Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

almost all   (casi todos)

Trains are available to almost all parts of India.

On these days almost all shops will remain closed.

By the 1950s almost all of them had been released.

almost entirely   (casi completamente)

Other jurisdictions ban abortion almost entirely.

This was a route worked almost entirely by sail.

The film was shot almost entirely in West Yorkshire.

almost every   (casi todos)

It fits almost every circumstance I can think of."

Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth.

It has been played at almost every show since.

almost exclusively   (casi exclusivamente)

It occurs almost exclusively in literary contexts.

He works on the Mr. Smith case almost exclusively.

This committed them to eating meat almost exclusively.

almost always   (casi siempre)

Morisot's works are almost always small in scale.

It occurs only locally and is almost always rare.

He is almost always seen with an alcoholic drink.

almost immediately   (casi inmediatamente)

Its litigation problems began almost immediately.

Akin's comments almost immediately led to uproar.

Brady and Madison began flirting almost immediately.

almost completely   (casi completamente)

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

They were almost completely clear of the seat areas."

almost certainly   (casi seguro)

The new building was almost certainly designed by W.G.

Her parents almost certainly married in 1121.

The overall environmental impact is almost certainly negative.

almost no   (casi no)

There were almost no interesting auteur projects.

After that, there was almost no work until 2010.

There is almost no hard line in the paintings.

almost identical   (casi idéntico)

The two dorsal fins are almost identical in size.

The block is almost identical to the petrol engine.

The plot of the game is almost identical from the anime.

almost half

CHP had collected almost half of the votes at %46.

In Hungary they serve almost half the population.

Nature parks cover almost half the area of Franconia.

almost a year

They spent almost a year in a refugee camp.

It has been almost a year since something terrible happened.

"Wantuck" remained on the U.S. West Coast for almost a year.

almost the entire   (casi todo)

He played almost the entire season with a broken jaw.

Boyle overhauled almost the entire schedule.

MASN airs almost the entire slate of regular season games.

almost impossible   (casi imposible)

However this is almost impossible to achieve clinically.

As a result fraud became almost impossible.

This adds further difficulty to an almost impossible race.

almost complete

The building was almost complete by December 1920.

Bioavailability is almost complete by injection.

The destruction of dwellings in this area was almost complete.

almost two years

His mother outlived him by almost two years.

For almost two years, Worth was absent from the Country charts.

The Seoul–Pyongyang hotline was reopened after almost two years.

almost never

That's one of the things which almost never happen.

During waking hours the bird is almost never still.

It is almost never used for this purpose today.

almost the same

Front and hindwings have almost the same colour.

The propulsion system was almost the same as the one of the .

It is almost the same size as the Moon.

almost exactly

His career followed almost exactly that of his father’s.

It is almost exactly the latitude of Lick Observatory on Mt.

Upperside almost exactly as in "dia", the size also being the same.

almost a decade   (casi una década)

The band existed for almost a decade before mainstream success.

By the time of the Great Awakening, almost a decade later, Rev.

In June 2017, Sinđić returned to Mladost Lučani after almost a decade.

almost universally   (casi universalmente)

Without treatment it is almost universally fatal.

In Hungary, dubbing is almost universally common.

Bilirubin is almost universally elevated.

spent almost

Biškup spent almost entire his career in NK Zagreb.

They spent almost a year in a refugee camp.

Neill spent almost 15 years of his career playing in England.

almost twice   (casi el doble)

The figures are almost twice lifesize.

Comparing this to the EU-ETS scheme, it is almost twice as much as the EU allowance.

Samples from hugel sites contained almost twice as much water as those from flat control plots.

almost nothing

After the event, farmers were left with almost nothing.

Cobbett's writing contains almost nothing suitable for quotation.

They arrived with almost nothing and had much difficulty renting a room.

almost certain   (casi seguro)

primary seems almost certain to be epic."

It is almost certain that there are graves under this road.

However the outcome of Culloden was almost certain before it began.

almost totally   (casi totalmente)

World War II the spa was almost totally destroyed.

By 1918 the village had been almost totally destroyed.

Runyon almost totally avoids the past tense (English humourist E.C.

almost ten

In 1339, after almost ten years of war, Florence occupied it.

After staying on for almost ten months he escaped to France on 26 February 1815.

Boujenah has appeared in over twenty-five films and almost ten television productions.

almost everything   (casi todo)

The two dictionaries disagree on almost everything.

This tomb had been stripped of almost everything in ancient times.

This young independent country has lost almost everything due to the war."

now almost

The two communities have now almost merged.

These streets are now almost completely derelict & vacant.

The harbour had two large basins, now almost choked with sand.

almost killed

He is almost killed by her spirit, but saves himself.

