Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

aircraft carrier   (portaaviones)

It was filmed aboard the aircraft carrier USS "Yorktown."

On 16 February she rescued a pilot from the aircraft carrier .

He was then made captain of the aircraft carrier followed by .

fighter aircraft   (avión de combate)

It is home of the F-16 and F-35 fighter aircraft.

The Allison V-1710 was allocated to fighter aircraft.

Adding the systems of a fighter aircraft added weight.

aircraft carriers   (portaaviones)

Neither navy built significant aircraft carriers.

The first four were built as early fleet aircraft carriers.

United Kingdom and China each operate two aircraft carriers.

enemy aircraft   (avión enemigo)

On 18 September he got his 12th confirmed enemy aircraft.

MiG-17 shot down 11 and MiG-19 shot down 12 enemy aircraft.)

She opened fire on the enemy aircraft, but altitude protected him.

aircraft operations   (operaciones de aeronaves)

In the year ending June 23, 2005 the airport had 12,300 aircraft operations, all general aviation.

It was established during July 1969, and is used for approximately 20 aircraft operations each day.

For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2015, the airport had 5,000 general aviation aircraft operations.

military aircraft

On 31 July 1981, a Belgian military aircraft hit the tower.

All military aircraft in the DRC are operated by the Air Force.

The Company's first major product was an oil cooler for military aircraft.

following aircraft

The JES Air fleet included the following aircraft:

The airline has operated the following aircraft:

The Skymax fleet consists of the following aircraft:

reconnaissance aircraft   (avión de reconocimiento)

India is looking to transfer a single Do228 reconnaissance aircraft.

The reconnaissance aircraft proved to be unsuitable after several months' testing.

15 F-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai were converted to reconnaissance aircraft designated RF-4EJ.

transport aircraft   (avión de transporte)

On the air arm of its component are helicopters and transport aircraft.

At 06h00 the eight transport aircraft carrying the paratroopers became airborne.

It can also operate the Indian Air Force's C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft.

jet aircraft   (avion a reacción)

Naval derivative of the British BAE Hawk jet aircraft.

In 1959 de Havilland Vampire jet aircraft were acquired.

Of the 74 main airports, 20 can accommodate jet aircraft.

first aircraft

The airline's first aircraft were surplus Douglas DC-3s.

Final assembly of the first aircraft began in July 1979.

It was the first aircraft manufacturing company in the world.

aircraft based

There are 11 single-engine aircraft based at this airport.

At that time there were no aircraft based at this airport.

light aircraft   (aeronave ligera)

Aeronca ceased all production of light aircraft in 1951.

"San Luis Aerodrome" has a fleet of five light aircraft:

The LoCamp is intended to resemble a 1930s style light aircraft.

new aircraft

Demand for new aircraft in the summer of 1929 was softening.

The first of the new aircraft for "Jasta" 2 arrived on 16 September.

Short Brothers used Lympne for flight testing new aircraft during 1924.

other aircraft   (otro avión)

The other aircraft operates from Earls Colne Airfield.

It is not known what other aircraft were used.

The other aircraft landed safely at Atsugi.

combat aircraft   (aeronave de combate)

France used Jaguar combat aircraft from Dakar Airbase.

The combat aircraft were mainly Do 22s, Do Js and Do D types.

attack aircraft

From 1942 it was adapted as a light night ground attack aircraft.

In addition, reported two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 attack aircraft.

Following Desert Shield, Bull's career took a turn from attack aircraft to fighter aircraft.

aircraft manufacturer   (fabricante de aviones)

is an Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Corigliano d'Otranto.

Hanriot (disambiguation) Hanriot is a French aircraft manufacturer.

Roland Aircraft Roland Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Mendig.

aircraft such

The squadron also flew liaison type aircraft such as the L-4 and L-1B.

Hebo, and airborne fighter-interceptor aircraft such as the supersonic F-106 Delta Dart jet.

The player can fly in aircraft such as the MiG-3, Yak-9, IL-2, Messerschmitt Bf 109, Junkers Ju 87.

aircraft during

The squadron lost one aircraft during this training.

Air Liberté operated the following aircraft during operations:

They flew a wide variety of aircraft during the inter-war period.

production aircraft

Dick Johnson came seventh in a production aircraft.

The first production aircraft were Series 100s.

The Series 300 was introduced from the 231st production aircraft in 1969.

aircraft built

Summary of aircraft built by Aero East Europe:

Of the 20 aircraft built, 18 remain in good condition.

