İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not allow   (izin vermemek)

Standard Haskell does not allow polymorphic kinds.

Mailer did not allow any retakes during the shoot.

Haines did not allow a hit after the third inning.

did not allow   (izin vermedi)

Mailer did not allow any retakes during the shoot.

Haines did not allow a hit after the third inning.

California did not allow children to work at night.

does not allow   (izin vermiyor)

Standard Haskell does not allow polymorphic kinds.

The French/German game does not allow splitting.

Swiss law does not allow for any form of class action.

refused to allow   (izin vermeyi reddetti)

The provincial government refused to allow the diversion.

Coloman of Hungary refused to allow them through Hungary.

order to allow   (izin vermek)

This policy existed in order to allow recruits who wanted to restart their lives to enlist.

Women volunteered in order to allow men to be freed from air defense work to go onto combat roles.

The government has been selling its stake in local airports in order to allow their privatization.

designed to allow

The PopSockets grip is designed to allow easier handling of the phone.

This wing was designed to allow as much natural ambient light in as possible.

It is designed to allow the user to discover and understand the planet Earth.

allow users   (kullanıcılara izin ver)

Most programs allow users to name their own styles.

Gmail does now allow users to specify a 3rd party SMTP server.

The game's activities allow users to draw, paint and create artwork.

enough to allow   (izin vermek için yeterli)

She finds a spot soft enough to allow her to dig a sideways slanted burrow.

The primary concern is that they be high enough to allow the passage of pipes and cables.

Some of the fragments are extensive enough to allow tentative reconstructions to be proposed.

allow more   (daha fazlasına izin ver)

However, Augustus would also allow more liberty to travel at times.

The head was also electronically modified to allow more vertical mobility.

Lower bitrate codecs allow more users, but they also have more distortion.

allow players

Warp points allow players to travel across the universe.

Night vision goggles allow players to see enemies in the dark.

The game will allow players to see the game world through a smartphone.

allow students   (öğrencilere izin ver)

This is supposed to allow students to live in a state of unknowing in their performance.

AP classes allow students to acquire skills that will help them be successful in college.

Student activities are generally designed to allow students to become more involved on campus.

allow access   (erişime izin vermek)

This station will allow access for Line 1 and Line 2 trains.

Larger ones scrape away the shell to allow access through the spire.

Zlarin is one of few islands on the Adriatic Sea that do not allow access to cars.

allow people   (insanlara izin ver)

Internet Chess Servers allow people to find and play opponents worldwide.

Various bills were introduced in Congress to allow people to keep their plans.

But if I have to go to jail to allow people to express their opinion I am happy."

agreed to allow

Dennis agreed to allow detectives to tape his statement.

In 1929 the Treasury agreed to allow one penny daily for the upkeep of Peter.

The crew eventually agreed to allow Corbet aboard and "Menelaus" was not needed.

allow the player   (oyuncuya izin ver)

Magic will allow the player to produce wizards and research spells.

Other chapters allow the player to use multiple characters in battle with a tag team system.

The game has difficulty levels; lower ones allow the player to redo a failed dialogue sequence.

only allow   (sadece izin ver)

In the United States, an FSA debit card only allow medical expenses.

The DENR would only allow for 19,000 tourists to visit the island daily.

Events are regulated to only allow cars of a certain era to participate.

allow the user   (kullanıcıya izin ver)

It is designed to allow the user to discover and understand the planet Earth.

It allow the user to search of objects that contain token A and not token B for example.

Some cameras allow the user to adjust the weight/balance of the central portion to the peripheral one.

allow the use

Some computers allow the use of several different file systems.

For example, Polish does not allow the use of a by-phrase in its passive.

For EFTPOS, USA based systems allow the use of debit cards or credit cards.

allow women   (kadınlara izin ver)

Yale College did not allow women to become members until 1969.

Initiatives and programs allow women to be reached with the Word of God.

Robins was involved in the campaign to allow women to enter the House of Lords.

allow for more

The exit of the bus stop was widened to allow for more room.

The descending connections from the brain allow for more sophisticated control.

Oils allow for more time to blend colors and apply even glazes over underpaintings.

not to allow

Crum was under orders not to allow his aircraft to fall into German hands.

The priority of the library was to protect the books, not to allow patrons to use them.

In December 2015, Egypt asked Israel not to allow Turkish aid to get through to the Gaza Strip.

intended to allow

This is intended to allow the market to dictate production levels.

