financial aid   (財政援助)

Approximately 40% of students receive financial aid.

He also received financial aid from Žiburėlis society.

About 30 percent of Walden's students received financial aid.

first aid   (応急処置)

He was treated with first aid, and then released.

All of the passengers were taken to first aid.

A first aid kit does not have to be bought ready-made.

humanitarian aid   (人道支援)

There she came across the idea of humanitarian aid.

In 1999 humanitarian aid policy was added to her portfolio.

The Syrian government restricted humanitarian aid to the enclave.

military aid   (軍事援助)

The Gauls had called to Rome for military aid.

The first 64 were received as military aid.

The U.S. provides military aid through many different channels.

foreign aid   (対外援助)

At times he has been critical of Afghanistan's reliance on foreign aid.

The policy on foreign aid is an important area of German foreign policy.

Burma had refused foreign aid, insisting it was capable to cope by itself.

legal aid   (法的援助)

Prisoners are entitled to receive legal aid when needed.

This law marked an important change in legal aid in Indonesia.

In Contempt is set in the world of a New York City legal aid office.

medical aid   (医療援助)

The sailors provided emergency medical aid, food, and water.

They also delivered food and medical aid to affected villagers.

Tzu Chi expanded its work from helping needy families to medical aid in 1970.

mutual aid

This treaty was in the nature of an alliance for mutual aid and protection.

The team also provides mutual aid to parts of North Carolina as well as the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 2006, OCFA responded to 79,718 incidents within its jurisdiction and 4,084 mutual aid calls.

international aid

It is widely used as an indicator of international aid flow.

These operations provide employment and generate international aid.

The growth is attributed to international aid and to the end of droughts.

state aid   (国家援助)

Funding came from automobile registration, and taxes on motor fuels, as well as state aid.

In the EU state aid to new coal-fired plants is banned from 2020, and to existing coal-fired plants from 2025.

Churches that retain plaques commemorating Franco and the victims of his Republican opponents may lose state aid.

without the aid

This time I proposed to settle affairs without the aid of soldiers or legations.

For example, monuments and statues cannot communicate without the aid of language.

They are often difficult to identify properly without the aid of optical magnification.

food aid

Sometimes a cycle of food aid dependence can develop.

TAMEK sent food aid to Soma following the Soma mine disaster.

Hunger is addressed by a mix of public and private food aid provision.

hearing aid

The hearing aid manufacturer Widex is headquartered in Lynge.

He can hear a little with a hearing aid, but rarely uses one.

He wears a hearing aid, and uses odd pseudonyms referring to deafness.

development aid   (開発援助)

He focused on matters of development aid and trade policy.

MSC is now widely used by development aid agencies, especially NGOs.

Upon accession to the EU, Turkey expects to receive economic development aid.

aid workers

The treatment is credited with saving the lives of two aid workers.

Most of the passengers were diplomats, aid workers and journalists.

The flight was a daily flight to Pristina carrying UN officials and aid workers to Kosovo.

economic aid

The Maldives also regularly receives economic aid from countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

Because of this, a massive amount of West German economic aid was poured into East Germany to revitalize it.

The United States unilaterally helped Mexico in the Peso Crisis and unilaterally helped Russia with economic aid.

federal aid   (連邦援助)

In the shadow of the depression, he felt it was worthwhile to pursue federal aid for cities.

From 1917 through 1941, 261,000 miles of highways were built with federal aid, and cost $5.31 billion.

When New York City neared bankruptcy in 1975, Hardy led a group of union leaders in lobbying for federal aid for the city.

provide aid   (援助を提供する)

In addition many private agencies, churches and philanthropies provide aid.

Its stated mission is to provide aid to senior citizens in communities while promoting a sense of community.

Under an act passed in 1864, the people of Salem Township voted to provide aid to the D&H in the form of bonds.

order to aid   (援助する)

Sharon ordered the rest of his troops to attack in order to aid their comrades.

In response, Sultan Murad III sent 2 galleots from Suez to Yemen in order to aid in defense.

