İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not allowed   (izin verilmedi)

The police were not allowed to enter the premises.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails.

Women were not allowed to enroll in GSAS until 1962.

only allowed   (sadece izin verilir)

The Sandinista government only allowed some OAS Staff.

Elsewhere, males were only allowed to smell each other.

Up until 2011, the conference only allowed a 10-game season.

allowed to return   (geri dönmesine izin verildi)

The regular violinist was not allowed to return.

He was paroled and allowed to return to Puerto Rico.

By 1942, Yen was allowed to return to Shanghai.

allowed to leave   (gitmesine izin verildi)

No one who comes to the island is allowed to leave.

She was then released but not allowed to leave Turkey.

The local rebels surrendered and were allowed to leave.

not be allowed   (izin verilmiyor)

Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

It cannot be allowed that the frustrated determine Germany's fate."

Some missions however stipulate that the wingmate must not be allowed to be killed.

allowed to use   (kullanmasına izin verildi)

Neither were allowed to use their drummers at the Opry.

WSUN-TV was allowed to use the Captain Mac name as well.

They, like vampets, are allowed to use projectile weapons.

allowed to enter   (girmesine izin verildi)

The police were not allowed to enter the premises.

Only Muslims are allowed to enter this place.

Each National Federation was allowed to enter 2 riders.

allowed only   (sadece izin verilir)

At 2005, 80-bit keys were allowed only until 2010.

Iowa allowed only beer to be consumed over the bar.

In the 2008 regular season, he allowed only one sack.

allowed to take

They were allowed to take risks in their job location.

Building societies were allowed to take deposits from the public.

allowed to continue

The segregated work structure and uneven pay scale was allowed to continue.

Thus the British company was allowed to continue as a privileged subcontractor.

FMR was allowed to continue using the Messerschmitt name and logo on the KR200.

allowed to play   (oynamaya izin verildi)

Only qualified teams are allowed to play in this Division.

But I was so bad that I wasn't allowed to play in a match", she recalled.

He was not allowed to play in the 2014–15 season due to NCAA transfer rules.

allowed to participate

Darya Klishina was the only Russian athlete allowed to participate.

The women's football team was allowed to participate in the tournament.

who were allowed to participate within the Chinese football league pyramid.

allowed users

It allowed users to do business only with Enron.

Kali allowed users to connect to a chat room to host and join games.

It also allowed users to upload game images taken from the Internet.

allowed to go   (gitmesine izin verildi)

For the first time Benoît is allowed to go with him.

However, they were not allowed to go back to Baltimore.

Then the children are allowed to go into the candlelit room.

allowed to keep   (tutmasına izin verildi)

These people were allowed to keep their own systems.

The organisation was allowed to keep the profit.

The MacDonalds were allowed to keep possession of the castle.

allowed to vote   (oy kullanmaya izin verildi)

Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.

Any resident of Basel allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the parliament.

The battleground was the election of 1866; Southern states were not allowed to vote.

allowed to remain   (kalmasına izin verildi)

Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

In the Navy, only nine of 42 captains were allowed to remain in service.

He requested that he be allowed to remain on his estate just outside Batavia.

allowed to compete

From 2007 only one team per nation is allowed to compete.

Group D divers have only recently been allowed to compete on the tower.

The Faroe Islands are allowed to compete at the Paralympics under its own flag.

allowed to stay   (kalmasına izin verildi)

If he had won, he might have been allowed to stay in Germany.

He was allowed to stay on to coach their final game of the season.

Most of the residents were allowed to stay in parts of their occupied homes.

allowed to join   (katılmasına izin verildi)

Slavic, origin were not allowed to join some guilds.

Since 2017 juice producers are also allowed to join.

After the war he was inspected by NKVD and was allowed to join Dynamo Kyiv.

then allowed

The mixture is then allowed to dry in the desired shape.

It is then allowed to stand overnight at room temperature.

runs allowed

He led the American League in earned runs allowed, with (144) in 1939.

For the year, he finished second in the league in home runs allowed with 27.

He led the National League in home runs allowed and was second in hits allowed.

allowed to attend   (katılmasına izin verildi)

Attendees of both days were allowed to attend Sunday free of charge.

The Hetman's emissaries were not even allowed to attend the negotiations.

Once a year the Europeans were allowed to attend the festivities at the Suwa-Shrine under escort.

allowed more

Aoi, however, was allowed more freedom by his family.

The turbine drive was easy on the track and allowed more power at the rail.

This allowed more flexibility in the location of mechanical components and allowed a reduced step-height.

allowed to live

He asked him whether he and his family would be allowed to live.

