agricultural land   (農地)

The habitat is forest and dense agricultural land.

But gradually reduced to the agricultural land.

About 54.9 percent of Azerbaijan is agricultural land.

agricultural products   (農産物)

Main agricultural products are coconut, areca and betel leaf.

The main agricultural products are crops and fodder for farming.

are the main agricultural products.

agricultural purposes   (農業目的)

It began to be reclaimed for agricultural purposes in 1886 or 1890.

Land in the remainder of the locality is used for agricultural purposes.

During the Emergency the field was ploughed up for agricultural purposes.

used for agricultural   (農業用)

Tractors are used for agricultural works.

Land in the remainder of the locality is used for agricultural purposes.

Of this area, 66% is used for agricultural purposes, while 23% is forested.

agricultural production   (農業生産)

Home agricultural production increased 35% during the war.

The land is very fertile and agricultural production is high.

The village is independent in terms of agricultural production.

agricultural sector   (農業部門)

The agricultural sector was affected seriously.

The agricultural sector contributed 45 percent or Rp.

The clovers point to the agricultural sector.

agricultural areas

Rural agricultural areas continued to help the local economy.

Both are fertile agricultural areas.

The chief agricultural areas are around the Bossangoa and Bambari.

agricultural area

Quail Hollow Park is in a rich agricultural area.

Today, it is an important irrigated agricultural area.

The village is in a mainly agricultural area.

agricultural labourers   (農業労働者)

The Farmers' Party represented the needs of agricultural labourers.

His parents were agricultural labourers and the family was extremely poor.

Of those, 1692 are cultivators (owner or co-owner) while 185 were agricultural labourers.

agricultural use

Adjacent properties have been cleared for agricultural use.

The property remained in agricultural use into the early 1940s.

Resistance was largely fueled by unrestricted agricultural use.

agricultural lands

About 54,9 percent of Azerbaijan is agricultural lands.

In the 1950s, many swamps were drained and converted into agricultural lands.

The Paraiyar settlements were near agricultural lands and irrigation channels.

agricultural development   (農業開発)

It was responsible for overseeing the nation's agricultural development.

In the 1950s, the Dragoman Marsh was drained to make room for agricultural development.

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

agricultural pursuits

Afterwards, he engaged in agricultural pursuits.

He engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1865.

He was also engaged in agricultural pursuits.

agricultural practices

Current agricultural practices lead to carbon loss from soils.

As agricultural practices spread, so did tame and domesticated cats.

Poppy One of the iconic agricultural practices of Afyon is the cultivation of poppy.

agricultural community   (農業コミュニティ)

The village is part of a thriving farming and agricultural community, and a local quarry.

The oxen, the signeurial homes and agricultural community became known as the Ramo Grande.

At first, the town of Sabana Grande was connected to the agricultural community of Chacao.

agricultural activities

Which stimulated agricultural activities greatly.

Other agricultural activities were developed as well.

There are light agricultural activities, including covered growing houses.

agricultural workers

The majority of the population are cultivators or agricultural workers.

She also participated in actions on behalf of migrant agricultural workers.

The small wine growers were ruined and agricultural workers were unemployed.

important agricultural

Rice is the important agricultural product.

Grapes are the most important agricultural product of the village

agricultural produce   (農産物)

They were common in markets for agricultural produce.

These reforms would include logistics and retail of agricultural produce.

Govt is also promoting a agricultural produce brand called Haryana Fresh.

agricultural machinery   (農業機械)

Rousse serves as the main centre for agricultural machinery.

Foundry to manufacture main casting parts of agricultural machinery and automobiles.

The tractor can handle most agricultural machinery, tractors designed for 1, 2 and 3 classes.

main agricultural   (主な農業)

The untouchables are the main agricultural laborers.

The main agricultural product of the village is grape.

agricultural fields

They hold major agricultural fields in the village.

These trailers are often seen on agricultural fields or at road construction sites.

Some wanted to learn new skills and leave the agricultural fields where most had worked.

other agricultural   (その他の農業)

The area produces rubber, areconut, coconut, pepper and other agricultural products.

One of the well known market for spices, vegetables and other agricultural products for a long time.

It also had a single siding, used for such traffic as fertiliser and other agricultural requirements.

engaged in agricultural

Afterwards, he engaged in agricultural pursuits.

He engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1865.

