alliance between   (間の同盟)

This cemented a growing alliance between the two men.

Strategic alliance between two countries are developing.

He opposed an alliance between the Commonwealth and the Habsburgs.

formed an alliance   (同盟を結んだ)

Jeremy also formed an alliance with David and Jessie minutes later.

In 1277, they formed an alliance, led by Bishop Simon I of Paderborn.

The MP instead formed an alliance with the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU).

alliance against   (同盟)

Stephen Báthory planned a Christian alliance against the Islamic Ottomans.

He regained control of the country by May and faced a renewed alliance against him.

In 2009, the NWSC joined the alliance against the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

electoral alliance   (選挙同盟)

The two parties had formed an electoral alliance.

They presented themselves as an electoral alliance three years later.

After that, the "Union of Left" was only a circumstantial electoral alliance.

military alliance   (軍事同盟)

Ultimately, Serbia did not join the military alliance.

In 1939 Kulski was sent to London to negotiate the Anglo-Polish military alliance.

By 1973, an economic and military alliance between Israel and South Africa was in the ascendancy.

political alliance

Herod possibly married her as a part of a political alliance.

During this visit he and Sternberg began their close political alliance.

He said that he support a political alliance for the parliamentary election of 2012.

form an alliance

For this task, two gangs had to form an alliance.

Two gangs had to form an alliance.

Two gangs had to form an alliance, but which has never been formed before.

made an alliance

During the season, Kimmel made an alliance with Courtney Yates and Todd Herzog.

Her half-brother James made an alliance with the sultanate of Egypt Sayf ad-Din Inal.

After the Battle of Harlaw the Lord of the Isles made an alliance with Angus Du Mackay.

strategic alliance

Entertainment formed a strategic alliance and partnership with ESteem.

By 1984, EPA had entered into a strategic alliance with CP Air of Vancouver.

In 2007, Warner Music Group's Rykodisc label formed a strategic alliance with Cordless Recordings.

new alliance

Together they approached him about a new alliance.

When Diane de Poitiers reconciled them, the Vidame was not included in the new alliance.

Napoleon holds a dinner party for the pigs and local farmers, with whom he celebrates a new alliance.

alliance won

Neha-Raftaar alliance won the task.

Shaffir was elected to the Knesset as the alliance won four seats.

The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance won the 1995 Maharashtra State Assembly elections and were in power from 1995 to 1999.

marriage alliance

The famous 14th century AD Manipravala grammar "Lilatilakam" confirms this marriage alliance.

The strictness is doubled for the younger daughter Thilottama (Maanu), and a marriage alliance is fixed for her.

However the king, on hearing of the wager, forbids Bardelys from seeking a marriage alliance with a rebel family.

forming an alliance

She was closest with the latter two, forming an alliance with them early on.

In 1506 Edzard broke his allegiance to George, instead forming an alliance with Groningen.

Kent attempted to form alliances very early in the game, forming an alliance with the other men in the house.

forged an alliance   (同盟を結んだ)

A few days ago, a lesser known Republican Party of India had forged an alliance with the MNM.

The same year, he forged an alliance with his kinsman, Heraclius II, who ruled in eastern Georgia.

For the general election on 3 July 2011, Chartthaipattana forged an alliance with coalition partner Bhumjaithai Party.