İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

along with other   (Diğerleriyle birlikte)

This along with other new systems, vehicles, etc.

Ayda along with other spirits are shown in the forest.

New sails were added in 1971, along with other repairs.

located along   (boyunca yer)

The inhabited area was located along the seacoast.

There may be smaller leaves located along the stem.

along the way   (yol boyunca)

That led to some pleasant discoveries along the way.

PA 21 serves Waynesburg and Masontown along the way.

They survived on raw vegetables along the way.

along the coast   (kıyı boyunca)

Most of the population lives along the coast.

Many villages were built near rivers or along the coast.

Lug can be dug all the way along the coast to Woodstown.

runs along   (birlikte koşmak)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

The district runs along Central Ave. from Peace Ln.

The Elbe Cycleway runs along the banks of the Elbe.

along the river   (nehir boyunca)

Flooding along the river has been a major problem.

The area along the river was forested at that time.

Fishing and camping are popular along the river.

along with several   (birkaç ile birlikte)

The mall has 273 stores along with several restaurants.

The project was started by Victor Luchitz along with several others.

The company was ranked 44th along with several other robotics companies.

all along   (baştan)

Businesses all along Main Street were destroyed.

She realizes that he's been waiting all along.

Severe erosion occurs all along this bank.

along the route   (rota boyunca)

Weather along the route is typical of Connecticut.

Cities along the route include Dixon, Davis, and Woodland.

The group has also requested more stations along the route.

along with many   (çoğu ile birlikte)

The garage along with many others was requisitioned in the First World War.

Gofio is a Canarian food also known by Cubans, along with many other kinds.

In the 2010s, the population declined, along with many other towns in Belarus.

found along

Sea caves are found along coasts around the world.

It is found along the west-central coast of Mexico.

It is found along sandy sea coasts in South Africa.

along the eastern   (doğu boyunca)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

A highway runs along the eastern arm of the lake.

By 1963 Horne's had 44 units mostly along the eastern seaboard.

north along

It continued north along Markham Road to Highway 401.

heads north along Farmville Road into the county seat.

These people had migrated north along the Caribbean island chain.

along the southern

I-384 continues along the southern part of Manchester.

A public footpath runs along the southern end of the site.

They live along the southern coastal line of their country.

built along

The village is built along the small river Råelva.

Low benches were built along the length of the walls.

Later, the Victoria Railway was built along the river.

along the western   (batı boyunca)

Ruins were situated along the western banks of the spring.

The river Seille runs along the western side of the commune.

The Hutt River Trail runs along the western edge of the park.

along the northern

Floods left the greatest impact along the northern coastline.

The narrow Kyrenia Range extends along the northern coastline.

There is a large crack along the northern face of the monument.

running along

Several tram lines are running along the street.

There is a set of lines running along the thalli's surface.

The two paths can be linked by a path running along the seafront.

go along   (devam et)

Walking trails go along the property and the river.

His opponent's ex-wife asks to go along with him.

Jo stays in hospital to go along with the story.

along the line

It also serves many online customers along the line.

Traffic along the line was regulated by block working.

Just along the line was the long 17 arch Hewenden Viaduct.

south along

Trains departed for the south along the L&N railroad.

split south along Crab Orchard Road toward Frog Level.

A second column moved south along the St. Johns River.

along with fellow   (adamla birlikte)

He was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Melanie and Rita.

She was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Heath and Melanie.

He would move next to Napoli along with fellow Uruguayan midfielder, Mariano Bogliacino.

along the road   (yol boyunca)

Each year over 25,000 bikers cycle along the road.

The airstrip is along the road south of the village

A memorial slab remembers the event along the road.

along the east   (doğu boyunca)

They occur together along the east coast of Queensland.

It runs entirely along the east bank of Chestnut Creek.

She operated with the Torpedo Flotilla along the east coast.

along the west

61, which runs north–south along the west coast.

All members occur along the west coast of North America.

A road along the west coast of the island connects the two.

along the border   (sınır boyunca)

French and English hostilities continued along the border.

Korean is spoken natively along the border with North Korea.

Meanwhile, armies fought along the border of Thanh Hóa Province.

along with all   (hepsiyle birlikte)

Santiago kidnaps Rudy along with all of his equipment.

She was able to escape, along with all of her patients.

Her feast day, along with all the English Martyrs, is on 4 May.

along the lines

Constantine organized the Council along the lines of the Roman Senate.

Several stations in intermediate cities along the lines are also served.

