although not   (ではないが)

It is still used today, although not frequently.

Brazil, although not a Party to CMS, signed the next day.

Still remains, although not very good.

although many   (多くの)

The official language is French, although many Martinicans speak a Creole patois.

This school is still in use, although many additions have been built through the years.

Germanium occurs mostly in the oxidation state +4 although many +2 compounds are known.

although he did   (彼はやったけど)

Roeder "agreed to take the property, although he did not half like the idea."

Ryazanov, although he did not immediately adopt the Marxist creeds of its leader.

Miller worked on the script (although he did not receive credit) to expand the role.

although most   (ほとんどの)

Some Dalits have achieved affluence, although most remain poor.

These children were classified as orphans although most were not.

Baseball has no game clock, although most games end in the ninth inning.

although no   (いいえ)

She is presumed murdered, although no trace of her body has ever been found.

She later claims to have been punctured in her breast, although no wound was found.

Pettitt's company cooperated in this noble venture, although no resurrection occurred.

although only   (ただ)

Alhazen wrote as many as 200 books, although only 55 have survived.

Revised 1942 models followed, although only 138 examples were produced.

New music Spanish ("Es De Verdad") although only appear in the US version.

although other   (他の)

The word may be related to "Abracadabra", although other explanations exist.

In the first book, he never spoke, although other animals, native to Oz, did.

'I read', ' 'I ate', ' 'I went', although other patterns are possible (e.g. '

although both   (両方)

The set may be finite, although both "G" and "N" are infinite (for example, ).

The novelization and the screenplay, although both written by Wood, are somewhat different.

Makoy tries again to reconcile with Sonia, although both Sonia and Fely rebuff his efforts.

although   (–しかし)

The changes in 1983 also brought the letter Q into use – although on a very small and limited scale.

By the time of Rayman 2, he has developed this new skill – although all he can do in this game is a simple dog-paddle.

As a result, theoretically a maximum of 69 teams could enter the tournament – although this level has never been reached.

although it did   (やったけど)

4, although it did not have any singles on it.

SDI research went ahead, although it did not achieve the hoped-for result.

It was primarily a Christian missionary organ, although it did include some news.

although several   (いくつかの)

None of these did any permanent damage, although several sailors received minor wounds.

The origin of the word Andorra is unknown, although several hypotheses have been formulated.

He and his wife had 11 children, although several died young: Samuel Spring died March 4, 1819, in Newburyport.

although all   (すべての)

Evergreen plants, such as pine trees, withstand frost although all or most growth stops.

The church in the last years has only seen few visitors and regulars, although all older.

Both are in fair condition relative to their age although all moving parts are now seized with rust.

although the latter   (後者の)

It is equivalent to the National Diploma, although the latter has been phased out in government institutions.

General elections were held in 1986 and 1988, although the latter was boycotted by the opposition BNP and Awami League.

She noted that some people will find the story difficult to stomach and the artwork "harsh," although the latter helps the story.

although a few   (少数ですが)

They are, in great majority, women, although a few male dollers exist.

Most Miji are adherents of Animism, although a few have adopted Christianity.

Most of the buildings have left no trace, although a few brick formations remain.

although they did   (彼らはやったが)

He is the son of David Benedictus, although they did not meet until Maugham was seventeen.

Samoa impressed, although they did not win a game they had close games against the big three.

They then moved on Panormus (modern Palermo), but had to withdraw, although they did capture Hippana.

although still   (それでも)

The result was a barrier better than either, although still short of what was required.

By that time, the M-22 was considerably less radical, although still ideologically Marxist.

Protected areas and the central plateau receive lesser, although still significant, amounts.

although none   (どれも)

Solheimsviken has traditionally been dominated by heavy industry, although none of this remains.

Others claim inerrancy for the Bible in its original manuscripts, although none of those are extant.

There are 2 predicted alternative splicing isoforms, although none have been experimentally observed.

although it does   (しますが)

A few programs use this as an "exit" feature, although it does not clear memory.

I-77 sees the least traffic of the three interstates, although it does connect Cleveland to Akron.

In this sense, it is a traditional doubleheader, although it does not technically meet the definition.

although more   (もっと)

Species such as sperm whales can dive to , although more commonly .

