İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

alongside other   (diğer yanında)

alongside other pieces by Bacon, Klimt, Rembrandt, Rodin and Picasso.

Robertson competed in a 3-on-3 tournament after the season alongside other SEC players.

His remains were reinterred at Oakland Cemetery alongside other family members in 2009.

played alongside   (yanında oynadı)

He played alongside Gary David and Wynne Arboleda.

Coincidentally, he played alongside another Les White.

worked alongside   (yanında çalıştı)

He worked alongside Shane O'Hanlon and Jim Brogan.

He first worked alongside attorney Edwin E. Barthwell.

He worked alongside and pleased Hidenari.

alongside fellow   (arkadaşın yanında)

In 2016, Sylvia founded ArteLatAm alongside fellow co-founder, Carlos Torres-Machado.

Griffin stood alongside fellow party activist Mark Collett, who faced similar charges.

O'Neill played in the World Cup winning under 21s in 2003 alongside fellow All Black, Adam Thomson.

working alongside   (yanında çalışmak)

By 1939 he was working alongside 90 honorary medical colleagues.

working alongside Dave Sturt.

He joined the Duke coaching staff in 1998, working alongside head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

starred alongside   (yanında oynadı)

Krystal starred alongside Victor Webster in 2012's "".

She starred alongside Clare Higgins and Doug Bradley as Pinhead.

Roekiah starred alongside Rd.

appeared alongside

Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork also appeared alongside Jones as judges.

Despot appeared alongside Heems in Lakutis's 2013 video "Too Ill for the Law".

He appeared alongside Bonnie Greer, Jack Straw, Baroness Warsi and Chris Huhne.

fought alongside   (yanında savaştı)

He fought alongside John Small in the French and Indian War.

It also fought alongside the Salafist jihadist al-Nusra Front.

He was the brother of Alessandro, whom he often fought alongside.

work alongside   (yanında çalışmak)

English is often used for official work alongside Bengali.

's oppression, Black Lightning starts to work alongside the rebels.

I would also like to encourage local deaf people to work alongside me."

released alongside

It was also released alongside a cheaper Series 1.

In 1997, Sherlock was released alongside Mac OS 8.5.

", was released alongside a music video on April 20.

playing alongside

He will be playing alongside former PBA player, TY Tang.

Returning to Lazio and playing alongside Pia Sundhage, she lifted the Cup again in 1985.

Paglino was a cast member on reality TV show Secret Story 2, playing alongside Alexandra.

performed alongside

The song was performed alongside then-current single "It's Time".

The Tour", in which she performed alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

Petra performed alongside Mr Eazi at the Hypefest concert during his Kenya tour.

alongside his brother

There he played alongside his brother Juan "Chiquito" Flores.

He went on to represent both Auckland and Taranaki alongside his brother.

While at Manchester United, he played briefly alongside his brother, Martin.

alongside former   (eskinin yanında)

He will be playing alongside former PBA player, TY Tang.

There, he works alongside former Maryland teammates Steve Suter and Scooter Monroe.

There, he works alongside former Maryland teammates Scott McBrien and Scooter Monroe.

fight alongside   (yanında kavga etmek)

Players fight alongside AI-controlled teammates.

Heroes may also fight alongside military units.

While Spock says he will fight alongside Kirk, he urges Kirk to let Surak try.

served alongside

Some regiments also served alongside regular cavalry regiments in cavalry brigades.

He later served alongside Woolley as the Senior Vice President of Development and Construction.

He quickly gained a commission as an officer and served alongside the Austrians until the Peace of Luneville.

runs alongside   (yanında koşmak)

The Wadi Bakka or Wadi Bekka runs alongside the village.

The area runs alongside the A68 road about north of Corbridge.

The station has only one entrance as the Buckingham canal runs alongside.

fighting alongside

Fahad died fighting alongside the Kuwait Emiri Guard in defending Dasman Palace.