The Tamil people must be allowed to live in peace and flourish in their homeland."

Consequently, we all desire that we be allowed to live according to our ancient ways."

allowed access   (izin verilen erişim)

At other times, members of the public are allowed access.

The Faroese were allowed access to the large Danish waters in the North Atlantic.

A precarious step below the engine allowed access to the crank handle and radiator.

allowed to wear   (giymesine izin verildi)

Gatherers are not allowed to wear wetsuits or even put their heads underwater.

At that time, receivers and tight ends were only allowed to wear uniform numbers 80-89.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, students are allowed to wear the college polo shirts.

never allowed   (asla izin verilmez)

For instance, she never allowed Art to have a checkbook.

Dr. Fu Manchu was never allowed to succeed in this TV series.

The local congregation never allowed them to formally organize.

allowed to make   (yapmasına izin verildi)

And I wasn't allowed to make noise [in rehab] ...

That means I am not allowed to make a technical mistake.

The player is allowed to make another move.

allowed players

The game allowed players to skip these dance-oriented sections.

Two days later, the AAF allowed players to leave their contracts to sign with NFL teams.

"Magic words" such as "Mint Julep", "Gumbo", and so on allowed players to order food and drink.

allowed to run   (koşmasına izin verildi)

However they were allowed to run for the elections this time.

Trials already under way were however allowed to run their course.

The Abbey's monks were allowed to run a market and build a harbour.

allowed to visit

Some heroes of Greek legend are allowed to visit the underworld.

It was the first time Jews were allowed to visit the tomb in over a month.

Georgiou's sister was allowed to visit him during his captivity in Angola.

still allowed   (hala izinli)

They are still allowed to contribute to the election but only in a minor fashion.

From now on, according to the government, only tents are still allowed for Syrian residents.

Unlike most rock stations of the era, WBCN still allowed a degree of individual DJ control of the music.

longer allowed   (daha uzun süre izin veriliyor)

Due to the Peace of Westphalia the seizing of Spanish ships was no longer allowed.

(However, as fishing is no longer allowed in the park, it was likely simply abandoned.)

In 1860 he was seriously injured by an accident which no longer allowed him either of these careers.

no longer allowed   (artık izin verilmiyor)

Due to the Peace of Westphalia the seizing of Spanish ships was no longer allowed.

(However, as fishing is no longer allowed in the park, it was likely simply abandoned.)

In 1860 he was seriously injured by an accident which no longer allowed him either of these careers.

allowed to work   (çalışmasına izin verildi)

They were allowed to work and to go to school.

I am not allowed to work, I have no benefits.

allowed to retain   (tutmaya izin verildi)

He was allowed to retain the living.

He was allowed to retain Lincoln Castle until he could recover his Norman lands.

Richard fitz Gilbert was aligned with King Henry, and was allowed to retain his land.

allowed per

Half of this number is "L"−1, which is the minimum number of elements allowed per node.

He also was 10th-best in the league in fewest hits allowed per 9 innings pitched (7.13).

Also the 16.5 points allowed per game was the fewest since the 2008 team gave up 12.2 per contest.

finally allowed   (sonunda izin verildi)

This finally allowed him to have a try on playing the trumpet.

In 1737 both the French and German governments finally allowed the use of indigo.

Eventually the Polish government finally allowed them, in stages, to enter the country.

points allowed

They finished 3rd in points allowed on the season.

The 14 points allowed came in Ohio State's only losses.

They were tied for 10th in fewest points allowed as well.

allowed to move   (taşınmasına izin verildi)

He has since been allowed to move more freely but he cannot travel outside Iran.

Once a Jew was assigned to a certain section, he or she was not allowed to move sections.

Young sought to block the recall petition, but it was allowed to move forward by the courts.

government allowed   (hükümete izin verildi)

In 1991, the central government allowed Shanghai to initiate economic reform.

In this context in 1903 the government allowed chaptalization of imported wines.

The Sierra Leone government allowed British task force ships to refuel at Freetown.

allowed people   (izin verilen insanlar)

Mainly this was because there was bridge which allowed people to visit the reserve.

This CD-ROM application allowed people to create their own Saturday morning cartoons.

The pass allowed people to buy tickets before they were available to the general public.

eventually allowed

She was renamed "Argo" for a number of years, but was eventually allowed to deteriorate.

His family were eventually allowed to come over from Germany and join him early in 1948.

Her father eventually allowed her to move to New York City in 1898 to pursue her desire.

allowed women   (izin verilen kadınlar)

The electoral reforms also allowed women to run for Parliament.

He openly allowed women to join the school as a matter of policy.