It is intended to allow for transmission of high resolution data with a low system cost.

This is intended to allow more complex features to be built using the infrastructure.

used to allow

They are used to allow an auger (or plumber's snake) to clean out a plugged drain.

Large television screens were used to allow football fans to watch the 1998 World cup final.

Additional core memory beyond 4 KW can be used to allow for additional symbol table entries.

allow comparison   (karşılaştırmaya izin ver)

District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts.

decision to allow   (izin verme kararı)

By the time the system was restored, the game had resumed, meaning the decision to allow the goal stood.

This was followed in the 1843 by a decision to allow students of other colleges to become fellows at Trinity.

Environmentalists criticized the decision to allow Foxconn to draw 7 million gallons of water per day from Lake Michigan.

decided to allow

Lagrange was advised to withdraw the colt but decided to allow him to run.

In 1983, the MGK decided to allow the formation of new parties with severe restrictions.

Beginning in the 1997–98 season, the ISU decided to allow lyrics or words in ice dance music.

allow all

This should allow all of Carissa's Wierd's albums to be re-released soon.

Prior to the German Grand Prix, the teams unanimously agreed to allow all of the drivers to qualify for the race.

The Guild created the Heritage Awards as an outlet to allow all forms of arts and entertainment to be recognized by their peers.

statewide to allow   (izin vermek için eyalet çapında)

District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts.

did allow

(In contrast, regulations did allow to start for Luxembourg in the World Cup).

It was another temporary position, but it did allow him to work with Hans Bethe.

Sharif continued Bhutto's cultural policies, though he did allow access to Indian media.

allow such

Most cellular routers do allow such datacards or USB modems.

The archbishop then reassured him that he would not allow such a thing to pass.

The indicators compiled in the "Doing Business" project allow such research to take place.

refusal to allow   (izin vermeyi reddetmek)

This is due to the band's dislike of the songs and refusal to allow them to be reissued.

The organization also confirmed its refusal to allow Montceau Bourgogne and Roye-Noyon promotion to the fourth division.

Southern Pacific Railroad's refusal to allow crossing of their main line tracks prevented construction east of Los Angeles.

allow other   (diğerine izin ver)

However FSN agreed to allow other parties to participate in the provisional government.

Although typically performed with and both being integers, many computing systems allow other types of numeric operands.

This places the "BRP" in the notable position of being one of the first products to allow other game companies to develop games or game aids for their work.

modified to allow

The head was also electronically modified to allow more vertical mobility.

During major events, the vehicles can be modified to allow up to 180 passengers.

The forward mine section was slightly modified to allow the vessel travel in high seas.

does allow

It does allow for optional rendering using Flash.

For gay clergy, the church does allow civil partnerships.

On occasion, however, Casey does allow part of his human side through.

allow trains

This could also allow trains to pass parked train cars.

In 1995 the platform was lengthened to allow trains with six cars.

The many connecting curves allow trains to operate in all directions.

allow time

The deadline for entries was set at 1 August 1818 to allow time for replication of experiments.

Stored data needs to be held for a limited time to allow time for comparison with existing tracks.

Their report was delayed until early 2015 to allow time to evaluate the condition of city bond funds.

refuses to allow   (izin vermeyi reddediyor)

He refuses to allow the show to go on.

Spock introduces himself but refuses to allow Zar to call him "Father."

When Morgan refuses to allow Mab to further use Mordred for her own ends, Mab kills her.

changed to allow

However, in 1966 this was changed to allow the runners-up of the leagues to compete.

The school's constitution was changed to allow Mackay, a Presbyterian, to hold the post.

The route was changed to allow travelers from Vermont to again stop in Springfield and Hartford.

allow visitors

Two waymarked trails to allow visitors to access the reserve.

There are two balconies that allow visitors to more easily view the higher parts of the globe.

During the day, the offices of the building were opened to allow visitors to tour the building.

voted to allow

A new Mexican congress voted to allow the Central American Intendancies to decide their own fate.

Steil voted to allow President Trump to use his executive power to declare a national emergency at the border.

Greeley is one of the four people that U.S. bishops voted to allow to be investigated for possible sainthood at their fall meeting.

allow only   (sadece izin ver)

Conditionals in the 6100 allow only the next instruction to be skipped.

States may allow only general-law municipalities, only charter municipalities, or both.

These filters use sheets that allow only particles smaller than a given size to pass through.

allow voters

Districts are not allowed to raise taxes above that index unless they allow voters to vote by referendum, or they seek an exception from the state Department of Education.

allow both

Such adjectives allow both accent types in the other feminine singular forms.

