having already   (已经)

He had made his will on 27 November 1538, having already fallen sick.

WKCD will be developed in two phases with construction having already commenced.

The Lenin defences surrendered, having already lost three of their four 76 mm weapons.

already established   (已经建立)

Racial segregation was already established by law.

All are already established artists.

The Xhosa were already established in the area and herded cattle.

not already   (还没有)

He therefore considered that everything was not already lost.

In 2009, she bought almost all shares she did not already own in Altana.

The top teams from each continent that are not already core teams will qualify.

already begun   (已经开始)

The aliens have already begun their attack on Earth.

The Zero had already begun to look vulnerable.

History has already begun its steady march.

already existing   (已经存在)

Others lived in already existing summer houses.

In some cases, a B unit is converted from an already existing A unit.

Over the years and already existing National Police created by decree No.

already made

None of them was aware that Roosevelt had already made his decision.

At the age of 20, he had already made 76 appearances for his native club.

The duo Camille Bordes-Resnais and Alexis Lecaye already made "Les Dames".

already known

Truso was located at territory already known to the Roman Empire and earlier.

Autism is already known to have a male-to-female sex ratio of approximately 5:1.

The house is already known from 1682, when it was owned by Byfoged Mads Christensen.

already existed

Probably a relationship already existed between the two.

Hemis Monastery already existed before the 11th century.

The town already existed before 1876.

already started

In the meantime, the call for buyers had already started.

By that time the 22nd Virginia had already started to disband.

The state has already started to implement more than 20 such projects.

already taken

He had already taken the Solemn League and Covenant.

The Chilean nationalization of copper had already taken place.

Roberta assures her that her 100th flight has already taken place.

already present

A number of notable Finnish companies are already present there.

But this tension is already present in the Jewish scriptures themselves.

Domestic pigs were grazed in the forest, who mingled with the feral pigs that were already present.

already used

By the year 1868 his bridle path was already used by riders.

The name Chechen was however already used since as early as 1692.

A centrifugal governor was already used to regulate the velocity of windmills.

already left

Five of Evers' children have already left the country.

By this time Ishvara Puri had already left this world.

Essex had already left Windsor to undertake the siege of Reading.

already owned

Cox already owned ABC TV-affiliate WFTV Channel 9.

Binnie already owned WBIN-TV in Derry, New Hampshire.

They already owned AC station WLEV on 96.1.

already mentioned

Besides the already mentioned “attractive factors”.

As already mentioned, the curve had to be modified.

Some of them are already mentioned in 'Scope of Work'.

already qualified

Players in italics had already qualified for the event.

Players listed in "()" already qualified in a previous category.

He was rested for the third game as France had already qualified.

already become

Some orders and communities have already become extinct.

By 1960, French African colonies had already become independent.

It is likely that Ireland became settled by sea after it had already become an island.

already well

Work on the station is already well under way.

This cost $100,000 when the film was already well over budget.

'Buzz' is a relative newcomer, but already well established in the UK.

already married

It turned out that Ben was already married.

Hale falls in love with Phillips, who is already married.

Alfred was already married to her husband, Morris, at this point.

already dead

Though already dead for three years...

Dear Arjuna, they are already dead.

I am already dead matter!</poem>

already won

His newspaper had already won awards for his coverage of corruption.

Going to South Korea, they had already won 23 Winter Paralympic medals.

Going to Pyeongchang, they had already won 23 medals at the Winter Games.

already in use

The it was based in 948cc unit, already in use by BMC.

The value of these new banknotes was the same as those already in use.

This elevation was already in use at the time of the Apostolic Constitutions.

already knew

It appears that Gauss already knew the class number formula in 1801.

The crowds to whom Muhammad spoke likely already knew the story of David.

She stated that "God kept me there because God already knew what would happen."

already received

It has already received significant airplay on Triple J.

He had already received the title of Freiherrnstand-Baron in 1760.

Having already received an OBE, Williams was knighted in the 1964 Birthday Honours.

already played

In his first term he already played 26 times.