This allowed women to become great and reach professional levels such as the Olympics.

system allowed

The system allowed for automatic recording on the receiving end.

This system allowed the missile to strike within 100 metres of its designated target.

The "mid-size constituency" electoral system allowed Japan to establish a stable government.

allowed to travel   (seyahat etmesine izin verildi)

Only 10 men were allowed to travel with them to Denmark.

The Knights were allowed to travel through Europe freely.

In May 2008, the team was not allowed to travel to the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup.

time allowed

Stenning's interviews often run over the allotted time allowed.

He accepted, and began to work on his young squad with very little time allowed.

The time allowed is actual playing time; the clock is stopped while the play is not active.

allowed to serve   (hizmet etmesine izin verildi)

Since 1975 women were allowed to serve in medical and music band functions.

Both voting and nonvoting "ex officio" members are allowed to serve on committees.

When Gracchus replied affirmatively he asked if he was allowed to serve with the Romans.

allowed the use

It was founded by William Allen, who allowed the use of his laboratory at No.

From 1952, the Rovers were allowed the use of a cottage and the remaining huts.

In 1737 both the French and German governments finally allowed the use of indigo.

allowed to operate   (çalışmasına izin verildi)

Dhimmis were allowed to operate their own courts following their own legal systems.

Bicycles are allowed to operate on all Chicago roadways, except limited access highways.

These are allowed to operate in pedestrian-only areas and are therefore practical for sightseeing.

law allowed

This law allowed for the distribution of state-owned land among campesinos.

Fermi became an American citizen in July 1944, the earliest date the law allowed.

Some law allowed for the criminal to be housed and fed by the clergy for seven days.

maximum allowed

The maximum bet is based on the maximum allowed win from a single roll.

The maximum allowed power for portable equipment as well as base stations is 250 mW.

allowed to choose

As originator, Auburn was allowed to choose the group.

Initially, the monastery was not allowed to choose its own prior.

Losh funded the new church on condition that she was allowed to choose the design.

allowed to see   (görmesine izin verildi)

Prisoners are allowed to see visitors and practice their religions.

Only wing Christophe Dominici had been allowed to see it beforehand.

An augmented reality app allowed to see an animated version of the "GRRR!"

defense allowed

The defense allowed only two touchdowns over those nine games.

The Bulls offense scored 279 points while the defense allowed 93 points.

The Bulls offense scored 177 points while the defense allowed 97 points.

allowed the company   (şirkete izin verildi)

On 4 June an armistice began, which allowed the company to return to Dresden.

Additional private financing in later years allowed the company to add more product lines.

She also enacted an executive order that allowed the company to directly compete with Napocor.

allowed to marry

Men were not allowed to marry until they were 24 years old.

Velen is allowed to marry Evening Star

Jangheung Yim was one of the ten clans who were allowed to marry the King's family members.

before being allowed

He underwent a three-month drug rehabilitation programme before being allowed to resume his playing career.

Dudley ruled that prospective players should be enrolled for two weeks before being allowed to play in a game.

Ships from infected ports were required to moor at Hole Haven on Canvey Island for a period of 30 days before being allowed to travel upriver.

women were allowed

In 1962, women were allowed in the military.

Until recently, women were allowed entry only one day in the year.

Since 1975 women were allowed to serve in medical and music band functions.

allowed back   (geri izin verildi)

Robert has not been allowed back on the property since the incident.

Cruz goes to the Carters' house and begs to be allowed back on the team.

In May 1975, Jim threw his son Martin out after an argument with him but later allowed back home.

allowed many   (birçok kişiye izin verildi)

He allowed many of the Nigerian 2 Div.

The new parking at the stadium allowed many commuting students more parking access.

Reagan's victory also allowed many Republican House candidates to secure elections.

allowed all

The Porsche 917K's problems allowed all three works Ferraris to lead the field into the night.

These group keys allowed all the agents in a particular group to receive a single coded message.

Nebraska's entry to the Big Ten allowed all 12 teams in each conference to play in the challenge.

allowed to settle   (yerleşmesine izin verildi)

In the years 1652–1795 Jews were not allowed to settle at the Cape.

Until 2004 Gurkhas were not allowed to settle in the United Kingdom.

It is then allowed to settle for a day until the soil has settled into layers.

legally allowed   (yasal olarak izin verildi)

No other political groups are legally allowed to organize.

It seems that Carthage's nobles could afford, and were legally allowed, to sustain their own armies.

Only faster motor vehicles, both "capable" and "legally allowed" to go at least 50 km/h, may use the road.

allowed for more

These machines allowed for more production in less labor-intensive manners.