This distinction is necessary to allow both drives to share the cable without conflict.

The Caeliar offer the remaining humans a merging of human and Caeliar, to allow both groups to survive.

systems allow

Other operating systems allow a file to grow.

Some systems allow two or more mice to be used at once as input devices.

Some computer systems allow file names to contain spaces; others do not.

allow passengers

Then those on the left side are opened to allow passengers to get on.

The elevators do not allow passengers to change platforms unless they exit the ticket barriers.

This would allow passengers to travel between Long Island and New Jersey without having to switch trains.

allow easy

The motherboard was designed to allow easy addition of an 8087 math co-processor.

Buoyancy compensators allow easy and fine adjustments in the diver's overall volume and therefore buoyancy.

GFP and other similar reporting genes allow easy visualization and localization of the products of the genetic modification.

refusing to allow   (izin vermeyi reddetmek)

One issue was refusing to allow veterans to hold a drumhead mass in Wardown Park.

Kempton was refusing to allow Mick to compete in the re–run, adamant he had already run the Derby.

Her father initially said no, refusing to allow his daughter to work in an environment with males.

allow anyone   (kimseye izin ver)

Fearing profiteering land speculators, L'Enfant would not allow anyone to see the plan.

Terazawa positioned guards all around the hill, with strict orders not to allow anyone near the crosses.

On another episode, it is revealed that the General of the base at won't allow anyone besides Bill cut his hair.

allow customers   (müşterilere izin ver)

This approach may allow customers to keep using existing hardware.

Most vehicle subscriptions allow customers to pay a flat periodic fee, typically on a monthly basis.

For example, improvement in plastic material barrier allow customers to identify relevant information.

allow water

This will allow water to become trapped and cause peeling.

Another study showed that graphite oxide could be engineered to allow water to pass, but retain some larger ions.

The grooves in the rubber are designed to allow water to be expelled from beneath the tire and prevent hydroplaning.

allow individuals

VR can allow individuals to virtually attend concerts.

Some countries and indigenous tribes allow individuals to obtain citizenship based on their genealogy.

The purpose of the price mechanism is to allow individuals to recognise the opportunity cost of decisions.

built to allow

A second floor of the spring was built to allow residents to cool off on hot days.

Roads in this area were originally built to allow access to mines located near Charazani.

Improvised jetties were built to allow dry-footed passage from house to house in the village.

amended to allow   (izin vermek için değiştirildi)

Cummings' contract was amended to allow him time off to rehearse and record his show.

This section was founded in 1994, after the PAU's charter was amended to allow for its creation.

During his first term, the state constitution was amended to allow governors to serve two terms.

never allow   (asla izin verme)

Prince Peter was aware that King George, if allowed to return, would never allow him to move to Greece along with his wife.

Chululongkorn meets with his father to discuss traditions, wanting to be with Tuptim but knowing his father would never allow it.

While the current price is not so expensive, it is still above the international price as plans never allow "unlimited night & weekend minutes."

system to allow

The release's new networking stack also expanded the system to allow a full 255 nodes per LAN.

In June 2011, ICANN expanded the internet's naming system to allow applications for new top-level domain names.

Guinea plans to inaugurate an arbitration court system to allow for the quick resolution of commercial disputes.

government to allow   (hükümetin izin vermesi)

Bacon successfully lobbied the Greek government to allow him to leave the country.

At the end of 1976, he tried to persuade the local government to allow him to teach Vovinam.

These were expropriated by the government to allow for the construction of new federal buildings.

allow construction

In 1912 a part of the track was relocated to allow construction of the Malter Valley Dam.

By mid 1931 trade had recovered to allow construction of the initial five to be completed.

In 1883 the San Angelo tower was demolished to allow construction of the Ponte Girevole, and two others were removed to allow the widening of the canal.

allow each

It makes sense in this case to allow each waiting thread into the monitor (one at a time) to check if its assertion is true.

However, the General Conference of 1943 voted to allow each Conference to vote on whether or not their churches could have instrumental music.

It is also possible for the server to only allow each nonce value to be returned once, although this forces the client to repeat every request.

made to allow

Some bassoons have been specially made to allow bassoonists to realize similar passages.

On 13 December 1899, the decision was made to allow volunteer forces to serve in the Second Boer War.

A simple modification to the 64C's motherboard was made to allow cartridges to be inserted from above.