Most of you already played it ... in a game called "Pikmin"".

It was a strong Indian team: 11 of the 15 had already played Test cricket.

already done

This was replaced with, "She done already done had herses!"

If "I" = 0, then we are already done.

But the damage was already done.

already served

He had already served as a club director since 1997.

Thomas had already served nine months.

Sharper's plea deal allows serving half that time, minus time already served.

already written

(Twinthin had already written a biographic chronicle of King Alaungpaya in 1770.)

Smith had already written all the album's songs before she decided she wanted to release an album.

With the songs already written, the band returned to the studio in order to finish their second album.

already in place   (已经到位)

All the pieces were already in place."

This division and system was already in place before Herodotus.

“We wanted to take advantage of the manufacturing already in place.

already lost

When he wakes up, he has already lost his memory.

He therefore considered that everything was not already lost.

Circipania was already lost to Mecklenburg in the years before.

already decided

However, Philippe had already decided to stop the case.

But Bush and Conant had already decided that British help was no longer needed.

She herself had already decided to sacrifice herself and stay behind with the Doctor.

already completed

Although the album was already completed, The Showdown along with A.J.

The band had already completed recording of the album by December 31, 2016.

On 10 March 2015, Dontnod announced they had already completed the story for a possible sequel, "Remember Me 2".

already reached

By 1939, Arvizu had already reached the zenith of his fame.

By week 2 after birth, the young have already reached adult weight.

Muslims had already reached Eritrea in 613/615, during the First Hijra.

already held

By this point, he already held neo-Nazi beliefs.

The bishops already held nearby Innichen Abbey in the Puster Valley.

In this case, he already held the dignity of Bishop of Pécs in that year.

already working

[...] I am already working on the Christmas work.

At this time Boris was already working with two cameras — «Leica» and «Rolleiflex».

By this time, too, Lerner and Burton Lane were already working on a musical about Li'l Abner.

already having

This is already having observed effects on almost all ecosystems.

Despite already having two All-Ireland medals in that code, he had yet to win a Munster medal.

He discovered that from emotions to lifestyles, he is already having a hard time in his homeland.

already built

The missionaries had already built a school and a hospital in the city.

This firm had already built a similar but much larger station in Maine, USA.

The site was actually meant for a cargo facility with aprons for aircraft already built.

already available

The Lowry model was already available.

Semiconductor ROM was already available at the time, and RAM-less systems (i.e.

A playable demo was already available in 2004, with plans for a release in 2005.

already died

Three defendants had already died in custody.

His father had already died by this time.

However, it's too late, as the inventor has already died ...happy

already seen

The phrase translates literally as "already seen".

The symbolism is the same already seen.

as we have already seen [all sic]."

already know

She replied, "People already know it's an unusual race."

As if we didn’t already know that war sucks.

The first column, 'K', is for what the students already know about a topic.

already given

However, the role was already given to Ted Danson.

The doctors had already given up on him.

He had already given Copenhagen to the Bishopric of Roskilde.

already developed

Collegiate had already developed 60 of these acres for athletic purposes.

Other improved infrastructures were already developed before the Trump-Kim Summit.

Romeo and Angeletta had already developed feelings for each other before they separated.

already published

He had already published two original geometrical works when, in 1746, he entered J.

At the time of acquisition, TMG already published another free Dutch newspaper, "Spits".

Two of them, "Chhinnapatra" (1965) and "Maranottar" (1973) were already published before.

already appeared

Prior to moving to Vancouver, Korey had already appeared in some ads.

He already appeared in several shows of GMA Network in a span of one year.

Some songs already appeared on her previous studio albums released in the 1990s.

already released

However, Jake already released the suspect, angering Holt.

It contains tracks which were already released on the original "" album.

The band had already released an EP, with their previous vocalist, when Ala took over.

already worked

They had already worked together in a drama "The Railway Man".

He had already worked on the cathedrals at Narbonne and Limoges.

