Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

still alive   (Aún vivo)

The rivalry against Valletta City is still alive.

Only two dorgis, Vulcan and Candy, are still alive.

Unbeknownst to them, Mafune is still alive and well.

kept alive   (mantenido vivo)

The Miracle devotion went underground but was kept alive.

Garcia's memory is kept alive with a college named after him in Vasai.

The oral tradition is kept alive from the media of folk tales and songs.

alive and well   (vivo y bien)

Unbeknownst to them, Mafune is still alive and well.

Clayton arrives to find Ruth alive and well.

The correct answer is "He is alive and well and rules the world!"

buried alive   (enterrado vivo)

They were tortured, executed and in some cases, buried alive.

They finally saved Numkang from being buried alive by Chatta/Sihnsamuth.

Settling at Anjar, Jesar died and Turi was buried alive close by his tomb.

burned alive   (quemado vivo)

Many suspects were tortured, raped, or burned alive.

Numerous victims were burned alive in their own houses.

There they were interrogated, tortured, and burned alive.

stay alive   (quedarse vivo)

I was working a $4-an-hour job trying to stay alive.

After all, the team was able to stay alive and play in the TBL.

The device enabled him to stay alive until a donor heart became available.

alive when   (vivo cuando)

The animal is alive when it is transformed into a constellation.

If T. S. Eliot were alive when he won for "Cats", he would have been 94.

Although the couple had seven children, only a daughter and a son were alive when he died.

alive today

[But] that does not mean there are any alive today."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated that Clark "should be alive today".

He is said to be still alive today, doing penance on the Mahendragiri mountain.

found alive

Only one hostage is found alive, a girl named Fiona.

Even today, they are found alive and we can hear their own testimony ...

Below, Bully is found alive.

much alive

Their wish ever to return to Ata was still much alive in the mid 20th century.

She added that "Ruby is still very much alive, I'm not free of Ruby just yet".

Patrick Jane is very much alive and is very much about being alive in the face of death.

seen alive

After this arrest he was never seen alive again.

Danielle Sarah Jones, was last seen alive on 18 June 2001.

The four were never seen alive again.

come alive

The band, as a whole, had come alive again.

The local businesses, galleries and museums come alive with art, music, wine and people as they celebrate art in the community.

Despite Shernomore casting a spell that makes all of the desserts in his castle come alive and attack Mila, she manages to defeat them.

very much alive

She added that "Ruby is still very much alive, I'm not free of Ruby just yet".

Patrick Jane is very much alive and is very much about being alive in the face of death.

The night of his wedding to Skye, Jax is shocked to see a very much alive Brenda in his cottage.

still be alive   (aún estar vivo)

He'd probably still be alive and part of the peace process."

However, against that Næss was the last of the crew to still be alive.

How can a person lose his five most important organs and still be alive?

left alive

Only the fallen angels will be left alive.

In either case, the last person or team left alive wins the match.

However, due to a systems malfunction, Carter is the last one left alive.

keep alive   (mantener viva)

These two foundations at Vienna and Jerusalem still keep alive the name of Wertheimer.

The beer, though, is made with a very special yeast that is difficult to cultivate and keep alive.

But make everything to keep alive the ideas, I lived for”", said Vitali to his friends in one of his last days.

dead or alive

Declared by the Russians a traitor to be taken dead or alive, Aleksandre thus began three decades of resistance.

Daken, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth agree to find Wolverine dead or alive to ensure his death remains certain.

It is a dreadful feeling to come back here from lectures and find not a kindred soul, no one who cares whether one is dead or alive."

remained alive

We fought with them for a whole day, but by evening none of them remained alive.

Eventually only Estevanico, Dorantes, Cabeza de Vaca and Castillo remained alive.

However, by the time of Alter's death on 23 Adar 5626 (1866), only one child (Esther) remained alive.

burnt alive   (quemado vivo)

Some of the severely wounded convicts were burnt alive.

Beat him again, and put him back in until he was burnt alive.

In the dining room Shawna is being burnt alive by demonic powers.

alive during

He had said that if Huang were alive during modern times, he would be a 13 dan.

The terrorist Ajmal Kasab was the only terrorist to be captured alive during the attacks.

Bob Welch was not included, despite his key role in keeping the band alive during the early 1970s.

captured alive

Kasab was the only attacker captured alive by police.

He was Kasab, the lone terrorist captured alive later.

Nine of the attackers were killed and one, Ajmal Amir, was captured alive.

hopes alive

In Week 17, Houston hosted Tennessee; the Titans had to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The first was April 9, 2010, in New York, and the Rangers skated away with the victory, keeping their post-season hopes alive.

The win kept the Terps' ACC title hopes alive, but Florida State narrowly beat N.C. State 50–44 to win the conference outright.