The women taken prisoner were seen to bear wounds suffered in the fighting alongside the men.

They were Allies in World War II, fighting alongside each other in Italy against Nazi Germany.

buried alongside

Thomas's widow, Caitlin, died in 1994 and was buried alongside him.

McGlinchey was buried alongside Mary and their young daughter Máire.

She is buried alongside her husband at Steepletop, Austerlitz, New York.

alongside each

Clay is familiar with Hatchard as they studied alongside each other.

They acted alongside each other twice, both during Haddy's tenure on "Neighbours".

The two appeared alongside each other in the television comedy series, "How Do You View?"

built alongside

When the line was doubled in 1938, bridges 272 and 273 were built alongside.

In 1814-1816 new section of the house was built alongside Bolshaya Morskaya street.

They became "grachten" when the city was enlarged and houses were built alongside the water.

alongside his father

For the next two years he taught alongside his father.

He campaigned alongside his father from early years as a child.

Roosevelt served in the 1st Infantry Division, alongside his father.

alongside each other   (yan yana)

Clay is familiar with Hatchard as they studied alongside each other.

They acted alongside each other twice, both during Haddy's tenure on "Neighbours".

The two appeared alongside each other in the television comedy series, "How Do You View?"

works alongside

He works alongside Roy Slater, but doesn't like him.

She works alongside Live Wire after he resigns from the Legion.

When they disband she joins Utopia and works alongside the X-Men.

alongside several

The Dying Earth exists alongside several Overworlds and Underworlds.

His debut studio album "A Forest" was also released via the label alongside several other EPs.

In the 1980s, Althea Sealy founded the dance company Belize Creative Dancers alongside several other women.

team alongside   (yanında takım)

He bannered the team alongside Sonny Alvarado, Eric Menk and Rudy Hatfield.

She also bagged the gold medal for women's team alongside David and her teammates.

The Atlantic Coast Conference named Scott to the All-ACC first team alongside Dwyer.

used alongside   (yanında kullanılmış)

During the siege, bombards were used alongside trebuchets.

On the RR they were used alongside the 15th and 15A classes.

Fossil shells were used alongside those of contemporary species.

alongside her husband

She is buried alongside her husband at Steepletop, Austerlitz, New York.

Nadia took over the running of the restaurant alongside her husband in 1974.

In Year One, she is a member of Batman’s Insurgency alongside her husband, Green Arrow.

role alongside   (yanında rol)

It also served in secondary ground attack role alongside the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.

The film featured his own daughter Anu Hasan in the titular role alongside Arvind Swamy and Nassar.

Leo appeared in a supporting role alongside Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio del Toro, and Clea DuVall.

alongside his wife   (karısının yanında)

He was buried in the cloister of Burton alongside his wife.

And all this alongside his wife, Béatrice Guillot Raimbaud, GP.

Barrett campaigned alongside his wife Bernadette and their son Michael.

up alongside   (yanında)

The unknown assailants pulled up alongside them and opened fire before driving off.

A subplot follows the character Melony, who grew up alongside Homer in the orphanage.

A large civilian settlement grew up alongside the fort, on the south bank of the river.

alongside future   (geleceğin yanında)

Whilst in the Under-16s, he played alongside future England international Andy Carroll.

At Sparta he played alongside future international players Kevin Strootman and Nick Viergever.

Joeckel played alongside future Atlanta Falcon Jake Matthews, who played right tackle from 2010–2012.

starring alongside

Cradock went on to be in the world premiere of "" starring alongside David Campbell.

From 2004 to 2007, Bianca played Patti Perez on "Unfabulous", starring alongside Emma Roberts.

Connelly's next film was the 1991 romantic comedy "Career Opportunities", starring alongside Frank Whaley.

featured alongside

The set is featured alongside the Joker's helicopter.

The company's Nescafé brand was featured alongside the article.

Godzilla has been featured alongside many supporting characters.

alongside many

Godzilla has been featured alongside many supporting characters.

