides agreed to reduce the military numbers along the borders to a minimum.

That tour also brought an end to the hostilities when both sides agreed to an armistice.

agreed to send

They agreed to send some junior riders.

Mitchel, Madras Roman Catholic Bishop agreed to send a donation of Rs.

Maysoun is a Syrian refugee and claims that Aspro has agreed to send her to Sweden.

agreed to build

In 1979, Oriental Land and Disney agreed to build a Japanese theme park.

The CTA responded to the residents and agreed to build a Kostner station in 1961.

For a fixed payment, he agreed to build the railroad, which also purchased his iron mines.

agreed to merge   (合併することに同意した)

In 2018, the Society agreed to merge with Sanford Health.

In January 2015, Lakes agreed to merge with Golden Gaming.

Later, Hashimoto and Kenji Eda of the Unity Party agreed to merge their parties.

agreed to release

The club agreed to release him from his contract on 11 January 2006.

After protests from Parivartan, the administration agreed to release the records.

Tamar agreed to release the oppositionist leader, but his ideas were never materialised.

initially agreed

The US initially agreed to bring the issue before the International Joint Commission.

Emperor Dezong initially agreed, but soon wanted to make Pei Yanling Ban's successor instead.

Eventually, it was agreed that Limoges would play in the NM1 rather than the NM3, as initially agreed.

agreed terms

In July 1892 it agreed terms with the GWR and was absorbed by it.

On 3 September 2007, Gaz de France and Suez announced agreed terms of merger.

On 12 June 2019, Mancinelli agreed terms with Primera División side Patronato.

unanimously agreed

The group unanimously agreed that Gately should be allowed to pair with a male actor.

In a separate concurring opinion by Justice Breyer, he listed points on which the Court unanimously agreed.

The ICW received several proposals but unanimously agreed that the Wisconsin Plan was the most plausible method.

both agreed

Prosecution and defence lawyers both agreed the drug's use.

Gumpert and the new owners both agreed the hotel should close.

Leadership contenders Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae both agreed that Dion had to quit immediately.

agreed to move   (引っ越すことに同意した)

The tactics worked, and the chiefs agreed to move.

1981–82: Anne agreed to move back in with Paul.

Howard filed a lawsuit, and eventually BART agreed to move the line underground.

agreed to fund   (資金提供することに同意した)

Private housing developer Manorlane agreed to fund 40% of the costs.

Johnson agreed to fund such a facility, if Dusenbery would direct it.

Based on their advocacy, MassDOT agreed to fund a $2 million study in February 2016.

agreed a deal

Mancinelli subsequently agreed a deal with Patronato.

On 16 June 2014, Reguero agreed a deal to join fellow league side Ross County.

In the summer of 2008 he agreed a deal to stay with the West Sussex club for the 2008–09 season.

agreed to go

Polk called the scheme "utterly abortive," but agreed to go along with it.

Finally, Brenda booked her own room, and Gennie agreed to go on holiday with her.

Huang ended his hunger strike after 52 days, and agreed to go to the hospital on 9 July 2019.

previously agreed   (以前に合意した)

The informer and his two sons left the building as previously agreed.

The band had previously agreed not to go on stage, and the show was suspended by the management of the club.

KCEB had previously agreed to go off the air after selling its spectrum in the 2017 broadcast incentive auction.

agreed to establish   (確立することに同意した)

Berry met with the two Philadelphia owners and agreed to establish a team.

They agreed to establish a new district to commemorate the battle at Bang Rachan.

A meeting was held on this topic, and the attendees agreed to establish a sports club in Abha.

agreed to surrender   (降伏することに同意した)

He agreed to surrender the island to Venice if his family became extinct.

After a few days Jurij Sołłohub, Voivode of Smolensk, agreed to surrender on July 30, 1514.

Rector agreed to surrender, but only to Officer Robert Martin, whom he had known since he was a child.

only agreed   (同意しただけ)

Grassley and Conlin only agreed to one debate.

Initially she only agreed to help out as a translator for one week.

After he selected Beer, Beer only agreed if Eddison would also join him.

agreed to serve

He agreed to serve three to eight years for this crime.

In a 2008 plea bargain, he agreed to serve a prison term of up to years.

He agreed to serve as a presidential elector for John Adams in the 1796 election.

court agreed   (裁判所は同意した)

Appeal court agreed with such decision.

The court agreed with the submission.

The court agreed with the schools in 1982 and voided the NCAA's television contracts.

agreed to produce   (生産することに同意した)

The Government of Gordon Brown agreed to produce new rules.

Although initially hesitant, Shailendra Babu agreed to produce the film.

In 1971, Yomiuri Television agreed to produce a TV adaptation of the manga.

already agreed

Many of the unions in other industries had already agreed to pay cuts.

Two days before the event, the town council already agreed to offer him the position.

Linnaeus had already agreed to stay with Burman over the winter, and could thus not accept immediately.

agreed to leave   (去ることに同意した)

Viv could not afford to buy her out so she agreed to leave Brenda alone.

In December 2005, Graeber agreed to leave the university after a one-year paid sabbatical.

Because of this, Zatsepin refused to be the composer, but agreed to leave his songs in the film.

agreed in principle

Charles agreed in principle to reform the laws as required, subject to legislation.

Premier League clubs agreed in principle in December 2012, to radical new cost controls.

In February 2010, the two clubs agreed in principle to merge, with Rick's Cabaret acquiring VCG Holding.

schools agreed

The schools agreed to resume the series, scheduling games for each year from 2010 to 2013.