Summary of aircraft built by Bye Aerospace:

aircraft engine

is a Polish aircraft engine manufacturer based in Bydgoszcz.

SCI Aviation SCI Aviation is a Chinese aircraft engine manufacturer.

Especially interesting is its use as an experimental aircraft engine.

aircraft designed

A variant of the CH-53E, this model was the first aircraft designed specifically for AMCM.

Wacyk-Tyrala WT-1 The WT-1 was a 1931 high performance sports aircraft designed in Poland.

Gabriel Śląsk The Gabriel Śląsk (Silesia) was a Polish light aircraft designed and built by an amateur in the mid-1930s.

aircraft engines   (motores de avión)

Summary of aircraft engines built by Rotron Power:

Summary of aircraft engines built by Rotex Electric:

The letter Y was also present on the aircraft engines.

aviation aircraft   (aviones de aviación)

In the US, Tjønveit operated a retailer of general aviation aircraft.

The airport is also served by charter, freight, agricultural, and general aviation aircraft.

The original plans called for transporting new general aviation aircraft to customers around the world.

general aviation aircraft   (aviones de aviación general)

In the US, Tjønveit operated a retailer of general aviation aircraft.

The airport is also served by charter, freight, agricultural, and general aviation aircraft.

The original plans called for transporting new general aviation aircraft to customers around the world.

aircraft crashed   (avión estrellado)

A second later the aircraft crashed into the water.

The aircraft crashed on takeoff on its maiden flight.

The aircraft crashed on the first flight.

aircraft used

The service the aircraft used were diverse.

The aircraft used by the EDA have been, in chronological order:

Rescue craft A rescue craft is a boat, ship or aircraft used in rescuing.

aircraft maintenance   (mantenimiento de aeronave)

The company focused on aircraft maintenance and repair.

That requires fewer crews and allows less time-pressured aircraft maintenance.

In 1948 Laylin Jewett established an aircraft maintenance facility at Jewett Field.

aircraft types

Over the years, the following aircraft types were operated:

Over the years, Angel Airlines operated the following aircraft types:

aircraft flew   (el avión voló)

An hour later a patrol of five aircraft flew across the front.

This aircraft flew 83 test flights, and is preserved at Le Bourget.

The aircraft flew for the first time on September 9, 2006 in a test flight.

training aircraft

The Joker is intended as a training aircraft.

It was planned to manufacture combat and training aircraft.

The Air Force has L-29 and L-39 advanced training aircraft in store.

aircraft flying

An aircraft flying at is moving at a rate of about .

CHL could reliably detect aircraft flying as low as .

The ability to find other aircraft flying at such a low height was very limited.

aircraft design

It was Louis Bréguet's first fixed-wing aircraft design.

Taganrog is also home to the aircraft design bureau Beriev.

Williams had been experimenting with aircraft design from at least 1908.

commercial aircraft   (Avión comercial)

the first commercial aircraft fabricating facility in Texas.

He has logged more than 10,000 hours in commercial aircraft.

He developed fuel systems for military and commercial aircraft.

bomber aircraft   (aviones bombarderos)

The A-1s are the main attack/ bomber aircraft of the FAB.

It was equipped with Soviet-made Petlyakov Pe-2 bomber aircraft.

His mission is to supervise the building of bomber aircraft for the war.

number of aircraft   (número de aviones)

A similar number of aircraft served in the Pacific and the Far East.

A number of aircraft suffered strikes, but no significant damage resulted.

Hasegawa produce a number of aircraft weapon sets which must be purchased separately.

all aircraft

By 2009, all aircraft operating in the United States were compliant.

Almost all tanks and AFLs are Biafran and all aircraft are Nigerian.

It is available to all customers on all aircraft where the inflight shopping range can be carried.

patrol aircraft

Contract has been signed for two maritime patrol aircraft on 27 March 2017.

A Navy patrol aircraft located the "Utah" at 11:00 steaming southeast off the coast.

During the exercise, the navy deployed most of its fleet, including frigates, corvettes, and maritime patrol aircraft.

ultralight aircraft

She learned to fly ultralight aircraft at the age of sixty.

He received a pilot's license for ultralight aircraft in 2005.

They have also been adapted for use as ultralight aircraft engines.

trainer aircraft   (avión de entrenamiento)

Sido S.1 The Sido S.1 was a Polish two seat, parasol wing trainer aircraft, first flown in 1930.

In 1998, a contract was signed to replace the Bulldog trainer aircraft with the Grob G115 (Tutor).

