Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

trade agreements

Costa Rica has free trade agreements with many countries, including the US.

In addition, it has signed free trade agreements with Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Chile also concluded preferential trade agreements with Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.

agreements between

Montenegro concluded agreements between Serbia and Bulgaria later that year.

1.837 - 2.400 Euros) is part of agreements between employers associations and Adexa.

Finally, trade agreements between Ethiopia and the European Union allow them to export duty-free.

international agreements

Back in Warsaw, he became the head of the department of international agreements.

All international agreements regarding the world's oceans apply to the Southern Ocean.

A number of the recorded species are migratory birds recognised under international agreements.

bilateral agreements   (acuerdos bilaterales)

These bilateral agreements were aligned with Atatürk's worldview.

Switzerland has a set of bilateral agreements with the EU instead.

Both nations have signed several bilateral agreements and have worked closely on several projects.

signed agreements

The Baltic governments acquiesced to these demands and signed agreements in September and October.

That same year, both nations signed agreements for Chile to purchase weapons and old Swedish warship.

Route "proposals" range from speculation described in company releases to business cases to signed agreements.

free trade agreements   (tratados de libre comercio)

Costa Rica has free trade agreements with many countries, including the US.

In addition, it has signed free trade agreements with Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Regionally, she has signed bilateral free trade agreements with Panama, Peru and Colombia.

licensing agreements

On Netflix this song is replaced due to BBC licensing agreements.

The company then sells the use of its data through licensing agreements.

As a brand, Emerson gains further leverage globally through various licensing agreements.

agreements with other   (acuerdos con otros)

While the UK has been in the EU it has actively pressured the EU to pursue trade agreements with other Commonwealth countries.

Between 1934 and 1945, the executive branch negotiated over 32 bilateral trade liberalization agreements with other countries.

Eastern Shores also has reciprocal agreements with other Wisconsin public library systems, allowing users to check out materials while on vacation.

cooperation agreements

The Gaullist government preserves its influence over the country through the signing of "cooperation agreements" covering all sectors of Cameroon's sovereignty.

Invitations to send observers were sent out to all nations with defence cooperation agreements with Britain, which included NATO countries, and fourteen accepted.

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin had visited Tunisia in April 2002 and had signed a series of economic, technical and financial support along with cultural cooperation agreements.

agreements made

It was one of a series of agreements made in response to French expansion under Louis XIV.

Sales finance companies A sales finance company acquires retail installment contracts or other credit agreements made by other parties.

When Ecuador seceded from the Gran Colombia, Peru decided not to follow the treaty of Guayaquil of 1829 or the protocoled agreements made.

peace agreements

At the same time, Portugal made peace agreements with England, France and the Netherlands.

Despite peace agreements with the government of Mali in 1991 and 1995 a growing dissatisfaction among the former Tuareg fighters, who had been integrated into the Military of Mali, led to new fighting in 2007.

Founded in 1948, Israel was a 28-year-old country in 1976, giving the line "I've been alone for almost thirty years" an extra meaning- since it gained independence Israel was isolated in the Middle East, surrounded by hostile Arab countries (Egypt and Jordan signed peace agreements with Israel since then).