İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high altitude   (yüksek irtifa)

A high altitude FJ-3 interceptor was also proposed.

It grows on sea cliffs and on mountains at high altitude.

It was described from high altitude forest in central Taiwan.

low altitude   (alçak irtifa)

It lies at a low altitude; its highest point is .

Flying at high speed and very low altitude was a navigational nightmare.

But being a low altitude village, in some years the village suffers flood damage.

average altitude   (ortalama yükseklik)

It is at an average altitude of 10 m above sea level.

The average altitude is 422m above sea level.

Their average altitude is 370 m and 735 m, respectively.

altitude of above   (yukarıdaki yükseklik)

The Sendlinger Tor is at an altitude of above sea level.

Rising to an altitude of above sea level, on basalt soil.

It sits at an altitude of above sea level.

higher altitude   (daha yüksek irtifa)

This means an aircraft may be more efficient at higher altitude.

After crossing into Iraq, the fighters climbed to a higher altitude to be undetectable by Iraqi radar.

In 1746, an encampment for soldiers with malaria was built in this area because of its higher altitude and drier air.

m altitude   (m yükseklik)

In the wet season it can descend to 1200 m altitude.

It is located at 135 m altitude.

The "Mountain zone" covers the mountainous regions above 700–800 m altitude and has a zonal soil cover.

altitude record   (irtifa kaydı)

The single-kite altitude record is held by a triangular-box delta kite.

In March, 1931, she set the women's world altitude record of 28,743 feet (8760.9 m).

In March 1930 she added almost to the world altitude record, flying to a height of .

maximum altitude   (maksimum yükseklik)

The maximum altitude difference on the hill is .

To the south is "Galatieke Maintain" (), with its maximum altitude of .

Europa is in diameter, with a maximum altitude of , and has of coastline.

lower altitude   (alçak irtifa)

Near the village in a lower altitude there is a settlement named Kaluvia of Astras.

Pascal reasoned that if true, air pressure on a high mountain must be less than at a lower altitude.

In 2011, the LRO returned to the landing site at a lower altitude to take higher resolution photographs.

altitude of approximately   (yaklaşık yükseklik)

Peppora is at an altitude of approximately 57m.

The string of numbers was produced in a large loop in circumference, at an altitude of approximately .

highest altitude   (en yüksek rakım)

This is also a lake with the highest altitude (above sea level) in Lithuania.

On 13 December 2018, SpaceShipTwo VSS "Unity" reached its highest altitude of 82.72 km (51.4 miles.)

The northwest and isolated peaks have a temperate and semi humid climate as it has the highest altitude.