aimed at improving   (改善を目指した)

Additionally, the project is aimed at improving aerodynamics.

Economic progress aimed at improving the quality of the life of the common man.

Thus, therapy aimed at improving right heart function will also improve congestive hepatopathy.

aimed at children   (子供向け)

As an author Renouf specialised in texts aimed at children.

"Anything Goes's" audience was aimed at children and teenagers.

ESP Guitars have made several Doraemon guitars aimed at children.

aimed towards   (向けた)

It is aimed towards 3D designers who want to create realistic images using a CAD programme.

The airline's on board cuisine was aimed towards the Italian market, with Italian foods and drinks.

He named it Family Dollar for the affordability of its products and the demographic that it was aimed towards.

project aimed

The project aimed to revive a historic neighborhood of Paris.

It became the first large scale project aimed at fighting corruption.

Her thesis project aimed to rapidly identify toxic algae which can cause serious food poisoning.

aimed at reducing

The main changes were aimed at reducing costs.

There are numerous proposals aimed at reducing the risk of patent wars.

has undergone several technical refreshes aimed at reducing escalating maintenance costs and keeping the show looking fresh.

program aimed

It is a cost-free community outreach program aimed at young men without fathers.

In 1997, the Mexican government started a new program aimed at relieving extreme poverty in the country.

TC also has a new program aimed at helping offenders learn to manage money, become debt free, and to save and spend wisely.

aimed at providing

Initial treatment is aimed at providing symptomatic relief.

It aimed at providing improved services to the poor for a lower price.

It is aimed at providing people a true measure of the meaning of their choices.

aimed to create

They aimed to create a near future American setting.

Atatürk aimed to create a nation state (Turkish: Ulus devlet) from the Turkish remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

The founders aimed to create an independent source of thought on Canada's trade, investment and political relations with Asia.

aimed at promoting

The treaty is aimed at promoting free trade among its members.

Jamila’s follow-up single “We Are One” was released September 2011, a song aimed at promoting unity and peace in Nigeria.

In the coming years, Majkowski continued his political and cultural activities aimed at promoting Kashubia and Kashubian culture.

primarily aimed

“It sends a message primarily aimed at Russia,” Wheelbarger noted.

It was primarily aimed at its target audience of pre-school children.

Microfuel cells are primarily aimed at penetrating the market for phones and laptops.

aimed primarily

It operates about 58 stores aimed primarily to Hispanics.

The original was a slapstick comedy aimed primarily at children.

As its name implies, it is aimed primarily at simulating large battles.

aimed at increasing

Golden rice is the most well known GM crop that is aimed at increasing nutrient value.

It actively seeks foreign investment aimed at increasing agricultural exports, particularly specialty food items.

These clubs are aimed at increasing health and well-being by participating in community activities and various programs.

aimed to provide   (提供することを目的とした)

Originally in Seafield Road, it aimed to provide surgical care for women at a low price.

The Mission of the school was aimed to provide formal education to Sinhalese speaking community in the region.

It could not compete financially with the free education of the State but it aimed to provide a better service.

aimed at young

Dajto Dajto is the first niche channel aimed at young, active men in Slovakia.

It is a cost-free community outreach program aimed at young men without fathers.

A third station aimed at young people, MORE FM, was inaugurated on February 14, 2000.

aimed at helping

This campaign is aimed at helping workers.

This class is aimed at helping students "integrate human physical anatomy with production of sound."

San Francisco's Climate Action Plan is aimed at helping San Francisco meet its Kyoto Protocol targets.

programs aimed

These programs aimed to improve the village infrastructure and encourage tourism.

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame has developed extensive rental programs aimed at youth, and area organizations.

The TU/e has nine departments: The university offers honors programs aimed at both bachelor and master students.

campaign aimed   (目的のキャンペーン)

For example, the trade union campaign aimed for 100% literacy for its workers by 1923.

The campaign aimed to register black voters in a place where the voting rights for blacks were nearly non-existent.

The relaunch campaign aimed to evoke nostalgia for the door to door soft drink delivery by local brands in the 1960s to early 80's.

aimed at creating

Koinup also features tools aimed at creating a bridge between virtual worlds and the website.

Game Kids was a division of Rooster Teeth Productions aimed at creating kid and family friendly content.

The format is music driven with the addition of Christmas-themed content, all aimed at creating the 'Magic of Christmas'.

aimed to make   (作ることを目指した)

I aimed to make the batter hit the ball, and I threw as few pitches as possible.

We've aimed to make this release sound as good as possible, and we feel we've succeeded.

Monroe's platform aimed to make education more directly related to the everyday lives of students.

aimed at developing

It was later that she cofounded the Lechwe Trust, an organization aimed at developing visual arts in Zambia.

Both projects were co-funded by the European Union and aimed at developing open source semantic technologies.

The programme is aimed at developing new markets for the crop and developing best practices for growing it more easily and with increased yield.

specifically aimed

The core was specifically aimed at 10–125 W TDP computing products.

Once a season, the theater also puts on a production specifically aimed at students learning English.

The Roman Catholic Church formerly operated religious congregations which specifically aimed to convert Jews.

aimed at preventing   (防止を目的とした)

One clause is aimed at preventing the racy image promoted by strip clubs.

This was aimed at preventing cults and stopping farmers from turning into priests.

Skokie immediately passed three ordinances aimed at preventing the group from meeting in Skokie.

projects aimed

The quality centre takes up student-based projects aimed at their betterment in coordination with the India Quality Foundation.

The organization is involved in projects aimed at the study and classification of biodiversity, such as the Systematics Agenda 2000.

The most obvious of these was by funding projects aimed at addressing them, either directly from the RDA, or indirectly through a funded body.

aimed at making

The Zipper incorporates many unique features, all aimed at making the aircraft more portable.

She also worked on implementing a 2015 reform aimed at making it easier for low-earners to get access to a doctor.

One key differentiation for AppleTalk was it contained two protocols aimed at making the system completely self-configuring.

aimed to improve   (改善を目指した)

Specifically, the staff aimed to improve 1UP's coverage of PC games.

These programs aimed to improve the village infrastructure and encourage tourism.

The system is aimed to improve on-time performance and safety of the airport's operations.

aimed against   (を目指して)

Sometimes these riots were aimed against Chinese Indonesians.

The system was announced to be aimed against ICBMs from Iran and North Korea.

Dionysus in the part of Paris), aimed against Pericles; and the epitome reveals something of its wit and point.