The fakir is almost killed while he is inside the car.

Madame Wah attempts to defend the family but is almost killed.

almost daily   (casi a diario)

She received the Holy Eucharist almost daily.

To avoid detection, he moved from flat to flat almost daily.

From the age of 17, he was using drugs on an almost daily basis.

almost three years

Rice was sentenced to almost three years in prison.

33, almost three years after the first single.

The release came almost three years after their last UK show.

used almost

During this period, copper was being used almost exclusively.

The harbour is now used almost exclusively for recreational sailing.

Modern iodinated contrast agents can be used almost anywhere in the body.

almost a century   (casi un siglo)

almost a century after Bryan's original discovery.

After almost a century of vague, the MOS 71B, Chaplain Assistant.

After his death, Skjoldenæsjolm remained in his family for almost a century.

almost two decades

The FEER enjoyed almost two decades of rapid growth.

Loeb would re-team with Kring almost two decades later for the TV series "Heroes".

Despite large urban centers, population has been depopulating for almost two decades.

almost completely destroyed

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

The town was almost completely destroyed.

almost doubled

Passenger traffic almost doubled over that period.

In 2014, these numbers had almost doubled to 60% and 40%.

In 2009 the estimated value almost doubled to $300 billion.

almost twenty

The couple lived together from 1844 and for almost twenty years.

Mrázek covertly influenced Czech politics for almost twenty years.

It was first published by Novello almost twenty years later, in 1885.

almost invariably   (casi invariable)

The funeral service itself is almost invariably closed casket.

Whole body doses of more than 1,000 rad are almost invariably fatal.

The results are almost invariably extremely violent, and most often directed towards Phil.

up almost

During drought periods, the Rio Puerco may dry up almost completely.

By 1921, Black and Tans made up almost half of the RIC in County Tipperary, for example.

The probe's 152 kg heat shield, making up almost half of the probe's total mass, lost 80 kg during the entry.

took almost

It took almost one hundred days to reach their destination.

It took almost three days from Sibsagar to reach Molungkimong.

Although filming was completed early, the processing took almost two years.

became almost

As a result fraud became almost impossible.

In 1994, the club became almost defunct.

The virus became almost undetectable.

almost everyone   (casi todos)

The singer said it is about "something almost everyone has experienced.

After this, the vandals took over the town and killed almost everyone on it.

In America, almost everyone could afford to buy a gun, and could learn how to use it fairly easily.

almost continuously   (casi continuamente)

After the First World War began, the population almost continuously decreased.

The site was used for military purposes almost continuously until closure in 1952.

Since the 14th century the Dardanelles have almost continuously been controlled by the Turks.

almost equal

At , it is almost equal in size to Chula, which measures .

The branch currents are almost equal in magnitude and opposite in phase.

Home ranges consist of almost equal parts of the cerrado biome and pasture.

almost everywhere   (Casi en cualquier parte)

This was already the practice almost everywhere.

Biofilms form almost everywhere bacteria are.

This payment method is now universal and accepted almost everywhere.

almost universal   (casi universal)

There are some ubiquitous sets for which the notation is almost universal.

Long bone involvement is almost universal in ECD patients and is bilateral and symmetrical in nature.

Ethernet had become almost universal by 1990, and it was time to build Ethernet into Macs direct from the factory.

almost the whole

In 1858 almost the whole village burnt out.

By then almost the whole of the South Caucasus was captured.

Johnston bowled for almost the whole innings, sending down 38.4 of 85.4 overs.

almost without

It has been administered, almost without changes, since 1944.

The cervix is almost without keel.

"The Owl River") is a 1962 French short film, almost without dialogue.

almost ten years

In 1339, after almost ten years of war, Florence occupied it.

After almost ten years of restoration, in January 2016 the castle was reopened to the public.

For almost ten years, he led the state Chamber of Commerce in industrial development projects.

almost anything

Such swords can cut through almost anything, including metal.

With his various items, Harry is equipped for almost anything.

She would sacrifice almost anything to discover what Victor Pearson is really up to.

almost double

100 TWh in 2003–2005) is almost double electricity consumption.

In 2011, the poverty rate in the region was 56.4%, almost double the average in Philadelphia that year.

The paraphyses are pluricellular (6-14 cells), also clavate, and almost double the length of the unangia.

almost instantly   (casi al instante)

The gun crew died almost instantly from shrapnel.

He had been shot through the heart and died almost instantly.

Boone sneaks looks at the girl, almost instantly falling in love with her.

almost twenty years

The couple lived together from 1844 and for almost twenty years.

Mrázek covertly influenced Czech politics for almost twenty years.