Along with this, although more dangerous, is shorting overvalued stocks.

They are diurnal, although more active in the early mornings and the afternoon.

although he never   (彼は決して)

He also scored a run and stole a base, although he never appeared in the field.

He began his career at Arsenal, although he never made an appearance for the club.

He then joined Norwich City, although he never made an appearance in the first team.

although much   (でも)

The overall design was quite reminiscent of the LearAvia Lear Fan, although much smaller.

There are other details and sculptures of note, although much was destroyed in the Revolution.

The illustrations, although much damaged, are done in the illusionistic style of late antiquity.

although later   (後で)

Her twin hair ornaments are weapons (although later in the series, they also serve other purposes as well).

The product was one of the first synthetic substitutes for quinine although later superseded by chloroquine.

The squadron was mainly involved in unarmed reconnaissance, although later small bombs were added to the aircraft.

although not all   (すべてではないが)

Every class of Thai men accept it, although not all Thai men practise it.

It has since been dated as about 6500 BP, or 4500 BCE, although not all agree.

Operations stabilized in 2014, although not all planned features were complete.

although the first   (最初の)

The belfry tower has gone, although the first steps can be seen in a doorway in the south wall.

The league's first season was played in 1963, although the first official season occurred in 1972.

Brooks Field was officially dedicated in 1931, although the first plane landed there on November 9, 1929.

although sometimes   (時々)

Often, the techniques are complementary although sometimes competitive.

Entry to the general public is usually free, although sometimes a small admission charge is made.

The chicken is usually ground up in a meat grinder, although sometimes it is cut into small pieces.

although he continued   (彼は続けたが)

Li retired in September 1981, although he continued to hold many honorary positions afterwards.

"The Film Review" was presented by other presenters although he continued to present "Dateline London".

He retired in 1952, although he continued to serve as a part-time member of the board until his death, four years later.

although the exact   (正確ですが)

(although the exact quote is uncertain).

Her birth occurred some time in March 1478, although the exact date is unknown.

Its leader was killed, although the exact circumstances of his death were disputed.

although others   (他の)

The company does not use an apostrophe in its name, although others sometimes mistakenly do so.

The first and only set had 349 cards, although others claim 348 for a missing "Extrapolate" card.

Some maintain that those scriptural references pertain to a spiritual death, although others disagree.

although neither   (どちらも)

The City's flag flies over Tower Bridge, although neither footing is in the City.

Both songs were recorded during the sessions for "Revolver", although neither appear on that album.

Xavier and Magneto become good friends, although neither immediately reveals to the other that he is a mutant.

although she did   (彼女はやったけど)

This can only have been "U-585", although she did not report any attack.

The ensuing turmoil intrigued Goldman, although she did not fully understand it at the time.

The Canadian frigate lost of her stern and although she did not sink, was declared a total loss.

although such   (そのような)

Cancers that arise in bone are called "primary" cancers, although such cancers are rare.

And although such efforts are not illegal, they are considered highly unethical by publishers.

(99 was used briefly by the now-defunct USDTV, for instance, although such applications are rare.)

stated that although   (と述べたが)

The police stated that although they were no longer keeping him in custody, they were not dropping the charges against him.

The Buddha stated that although Jambuka had been austere in his former practices, it was not worth one-sixteenth of his new practices.

Singer Bertrand Poncet has stated that although the band is French, their sound is American, which is why they write lyrics in English.

although he does   (彼はしますが)

Michael's house makes a very brief appearance in "Ghost Story", although he does not.

He however, has stronger feelings for her, although he does not reveal them until later.

He is still playing chess, although he does not participate in a large number of tournaments.

although he later   (彼は後で)

His working relationship with Mandela was strained, although he later spoke fondly of him.

Jean-Paul Sartre was also largely influenced by Husserl, although he later came to disagree with key points in his analyses.

Peter had moved from Stockton-on-Tees to work for the Bemrose Company as a commercial artist, although he later went freelance.

although the term   (という用語)

The earliest traces of boy bands were in the mid-1950s although the term boy band was not used.

They are commonly known as darters although the term ""darter"" is shared by several other genera.