In same year new Soko 522 trainer aircraft have been introduced replacing T-33A and Aero 2 aircraft.

aircraft industry

Between 1912 and 1918, the Hungarian aircraft industry began developing.

The trainset was scrapped the following year, with its aluminum recycled for use in the wartime aircraft industry.

He also investigated the aircraft industry on behalf of the Wilson administration, exposing numerous inefficiencies.

turboprop aircraft

Caribair operated these flights with Convair 640 turboprop aircraft.

In the early 1970s, Aspen began operating Convair 580 turboprop aircraft.

Westair Aviation's fleet comprises Beechcraft, Piper and Cessna turboprop aircraft.

cargo aircraft

It operates a fleet of twelve Boeing 767 cargo aircraft.

From 2017 the airport is open for small passenger and cargo aircraft.

Falling prices for smaller cargo aircraft made this part of the operation unprofitable.

types of aircraft

Currently the exhibits include 12 types of aircraft.

Gill Airways used to have the following types of aircraft:

By that time, he had flown 165 different types of aircraft.

passenger aircraft

Both were Avro Tudor IV passenger aircraft operated by British South American Airways.

Before hovering the object moved slowly, with the angular velocity of a passenger aircraft.

During the later years of the war, most passenger aircraft were converted to military freighters.

wing aircraft

It has a fleet of five turbine helicopters and one fixed wing aircraft.

The B-2 is a flying wing aircraft, meaning that it has no fuselage or tail.

The wing aircraft are identified with a blue tail stripe, and the name "Alaska".

small aircraft

He also holds a private pilot license (small aircraft).

Ferries or small aircraft connect to the smaller islands.

In 2005, a small aircraft crashed close to the German Parliament.

when the aircraft   (cuando el avión)

He served as a war artist, and died when the aircraft he was in was lost off Iceland.

All 4 passengers on board were killed when the aircraft burst into flames upon crashing.

The cannon was switched to Gunship 571 and was used until 30 March when the aircraft was shot down.

aviation aircraft operations

For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2015, the airport had 5,000 general aviation aircraft operations.

For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2012, the airport had 5,000 general aviation aircraft operations.

For the 12-month period ending October 8, 2010, the airport had 15,330 general aviation aircraft operations, an average of 42 per day.

aircraft destroyed

Lewis and Ingman list 30 aircraft destroyed.

It claimed 338 air-to-air and 358 air-to-ground aircraft destroyed.

The squadron completed three years overseas and was credited with 260 Luftwaffe aircraft destroyed.

larger aircraft

The site was considered too restrictive for larger aircraft to land.

The runway of the base was extended and improved to facilitate larger aircraft.

Researchers from Smartfish hope to incorporate this design of the Hyfish into larger aircraft.

aircraft production

Its aim was to ensure the preservation and growth of fighter aircraft production.

The increase of aircraft production for the "Luftwaffe" also came to an abrupt halt.

At Lockheed, he supervised the firm's surge in aircraft production during World War II.

aircraft operated

As aerospace technology improved, the altitudes at which aircraft operated increased.

Both were Avro Tudor IV passenger aircraft operated by British South American Airways.

The aircraft operated in the North Sea and Baltic theatres and later served as training aircraft.

model aircraft   (modelo de avión)

It is also a brand of model aircraft in Japan.

On 8 May 1960, a world record was set for the distance flown by a model aircraft at .

In the 1990s, AMT developed a series of new moulds to model aircraft of World War II.

more aircraft

Two more aircraft landed before Flight 66.

Flak defenses at Augsburg claimed 2 more aircraft from 97 Squadron.

An additional order for two more aircraft of the type was placed in .

large aircraft

Tests also involved taxiing such a large aircraft.

The airstrip is unable to handle large aircraft.

List of large aircraft This is a list of large aircraft.

aircraft were built

These aircraft were built between 1975 and 1980.

No further aircraft were built.

In all, only 316 Yak-23 aircraft were built before production ended in 1951.

aircraft factory

In 1937 she went to Berlin to work in an aircraft factory.

The Type G was made in a former Donnet aircraft factory at Gennevilliers, Seine.

In 1966, Xi'an aircraft factory started the project of local production of An-24.

aircraft involved

The aircraft involved with this accident was PK-LLC.

The aircraft involved was an ATR 72-212 with MSN 391.

The aircraft involved was AV-11 "Spirit of Washington".

civil aircraft

One D-38 remained on the Spanish civil aircraft register in 2010.

This is emphasised for civil aircraft where flight profiles are almost standard.

