Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

agrees to help

Zeke agrees to help them, and is given the weapon.

Although reluctant at first, Liam agrees to help.

At a diner, Cypher agrees to help them find Wolverine.

reluctantly agrees

Daniel reluctantly agrees, receiving the Soulcatcher gun.

Chris reluctantly agrees and Sophie sits on Summer's lap.

Carla reluctantly agrees to keep Leanne's secret from Liam.

agrees to marry   (acepta casarse)

Raghunatha agrees to marry her after he returns.

Afterwards Kartinah agrees to marry Suria.

Reet agrees to marry Q, and Paramveer wants a joint wedding.

agrees to go

Norris agrees to go on a cottage holiday with Mary.

They grab Sweetiepie, who finally agrees to go with them.

Ross agrees to go into care and Morag offers to go with him.

agrees to let

He agrees to let the teens go if Alex gives him the key.

He agrees to let Thésée marry Églé.

Apollo agrees to let Admète live if someone will die in his place.

agrees to take

Eventually he agrees to take Marion's place in the choir.

Mercy agrees to take her in and to find out what is happening.

Abbi agrees to take Sheldon and Manbeast to the rancher's property for gasoline.

agrees to give

Afterwards, Mrs. Grober agrees to give Michael the French credit.

In return for Ludmilla's freedom, Smith agrees to give himself up.

Boconnion agrees to give them shelter, in return for entertainment.

eventually agrees

Though initially reluctant, she eventually agrees to cooperate with him.

Charlie flies into a rage and threatens to kill them, though he eventually agrees to help.

Edith expresses interest in getting to know her niece and though Nick is reluctant he eventually agrees.

finally agrees   (finalmente acepta)

They grab Sweetiepie, who finally agrees to go with them.

Under coercion, the Bashaw finally agrees to accede to the Raisuli's demands.

Principal Wilson finally agrees to talk with the students and the walk out ends.

agrees to meet

Betsy is incensed, but agrees to meet Tommy.

Steve agrees to meet his son for dinner.

At a party, she catches von Lichstein's eye and agrees to meet him the next night.