Kamen Petkov arrived in Plovdiv, there already worked one more arch.

already passed

But her best years have already passed, and she finally left chess.

The session retrospectively made all the decrees already passed since March 1933 legal.

But the caravan had already passed and the Muslims returned to Medina without any loot.

already signed

De Graafschap had already signed him on a pre-contract prior to the injury.

It may be recalled that the AAI has already signed MoUs with these flight operators.

CTV Television Network had already signed off its special broadcast before Dion's statement arrived.

already been used

D21 has already been used in more than 180 in about 250 voting events.

However, this name had already been used for a different species in 1881, so was illegitimate.

The protein MAGE-3 has already been used in lung cancer treatment and has received positive feedback.

already paid

Here too loans could be taken out in amounts up to two-thirds of the premiums already paid.

In contrast, if an opposition is rejected as inadmissible, an already paid opposition fee is not refunded.

For its support a ground rent was assessed all properties in Copenhagen which had not already paid the tax.

already familiar

Co-founder Zuckerman was already familiar with the infrastructure of Ghana.

Being already familiar with Malay customs, they were accepted by the Malays living there.

This allows for developers already familiar with these engines to create VR content with little to no VR-specific code.

already underway   (已经在进行中)

Construction was already underway; 19 miles of grating had been completed.

Work is already underway, including the technical plans, timetables, and financing of the project.

Efforts were already underway to reinforce Fort Wayne after the news of Fort Detroit reached Newport Barracks.

already set

Anamika's mind, however, seems already set.

STPI has already set up a dedicated earth station in Rourkela.

Diamonds can be sold already set in jewelry, or sold unset ("loose").

already gone

The next day, he wakes up and she is already gone.

Yap has also already gone to the newly opened shopping mall in the capital, Brem Mall.

Pritchfield calls out to Barbara, but Stewie points out that she has already gone to lunch.

already sold

By 1995 he had already sold more than 20 million albums.

He has already sold a second book to North American publishers.

By the end of 1980 Apple had already sold over 100,000 Apple IIs.

already occupied

In Iraq, sites like Eridu and Ur were already occupied during the Ubaid period.

On September 24, 1903, Anderson tried to steal second base when the base was already occupied.

Since Haffkine's post in Mumbai was already occupied, he moved to Calcutta and worked there until his retirement in 1914.

already recorded

By November 2004, Carey had already recorded several songs for the album.

As bassist Bill Wallace would later comment, "All our good stuff was already recorded by The Guess Who".

"Transconvolution" enables a subsequent manipulation of the Point spread function (PSF) in already recorded images.

already settled

The area of modern Afragola was already settled in ancient times by the Samnites.

For the first and second millennia BCE there were already settled farming communities.

Archaeological findings have showed that the area was already settled in the Copper Age.

already produced

By that time ICs were already produced by their competitors.

135 Steve Darcis had already produced another of the biggest upsets in recent years by defeating World No.

Taglioni had already produced a new frame, for the production bike, incorporating some of the Seeley features.

already spent

Constantius had already spent part of early 361 unsuccessfully attempting to re-take the fortress of Ad Tigris.

He was sentenced to two years in jail, but was freed immediately as he had already spent three years behind bars.

After three seasons in Tercera División, Iturriaga signed for Getxo where he had already spent his formative years.

already been made

Several arrests of these people have already been made.

James had already been made Marquis of Ormond at his baptism.

Kate tells her the decision has already been made and they are leaving.

already living

Nicholas was already living abroad and consequently was not present.

I thought that I could only do that and I was already living as a writer; I already thought as a writer.

Sheep, goats and cattle came in from mainland Europe, and pigs were domesticated from wild boar already living in forests.

already included

His solo project has already included e.g.

collectively occupy the fourth position (having already included the space) between "t" and "a".

The repository provides packages already included in Debian, interfering with the official maintenance.

already moved

Most of Young's siblings had already moved to Mendon, or did so shortly after he moved there.