Richard Franklin says he wanted to make a thriller along the lines of "Patrick".

get along   (geçinmek)

A horse really wants to please you, to get along."

Slowly KD, Piddi and Sheeba get along with Vaani.

And he may be able to get along without the money."

lies along

Some of SR 42 lies along the old Fincastle Turnpike.

The group lies along a north–south alignment.

The commercial center of the city lies along Route 330.

along the south

Two towers are still visible along the south front.

There is a ditch along the south side of this feature.

DeWitt is served by the Union Pacific along the south side.

along the north

Its highest point is halfway along the north coast.

Highway 771 runs along the north side of Valen fjord arm.

The East Coast Greenway runs along the north side of the highway.

east along   (doğu boyunca)

Later, pits were dug further east along the reef.

The highway travels east along Ketchum Road into the town.

Route 220 overlap to the east along the Brush Mountain range.

along the banks   (bankalar boyunca)

The Elbe Cycleway runs along the banks of the Elbe.

It typically grows along the banks of rivers.

Wild rice grows along the banks along some portions of the Metedeconk.

run along   (koşmak)

These vehicles run along a guide rail which is long.

Portions of the river run along State Route 197.

The standard door sizes in the US run along 2" increments.

situated along

Prachi is situated along National Highway 8E.

The campus is situated along Sen. L. Sumulong St. Bragy.

Ruins were situated along the western banks of the spring.

area along

The area along the river was forested at that time.

In 1838, this area along the seawall became a promenade.

Most of the area along the shoreline was connected to the railways.

west along

NC 42 enters into Clayton from the west along Lombard Street.

It turned west along M-28 into Newberry and then north to Four Mile Corner.

The village of Mellon Charles is less than one mile west along the coast road.

ran along

It ran along the entire ridge to the "Hirschhornklippen".

A spur line ran along the South Kaibab Trail to the Tipoff.

A short branch ran along the Rheidol's bank to the harbour.

land along   (karaya oturmak)

Much of the land along the Gulf Coast is, or was, marshland.

Fox never affected land along its path.

The land along Intrepid Drive is used rural residential purposes.

line along

A white line along the stomach is also present.

Line 21 is an express suburban metro line along with Line 14.

Metrolinx is building the line along Eglinton Avenue from to .

areas along

It prefers flat top reefs and areas along seaward slopes.

Greece has established several marine protected areas along its coasts.

The route passes through a mix of suburban and rural areas along its extent.

along with another   (başka biriyle birlikte)

They also have 8 sisters along with another brother.

She, along with another doctor and ten nurses, treated the patients.

Lacey was later speared along with another of the station shepherds by Aborigines.

along the length

Low benches were built along the length of the walls.

It runs along the length of the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA.

Thus illumination was restricted to a belt along the length of the canal.

along the main   (ana boyunca)

The Barkat Plaza is in the town centre along the main road.

The fields are along the main road from Swanlinbar to Ballinamore.

Bus and minibus services are also available along the main streets.

along the entire   (bütün boyunca)

The firefight extended along the entire French front.

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

It ran along the entire ridge to the "Hirschhornklippen".

stations along

There are three weight stations along the road.

The group has also requested more stations along the route.

Early photographs of stations along the NJ&NY line include:

up along

He and his men are picked up along with the freed prisoners.

Military surveillance was also stepped up along the Line of Control.

It is built up along the sides with strakes that are narrower than the keel.

along the shore   (kıyı boyunca)

Toward the end, all four members walk along the shore.

The village is located along the shore of Årsetfjorden.

Today, a few fishing sheds remain along the shore of Bottle Cove.

along the same

PA 926 has remained along the same alignment since.

To the south of Dryden along the same range is the crater Chaffee.

Further along the same wall is the entrance to the Chapel of Adam.

along with most   (çoğu ile birlikte)

Former coach Kiss returned to the team along with most of the teams key players.

The Alpha architecture was sold, along with most parts of DEC, to Compaq in 1998.

The video was published first on YouTube along with most of Lonely Island's works.

along with others   (diğerleri ile birlikte)

Agreeable individuals value getting along with others.

Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others.

Tracks from Stravarious were later re-issued, along with others on "Do What You Like".

points along

At one time, men worked at 48 different points along the length of the tunnel.

The "Spray" set course for Guilford and was seen at various points along the route.

Before stopping places developed, caches were set up at stopping points along the way.

went along   (birlikte gitti)

From 140 to 200 discontented Hidatsas and Mandans went along.