He then appeared in "Mostly Ghostly" alongside many other Disney Channel stars.

AFAS Live is also host to many electronic dance music festivals, alongside many other venues.

alongside another   (başka birinin yanında)

Coincidentally, he played alongside another Les White.

This orthographic standard is used, alongside another, in the Silesian Wikipedia.

play alongside   (yanında oynamak)

He committed to Purdue to play alongside older brother Terone Johnson.

There she would play alongside the likes of Leilani Mitchell and Jenna O'Hea.

Woon did not play in this tournament, pushing Hoo to play alongside Chow Mei Kuan.

map alongside

The map alongside shows a portion of Chinsurah subdivision.

In the southern portion of the subdivision (shown in the map alongside) there are 20 census towns.

running alongside

Miss Marple herself sees an apparent murder committed on a train running alongside hers.

Between 1972 and 1979, Daimler Fleetlines joined the AEC Regent III RTs, running alongside them.

The river then skirts the eastern edge of the village of Eye, running alongside the former Eye Priory.

alongside the other   (diğerinin yanında)

It was withdrawn alongside the other units during March 1953 and scrapped.

He freeze Grubbs promising to send him back to die alongside the other earthlings.

His remains were thrown into a mass grave alongside the other monks slain with him.

alongside such

He then appeared in various concerts alongside such London stars as Thérèse Tietjens and Sims Reeves.

They were alongside such acts as James Clarke, Grant Green, Herbie Hancock, Paul Nero, and Hugo Montenegro.

"SELECT magazine" gave the single a good review, alongside such artists as Eminem, Coldplay and Fat Boy Slim.

alongside the likes   (beğenilerin yanında)

There she would play alongside the likes of Leilani Mitchell and Jenna O'Hea.

defensive unit alongside the likes of Stuart Nethercott, Justin Edinburgh and Gary Mabbutt.

As well as supporting and singing alongside the likes of Lauryn Hill, Keane, and Paolo Nutini.

appearing alongside

She made her screen debut in 1925's "Die freudlose Gasse" ("The Joyless Street"), appearing alongside Greta Garbo.

On 20 November 1993, he made his first TV appearance since his crash in the "Royal Variety Performance", appearing alongside Cilla Black.

In 1998 he played guitar and contributed vocals on Ruby Turner's Call Me by My Name, appearing alongside Boz Burrell, Stan Webb and Zoot Money.

ran alongside   (yanına koştu)

They ran alongside the façades of the houses.

He ran alongside David McIntosh.

To avoid being captured, Harvey ran alongside one of the luggers, which he boarded and captured.

run alongside

Making her debut in the second dry run alongside her father Harry Hewitt (Ivan Beavis).

These courses now run alongside the academic programme offered to students in formation.

It leaves the highway at the northern terminus of NY 293 to run alongside Storm King Mountain.

located alongside

The mill was located alongside Randolph's plantation.

It is located alongside the Adda river.

It is located alongside the also Jesuit Xavier Centre of Historical Research.

alongside new   (yeninin yanında)

The instrumentation consists of clucking banjos alongside new wave electric guitars.

The "classic" race mode from previous games has returned alongside new races, "Time Attack" and "Hunted."

The show was originally part of "Arkansas Outdoors," and featured many cooking segments from that series alongside new content.

sold alongside

It was sold alongside the mid-size LeBaron sedan, coupe, convertible, and station wagon.

South-East Asia and Australia) it was sold alongside the Hilux as a heavier-duty alternative.

A new larger engined model was designed and called the Palm and sold alongside the Palmerston.

serving alongside

In AD 250, Vettius Gratus was appointed "consul posterior", serving alongside the emperor Decius.

In 1858 he entered Lord Derby's government as Secretary of State for the Colonies, thus serving alongside his old friend Disraeli.