It was first published by Novello almost twenty years later, in 1885.

almost a month

For almost a month, "Chandler" cruised the waters of the Yellow Sea.

"Winged Arrow" spent almost a month undergoing repairs at San Francisco.

It was released on June 4, 2018, almost a month after the release of the single.

almost total   (casi total)

Lift must be low because the boomerang is thrown with an almost total layover (flat).

Two years later, Swedish forces again looted the area, which resulted in almost total depopulation of the town.

When the positions of the pieces were taken from an actual game, the masters had almost total positional recall.

almost every year

Since then, a new ouvroir has arisen almost every year.

Until 1929 there was a new edition published almost every year.

The Ottomans attacked Transylvania almost every year starting in 1420.

almost black

Its ventral pelage is a dark brown to almost black.

It has a dark blue flower that is almost black.

His fur is very dark, almost black.

almost simultaneously   (casi simultáneamente)

The shooter must almost simultaneously:

Meanwhile, Utagawa Toyokuni emerged almost simultaneously with Sharaku.

For the next time control, Röhrl and Mouton arrived almost simultaneously.

almost constant

The light output remains almost constant throughout their life.

The almost constant breeze keeps conditions reasonably comfortable.

Medieval Spain and Portugal saw almost constant warfare between Muslims and Christians.

lost almost

By the end of the year the OSČ had lost almost half of its membership.

This young independent country has lost almost everything due to the war."

The glacier lost almost 35 percent of its surface area between 1966 and 2005.

used almost exclusively   (usado casi exclusivamente)

During this period, copper was being used almost exclusively.

The harbour is now used almost exclusively for recreational sailing.

Today, it is the three-stringed domra that is used almost exclusively in Russia.

almost four years

It was his first new album in almost four years.

WLOL remained on 100.3 for almost four years.

This was almost four years before A Jihad for Love was released.

become almost   (convertirse casi)

After a few plays it become almost hypotonic"

The event has become almost as popular as the main event in recent years.

Due to improvements in modern tank armor, anti-tank hand grenades have become almost obsolete.

almost destroyed

A fire in 1884 almost destroyed the entire town.

At Calcutta a fire almost destroyed her.

In May 2002, a major fire almost destroyed the entire building.

almost wholly   (casi por completo)

The west section is almost wholly absent other than its foundations.

They were almost wholly dependent on villages gifted to them by successive kings.

The stems are green, and almost wholly replace the leaves as the plant's functioning photosynthetic organs.

almost continuous

They are in almost continuous need of repair.

It had an almost continuous history of education of over eight centuries.

Though secretive, one can think of almost continuous physical and mental conditioning.

made almost

As a result, the station made almost no headway against WGEM and KHQA.

As of December 2017, Knapp had made almost 1.85 million edits to Wikipedia.

Allen made almost no money from the stock, according to his communications director, John Reid.

almost lost   (Casi perdido)

In the tenth stage, Leducq almost lost the lead.

"I almost lost the future that God had in store for me."

By the end of 1986, he had a stroke and almost lost his voice.

received almost

The show received almost universally negative reviews from critics.

The musical received almost unanimous rave reviews after its opening in 1945.

The team performed well, yet received almost no attention from the Baltimore press.

almost thirty

Roy wrote almost thirty Bimal-Kumar stories and novel.

The partnership lasted almost thirty years.

But for almost thirty years, São José did not win titles.

played almost

He played almost the entire season with a broken jaw.

Pasuckuakohowog was a dangerous game and was played almost like a war.

where he has played almost all matches in 2018–19 season and scored 4 goals.

almost five years

The musical ran successfully for almost five years, before closing in June 1999.

4) and their first upbeat single in almost five years, "Lady (You Bring Me Up)" (No.

There is no need to say how happy it was for us to meet again after almost five years of being apart.

almost straight   (casi recto)

Its leaves are almost straight, and reddish-green in colour.

The animal crawls with the shell in a high and almost straight position.

The village of Eimhjellen lies about almost straight east of Solheim, across the lake.

found almost

They found almost no Flak over the target.

Dotted sea slugs are found almost exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea.

"Editorial cartoons" are found almost exclusively in news publications and news websites.

lasted almost

The bombardment lasted almost three hours (15:02–18:00).

The partnership lasted almost thirty years.

The ceremony began at 20:00 AEST and lasted almost three hours.

remained almost

Delphi itself remained almost uninhabited for centuries.

The house remained almost untouched.

The society's badge has remained almost unchanged since its first use.

almost died

He almost died of malaria in the process.

's father was once beaten up by three men and almost died, giving B.

He and Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) almost died after falling down an old mine shaft.

almost all other   (casi todos los demás)

Most birds can fly, which distinguishes them from almost all other vertebrate classes.