However, although the term "film noir" was originally coined to describe Hollywood movies, it was an international phenomenon.

although the name   (名前は)

In Doswell, Virginia, although the name was also simplified, the usual "Scooby-Doo" theme was kept.

The boundaries were formally gazetted in January 1999, although the name had long been in use for the area.

although a number   (数が)

The authenticity of 3:4–8 has presented more challenges, although a number of scholars still defend it.

The Kuria people may not have a common origin, although a number of clans claim to have come from Egypt.

The incident lasted almost an hour and although a number of insurgents were killed it was considered to have been a well coordinated attack.

although the original   (元の)

"Miami" became a big international hit, although the original comes from 2016.

The estate is surrounded by yew hedges, although the original yew maze has been lost.

The tower partially rebuilt and heightened by 1814, although the original stone was reused.

although without   (なしで)

In 2019, he is a board member at Slack, although without board voting rights.

In 1937 White continued to play for Cambridge, although without winning another blue.

He still competed at Le Mans, although without factory backing but showing no signs of retiring.

although less   (少ないが)

This time it was rebuilt by more modern although less picturesque standards.

", although less prevalent versions of the story gave credit to his wife Mary Jo.

It is still being practiced, although less and less, today, by specialists such as Dana.

because although   (なぜなら)

Antipsychotics are only weakly recommended for Tourette syndrome, because although they are effective, side effects are common.

"And we cannot of course forget South Africa, because although it wasn't a military regime, it was certainly an authoritarian regime."

The venture did not appeal to the public because although the fastest greyhound would always win, the cleverest (best tracker) did not.

noted that although   (ただし、)

Groff Conklin noted that although the execution of the novel was flawed, it remained "a story with real merit."

It was noted that although it remained healthy, it did not increase well, needing more shade and moisture than was provided.

He noted that although such sites are entertaining, they are disturbing in that they promote a belief that has no basis in physiology.

although he remained   (彼は残ったが)

Therefore; although he remained in prison for two years until his friends broke him out, his execution was avoided.

In 1933 he accepted the chair of economics at the University of Adelaide, although he remained at UWA through 1934.

As a result, Boas resigned as the AAA's representative to the NRC, although he remained an active member of the AAA.

although the majority   (大半は)

Each of the nine islands has an airport, although the majority are airfields rather than airports.

The reservation was placed in Scott Valley, although the majority of the valley was to remain in colonist possession.

It is considered likely to be a human carcinogen although the majority of studies suggest it is not directly genotoxic.

although when   (でも)

A shield is also available, although when activated it uses fuel and the ship cannot shoot.

Yeah," he said, although when he later did turn 60, he was not reported to have attempted any impersonations.

The region was under the rule of the Twipra Kingdom for centuries, although when this dates from is not documented.

although each   (それぞれ)

Porches are three-level, although each level generally has different styling.

There is only one oath for all denominations, although each soldier has the option to omit the reference to God.

The four windows on the southern side are of similar date and design, although each formerly contained two lights divided by a central mullion.

although some sources   (いくつかのソース)

Stephens was born in Bedford County, Tennessee on February 2, 1879 (although some sources suggest he was older).

The body was presumably designed by Trevor Fiore, of Carrozzeria Fissore, although some sources credit Pietro Frua.

She died in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2002, aged 86 of pneumonia, although some sources said she was 91.

although often   (しばしば)

Figures are sometimes present, although often absent, leaving only resonances.

Their friendship, although often tested by an increasing social difference, was to be lifelong.

In the 1990s, dubbing films and TV series continued, although often also for one emission only.

although never   (決して)

Kartolo and Roekiah appeared in six further films together, although never as lovers.

Bangladesh took part in every FIFA World Cup qualifier although never made it past the first round.

The winter temperatures here, although never freezing, are such that they only support one rice crop a year.

although the number   (数は)

Chimpanzees mate throughout the year, although the number of females in oestrus varies seasonally in a group.

CHIRLA said that the phone number was a private number, although the number was listed on the press release for the event.

In 2000 the ethnic Okiek population was estimated to number 36,869, although the number of those speaking the Akiek language was as low as 500.

although he still   (彼はまだ)

He also missed five Ranji Trophy games in that season, although he still travelled with the side for away games.

