slightly altered   (少し変わった)

The film was slightly altered for the U.S. audience.

(A Man After Midnight)" with slightly altered lyrics.

This edition is notable with its slightly altered album artwork.

significantly altered   (大幅に変更された)

In 1975, the boundary was significantly altered.

The building was significantly altered in this period.

altered version   (変更されたバージョン)

The song uses a slightly altered version of the music from the track "Damn".

In 1983 Michell published an altered version of his best known work as "The New View Over Atlantis".

A heavily altered version of the film was released in the United States and worldwide as "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!"

substantially altered   (大幅に変更された)

The 2-1/2 story house was built in 1874, and has since been substantially altered.

The firebox was substantially altered to take into account the properties of Collie coal.

The earliest extant Petrine Baroque building in Moscow, Menshikov Tower was substantially altered in the 1770s.

radically altered   (根本的に変更された)

The solution has also been radically altered.

This radically altered the meat business.

Many have disappeared or been radically altered such that they no longer resemble the original.

not altered

ROMs could be replaced, but not altered, by users.

The designations were not altered, despite these changes in plans.

By definition, shape is not altered by translation, scaling or rotation.

much altered

The manor house is even older, but has been much altered and rebuilt.

Returning to Chamberet after thirteen months in concentration camps, Morhange was much altered physically and mentally.

Nearby is Rudchester Hall, a medieval pele tower, much altered and extended in Gothick style in the 18th and 19th centuries.

not be altered

Once this rent was set, it could not be altered, neither due to inflation or time.

Its high-grade status as a monument means that it cannot be altered for commercial re-use.

This significance, Derrida argues, cannot be altered or governed by the whims of intention.

later altered

The 1953 lobby, later altered, still retains two sets of original fluted columns.

The targets were later altered by al-Qaeda, as it was feared that such an attack "might get out of hand".

The factory was completed in 1866 to design by Ove Pedersen (1830-1892) and later altered by Axel Maar (1888-1978).