There is water ballast between the inner and outer hulls which can be shifted in order to aid icebreaking.

aid ratio

For a school district with a market value/personal income aid ratio (MV/PI AR) greater than 0.4000, its index equals the base index multiplied by the sum of .75 and its MV/PI AR for the current year.

income aid

For a school district with a market value/personal income aid ratio (MV/PI AR) greater than 0.4000, its index equals the base index multiplied by the sum of .75 and its MV/PI AR for the current year.

income aid ratio

For a school district with a market value/personal income aid ratio (MV/PI AR) greater than 0.4000, its index equals the base index multiplied by the sum of .75 and its MV/PI AR for the current year.

aid agencies

The summit has been broadly welcomed by aid agencies.

Other aid agencies have also supported water privatization.

Bangladeshi aid agencies work in many developing countries.

used to aid

Certain filter aids may be used to aid filtration.

Recently a second flooring using folding shelves has been used to aid postal companies.

BerEp4 BerEp4 is a histologic stain mainly used to aid in the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma (BCC).

aid programs

Many of these aid programs have ceased altogether or have diminished.

At the same time, the noble landowners enjoyed the benefits of financial aid programs, and expanded their estates.

Many of these operations used helicopters, equipment and weapons provided by the U.S. military and anti-narcotics aid programs.

aid program

In 1969 Thomas co-founded a black aid program.

In 1969 as a MSU senior Thomas co-founded a black aid program on campus.

And thanks to an ambitious aid program, enrollment of students from Arizona families below poverty is up 647 percent.

aid against   (に対する援助)

Mentor enlisted Mar-Vell's aid against Thanos.

", the Titans of Myth enlist Donna's aid against the murderous Sparta of Synriannaq.

When Amyntas sought Spartan aid against the growing threat of Olynthus, the Spartans eagerly responded.

aid organizations

Also located there are large-scale warehouses for aid organizations.

The aid was partially funded from aid organizations and part of it came from the state budget.

In addition, the ELRD (organizational leader ambulance service) is alternately provided by the BF (fire service) and the aid organizations.

provided aid

The United States Marshall Plan provided aid.

This was the first time Israel provided aid to a disaster-stricken area.

He learned English and provided aid to German Lutherans in Pennsylvania.

emergency aid   (緊急援助)

Several months later, the crew of the "Rocinante" are tasked with delivering emergency aid to Ganymede.

The regime used famine as "an opportunity to switch food patronage from France to the World Food Programme's emergency aid".

The monastery was originally intended to serve the area's Catholic clergy and churches, but also provided emergency aid to the poor.

providing aid

Overall Soviet attitude toward the Polish administrators ranged from providing aid to neglect.

It is a personal armor suit, designed by Sousuke for the purpose of providing aid in tactical situations.

An increasingly well-developed tool of Brazil's foreign policy is providing aid as a donor to other developing countries.

aid to navigation

The lighthouse is still an active aid to navigation.

The light is still an active aid to navigation.

It is currently an active aid to navigation.

government aid   (政府の援助)

Of the €700 million invested, €105 million came in the form of government aid.

Many of these villages were inaccessible to traditional relief organizations and government aid.

She worked for the Australian government aid agency, AUSAID, and later resigned to start her own business.

aid package   (援助パッケージ)

Premier Orlando Smith also called for a comprehensive aid package to rebuild the BVI.

In December 1974, an AHI-sponsored $25 million Congressional aid package to Cyprus was approved.

The FAGB was re-equipped by the Soviet Union with a limited aid package in which its first combat aircraft were introduced.

aid worker

Ellsworth Culver Ellsworth Culver (April 14, 1927 – August 15, 2005) was an American humanitarian and aid worker, co-founder of Mercy Corps International.

During the course of that decade, he was involved with Caritas India and volunteered as an aid worker during the Bangladesh War of 1971 and the Pune drought of 1972.

The Italian News Agency ANSA reported that at least 9 Italians were on board the flight; consecutively - the 2 pilots, a flight attendant, 2 doctors, a spokeswoman for the World Food Programme, a volunteer chemist, a police officer and an aid worker.

sought aid

Zhuge Liang had sought aid from a Xianbei tribal chief, Kebineng, who went to Beidi Commandery (北地郡; around present-day central Shaanxi) to rally the locals to support the Shu forces.