After 1830, although he still used period costume, he no longer claimed historical accuracy for his work in plays.

2003 was Smith's final season in New England and he managed just 642 yards, although he still led the team in rushing.

although   (—しかし)

And also Vasechkin does not enjoy his wish — although he only receives perfect grades, he has not actually become any smarter.

These harsh novels are unusual for Lukyanenko — although heroes may evoke sympathy sometimes, none of them could be called positive.

It stars Bugs Bunny and it is the debut for Marvin the Martian — although he is unnamed in this film — along with his Martian dog, K-9.

although initially   (最初は)

Thus, he made his debut in drawing, although initially, he mainly drew billboards.

The storm never affected land, although initially there was a slight threat to Clarion Island.

FBI agents went there and, although initially reluctant, authorized a preliminary investigation.

although the film   (映画は)

The film premiered during the Sundance Film Festival although the film was not included the Festival.

criticized him writing that the film does not have "especially interesting, although the film has educational pretensions."

A release date has not been announced, although the film is predicted to be released near the time of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

although now   (今でも)

Deterrent patrols continue to this day, although now with s and Trident II missiles.

The town of Saint-Lizier, although now severely depopulated, was formerly the seat of the Bishop of Couserans.

The identification of locomotive "phases" is a creation of railfans, although now used in Diesel Spotters Guide.

although very   (非常に)

From 1237 until 1807, Rietberg was an independent German territory, although very small.

Forvie was active in World Wars I and II, although very few details are recorded on the use of the area.

Brooklyn features a number of different styles of buildings, although very few of the older cottage style remain.

although the actual   (実際の)

although the actual site of the Treaty was never specifically mentioned.

Pepper", although the actual release date in 1967 had been brought forward to late May.

The roof's gabled front dormer is finished in wood lap siding, although the actual gable in covered with wood shingles.

although few   (少ないが)

Many other European skyscrapers were proposed in a frenzy of excited planning, although few materialised.

Hard rubber, such as ebonite, has been used for clarinets since the 1860s, although few modern clarinets are made of it.

The Grammar Schools Act 1860 provided scholarships for high-achieving students to attend elite grammar schools, although few were awarded.

although the team   (チーム)

He assisted Lee Phillips' ninth-minute opening goal for Exeter, although the team went on to lose 2–1 to Morecambe.

By 1868 the "Troy Haymakers" nickname for Union of Lansingburgh was common, although the team was sometimes called the Trojans.

In , the club moved to their current home field in Glendale, although the team's executive offices and training facility remain in Tempe.

although due   (当然ですが)

The series was due for release on DVD on 20 February 2006 via Target Media, although due to the company's collapse, was never released.

Mercurous chloride is toxic, although due to its low solubility in water it is generally less dangerous than its mercuric chloride counterpart.

She married Kim Il-sung in 1952, following the death of Kim Il-sung's second wife in 1949, although due to the Korean War no formal ceremony was held.

although according   (にもかかわらず)

Cerro de las Mesa is within the Olmec heartland, although according to Wiercinski, "the series .

Khalil's exact year of birth is not known, although according to the Mamluk-era historian, Khalil ibn Aybak as-Safadi, he died "in his thirties or less".

Aratus in his "Phaenomena" said that the star Arcturus lay below the belt of Arctophylax, although according to Ptolemy in the "Almagest" it lay between his thighs.

although the company   (会社は)

"They ran 57,000 head of cattle although the company only owned 36,000 head," she said.

Twino investment platform was launched in 2015, although the company has been operating since 2009 as a loan originator.

The two men, with different visions for the future of A&F, quarreled frequently, although the company continued to prosper.

although in practice   (実際には)

They may also air a very limited amount of common programming, although in practice this privilege is rarely used.

The term Franco-Saskatchewanian may also be used on occasion, although in practice it is rare due to its length and unwieldiness.

In principle, the term "borough" designates a self-governing walled town, although in practice, official use of the term varies widely.

although a small   (小さいけど)

The British lost virtually all their tanks, although a small number were evacuated.

The Peshawar Jewish community ceased to exist although a small community reportedly still exists in Karachi.

