İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

amateur radio   (amatör radyo)

His amateur radio call signs were W1AST and W8AST

Since then it has been used by amateur radio operators.

Chet Atkins was an amateur radio general class licensee.

amateur football   (amatör futbol)

He went on to play amateur football for DOVO.

It took part in amateur football league in Fuzhou for years.

In the 1950s, amateur football clubs began to use Kløvermarken.

amateur club   (amatör kulüp)

Delvecchio started his career with amateur club A.S.D.

Phil Hassan joined from Wigan-based amateur club St Pat's.

DWS continued as an amateur club, which still exists today.

amateur draft   (amatör taslak)

He was drafted by the Braves in the 11th round of the 1985 amateur draft.

He was drafted by the Angels in the 17th round of the 1966 amateur draft.

He was drafted by the Yankees in the 11th round of the 1995 amateur draft.

amateur team   (amatör takım)

He played on an amateur team with his three brothers.

He played internationally for the England amateur team.

It was the home ground of the amateur team Guildford F.C.

amateur and professional

A varied amateur and professional sports clubs scene exists.

The IIHF rule book is used in both amateur and professional leagues worldwide.

In 1963 it was expanded to encompass prep, college, amateur and professional sports.

amateur career

Pratt started his amateur career with Hunslet Parkside.

Hudson had a very successful junior and amateur career.

Simpson started her amateur career in 2009.

amateur boxer   (amatör boksör)

His son Giovanni is currently a top amateur boxer.

His sister Michaela is also a champion amateur boxer.

Danabek Suzhanov Danabek Suzhanov is an amateur boxer.

amateur side

He finished his career at amateur side Halsteren.

The club has an amateur side called Wasps FC.

Crusaders also ground-share with amateur side Newington.

amateur astronomer   (amatör astronom)

It was the first time this award was given to an amateur astronomer.

A nova was discovered by amateur astronomer Koichi Itagaki, Nova Delphini 2013.

Akaa Solar System Scale Model was built in 2017 by amateur astronomer Kari-Pekka Arola.

professional and amateur

In 1870, a schism developed between professional and amateur ballplayers.

The icons kept in the Museum are made by both professional and amateur artists.

Additionally, both professional and amateur theatres can be seen in the OFF series.

local amateur

He has also turned out for his local amateur side on occasion.

He then joined the youth structures of a local amateur club called Crusaders.

He started playing youth football at the local amateur club DCS when he was six.

amateur free   (amatör ücretsiz)

He was signed by the Chicago Cubs as an amateur free agent in 1963.

He was signed by the Atlanta Braves as an amateur free agent in 1987.

He was signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent in 1960.

amateur free agent   (amatör ücretsiz ajan)

He was signed by the Chicago Cubs as an amateur free agent in 1963.

He was signed by the Atlanta Braves as an amateur free agent in 1987.

He was signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent in 1960.

amateur boxing   (amatör boks)

Gervacio had an award winning amateur boxing career.

His son Jacob is a former national amateur boxing champion.

Głażewski was Polish Senior Champion in amateur boxing three times.

amateur construction

The aircraft is supplied as plans for amateur construction.

amateur level

He was capped by Ireland at full and amateur level.

Soccer is mostly played at amateur level.

A very large number of people also play football at an amateur level.

amateur teams

He played for amateur teams Albinia and Roselle, before his retirement in 2017.

McKay played for Greece Soccer Club Rangers and Team Lapine, both are amateur teams.

It serves as the training ground and youth academy of PSV Eindhoven and also accommodates its amateur teams.

amateur status

She went to Portland State University and began to input herself in the amateur status.

He spent a season as a reserve team player for Manchester City and retained his amateur status.

They "jealously guarded their amateur status by refusing all payments, including travel expenses."

amateur players

France with B team composed of amateur players.

The event was open to amateur players only.

At this time, the organization only oversaw amateur players.

amateur clubs

Only amateur clubs participated.

Another 3 amateur clubs and 12 Second League clubs were given a bye to the Second Round.

56 amateur clubs competed in this stage of the competition for a place in the Second Round.

amateur theatre

While at school, Bois joined an amateur theatre troupe.

After the war she started working in an amateur theatre in Tammela.

The Jiráskův Hronov festival of amateur theatre takes place here every year.

amateur radio operators   (amatör radyo operatörleri)

Since then it has been used by amateur radio operators.

Up to 30,000 amateur radio operators attend this convention.

Deafblind amateur radio operators generally communicate on 2-way radios using Morse code.

amateur league

His father played football in amateur league.

The team played for almost forty years in the amateur league.

They became part of the New York Collegiate Baseball League, which is an amateur league.

amateur astronomers   (amatör astronomlar)

Gamma Delphini is a celebrated binary star among amateur astronomers.

A few are frequently used by the general public or by amateur astronomers.

In recent years, amateur astronomers have made some notable Cygnus discoveries.

amateur golfer

"(a) denotes an amateur golfer" Source:

In 2015, Raj was listed by the Indian Golf Union as the top ranking amateur golfer in India.

