İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

allegations against   (aleyhindeki iddialar)

The book also contained many allegations against Bonds.

They accused her of making false allegations against it.

He denied all allegations against him.

denied the allegations   (iddiaları reddetti)

The Swiss bank has repeatedly denied the allegations.

A spokesman for Sioeng denied the allegations.

Turkish Ambassador Ilhan Saygili denied the allegations.

allegations of sexual   (cinsel iddialar)

after allegations of sexual assault surfaced.

She succeeded Lorin Stein, who had resigned after allegations of sexual harassment.

In October 2019, there were allegations of sexual harassment against Ranjon Ghoshal.

allegations made   (iddialarda bulunuldu)

Malkin refused to answer, instead referring to allegations made by some of Kerry's former fellow soldiers.

However, Penn's return was delayed after an investigation into criminal allegations made against him was launched.

He, however, continued to make efforts to clear his name from the allegations made against him that lead to his sacking.

allegations of corruption   (yolsuzluk iddiaları)

Derek Schofield, embroiled in allegations of corruption).

There are unproved allegations of corruption against Devananda.

From the start, allegations of corruption and pay-offs emerged.

following allegations   (iddiaların ardından)

The firm closed in 2010 following allegations of insider trading.

However, on 4 October 2018 she stepped down from her position following allegations of corruption.

On 3 July 2007, Coughlan was suspended by McLaren following allegations of espionage against Ferrari.

abuse allegations   (kötüye kullanım iddiaları)

The studio was dropped, however, following the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations.

The endorsement deal with Peterson was terminated on 16 September 2014 due to ongoing child abuse allegations.

"Out of This Club" has been removed from digital stores and streaming services as of February 2019 due to the sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly.

due to allegations

The couple had a dramatic break-up in 2010, due to allegations of adultery.

His name became known due to allegations of former economy minister Domingo Cavallo.

The monument is controversial due to allegations that it glorifies Nazism and its Latvian collaborators.

false allegations   (yanlış iddialar)

They accused her of making false allegations against it.

Kiffin also riled up Florida with his false allegations of NCAA violations by Meyer.

The individual who made the false allegations, Carl Beech, was later charged in 2018, and jailed for eighteen years in 2019.

corruption allegations   (yolsuzluk iddiaları)

Bowles, who was tainted by corruption allegations, had held the office for 20 years.

The corruption allegations against Bin Hammam and Jack Warner were leveled by CONCACAF general secretary Chuck Blazer.

Despite the corruption allegations, the Congress party put him up as a party candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

amid allegations   (iddiaların ortasında)

Marcial Maciel, amid allegations of abuse.

The party fared poorly in the 1971 elections amid allegations of fraud by the opposition parties.

Sporting Options went into administration on 15 November 2004 amid allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

allegations were made   (iddialar yapıldı)

Further allegations were made against Doyle in January 2018.

Additional allegations were made against Naddour around 2016.

The allegations were made by a resigning Nauru Health Minister, Kieren Keke.

investigate allegations   (iddiaları araştırmak)

The commission was empowered to investigate allegations of minority deprivation of rights.

Special Rapporteurs often conduct fact-finding missions to countries to investigate allegations of human rights violations.

United Nations officials have urged Uganda to investigate allegations of human trafficking and corruption in the refugee camps.

allegations of abuse

About 58% were allegations of abuse of authority (e.g.

Marcial Maciel, amid allegations of abuse.

During the hearings to set permanent support levels, allegations of abuse came from both parties.

allegations of fraud   (dolandırıcılık iddiaları)

The media has largely reported the allegations of fraud as fact.

The party fared poorly in the 1971 elections amid allegations of fraud by the opposition parties.

The campaign was marred by allegations of fraud, and most of the other candidates withdrew in the final week.