Storytelling is an ancient form of entertainment that has influenced almost all other forms.

Until the team affiliated to the ICC, its opponents were almost all other South American teams.

almost perfect

She has three, in her words, "almost perfect" daughters, Lucinda Desha Robb (b.

He then used a process called photolithography to make an almost perfect copy of the stamp.

Many marine animals that float near the surface are highly transparent, giving them almost perfect camouflage.

until almost

She remained active in gas chromatography until almost the end of life.

As a result, the ship would not be ready for delivery until almost a year later.

She did not arrive back in Britain until almost a year later, on 9 February 1799.

composed almost

in 1969, which is composed almost entirely of covers of Western psychedelic rock acts.

During the mid-1980s, trains composed almost entirely of the distinctive TT containers were common.

Since film boards were composed almost entirely of whites, few review boards initially banned Griffith's picture".

began almost

Its litigation problems began almost immediately.

Construction on the installation began almost immediately.

Nabholz began almost by accident.

almost unknown

His later life is almost unknown except that he died in 1951 in Scotland.

Use of a ring base was almost unknown in Anatolia, flat and plano-convex bases were worked instead.

The aim of Plogging RRevolution is to spread out plogging in a country in which this activity was almost unknown.

almost directly

The axis of the valley runs almost directly north to south.

It then runs almost directly to the west, crossing the A 352.

It is not unusual for the batter to stand almost directly below the wire.

almost every day

From almost every day from 16 Oct to 26 Nov he gave talks.

... [W]e were in combat almost every day.

I was playing almost every day after school and all weekend.

almost as much

"Original War" is "almost as much an RPG as a RTS."

But he loves the ladies almost as much as barking threats.

The totals reached £135 million, almost as much as the United States.

almost two months

After almost two months of preparations, "Winooski" was placed out of commission at Norfolk on 30 April 1946.

Providing replenishment services for almost two months, she played a vital role in the successful Philippine campaign.

The deepest of these minima was said to occur on January 5, 2011, i.e., almost two months before the Tohoku earthquake occurrence.

almost fully

This brought with it that he was almost fully occupied in teaching the basic courses.

The crocodile mainly hunts land animals by almost fully submerging its body under water.

In 2017, a robust and almost fully resolved phylogeny of the entire genus was published.

found in almost

Carcinoma is found in almost 40% of erythroplakia.

Such windmills are found in almost all Cyclades islands.

Even nowadays these bikes can be found in almost every Dutch bike rack.

almost fifty

Tobias Furneaux, was vicar for almost fifty years.

It provided almost fifty England internationals in the early years.

In 1934 Civella married Katherine, his wife for almost fifty years.

almost parallel   (casi paralelo)

It forks into Old Queen's Road which runs almost parallel with it for some part.

A lateral twist involves the man slightly tipping the lady to twist almost parallel to the ground.

The river flows due north, almost parallel with the Great Northern Highway and discharges into the Panton River.

almost solely

Therefore, Camille's image almost solely survives on the basis of Monet's paintings.

For example, the "rebbe"s' families maintain endogamy and marry almost solely with scions of other dynasties.

They were almost solely responsible for the electronics revolution of the first half of the twentieth century.

almost as soon

The state was called for Obama almost as soon as the polls closed.

Academics began analyzing the film almost as soon as it was released.

The codex began to replace the scroll almost as soon as it was invented.

almost thirty years

The partnership lasted almost thirty years.

But for almost thirty years, São José did not win titles.

What started as a summer job, became his main occupation for almost thirty years.

almost forgotten   (Casi olvidado)

In Strabo's time the place was almost forgotten.

Although the trio continued to build and perform together, the group's name was almost forgotten.

By 1950, Peters was almost forgotten by the public, although she had been playing lead roles since 1947.

almost unanimously

On December 8, Congress voted almost unanimously to declare war against Japan.

Yet when he proposed the idea to his cardinals, it was almost unanimously opposed.

In the Civil War of the 17th century, the county declared almost unanimously for the parliament.

almost disappeared

By the end of the 20th century, it almost disappeared completely.

Junee roundhouse represents a class of industrial building which has almost disappeared from the state.

The original concept of Alarippu is now almost disappeared in the mainstream presentations of Bharata Natyam.

almost equally

The disease affects males and females almost equally.

Goldacre writes that 11 children died, divided almost equally between the two groups.

During the early years, the college student body was almost equally divided into Pre-Law and Commerce students.

almost none

Now, almost none of them produce their own frames.

In the Canaries 65 tonnes were landed in 2010 but in most years almost none are landed.

His writing contained several criticisms of the Democrats but almost none of the Republicans.