Three D-38s appeared on the UK civil aircraft register, all de-registered by 2012.

strike aircraft   (avión de ataque)

The F-35 is to be Britain's primary strike aircraft for the next three decades.

The missile was launched by the strike aircraft from a distance of up to to the general target area.

In August 2018, IAIO unveiled the Kowsar (or Kosar) jet trainer and strike aircraft ahead of its maiden flight.

interceptor aircraft   (avión interceptor)

The F-14 is an air superiority fighter, not just a long-range interceptor aircraft.

The Navy would require a long-range, long-endurance interceptor aircraft to defend carrier battle groups against this threat.

The MiG-25 was designed as a high-speed, high-altitude interceptor aircraft, and made many performance tradeoffs to excel in this role.

aircraft shot

The 147 Polish pilots claimed 201 aircraft shot down.

43 Squadron RAF, who claimed 10.25 aircraft shot down.

3 November was a clear day and German aircraft shot down five British aircraft.

aircraft type

The differences distinguish one aircraft type from another.

From 1947 to 1957, Boyd flew and approved every aircraft type acquired by the USAF.

The institute is participating in the Liberty XL2 aircraft type certification research.

civilian aircraft

At least 35 MANPADS attacks on civilian aircraft are on record.

The move was made by the Military Air Transport Service and by civilian aircraft.

Vickers purchased the site in 1946 for £330,000, which allowed them to produce civilian aircraft.

aircraft shot down   (avión derribado)

The 147 Polish pilots claimed 201 aircraft shot down.

43 Squadron RAF, who claimed 10.25 aircraft shot down.

3 November was a clear day and German aircraft shot down five British aircraft.

aircraft was designed

The aircraft was designed for aero-towing gliders.

The aircraft was designed specifically for touring in Africa.

The aircraft was designed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency in mind.

carrier aircraft

She was sunk by British carrier aircraft in November 1942.

The WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft released SpaceShipTwo (VSS "Enterprise") at an altitude of .

She was sunk by American carrier aircraft at the Battle of the Eastern Solomons on 24 August 1942.

aircraft is made

The aircraft is made from carbon fibre composites.

The aircraft is made from composite sandwiches.

The aircraft is made from carbon composites.

aircraft including

By 1933 there were 42 aircraft including Tupolev ANT-4 and ANT-6's.

The Air Chief has flown various training and fighter aircraft including F-16, F-6, FT-5, T-37 and MFI-17.

The Canadian concept was refined in the American Yehudi lights project, and trialled in aircraft including B-24 Liberators and naval Avengers.

aircraft manufacturing

It was the first aircraft manufacturing company in the world.

He went on to form two other aircraft manufacturing companies in the 1930s.

Vultee pioneered the use of the powered assembly line for aircraft manufacturing.

aircraft made

Two people on the aircraft made phone calls to contacts on the ground.

The severely damaged aircraft made a safe landing at Nörvenich Air Base.

So the jamming signal that supposed to protect the aircraft made it to a target.

aircraft movements

The airport handles around 10 to 15 aircraft movements per day.

In 2011, the airport had 5,078 aircraft movements and 3,423 passengers.

It is the third busiest Brazilian airport based on passengers and aircraft movements.

own aircraft

He then moved to Michigan and started his own aircraft company.

Pardo was initially reprimanded for not saving his own aircraft.

He built his own aircraft and soloed for the first time on June 5, 1915.

aircraft designer

Allen H. Meyers was a 20th-century aircraft designer.

Hans Amtmann Hans H. Amtmann (1906 - 2007) was a German aircraft designer.

Iosif Șilimon Iosif Șilimon (22 July 1918 – 8 February 1981) was a Romanian aircraft designer.

aircraft developed

The failure was gradual and the aircraft developed engine problems 23 minutes after take off.

Grob G 109 The Grob G109 is a light aircraft developed by Grob Aircraft AG of Mindelheim Mattsies in Germany.

It was used mostly on the Fairey Gannet anti-submarine aircraft developed for the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy.

second aircraft

A second aircraft was delivered on 8 September 2012.

A second aircraft, a Liberator of 224 Squadron joined in.

A second aircraft, AF serial no.

aircraft produced

The next year, Bolkhovitinov had five more aircraft produced, BI-5 through BI-9.

The first and fourth aircraft produced were purchased by Mexican interests at a time of civil war.

A total of 15 of these aircraft were part of the initial batch of 30 aircraft produced by Northrop.

experimental aircraft

Especially interesting is its use as an experimental aircraft engine.

Since 28 June PZL-101s can be used only as experimental aircraft class.

