go ahead   (どうぞ)

Karamanlis said income-tax cuts will go ahead.

I'm going to go ahead, commit and live out a fantasy."

Aymer is uncharmed, but preparations go ahead.

went ahead   (先に行きました)

This he refused to do, and his interview went ahead.

The production went ahead without the sponsorship deal.

The 2009 tour went ahead on 30 August 2009.

points ahead   (先を指す)

Divisjon 20 points ahead of their closest rivals.

They finished 220 points ahead of California.

They are now four points ahead of Liverpool.

ahead of schedule   (前倒し)

The plan was fulfilled ahead of schedule in 1932.

It opened in late 2011, under budget and ahead of schedule.

The line opened on 3 November 2014, a year ahead of schedule.

seconds ahead   (秒先)

two Peugeot come out of the pits just two seconds ahead.

2 winning four seconds ahead of the Audi.

, when another leap second was added, TAI is exactly 37 seconds ahead of UTC.

just ahead   (すぐ先)

Henri Louveau finish second just ahead of Yves Giraud-Cabantous.

I was just ahead of the times!"

Bobby Isaac was just ahead of James Hylton, and Bobby Allison was close behind.

years ahead   (数年先)

He is considered to have been fifty years ahead of his time.

This integration continued successfully for five years ahead.

The buyout was completed in 1979, five years ahead of schedule.

ahead of time   (事前に)

An aircraft "raid" was always planned ahead of time.

Though it might be nice in future if they announced the complete card ahead of time.

Those of the sons who had decided not to accept the role of chief disappeared ahead of time.

well ahead   (ずっと先)

Australia was well ahead by the end of the second day.

The investiture came well ahead of any expected succession.

This growth until recently surged well ahead of city services.

far ahead   (はるか先)

Sidney Cotton's aerial photographs were far ahead of their time.

The things he was teaching was so far ahead of what others were teaching."

Future championships as far ahead as 2024 have been scheduled at the UD Arena.

point ahead   (先を指す)

They finished half a point ahead of a field that included three former World Champions.

A year later, Pescadores narrowly lost the title to Agrária, who finished a point ahead.

However, Juventus still managed to win the league, one point ahead of second-placed Hellas.

straight ahead   (真向こう)

His style is smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz.

The Circle has 3 other roads to its left, right and straight ahead.

None of this happened to Oprah – she is a straight ahead success story.

months ahead   (数か月先)

Groundbreaking for the towers were held on January 2005, months ahead of its official launching.

Forty-five months later (six months ahead of schedule) the bridge was inaugurated on 6 August 1966.

"Grand Masti" was submitted to the censor board three months ahead of its release date in June 2013.

finished ahead   (先に終わった)

However, a recount showed that Harrison finished ahead of Greenwood.

Degenkolb finished ahead of 's Nacer Bouhanni and rider Daniele Bennati.

He finished ahead of Kovalainen in four of the last five races of the season.

moved ahead   (先に進んだ)

Poole finally moved ahead of Randall's time at Crawford, across the border into Scotland.

In recent years, Retail Concentration moved ahead with fusions and acquisitions along the entire food supply chain.

The day's breakaway was made up of eight riders, who all moved ahead of the main field inside the opening of the stage.

strokes ahead   (先のストローク)

Sörenstam won the event with 261 (–27), two strokes ahead of runner-up Se Ri Pak.

Jason Dufner won his first major title, two strokes ahead of runner-up Jim Furyk.

Justin Rose won his first major title, two strokes ahead of runners-up Jason Day and Phil Mickelson.

favourite ahead   (先のお気に入り)

He started 4/5 favourite ahead of British challenger Olympic Glory, three-year-old gelding No Jet Lag, and Silver Max.

Veles started favourite ahead of Doricles, Orchid (Champagne Stakes) and Lord Bobs (Dewhurst Stakes) in a field of seventeen.

The July Stakes winner Diableretta started favourite ahead of Stella Polaris (Cornwallis Stakes) with Camaree next in the betting on 10/1.

get ahead   (先を行く)

His dream is to prove to his father that he did not need to get ahead.

Hayes was unable to get ahead of Melnyk, held to the outside of their penultimate turn.

He has a passion for helping young people, including students from all cultures, to get ahead.

year ahead   (一年先)

The line opened on 3 November 2014, a year ahead of schedule.

Whole plant will be up and running one year ahead of schedule".

See '2014: the year ahead'.

finishing ahead   (先を終えて)

Telstar ended the season in 18th place, finishing ahead of relegated FC Oss on goal difference.

Labour came second with 24.4% of the vote, finishing ahead of the Conservatives but behind the UKIP.

By finishing ahead of some well-regarded horses, he established himself as a leading contender for the St Leger.

step ahead   (一歩先を行く)

", meaning “A step ahead” (literally, “An idea further”).

She had to keep a step ahead of the F.B.I.

In all other cases, the attacker is one step ahead of you.

second ahead   (2番目に)

Turkington took victory again in race two with Austin second ahead of Shedden.

