main aim   (主な目的)

The main aim of these forces is to split our country.

Its main aim is to manipulate the minds of the masses.

The main aim of the plan, however, was to improve public health.

stated aim   (明言された目的)

The convention's stated aim was to organize the New York Anti-Slavery Society.

His stated aim is the "support of education and culture of peace and tolerance".

Its stated aim was to reflect all aspects of Palestinian life accurately to the world.

whose aim   (その目的)

In total secrecy, Operation Mars was organised whose aim was to surprise these leaders.

In 1810 Allen became treasurer of the Society, whose aim was to open progressive schools in England and abroad.

), an LGBT program from Romania whose aim is to fight against discrimination and stigma and to prevent the HIV/AIDS.

primary aim   (主な目的)

Spain made some territorial gains but failed in its primary aim of recovering Gibraltar.

His primary aim was to reach children before they were convinced about a spherical Earth.

For Colban the primary aim of the UN as well as of the League of Nations was keeping the peace.

ultimate aim   (最終的な目的)

The ultimate aim of the game is to destroy the opponents' ACUs.

The direct cause of death is not usually the ultimate aim of the investigation.

The ultimate aim of constitutionalism is to establish the idea of limited government.

aim of creating

Project Wizard began in 1946, with the aim of creating a missile capable of intercepting the V-2.

The garden's initial site was acquired in 1967 by a local retirement home, with the aim of creating a farm.

IFF was founded as an inter-university institute with the aim of creating connections both between and across disciplines.

aim of providing

GmbH" with the aim of providing rail services.

Land and water management systems were developed with an aim of providing uniform growth.

This book was produced with the aim of providing extra music for non-congregational music items within services (e.g.

aim of promoting

The band formed with the aim of promoting awareness of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

PhotoIreland was founded by Ángel Luis González in 2009 with the aim of promoting photography in Ireland.

The Abbey was founded in 1904 by a group that included Yeats with the aim of promoting indigenous literary talent.

aim to provide   (提供することを目指して)

Cars may be single- or double-level, and aim to provide seating for all.

There are also alternative implementations that aim to provide the same API, such as the one in Wine.

The aim to provide technical information to support agribusiness decision makers and governmental policies.

aim of improving

Erlang was designed with the aim of improving the development of telephony applications.

The Indians opened Jacobs Field in 1994 with the aim of improving on the prior season's sixth-place finish.

aim of making

In 2009 major law changes were implemented with the aim of making union simpler and more open.

He continued to experiment until shortly before his death, but failed in his aim of making the process economically viable.

This second act was developed with the aim of making the transition from circus to music hall stages, which were more lucrative.