Knowles went along with the deception.

Stevens and Herbert were less involved as the study went along.

along the edge   (kenar boyunca)

The Grantham Canal runs along the edge of the village.

A balustrade runs along the edge of the roof.

These run east-to-west along the edge of the Cannop Valley.

along both

Similarly, they will funnel along both sides of the Black Sea.

The municipality is located along both banks of the Eulach river.

Uncovered bleachers extended along both foul lines and into left field.

along with former

Project unit Ecomoni, along with former Morning Musume member Rika Ishikawa.

7960, Open Thirds Nos, 24105, 43600, 43612, 52250 along with former pre-grouping GNR composite No.

(#6 now belongs to the Central NY Chapter, NRHS along with former Solvay Process Co. Alco 0-4-0 # 53).

along what

The first of these were along what is now Ridge Road.

On October 1, 1926, US 31 was designated along what was SR 1 at the time.

Both were located originally along what is now VA-Route 603 (Mooretown Road).

came along   (birlikte geldi)

", until Battle Picture Weekly came along in 1976.

The names of the chapters came along later in the book.

Professional advances also came along for both Thomas'.

route along

The line followed a difficult but scenic route along the North Yorkshire coast.

Upon return, "Wacousta" resumed her Canadian route along the St. Lawrence river.

Route 165 is part of the W2W route along with: Route 165 meets the following routes:

come along   (gel)

Crabbe insists that his wife should come along.

The attack, however, did not come along the Niagara River.

In the present, Thampi visits Vishnu and asks him to come along.

along the sides

The abdomen has is black with yellow along the sides.

No fleshy keel exists along the sides of the caudal peduncle.

A fence was erected along the sides and rear of the building.

brought along

Wright brought along the nickname, too.

Green brought along his friend Nigel Watson, who played the congas.

So he brought along with him people of diverse cultures and professions.

station along   (istasyon boyunca)

The city has a railroad station along the Abidjan – Ouagadougou Railway.

Houses which once fronted the station along Yonge Street were demolished.

Metro Camarones Camarones is a station along Line 7 of the Mexico City Metro.

continues along

I-384 continues along the southern part of Manchester.

The service continues along Newhey Road as it returns onto the A640 to Newhey.

When the chorus becomes triumphant again the 'Oss rises and continues along the procession.

service along

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

The institute provides free medical service along with medicines.

The nor'easter forced the modification of service along the New York City Subway.

along its length

Its width varies along its length.

The rhomboidal head shows large compound eyes set midway along its length.

Instead of being split along its length, it is now split across its width.

towns along

The school started with 400 children from towns along the Laguna Bay.

Later they extended their preaching to various towns along the north shore of Lake Erie.

They likely headed west to one of the growing towns along the Kansas-Iowa-Missouri border area.

along with various

They experienced slowness along with various bugs which hindered the user experience further.

On August 15, 1876, Ahtahkakoop, along with various other chiefs and officials met at Fort Carlton.

The new lineup features Imus in the Morning along with various political and financial talk programs.

along with new

Five subspecies are recognized, along with new subspecies.

It received new front and rear bumpers, along with new grill and lights.

An official add-on for the game adds three new levels along with new monsters.

constructed along

A toll house was constructed along the pass.

New cities were constructed along the coast instead of the road.

As Aberdeen grew, many businesses and buildings were constructed along Aberdeen's Main Street.

buildings along

Historic buildings along Clarence Square include:

There are also many prominent heritage buildings along Sparks Street.

In May 2003, permits were issued for five buildings along Lake Street.

not get along

Basenjis may not get along with non-canine pets.

The couple did not get along and never had any children.

These two did not get along in their roles.

along the top

First, place the natural numbers along the top row.

A gravel road extends along the top of the dam.

The traverse wall along the top of the cliff was never built.

developed along

Abugidas developed along a slightly different route.

The movement then developed along socially utilitarian lines.

Modern cosmology developed along tandem tracks of theory and observation.

along the shores   (kıyı boyunca)

Settlement occurred slowly along the shores of Lake Schryer.

In 1502, Christopher Columbus sailed along the shores of Panama.

Many weekend cottages have been built along the shores of the lake.

along the side

A number of candles were lit along the side of the stage.

Also, small pearly spots are found along the side of the fish.

Also, 12-19 faint stripes are found along the side of the killifish.

extends along   (boyunca uzanır)

A gravel road extends along the top of the dam.