During his youth, Kulottunga participated in many wars, serving alongside both Rajendra Chola I and his successors, Rajadhiraja I, Rajendra Chola II and Virarajendra Chola.

came alongside

YMS 249 came alongside to tow us in, proceeding at 1250” “1846 through nets, U.S.S.

The following day ram "Mingo" came alongside and took "Lancaster" to Memphis for repairs.

After a chase of almost four hours, "Plover" came alongside the lugger, which surrendered.

place alongside   (yanında yer)

At the Aventine, the new cult took its place alongside the old.

During 1898, Durlacher secured first place alongside her partner Harold Nisbet.

The event is also noted for the large festival that takes place alongside the event.

alongside teammate   (takım arkadaşının yanında)

Famalicão, alongside teammate Dane Kuprešanin.

On 27 April 2014, he was named alongside teammate Luke Shaw in the PFA Team of the Year.

He was subsequently named in the Premier League Team of the Week, alongside teammate and fellow goalscorer David Vaughan.

appears alongside   (yanında görünür)

It is the fourth music video that Hart appears alongside P!nk.

Ultimate", Proto Man appears alongside Bass in Mega Man's updated Final Smash.

Cottonmouth later appears alongside King Cobra and Diamondback to attack the Avengers.

held alongside

As a result, the referendum was held alongside by-elections for Congress.

A documentary film was also held alongside the video "Boliš i ne prolaziš".

It was held alongside the women's tournament from 17 until 25 August 2013 in Boom, Belgium.

alongside artists

In November 2010, Alsup's song "How I'm Made" became a Top 12 Finalist, alongside artists Lucius in the 5th Annual Songwriters Circle Contest in New York City.

53: Sound, which saw him appear on record alongside artists such as Yoko Ono, Michael Stipe, U2, Liza Minnelli, Lalo Schifrin, David Byrne, Ad-Rock, Courtney Love and others.

In 1943, the Office of War Information hired Koerner in its Graphics Division in New York, where he worked alongside artists Ben Shahn, Bernard Perlin, and David Stone Martin.

acted alongside

He acted alongside Jo Han-sun as fraternal twins.

London acted alongside Bishop Gardiner to agitate against Cranmer in Windsor.

They acted alongside each other twice, both during Haddy's tenure on "Neighbours".

alongside the main   (ana yanında)

In the 2017 "" event, it is revealed that a Dark Multiverse exists alongside the main DC Multiverse.

"Venomverse: War Stories" was released alongside the main event, and served as a second anthology series based on the characters.

2006 saw, among others, a blues stage, a jazz tent, a world music stage, alongside the main stage with more typical popular rock acts.

performing alongside

One month after the 11 September attacks, Clapton appeared at the Concert for New York City, performing alongside Buddy Guy.

The segment was titled ASAP Divas vs. ASAP Birit Queens, with previous singers performing alongside the current performers of the show.

Jerrod Carmichael performed full-length shows, including the Carmichael Show live, performing alongside Tiffany Haddish and David Alan Grier.

appear alongside

Operatic vocals provided by Leah Estep appear alongside M.S.W.

Entering into the area around Duncan, several small farms appear alongside the road.

Until the start of the 1990s, incoming rugby results would appear alongside football scores.

found alongside

They are found alongside Lake Nyasa in Ludewa District in Iringa Region.

This poem is found alongside the Brigid piece in the manuscript known as BN nouv.

The publisher also wrote that the castaway's skeleton would have been found alongside the diary – which never happened.

film alongside   (yanında film)

Irfan recorded the song "Behene De" for the film alongside Karthik.

Raimi co-produced the film alongside Campbell and the franchise producer, Robert Tapert.

She is set to star and produce the film alongside "Girl Meets World" co-star Danielle Fishel.

season alongside

It was used during the season alongside the Ferrari 312.

He also competed in the 2013 British Formula 3 season alongside Antonio Giovinazzi.

Robertson competed in a 3-on-3 tournament after the season alongside other SEC players.