Various Kenyan investors have already moved to Ethiopia and the industry seems to be growing rapidly.

By 1740, many exiles had already moved to the cities of Austria-Hungary, especially Buda, Pest and Vienna.

already knows

The reader already knows the Biblical legend and is spared an explicit repetition.

Refusing to back down, Walt insists that Declan already knows his name and demands that he say it.

The animal that survives is the animal that already knows what to fear and how to avoid this threat.

already found

On the eve of revolution, she had already found a way out; forgiveness!

Confucius also said, ""rén" is not far off; he who seeks it has already found it."

These high-end features are already found in the group’s full OpenGL 4 specification."

already engaged

Later Rocky finds that Nandini is already engaged to Avik.

Easter was already engaged to be married.

He outlined the U.S. role in helping allies already engaged in warfare.

already well known

The piece was probably already well known around 1800 in Frankfurt am Main.

The image of Daedalus demonstrates that he was already well known in the West.

In 1904, Breshkovsky travelled to the USA, where her name was already well known because George Kennan's book.

already announced

Gojun had already announced his departure from the club on 22 April 2015.

But at that point, Cohen's "World Tour 2010" was already announced with the European dates in March.

Its top candidate Snijders, a former general, had already announced that he would not take his seat in parliament.

already considered

This led Mikulski, who was already considered a favorite, to hold a debate with Pipkin.

Coya is the maid who has served the family for many years, and who is already considered part of her.

This was a large number of people, many of whom he already considered as little more than mercenaries.

already planned

The next section, already planned by the Province, will reach the area Podargoni.

LaRosa said in August 2018 that he had already planned out a potential fifth season.

In the early 1970s, the West Coast Mainline Electrification Scheme was already planned.

already exists

In this city, the museums already exists to the sub-district level.

We must commence to act as if a united, neutral and pacific Europe already exists.

Two other tools already exists in order to view events in the CMS detector : IGUANA and Fireworks.

already been created

If the planet has already been created, the katamari can replace it or be shattered into “stardust”.

Marcus Aurelius had already been created consul with Antoninus in 140, receiving the title of Caesar – i.e., heir apparent.

His son Henry succeeded him in the earldom, having already been created Lord Apsley in 1771 on his appointment as Lord Chancellor.

already achieved

Some have already achieved high-profile status.

By 1941, she had already achieved wide acclaim.

Others state hominines had already achieved the bipedal adaptation that was used in the savanna.

already agreed

Many of the unions in other industries had already agreed to pay cuts.

Two days before the event, the town council already agreed to offer him the position.

Linnaeus had already agreed to stay with Burman over the winter, and could thus not accept immediately.

already in existence

It is a 'good technique' because it is already in existence?

New information however shows that it was already in existence in 1892.

I realised that everything that I created was conditioned by what was already in existence.

already committed

It also gives broad powers to the Attorney General to investigate fraud already committed or about to be.

Kilmer said he was not aware of the fast-track production and was already committed to "The Saint" (1997).

Ward was already committed to the Conservative Party and was elected Chairman of the Young Conservatives in the Wessex area.

already exist

However, some facilities that will become a part of the Airport City in the future already exist.

These damages need not be set forth in statute as they already exist in the tradition of common law.

Many sections of the TCT already exist, used by local community members and shepherds for centuries.

already too

Both ships tried to avoid a collision, but it was already too late.

By the time Guan Yu returned from Fancheng, it was already too late.

Burtin always claimed that his work schedule was already too hectic to take on another responsibility.

time already

In May 2007 followed another European tour, this time already as headliner.

Sharper's plea deal allows serving half that time, minus time already served.

If the person is convicted, this period of time, counts towards the sentence as time already served.

already occurred

When Bull's reassignment was announced, change of command had already occurred.

As it already occurred in Rio de Janeiro, the local British community referred to the temple as "Christ Church".

Given that context, they argue, one more day of group contact is unlikely to result in more transmission than has already occurred.

already formed

The additive is used to prevent formation of foam or is added to break a foam already formed.

