airline based   (航空会社ベース)

AeroJet AeroJet is an airline based in Angola.

", is a Polish charter airline based in Warsaw.

"Airjet") is an airline based in Angola.

airline service   (航空会社のサービス)

There is no scheduled airline service to this field.

As of July 2018, 34 of the variant were in airline service.

Regular airline service to Knoxville was initiated on January 15, 1936.

commercial airline   (民間航空会社)

She is married to Bill Hunt, a former commercial airline pilot.

As a major air carrier, it is the ninth-largest commercial airline in the US.

He was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force and a commercial airline pilot.

regional airline   (地域航空会社)

She later joined regional airline Wien Air Alaska.

He also founded the Scottish regional airline Loganair.

Widerøe (disambiguation) Widerøe is a Norwegian regional airline.

charter airline   (チャーター航空会社)

", is a Polish charter airline based in Warsaw.

The airline begun operation on August 22, 2002 as a charter airline.

EastIndo EastIndo is a charter airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

airline industry   (航空業界)

World War II, like World War I, brought new life to the airline industry.

In the United States, the airline industry is dominated by four large firms.

The Maersk Group entered the airline industry when it established Maersk Air in 1979.

airline was established   (航空会社が設立されました)

The airline was established and started operating in 1980.

The airline was established and started operations in 1956.

The airline was established in 2003 and operates 12 aircraft.

national airline   (全国航空会社)

() is the state-owned national airline of Angola.

The national airline was Air Comores.

Over 100 commercial and national airline models have been released since then.

first airline   (最初の航空会社)

In 1982 Garuda Indonesia became the first airline to fly the A300B4-200FF.

After the war, in 1919 Lawson started a project to build America's first airline.

The first airline was the German airship company DELAG, founded on 16 November 1909.

airline pilot   (航空機パイロット)

“When I was 17, I wanted to be an airline pilot,” Pickens said.

She is married to Bill Hunt, a former commercial airline pilot.

He is also an airline pilot and managing director of Nordic Aero.

cargo airline   (貨物航空会社)

Kosmas Air Kosmas Air was a charter cargo airline based in Belgrade, Serbia.

It has a subsidiary cargo airline, Blue Dart Aviation that operates in South Asian countries.

Lufthansa Cargo Lufthansa Cargo AG is a German cargo airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

scheduled airline   (定期航空会社)

There is no scheduled airline service to this field.

It currently receives no regular scheduled airline flights.

On 1 July 1991, Braniff International commenced scheduled airline operations.

new airline   (新しい航空会社)

A new airline based in the city called StarFlyer began operations when the airport opened.

Once again, they were called to help Braniff and many came to get the new airline flying again.

Timor Air's founder Jeremias Desousa gave the government of Timor-Leste a 10% share in the new airline.

airline operated   (航空会社運営)

The airline operated a fleet of three Boeing 720s.

The airline operated from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Initially the airline operated Douglas DC-3s.

largest airline   (最大の航空会社)

Germany's largest airline is Lufthansa, which was privatised in the 1990s.

It was operated by Iran Aseman Airlines, the third largest airline in Iran.

The title sponsor since 2006 has been Finnair, the country's largest airline.

airline announced   (航空会社が発表)

On the back of the successful results, the airline announced new frequencies.

On April 8, 2018, the airline announced its suspension of its Kuwait flights starting May 16, citing low demand.

The airline announced that it would cater to family travelers who found traditional airlines to be too expensive.

airline headquartered   (本社を置く航空会社)

Caspian Airlines Caspian Airlines () is an airline headquartered in Tehran, Iran.

Cobrex Trans Cobrex Trans is a small Romanian passenger charter airline headquartered in Brasov.

Iran Aseman Airlines Iran Aseman Airlines () is the third-largest Iranian airline headquartered in Tehran.

airline flights   (航空便)

It currently receives no regular scheduled airline flights.

Tapes recorded in Montreal were also flown in on regular airline flights.

There are no regular service coach buses, commercial airline flights, or rail service to the mountain.

airline company   (航空会社)

The airline company confirmed that Nyrabia did not board their flight.

The airline company has suspended its operations since 23 September 2019.

El Al, Israel's largest airline company, is the major operator of the trips' flights.

airline ceased   (航空会社は停止しました)

The airline ceased all operations on 29 November, 2018.

The film was released in September 1999, two months after the airline ceased operations.

In May 2012, the airline ceased Saab 340 operations on the Dili-Darwin route due to low patronage.