This could turn 20 hours of work into 15 minutes and allowed for more creativity.

The three-year project allowed for more production and packing and shipping space.

allowed to pass   (geçmesine izin verildi)

A player who can play a tile may be allowed to pass anyway.

Food and medicinal supplies would, however, be allowed to pass through the crossing.

At least some 20,000–30,000 Jews were allowed to pass through Spain in the first half of the War.

later allowed   (daha sonra izin verildi)

He later allowed hymn-book compilers to alter the lyrics.

He was later allowed public devotion to this representation of Christ.

Parliament sent him to the Tower of London but later allowed him to be exchanged.

allowed to carry   (taşımasına izin verildi)

Only certified products are allowed to carry the Zhaga logo.

One train per day was allowed to carry wounded from Ladysmith to Intombi.

a vehicle being driven under limited trade plates was not allowed to carry passengers).

allowed to stand   (ayakta durmasına izin verildi)

After the enquiry, the result was allowed to stand.

It is then allowed to stand overnight at room temperature.

even allowed   (hatta izin verildi)

The Hetman's emissaries were not even allowed to attend the negotiations.

Some IGMs even allowed "mischievous" game play, almost allowing players to cheat.

Some online students are even allowed to attend some classes on campus and take some classes online.

allowed to hold

The Dutch were not allowed to hold any religious services on the island.

Workers are not allowed to hold sit-ins or to block nonstriking workers from entering work premises.

He is not allowed to hold public office due to two convictions for public corruption in 2014 and 2016.

allowed to perform

He was allowed to perform in Bulgaria not earlier than 1980.

They were paid, but they were not allowed to perform any military duties.

After signing the contract, Tsui was not allowed to perform in nightclubs again.

allowed to speak   (konuşmaya izin ver)

When allowed to speak to the director, he convinces him to forgive Kannan.

He arrived at City Hall by himself and was allowed to speak with Mayor Wood in his private office.

During this time, she was not allowed to speak to Kago and continued to make appearances on television.

allowed to become   (olmasına izin verildi)

Women were expressly allowed to become pharmacists in 1891.

All Hungarian youth between 14 and 26 years were allowed to become members.

Under Jiang Zemin, private entrepreneurs were allowed to become party members.

allowed to proceed

The prosecution of Shipp was allowed to proceed.

After verifying her cargo and passengers, the ship was allowed to proceed.

Once allowed to proceed, they sailed through Lake Erie to Buffalo, New York and then on to Albany and New York City.

allowed just   (sadece izin verildi)

He allowed just one sack.

He was part of an offensive line unit that allowed just 35 sacks in 480 pass plays on the season.

In another game one month before his no-hitter, he allowed just one single while facing 28 batters.

now allowed   (şimdi izin verildi)

This promotion, says Dillon, now allowed him to select his own targets.

Players were now allowed forward passing in the offensive zone, instead of only in the defensive and neutral zones.

In Federal hands it was no longer useful to the Confederacy, and in fact now allowed Union forces to pursue raiders into the sounds.

allowed both

A passed ball allowed both to score to make it 5–2 Dodgers.

This allowed both data and commands to be sent through a single serial port.

When first introduced in 1973, this leg allowed both two-man canoes and one-man kayaks.

allowed no

Stammen pitched 6 innings and allowed no runs.

With little exception, Henry VIII allowed no changes during his lifetime.

he pitched 8⅓ innings, allowed no runs, struck out two, and received the win.

allowed students

During his tenure he co-sponsored Assembly Bill 182, which allowed students to administer their own asthma medication as school.

It particular, it aimed to develop educational interfaces that allowed students to learn more effectively with fewer distractions.

This has allowed students who previously could not find foreign language partners to search online for native speakers of that language.

allowed the team   (takıma izin ver)

This in turn allowed the team to more effectively set up the AI racers.

An air force investigation allowed the team to continue, but forbade any further coordinated acts.

This increases the viewable area and allowed the team to use fog as an atmospheric effect, rather than as a "crutch".

because it allowed   (çünkü izin verdi)

This choice was good because it allowed the drivers and services code to be moved out of the kernel (to user space).

This strategy was also effective because it allowed the Klan to build upon the solidarity already in place from other organizations.

Testimonies was considered to be an intrinsic aspect of the TRC's research because it allowed the voices of the victims of violence.

allowed the user   (kullanıcıya izin verildi)

User-programmable WCS allowed the user to optimize the machine for specific purposes.

In addition, the 21UX included an integrated stand that allowed the user to tilt and rotate the unit.