By 2015, Gary has already formed a relationship with one of his newest neighbors - Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

By this time the Boers had already formed a separate code of laws in preparation for the great trek and were aware of the dangerous territory they were about to enter.

already been established

A Jewish Historical Society had already been established in the congregation.

A transport network for herrings and salted cod had already been established in the Hanseatic era.

The equal rights of women in marriage had already been established in the earlier Turkish civil code.

already secured

They are currently first place and already secured their spot into the semi-finals stage.

The top two teams other than Mexico qualified to the 2013 Boys Youth World Championship, Mexico had already secured a berth as Host.

Disney had already secured the film rights (subject to Travers' approval of the script) when she arrived to consult with the Disney staff.

then already

The banner would then already be known in Estonia.

It seems that the tomb was then already heavily destroyed.

These southern neighbours, however, were then already completely Romanised.

already part

Thus the notion "force" loses already part of its meaning.

Nevertheless, multinationals, success and money were already part of the rap world.

By the time he became a high school senior, he was already part of the team's rotation.

already created

This will complement that already created and part of the reserve.

Having his first book published at his 12, at 15 has already created a collection focused in children in catechesis.

If we already created such a "mark", then we preserve our previous mark and move to the next pixel following the right-hand rule.

already gained

Walther von La Roche already gained his first journalistic experience as a student.

Trollope already gained notice with her first book, "Domestic Manners of the Americans" (1832).

By this time Chenevix-Trench had already gained a Classics Scholarship to Christ Church, Oxford, at age sixteen.

already acquired

In 1519, Charles V I already acquired and inherited Catholic kingdoms.

The Portal has already acquired considerable attention from the community of jurists.

Bonagratia joined the Franciscans in 1309, having already acquired a degree in canon and civil law.

already very

All three children are already very devout Christians.

The pediment was already very damaged.

Henry's men were already very weary from hunger, illness and retreat.

already met

He had already met Lee in Newport who moved to London afterwards.

He had already met with considerable success in Germany and France.

Nietzsche had already met Richard Wagner in Leipzig in 1868 and later Wagner's wife, Cosima.

what is already

Keith Aspden, the band's manager, observed, "They haven't just remixed what is already there.

She does not introduce new elements or forms but transforms what is already in the site or in the space.

Addition corresponds to adding weight, while subtraction corresponds to removing weight from what is already there.

already been released

Three singles had already been released in the UK.

The song had already been released on the Canadian iTunes Store.

Four singles had already been released in the UK from the album before "Perfect Way".

already shown

The spade was already shown in a seal of 1684.

As already shown "F" tends to "Ch" in L(∂Ω).

The Teton people had already shown resistance to the expedition.

already operating

Starex University is already operating from Binola.

There are five golf facilities already operating in Belek.

An early order came from the French "Armée de l'Air", which was already operating P-36s.

not already qualified

The title holders could also enter if they had not already qualified for the CAF Champions League.

The qualification event was open to any World Curling Federation affiliated national team not already qualified.

The top team in each tournament not already qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics will qualify for the said event.

already serving

Spence and both Melendez brothers were, at the time, already serving prison sentences for various crimes.

The team identified a well established program already serving the homeless at the Pacific Beach United Methodist Church.

Franz, who is already serving in the German army, is joined by first Johann and then Andreas who is forced into the army.

already using

When Portuguese and Spanish arrived at Southeast Asia, they found that the local kingdoms already using cannons.

In 1999, already using the fancy name Macaé Sports, the club disputed the State of the Second Division and ended up getting the runner-up.

Both labels released compilations featuring the band, but the band was forced to change its name upon discovering another band already using their moniker.

already arrived

By the time they get back, Maggy and Raoul have already arrived at the mansion.

The lighthouse keeper phoned Bamfield to report the wreck, but the news had already arrived and been passed on to Victoria.

Only some of the band's 30 members had already arrived, as the others were lucky enough to have been stuck in city traffic.