In Pennsylvania, 120 public school districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate.

agreed to hold

It was agreed to hold a meeting every Sunday in a different city.

They agreed to hold a free, equal and secret-ballot election on March 16, 1919.

agreed to marry

The youngest agreed to marry him for the water.

Monica turned to Alan for support and agreed to marry him.

She agreed to marry Mieszko I providing that he was baptized.

agreed to continue

The Clinton campaign agreed to continue with the debate after the apology was offered.

At the end of that time, Laura and Almanzo mutually agreed to continue for one more year, a "year of grace".

After a couple of weeks Ogunsoto agreed to continue his career at Ermionida in the Football League 2 (Greece).

countries agreed

In 1935 both countries agreed to exchange ambassadors.

when countries agreed to open doors for each other and traded.

Delegates from other countries agreed that much had been achieved.

agreed to withdraw

Initiative organizers agreed to withdraw the associated ballot initiatives.

The French agreed to withdraw in 1946, thus leading to the full independence of Syria.

Romania agreed to withdraw from the territories, to avoid a full-scale military conflict.

agreed to hear

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case as "R.G.

The State appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to hear the case.

Exxon then appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to hear the case.

agreed to settle

The case was closed in 2011 when the two parties agreed to settle out of court.

The insurance company agreed to settle the matters out of court and paid a large sum of money.

After over 20 years, the Church agreed to settle the case and pay an $8.7 million settlement on May 9, 2002.

agreed to share   (共有することに同意した)

Stewart agreed to share his royalties with Dylan.

In 1923, the state agreed to share in some of the cost of improving the infrastructure.

agreed to finance

Zanuck agreed to finance the film for $1.4 million.

However, he received support from Hoyts-Edgley who agreed to finance.

Barron took the script to Virgin Films, and it agreed to finance within four days.

agreed to cooperate   (協力することに同意した)

They finally agreed to cooperate only in 1931, and the first booklet came out on October 1, 1931.

The Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party have agreed to cooperate in the drafting of the new legislation.

The charges were kept secret, and Castro agreed to cooperate with the Bronx District Attorney and later with the FBI.

charter schools agreed   (チャータースクールが同意しました)

In Pennsylvania, 120 public school districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate.

leaders agreed

After discussing the matter, the two leaders agreed to make an attack on the Canadiens.

The EU leaders agreed on 16 December 2004 to start accession negotiations with Turkey from 3 October 2005.

By the articles which they all signed, the Indian leaders agreed to live in due submission to the English people.

having agreed

Chimino is due to join Patronato on 3 July 2019, having agreed a move on 21 June.

Ltd's shares via Blue Pitch Holdings, after having agreed to invest £2m in June 2012.

Alferez is due to join Gimnasia y Esgrima on loan on 3 July 2019, having agreed a move on 14 June.

agreed to use

They agreed to use more force to force Italy out of the war, and to occupy it along with Corsica.

If we agreed to use the word and sound for "horse" instead, it would be called "horse" to the same effect.

Her father sold a building which he had purchased in Berlin, and agreed to use the profit he made to finance her dance training.

agreed to keep   (保つことに同意した)

The Egyptians agreed to keep the Sinai Peninsula demilitarized.

He talked it over with Kajii, who agreed to keep that aspect quiet until release.

The two agreed to keep the affair a secret, but soon another secret of Monica's would come out.

agreed a new

He agreed a new one-year contract with the Vale in May 2012.

In February 2013 he agreed a new one-year contract with St Mirren.

He agreed a new contract with Arbroath at the end of the 2010–11 season.

agreed to write

J. M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, agreed to write a preface.

Hauptmann agreed to write his own completely new intertitles for 40,000 marks, twice what Ufa had offered.

When the original director Samir Karnik opted out of the sequel, Sangeeth Sivan agreed to write and direct.

agreed to transfer

In July 2007, l'OL agreed to transfer Berthod to AS Monaco FC for a fee of €2m.

Mrs Griffiths agreed to transfer the property to Trust ownership in return for the Trust spending $35,000 on it.

In 2008, France agreed to transfer technology to Brazil for the joint development of the nuclear submarine hull.

agreed to extend   (延長することに同意した)

On 31 January 2020, Dioudis has agreed to extend his Panathinaikos contract through to 2023.

In September 2017, Lennon and Hibs agreed to extend his contract to the end of the 2019–20 season.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Roosevelt agreed to extend Lend-Lease to the Soviets.

readily agreed

Felix, though seventy years of age, readily agreed.

Queen Regent Lakshammanni readily agreed to the arrangement.

Sir Arthur readily agreed.

agreed to stay   (滞在することに同意した)

Eulalia finally relented and agreed to stay in Monterey.

Maraimalai Adigal agreed to stay with Periyar for a month.

Artman agreed to stay on as publisher.

agreed to change

The legates agreed to change if they could find a strong leader.

The owner of SardarBuksh agreed to change its name on 28 September 2018.

In 1954, it was agreed to change the company name to Amalgamated Anthracite Holdings Limited (AAH).

members agreed

Band members agreed to honour all charity appearances during this period, but without pay.

While the other cast members agreed to forego their salary increases, Carmel refused to forego his.

Library company members agreed and brought to the institute their collection numbering over 3,000 volumes.

agreed to publish

Atari agreed to publish the game.

Her current publishing house agreed to publish one more installment.

The book was published after Hardie Grant Books agreed to publish the book.

agreed to appear

He changed his mind a few hours later and agreed to appear on the show.

Several of the cast agreed to appear for less than their usual fees as a favor to Lawrence.

He agreed to appear only if he could play a military character and not "wear that silly shirt again".