Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

alien race   (raza alienígena)

The series depicted Jameson as a god to an alien race.

Ender Wiggin was twelve years old when he destroyed an alien race.

This novel explores the prey/predator mentality through an alien race.

alien species   (especies foráneas)

"Pikmin 3" features leaders from a new alien species.

Several other alien species are also discovered living on the planet.

Set in an alternative timeline, Earth is invaded by an alien species known as BETA.

alien invasion   (invasión alienígena)

She tells Cage to locate and kill the Omega to end the alien invasion.

Is this an alien invasion?

The game involves fighting off this alien invasion over 14 different levels.

alien races   (razas alienígenas)

Eight other new alien races were going to be introduced too.

A fourth series, "Alien Spotlight" launched in September 2007, focusing on various alien races.

Torquemada is served by a fanatical army of soldiers called Terminators, who are constantly at war with all alien races in the galaxy.

enemy alien   (extranjero enemigo)

The store was closed, as Mr. Shimasaki had been interned as an enemy alien.

Cameron also reveals that there are 3 hidden enemy alien spaceships in orbit around the Earth.

She was arrested in 1941 when the US entered the war, and was interned from 1941 to 1945 as an enemy alien.

alien planet

Hal wakes up on an alien planet named Bolovax Vik, and meets with resistant Kilowog.

A scientific expedition on an alien planet goes awry when one of its members is attacked by a giant native creature.

In this episode, Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) is sentenced to death after inadvertently breaking the law on an alien planet.

alien life   (vida extraterrestre)

The film is set on a future Earth invaded by alien life forms.

In 2065, Earth is infested by alien life forms known as Phantoms.

They conclude that the alien life forms are attempting to take control of Romaine's body.

alien technology

The alien technology that empowered her makes her powers totally undetectable when she is in human form.

directorate is able to use the alien technology to create superheroes and the Red Crawl is apparently defeated.

Through reverse engineering, the world has harnessed the power of alien technology and laid the groundwork to resist a second invasion.