The Middle Fork's entire length is within Idaho County, although a small portion of its watershed extends into Clearwater County.

wrote that although   (と書いたが)

Dr Landsborough in 1837 wrote that although the hamlet was in ruins, the spirit of the pipers and harpers lived on in the fondness that the people of Stevenston had for music.

Crowther continued: In his review, Mike Grost wrote that although the film was no masterpiece, "Trail Street" contains "fresh visual thinking" and shows "graceful mise-en-scène".

"Time Out" wrote that although the film was "relentlessly shallow, the performances, music and gaudy visuals provide a fizzy vitality for which many other directors would give their right arm."

although it remained   (残ったが)

Following claims of fraud, the PRD gave nine seats to the UDD, although it remained the largest party.

It was played much less frequently thereafter, although it remained an unofficial Cubs theme song for some years after.

It was noted that although it remained healthy, it did not increase well, needing more shade and moisture than was provided.

although during   (中に)

Dublin was also a victim of the Northern Irish Troubles, although during this 30-year conflict, violence mainly occurred within Northern Ireland.

DART has an annual budget of , although during specific incidents the Parliament of Canada can choose to temporarily allocate millions of dollars to DART to fund their response effort.

Once democracy was restored in Spain, it was again held in 1984 under the name "Government Cup", although during the first five editions, it had no recognition from the Spanish Football Federation.

although it still   (それでも)

Dolly weakened as it accelerated northeastward, although it still threatened to strike Bermuda with strong winds.

On April 25, 2010, the column was formally moved to, although it still continued to appear on the MSNBC website.

Until early 2012 Air Mauritius flew Airbus A340s to Sydney and Melbourne via Mauritius, although it still operates a service from Perth.

found that although   (それが見つかりました)

A 1994 Software Publishers Association found that although 60% of computers in US households had a modem, only 7% of households went online.

A study done throughout the continent found that although vulture losses could be seen everywhere, the highest total loss per year were in West and East Africa.

Warner found that although mating sites were maintained for four generations, when entire local populations were translocated elsewhere, new sites were used and maintained.

although the station   (駅が)

The name continued in use after 1911 although the station was no longer the main rail depot for Berkeley.

although the station building has gone, the station master's house (built by LMS in 1926) still exists alongside the site.

RAF Faldingworth was used by Bomber Command during the Second World War, and although the station closed in 1972 parts of the airfield still exist.

although the town   (町は)

The British were eventually expelled although the town was reduced to rubble.

Construction and development began in the late 2000's (although the town had been trying to get a golf course well before then).

The church of Schnaitheim had been newly constructed in the 17th century, although the town already owned a church (first mentioned in 1344).

although the band   (バンドが)

From 2005 to 2008, although the band did not officially break up, circumstances prevented the band from further recording and touring.

Singer Bertrand Poncet has stated that although the band is French, their sound is American, which is why they write lyrics in English.

The new line-up rehearsed for six weeks preparing for a full world tour, although the band were eventually forced to use the Sabbath name.

although the album   (アルバムは)

A collaboration with Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz followed, although the album the single was to appear on, "Wrap Your Lips Around This", was never released.

In 1971, Loggins and Jim Messina released "Sittin' In" and, although the album yielded no Top 40 radio hits, "Danny's Song" received a significant amount of radio airplay.

Robert Christgau of MSN Music quipped that although the album "may well seem too restrained", the duo are "at peace with the fate of their fame and their retirement accounts.

although it continued   (続きましたが)

It led to no result, although it continued until the following March.

Nude bathing was banned at the beach in 1983, although it continued to persist unlawfully afterwards.

Halong slowly intensified, although it continued to develop deep convection that wrapped into the center.

although certain   (確かですが)

Subscription is free, although certain aspects are limited.

They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against).

Basic gameplay in arcade mode remains the same as in the campaign, although certain new rules take effect.

although he made   (彼が作ったが)

Cohn liked the movie although he made several suggestions to improve the film.

Crawford's final 500 was in 1993, although he made unsuccessful attempts to qualify old cars in 1994 and 1995.