Bréguet Type I The Bréguet Type I was an experimental aircraft built in France in 1909.

aircraft operating

By 2009, all aircraft operating in the United States were compliant.

SIDs and STARs are procedures and checkpoints used to enter and leave the airway system by aircraft operating on IFR flight plans.

The majority of aircraft operating from the airport are light aircraft, such as the single engine Cessna 182 and twin engine Piper PA-34 Seneca.

aircraft took

The aircraft took off in heavy rain and wind gusts of .

The fire at the crashed aircraft took 15 minutes to extinguish.

On July 3, 1945 at 5:45 PM (JST) 137 aircraft took off to bomb Tokushima.

aircraft manufacturers

Lecturing a group of German aircraft manufacturers, Göring said: During this daylight-raiding phase, Nos.

List of model aircraft manufacturers The following companies manufacture, or have manufactured, model aircraft.

Also in 2002, aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus introduced a reinforced cockpit door which is resistant to gunfire and forced entry.

homebuilt aircraft

of Prague for use in warbirds and homebuilt aircraft.

The company builds engines for use in ultralight and homebuilt aircraft.

The engine is not type certified and is therefore intended for homebuilt aircraft.

several aircraft

Apart from ground observations, there were also reports from several aircraft.

This major Naval facility included a large airfield, as well as docks for several aircraft carriers.

The company operated in Lapland carrying out passenger and freight operations with several aircraft types.

aircraft began

Final assembly of the first aircraft began in July 1979.

Just 2 seconds after taking off from Runway 34, the aircraft began to shake violently.

Military to civilian conversion began, and public aircraft began using the decommissioned base.

both aircraft

Hassan Mehmood Siddiqui, both aircraft from No.

However, production of both aircraft had ended by 2018.

He realized that at the runway intersection both aircraft would be slightly airborne.

powered aircraft

Plew hired Allan Loughead to convert the Montgomery glider to a powered aircraft.

The rapid development of mechanically powered aircraft diminished interest in kites.

He is credited with having made the first flight in a powered aircraft in Japan in 1910.

aircraft were used

These aircraft were used orders from AirTran Airways.

Larger aircraft were used to drop airborne lifeboats.

It is not known what other aircraft were used.

type of aircraft

The main drawback of this type of aircraft was its lack of speed.

Large wall posters were produced that showed every known type of aircraft.

Her air group had not changed, but four of each type of aircraft were spares.

aircraft fabric   (tela de aviones)

The aircraft is covered in doped aircraft fabric.

Its flying surfaces covered in aircraft fabric.

All other surfaces are covered in doped aircraft fabric.

aircraft attacked

Six Syrian MiG-17 aircraft attacked the outpost.

At five aircraft attacked Achiet-le-Grand and Vélu railway stations.

On 9 August 1941 enemy aircraft attacked and sank her in the North Sea off Mundesley.

different aircraft

The F2G-1 and F2G-2 were significantly different aircraft.

After the war, many different aircraft were deployed at Chatham.

The squadron operated a variety of different aircraft and versions:

aircraft designs

Unlike most aircraft designs, the Smartfish is modeled after the Tuna species of fish.

For instance, Airbus has patented aircraft designs with twin rear-mounted counter-rotating propfans.

Here it was possible to build a larger wind tunnel, and Eiffel began to make tests using scale models of aircraft designs.

aircraft were then

These aircraft were then featured in the film 633 Squadron.

17 aircraft were then based at the airport: 100% single-engine.

12 aircraft were then based at this airport: 83% single-engine and 17% multi-engine.

modern aircraft

The invading Allies had 200,000 troops and modern aircraft, tanks, and artillery.

On 1 July 1942 771 NAS moved to RNAS Twatt to fly more modern aircraft in a similar role.

The demonstration focuses on the capabilities of modern aircraft used in combat operations.

private aircraft   (aeronave privada)

The area was first used by private aircraft at the beginning of the 20th century.

Using private aircraft, the "Flying Minute Men" patrolled the Atlantic Ocean for German submarines.

Rohtas Industries had their own private aircraft in those days and a small air-field near Dalmianagar.

aircraft were delivered

Four aircraft were delivered beginning in 2012.

These two aircraft were delivered to Air America in 1964.

A total of 694 of the 747-400 series aircraft were delivered.

aircraft to fly

The B-25 was a safe and forgiving aircraft to fly.

Kites were the first kind of aircraft to fly, and were invented in China around 500 BC.

This allowed the aircraft to fly overseas routes at up to two hours' distance from land.