It allowed the user to search or browse Amazon's database of books, music, DVDs, and VHS tapes, and add items into a list.

allowed to bring   (getirmesine izin verildi)

Jeffries was allowed to bring along his best friend.

Visitors are allowed to bring their dogs to the park.

Again, fans were allowed to bring their dogs to the park.

not being allowed

As of 2000, the case still provided the legal precedence for LIFO not being allowed for tax purposes in Canada.

The latest reading from Jarman's Facebook account read "As if not being allowed to train with the first team wasn't bad enough – now I'm not allowed to play for the Reserves."

On top of not being allowed to overtake under yellow flag conditions in the affected sector, a "VSC" icon would appear trackside and on the drivers' steering displays, obliging drivers to not exceed the posted speed limit thus resulting in a 35% speed reduction.

allowed to present   (sunmasına izin verildi)

He also claimed the prosecution was also allowed to present an improper argument during closing arguments.

The electoral law provides that parties, federations, coalitions and groupings of electors are allowed to present lists of candidates.

hits allowed

He led the National League in home runs allowed and was second in hits allowed.

He also was 10th-best in the league in fewest hits allowed per 9 innings pitched (7.13).

He led the NL in hits allowed per 9 innings pitched (8.09) in 1949, and led the NL in hit batsmen in (7) and (17).

allowed to change

Brody works at the Pier Diner, but is frustrated when he is not allowed to change the menu.

He was allowed to change his name to Aymeri de Montesquiou-Fezensac d'Artagnan on May 18, 2011.

The team is also allowed to change players any time in the game; usually, they change the whole team.

allowed to sell   (satmaya izin verildi)

The only "raw" meat the "charcutiers" were allowed to sell was unrendered lard.

The inmates are allowed to sell fruits and vegetables while serving their time.

This meant that they were not allowed to sell it, and it could only be inherited in the male line.

allowed to fall

The property was thereafter allowed to fall into decay.

Bradlaugh and John Stuart Mill campaigned to have the Act repealed and the case was allowed to fall.

Female guest workers had to sign contracts saying that they were not allowed to fall pregnant during their stay.

yards allowed

The Huskies allowed the 10th-fewest yards per game in the nation with 281 yards allowed.

They were 2nd in fewest rushing yards allowed and 2nd in sacking the opposing quarterback.

The Titans ranked 26th in total yards allowed and 29th against the pass in the 2010 season.

allowed to start

The University was also allowed to start lectures in Polish.

Without the correct code sequence, the engine is not allowed to start.

His ownership group was allowed to start making changes in the management, while they were awaiting the approval of KNVB.

allowed to grow   (büyümesine izin verildi)

In addition, they were not allowed to grow beards or ejaculate.

In conventional bacteria culturing, bacteria are allowed to grow on a medium that supports many strains.

In California, the top hair was allowed to grow longer and combed into a wavelike pompadour shape known as a "breaker".

design allowed

As a result, the design allowed for a larger amount of Russell's bosom to be exposed.

The design allowed for the recognition of each digit name “Zero”, “One”, Two” … “Nine” and its front, middle, and ending sound.

Drag and lift were limited at the envisioned ground clearance for road use, but the design allowed for additional downforce when the car was set up for racing.

allowed to build

That money allowed to build a skeleton of the new building in 1926.

They were also not allowed to build or repair churches without Muslim consent.

Wealthy people were allowed to build private churches, known as convenience churches.

allowed each

Straczynski believes writing with the Wachowskis helped mask each other's weaknesses and also allowed each party to learn from the other.

By letting Bokmål be Bokmål (or Riksmål) and Nynorsk Nynorsk, the Norwegian government allowed each – in principle – to develop on its own.

But Harvey notes that the Marvel Method of collaboration allowed each man to claim credit, and that Lee's dialogue added to the direction the team took.

allowed to practice   (pratik yapmasına izin verildi)

I was allowed to practice with the pros from time to time.

He was not allowed to practice or travel with the team for the Pinstripe Bowl.

To many of the prisoners' surprise, they were allowed to practice religion freely.

not been allowed

Robert has not been allowed back on the property since the incident.

He regretted that amateurs and professionals had not been allowed to ride together.

The Hemings descendants had not been allowed to join the association, or to be buried in its graveyard.

system that allowed

In 1988, Apple released MacTCP, a system that allowed the Mac to support TCP/IP on machines with suitable Ethernet hardware.

However the Skyscout had a low-intensity light system that allowed users eyes to adapt to the darkness needed for observing stars.

Zoomracks II also added a rudimentary "macro" system that allowed the user to assign a series of commands to a letter on the keyboard.