The narrow Kyrenia Range extends along the northern coastline.

It extends along the coast and inland.

along the lower

The route descends off the Durham Dales along the lower Tees Valley for to Croft-on-Tees near Darlington.

They extend all the way to the base of the toes, and the uropatagium reaches to mid-way along the lower leg.

The shell is covered with very low rounded nodules along the lower edge, there being about 15 at a distance of 2 cm.

along the path   (Yol boyunca)

It has various shops that are distributed along the path.

Going further along the path would give better cutting tools.

If the data is found, it is cached on each node along the path.

released along

The film was released along with Akshay Kumar's Gold.

The single was released along with an accompanying music video.

These two songs were released along with "Meaning What Exactly?"

along the upper

Many hiking trails are found along the upper course of the river.

They live along the upper Kayan and the middle Kapuas and Mahakam rivers.

It was filmed mainly on location, along the upper sections of the Amazon River.

flows along

Water flows along the channel at about per second.

The Murindó River flows along the Murindó Fault near Murindó.

The Chattahoochee River flows along the northern boundary of the park.

travel along   (birlikte seyahat etmek)

All SF3 helicases travel along DNA in a 3′-to-5′ direction.

All the buses that travel along A8 road park at the new bus stand.

They can travel along these instantly, as if they were teleporting.

travels along

The entire route travels along the historic route of US 441.

Through the city, SR 101 first travels along South Main Street.

The highway travels along Kaufman Street and has overlaps with Bus.

extended along   (boyunca uzatılmış)

The building has been extended along Tudor Street.

In 2004, it was extended along Hereford Farm Road.

A stone terrace extended along its southern facade.

walking along

The brothers were once walking along a beach and found two trees there.

You can apparently hear a spectre/banshee screaming while walking along the path.

This is relevant because "Chionea" flies are very commonly seen walking along snow.

goes along

Mercedes learns of the plan and goes along with it.

Her mother does not approve, but she goes along with it.

In the film, she also goes along but does not participate.

along the highway   (otoyol boyunca)

The northernmost community along the highway is Elkhart.

VT 44 was established in 1958 along the highway between Reading and Windsor.

Army forces were deployed along the highway to secure a corridor for the tanks.


It consisted of senior members – the boyars – along with the rank-and-file ‘youths’ ("otroki").

The island runs along a northwest, southeast axis and is about wide at its broadest – along the west coast.

Her other sister, Margaret, appears – along with Lady Louisa and Charley's father – in the short story collection "".

communities along

Thung Khru District has four communities along the Bangmod canal.

The highway passes through forest lands outside of the communities along the highway.

There are no communities along the SK Hwy 9 route which contributes to the entire NWWR.

along well   (iyi boyunca)

He appears to get along well with Rebecca.

Diefenbaker and Kennedy did not get along well personally.

They also generally get along well with cats and other dogs.

along the trail   (yol boyunca)

It was a fantastic place to camp while along the trail.

Much of the island's natural features are found along the trail.

Elevation along the trail varies from to , and total acreage is .

passed along   (geçti)

She relays an assignment that Nazir has passed along to him.

In 2018 she passed along the Dartford Creek to above Dartford lock.

He passed along information from Russian reports after his stay in Moscow.

villages along

On October 4 the ironclad "Numancia" shelled several villages along the coast.

Suisuimënë is one of the larger villages along the Paru river and has an airstrip.

A total of 150 families were evacuated in two fishing villages along the mainland.

along the edges   (kenarlar boyunca)

They are wavy along the edges and may have reddish margins.

Wetland plants flourish along the edges.

Its belly is gray-green with small dark spots along the edges.

along the coastline   (kıyı şeridi boyunca)

On 31 October, the destroyer "Bodryy" shelled German positions along the coastline.

Various castles were built along the coastline, to protect against these type of attacks.

The two ships were able to rejoin along the coastline before looking for a place to build a colony.

along with numerous

They, along with numerous other musicians formed a band.

They have 6 state and 6 national titles, along with numerous individual player titles.

In 1958, he was, along with numerous notables, to establish the Homosexual Law Reform Society.

along the coasts   (kıyı boyunca)

Average monthly temperatures range from along the coasts.

Beach erosion occurred along the coasts of Vanuatu as well.

It is found along the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania and in Zambia.

operated along

Services operated along this line are run by TransPennine Express.

Until 1963 long distance passenger trains operated along the route.

Until the early 20th century, a sawmill operated along Bodovlje Creek.