Alain Menu secured pole position for Chevrolet's home race with Tarquini second ahead of Muller and Huff.

In 2007 he won the Hamburg Marathon in 2:07:32, one second ahead of Wilfred Kigen, setting again a personal best.

days ahead   (数日先)

The film was completed in six weeks, two days ahead of schedule, and under budget.

It's pathetic, people wallow in misery and accept anything – 'Have a cup of tea, good days ahead."

Three days ahead of schedule C Company was suddenly ordered to cross the Arghandab River and move into Pashmul.

going ahead   (先に行く)

There is confirmation that the raid is still going ahead.

They soon start getting doubts about going ahead with their suicides.

Despite the storyline going ahead, Fiona never returned to the street.

minutes ahead   (数分先)

Alec Bennett won the 1926 Junior TT a full ten minutes ahead of the next rider.

On his ride he caught up and overtook Alberto Contador who started two minutes ahead.

He kept racing as fast as he could, and finished four minutes ahead of Antonio Pesenti.

move ahead   (前進する)

Similarly, to jump back by one 33-year cycle, move ahead by one weekday.

This win allowed the Cardinals to move ahead of the Braves by game for best record in the NL.

The film title was registered in 2010, however, Saini could not move ahead due to lack of funds.

not go ahead   (先に進まない)

These invasion plans also did not go ahead.

The race did not go ahead and was not included in the 2014 calendar.

Construction of the prototype did not go ahead, but the plans were retained.

team ahead   (先のチーム)

Javier González put the home team ahead in the first half.

Kotarski was made the third keeper of the first team ahead of the 2018–19 Eredivisie season.

In December 2017, Jean Lucas was definitely promoted to the first team ahead of the 2018 season by manager Reinaldo Rueda.

squad ahead   (先に)

He moved to the U23s squad ahead of the 2017–18 season.

On 6 August 2018, Hansen named a 33-man squad ahead of the Championship.

He was named as the player to watch in the squad ahead of the tournament.

pulled ahead   (先に引かれた)

Suddenly Rhodes' aircraft pulled ahead of Nettleton’s.

His aircraft accelerated and pulled ahead of Nettleton’s.

Over the next few days, Cisneros pulled ahead of Young Kim.

goes ahead   (先に行く)

He is hesitant but Mishti goes ahead and buys The Shed.

He ignores her warning, and goes ahead with his efficiency plan.

In spite of this, Consuelo goes ahead with her pregnancy and gives birth to a girl.

games ahead   (先のゲーム)

Detroit finished the season two games ahead of Toronto, securing the best record in the majors (98–64).

The Red Sox won the newly realigned American League East in 1995, finishing seven games ahead of the Yankees.

The NL champion Dodgers finished the regular season with a record of 98–55, games ahead of the Milwaukee Braves.

place ahead   (先に置きます)

Revenue was three lengths backin third place ahead of Pietmaritzburg.

A sixteenth place overall finish saw him one place ahead of works Peugeot driver Tim Harvey.

At four seconds, German Trixi Worrack won the sprint for second place ahead of van Moorsel and Melchers.

way ahead   (ずっと先に)

Kiri was way ahead of Nauman & Palak in the task.

(Daniels) remarked "look there" and spurred his horse up, going way ahead.

Four days later, after making camp, he observed the way ahead was "... a veritable chaos of iceblocks stretching as far as the horizon."

ahead of teammate   (チームメイトの前)

Burghardt turned professional in 2005, and won the UCI ProTour race Gent–Wevelgem in 2007, ahead of teammate Roger Hammond.

He continued this scoring run in 2017, with goals against Georgia, Wales, and Moldova, putting him ahead of teammate Dušan Tadić as the group's top goalscorer.

In the free skate he was more successful, landing both of his planned quads, and placed fourth, to finish in fourth place overall, moving ahead of teammate Conrad Orzel.

ahead of other   (他の先に)

This put Thomson ahead of other package tour operators.

In this ranking, points were won by reaching the summit of a climb ahead of other cyclists.

11 and again ahead of all countries more populous and ahead of other states in the Americas.

weeks ahead   (数週間先)

Crunchyroll and Hikari TV broadcast the episodes four weeks ahead of its TV broadcast.

"Batman & Robin" finished filming in late January 1997, two weeks ahead of the shooting schedule.

WhiteWater World opened three weeks ahead of schedule on 8 December 2006 after a week of previews.

got ahead   (先んじました)

In this competition, I got ahead before 60m, however, other competitors overtook me after 80m.

At times the construction work got ahead of the design, with different materials used than specified in the plans.

Bush later described the Babe's final blast: "He [Ruth] got ahead of the ball and hit it over the triple deck, clear out of the ballpark.

third ahead   (3位)

Auer finished third ahead of Cassidy, who moved into second place in the championship.

Successful online player Sorel Mizzi from Toronto finished third ahead of Irishmen Danny McHugh (4th), Brian O'Keeffe (5th) and Nicky Power (6th).

He received 6,552 votes (16%), coming third ahead of the Liberal Democrats, but closely behind the second place Conservatives, who received 7,076 votes.