He was also engaged in agricultural pursuits.

agricultural industry

They are the backbone of Goa's agricultural industry.

The agricultural industry is dependent on irrigation from the Nile river.

Christmas tree farming has been important to the area agricultural industry.

agricultural economy

This affected the agricultural economy in the state.

Kooroppada has a predominantly agricultural economy.

It went from an agricultural economy to an industrial one.

agricultural research

The method is also utilized for agricultural research.

It is among a small number of agricultural research organisations to do so.

These methods have been broadly adapted in biological, psychological, and agricultural research.

agricultural work   (農作業)

The majority of the village is engaged in agricultural work.

There are also dances that are related to agricultural work, hunting and war.

It eventually set up a subsidiary, Exelixis Plant Sciences, for the agricultural work.

agricultural crops

Key agricultural crops include rice and cassava.

The main agricultural crops are fruits and vegetables.

Their intrinsic value mainly concerns agricultural crops.

agricultural output

Livestock products are the main element of the UK's agricultural output.

Other components of its agricultural output include rice, corn, citrus, and other fruits.

Armenia's agricultural output dropped by 17.9 percent in the period of January–September 2010.

agricultural region   (農業地域)

The rest of the island is a mostly agricultural region.

The village lies in an agricultural region.

The village is the centre of a fertile agricultural region.

agricultural and industrial

An era began of increased agricultural and industrial progress.

Thus Indo-Gangetic plain's soil is the backbone of agricultural and industrial development.

Djibouti is mostly barren, with little development in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

agricultural productivity   (農業生産性)

Irrigation facilities had contributed in a major way towards higher agricultural productivity.

agricultural activity

The major of the population is involved in agricultural activity.

Economy of the district is arranged by the agricultural activity.

It's activity depends of the harbor and agricultural activity in the city.

primarily agricultural

The economy of Loznani is primarily agricultural.

Its northern and western peripheries are primarily agricultural.

The economy is primarily agricultural; however there is some mining.

agricultural equipment

Vermeer Company Vermeer Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment.

The community took its name from the Grant-Ferris Company, manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

To this end, each school was supplied with agricultural equipment and farmland with which to teach these skills.

industrial and agricultural

Chojnów is an industrial and agricultural town.

Amana would hire many outside laborers to do industrial and agricultural jobs.

According to the nature of production, the city is industrial and agricultural.

agricultural village

Thakazhy is an agricultural village entirely.

It is mainly an agricultural village.

Cambridge grew slowly as an agricultural village by road from Boston, the colony's capital.

through agricultural

to the north of Cheriton and continues through agricultural areas and woodland with some development.

Its goal is to increase soil carbon by 0.4 percent per year through agricultural and forestry changes.

PA 10 runs northeast through agricultural areas with some trees and homes and crosses into Upper Oxford Township.

agricultural school   (農業学校)

He helped her get an education at an agricultural school.

The palace building is now used by an agricultural school.

In 1935 it was sold and turned into an agricultural school.

major agricultural   (主要な農業)

They hold major agricultural fields in the village.

The Central Valley, a major agricultural area, dominates the state's center.

The region is a major agricultural producer, with many large farms in the outlying districts.

agricultural college

Cheonan Yonam College Cheonan Yonam College is a private agricultural college in South Korea.

She was a trustee of the Colorado state teachers' college, and of the state agricultural college as well.

There are three tertiary (FE) colleges and an agricultural college (Bicton College, near Budleigh Salterton).

mainly agricultural

The village is in a mainly agricultural area.

The economy is mainly agricultural.

It is a mainly agricultural town surrounded by large areas of cereals.

agricultural education

Orrock is a semi-retired teacher of agricultural education at Spotsylvania High School.

NSAC was the only university in Atlantic Canada that had a specific mandate to offer agricultural education.

Formal agricultural education in Southern Rhodesia began in 1930, when an agricultural college opened at Matopos.

agricultural product

The main agricultural product of the village is grape.

agricultural economics

He specialises in agricultural economics and is an expert on B. R. Ambedkar.

He received a master of science degree in agricultural economics from Penn State in 1991.

The following summer he got a job writing software programs for the agricultural economics department.

agricultural commodities   (農産物)

Green (unroasted) coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world.

The role of storage in markets for energy and agricultural commodities was a research specialty.

As a result, the gap between world and domestic prices for Egyptian agricultural commodities has been closed.

small agricultural

Thompson was born in the small agricultural town of Belle Glade, Florida.