He then joined Milan who won numerous trophies in his two seasons there although he made less than 10 league appearances when at Milan.

although he only   (彼だけが)

Borg also never won the Australian Open, although he only played in the event once, in 1974 as a 17-year-old.

Roland began studying music at Fisk University in Nashville in 1905 although he only had a 6th grade education.

Palma was elected to be the Republic's first President, although he only returned to Cuba four months after the election.

although the song   (歌が)

in 2004, although the song appeared in an earlier form on the now out-of-print EP "Troubles Up and Down the Road" in 2001.

According to legend, the house that the members of Love lived in had a red telephone, although the song lyrics do not relate to this.

Allmusic critic Richie Unterberger suggests that the mixing of love and martial metaphors is almost overdone, although the song manages to avoid sounding gimmicky.

although the club   (クラブが)

(1984) Ltd. although the club's finances were still far from secure.

After that, although the club results were bad, he played many matches until 2007.

Since then, results have declined, although the club has as of yet evaded relegation.

although another   (別の)

Sole occupation of one part will qualify, although another part may be occupied jointly.

The standard ship's company consists of three officers and eleven sailors, although another four personnel can be accommodated.

although at least   (少なくとも)

; most biographies say 1912, although at least one site lists the year as 1914.

By 1903, only 2,980 African Americans were registered in Alabama, although at least 74,000 were literate.

Subjects can appear in any order, although at least one of Sport, Music or Film & Television will appear in every episode.

although this did   (これはしましたが)

It seems that she handed over all of these except for Valladolid, although this did not prevent the conflict.

One ingredient that is missing from these recipes is the eponymous kola nut, although this did appear in Reed's recipe.

The Emperor finally succeeded in concentrating his forces at Valenciennes, although this did not include John, and in the interval Philip had counter-marched northward and regrouped.

although the last   (最後の)

The other settlements include Montaldo, Piancerreto and Gaminella: although the last lies mostly within the commune of Mombello Monferrato.

The UNEE's rivalry with the USEE was renewed in 1872 when four matches were arranged although the last one at Leeds in September was cancelled.

The free iGIZMO Magazine app for android can still be downloaded from iTunes although the last interactive issue was May 2012 (see iGIZMO Twitter site).

although even   (でも)

Alberti's best known pieces are his keyboard sonatas, although even they are very rarely performed.

The fluid can be of any composition; gas is by far the most common, although even single-phase liquid is sometimes used.

Poor equine conformation can often lead to brushing, although even properly-conformed horses can also accidentally injure themselves.

although he played   (彼はプレイしたが)

In 2013, although he played as regular player, he retired end of 2013 season.

At Yokohama FC, although he played many matches, his opportunity to play decreased in 2010.

J1 League first season in 1993, although he played in opening match, he lost opportunity to play after that.

although it remains   (残っていますが)

No bones were found at the site, although it remains possible that Eric's burial might be elsewhere on the Stainmore moors.

The lodges flourished under his successor Alexander I, although it remains unknown whether Alexander himself was an initiate.

Only at the two highest ISO sensitivities of 12,800 and 25,600 is the brightness noise easily visible, although it remains fine-grained.

although little   (少しですが)

Eowa also died in that battle, although little is known about this.

Further outcropping rock occurs on all sides, although little of it is of interest to climbers.

Apparently many player engagements were agreed by contracts of some kind, although little is known about the details.

although it appears   (それが表示されますが)

The precise cause for the rebellion is uncertain, although it appears to have been planned well in advance.

She also has said in interviews that, although it appears they spend little time together, it is simply that nobody sees him publicly.

In the song, Spears is looking for a woman named Amy in a club, and although it appears to be about sex, it is actually about how society perceives her life.

although the city   (けれども都市)

This trend continued into the mid-20th century, although the city's 1930 census lists one resident as a chauffeur.

Its administrative seat is the city of Łódź, although the city is not part of the county (it constitutes a separate city county).

This encouraged the building of more skyscrapers in New York, although the city remained cautious about the technology for some years.

although the former   (前者は)

Kouandété was pardoned, although the former council was not.

His name could mean Lord of the Road or His Road The Lord, although the former seems more likely.

Both scalar and vector fields are found in geographic applications, although the former is more common.