The species has also been found in small agricultural plots and banana plantations.

This event quickly and forever changed a small agricultural town into a military base boomtown.

agricultural science

Hermes studied agricultural science and philosophy at Bonn, Jena and Berlin.

There are labs for physics, chemistry, agricultural science, computer science, and biology.

At Jena he distinguished himself in studies of botany as it applied to agricultural science.

local agricultural

Laurence was also secretary of the local agricultural workers' trades union.

Strangely enough some renowned and typical local agricultural products are not produced anymore.

A variety of different sweeteners may be added to cola, often partly dependent on local agricultural policy.

agricultural goods

They transport goods to and from markets, particularly agricultural goods.

A large cargo rack on the roof may be used to carry personal bags, spare parts and agricultural goods.

New Zealand is a member of the Cairns Group, which is seeking to have free trade in agricultural goods.

agricultural implements   (農業用具)

The projects provide tangible resources, such as fishing equipment, seeds and agricultural implements.

Relocating to Marion, Ohio, Huber patented his hay rake and began a full line of agricultural implements.

The following spring he received £200 of "clothing and agricultural implements" of which a list has survived.

predominantly agricultural

The town's economy is predominantly agricultural.

Kooroppada has a predominantly agricultural economy.

Murshidabad is a predominantly agricultural district.

largely agricultural

In its early days the North Shore was largely agricultural.

The town is a centre for the largely agricultural region of southern Oldenburg.

Baota is a largely agricultural region, with petroleum as the only main industry.

agricultural settlement

For centuries Wörishofen was an agricultural settlement.

Giv'at Ada was established as an agricultural settlement.

Once agricultural settlement and the railway came to the region, Macleod boomed.

agricultural policy

Another cause of hunger is related to agricultural policy.

In agricultural policy terms, this region is considered to be a less favored area (LFA).

With agricultural policy success in wheat, India's Green Revolution technology spread to rice.

agricultural credit

Dhawade has no commercial banks or co-operative banks present within the village, but there are 1 agricultural credit societies, 1 non-agricultural credit societies and 3 other credit societies present within the village.

rich agricultural

Quail Hollow Park is in a rich agricultural area.

It is a rich agricultural zone producing predominantly corn and soybeans.

The location controls a formerly rich agricultural area and an important trade route.

large agricultural

Sacramento was the site of John Sutter's large agricultural colony and his fort.

It is the hub of a large agricultural area, an active retirement community, and regional tourism.

The garden was located in a large agricultural area immediately north of the walls of the city of Baghdad, about from the city's northern Mu'azzam gate.

important agricultural products

Other important agricultural products include potato, tomato, pepper, carrot ... etc.

The following table presents the 20 most important agricultural products in India, by economic value, in 2009.

agricultural town   (農業の町)

It's an agricultural town (its main product is rice).

Chojnów is an industrial and agricultural town.

Luisiana is basically an agricultural town.

new agricultural

Growth of the human population, with new housing and new agricultural operations may add more stress.

Desperate for labor to toil the new agricultural settlements, the Conquistadors sought slaves from surrounding islands and the continental mainland.

He may have become aware of the new agricultural and mechanical school in Blacksburg through the many newspaper advertisements placed by the school's founding president, Charles L.C.

agricultural operations

As the populations expand within the reserve, so do their agricultural operations.

Growth of the human population, with new housing and new agricultural operations may add more stress.

However, that year saw a particularly devastating flood, which caused a suspension of agricultural operations.

agricultural techniques

For example, a population might be moved around to spread agricultural techniques or develop new lands.

English farmers too attempted to imitate what they thought were genuine Virgilian agricultural techniques.

For example, people might be moved to develop new lands or introduce agricultural techniques in other provinces.

mostly agricultural

The rest of the island is a mostly agricultural region.

The economy is mostly agricultural (cereals, fruit, vine).

It has a mostly agricultural economy.

agricultural exports

Two-thirds of food and agricultural exports go to OECD countries.

By 2015, Costa Rica's agricultural exports totalled US$2.7 billion.

Little industry exists except for the processing of agricultural exports.

agricultural society

This led to the creation of a provincial agricultural society in 1818.

Scotland in 1700 was a poor rural, agricultural society with a population of 1.3 million.

It took a long time for new ideas to be accepted in a conservative, agricultural society.