Bessie Anthony Bessie Anthony (March 19, 1880 — November 22, 1912) was an American amateur golfer.

amateur baseball

He played on several amateur baseball teams in Cambridge until 1878.

The site of the park had been used for amateur baseball since the Civil War.

After graduating, he played amateur baseball in Wisconsin for several years.

national amateur   (milli amatör)

His son Jacob is a former national amateur boxing champion.

(Link to – United States national amateur boxing light middleweight champions).

In 1990 Vaden became the United States national amateur light middleweight champion.

amateur leagues

Formed in 1953 the club played in the lower amateur leagues for the most part of its history.

The growth of local, regional and national amateur leagues may alleviate this confusion eventually.

He moved to Hong Kong in 2000 to visit his brother and started playing in the amateur leagues there.

amateur photographer   (amatör fotoğrafçı)

He repaired cameras and was an amateur photographer.

Both parents were artistically talented, and Rupert was an adept amateur photographer.

Elsie's father, Arthur, was a keen amateur photographer, and had set up his own darkroom.

amateur wrestling

Misawa would have significant success in amateur wrestling.

He entered mixed martial arts after a successful career in amateur wrestling.

Despite his success, Misawa disliked amateur wrestling, and only saw it as a means to an end for a career in professional wrestling.

first amateur

At age 15, she won her first amateur title.

She is the first amateur athlete to win the Padma Bhushan.

He began kickboxing at 12 and had his first amateur fight as a 14-year-old.

played amateur

His father also played amateur hockey.

After graduating, he played amateur baseball in Wisconsin for several years.

FC Kaiserslautern, after having played amateur football, and quickly became an undisputed starter.

kit for amateur

The aircraft is supplied as a kit for amateur construction.

amateur rugby

He plays amateur rugby union for Valras.

The club trains at Coram's Fields and prides itself on being London's most central amateur rugby club.

Paisley RFC Paisley Rugby Club is an amateur rugby union club based at the Anchor Recreation Grounds in Paisley.

successful amateur

He had a very successful amateur career.

This marked the beginning of a successful amateur career for Peter.

He has been one of Ireland's most successful amateur fighters of all time.

amateur cricketer

As an amateur cricketer, he played first-class cricket from 1842 to 1845.

He was also an amateur cricketer who played in 16 first-class cricket matches.

Percy Crutchley Percy Edward Crutchley (24 July 1855 – 16 October 1940) was an English amateur cricketer.

amateur record   (amatör kayıt)

Overall, he compiled an amateur record of 101–9.

Vasquez had an amateur record of 33-2.

Miller had an amateur record of 10-1, with 7 wins by knockout.

amateur sports

The SPL is Finland's largest amateur sports federation.

The Games are the longest-running amateur sports competition in North America.

From that time on, Kløvermarken has primarily served as an area for amateur sports.

amateur artist

Landas is an amateur artist with no formal training.

He was an amateur artist, and a connoisseur in engraved gems and coins, and similar objects.

An amateur artist, he often paints members of his family and has twice entered the Archibald Prize.

amateur player   (amatör oyuncu)

The sole amateur player in the championship is indicated with (a).

Houston was an amateur player of golf and a follower of horse racing, on which she gambled.

His father Hiroshi (Goro Kishitani) is a working father and is an amateur player in Baseball.

keen amateur

His father was a military officer and a keen amateur botanist.

A keen amateur runner and cyclist, he has been married since 1978, with three children.

Elsie's father, Arthur, was a keen amateur photographer, and had set up his own darkroom.

other amateur   (diğer amatör)

Both Racing Club de France and US Métro retained their other amateur general sports sections.

However, other amateur sports clubs, colleges, and professional clubs quickly filled the void.

Thus, as the only other amateur in the team, Stevens might have been asked to fulfil this role.

former amateur

A former amateur champion, he made his professional debut in 1990.

His father Eduardo García is a former amateur boxer and is also a trainer.

Not to be confused with a former amateur boxer of the same name from Puerto Rico.

best amateur

At the time, Yardley was still considered the best amateur candidate.

In 1888, they founded a team composed of patients, staff, and some of the best amateur baseball players in the region.

Yeabsley has been described as "undoubtedly England's best amateur bowler of the Seventies, bowling left-arm fast medium."

both amateur

The IIHF rule book is used in both amateur and professional leagues worldwide.

Although a left-handed thrower, Malone was mainly a catcher with major teams, both amateur and pro.

Fenn during his time had made a huge contribution to boxing in Arizona, promoting both amateur and professional boxing.

amateur footballer

In 2010, he moved to Cheongju Jikji FC as an amateur footballer.

Therefore, he left ADO and became an amateur footballer at Scheveningen.

His father was an amateur footballer in Nigeria and helped Bello develop his interest in the game.

top amateur

His son Giovanni is currently a top amateur boxer.

Arthur was a former top amateur player for Walton and Hersham FC and Kingstonian FC in England.

Ross first played in a senior league in 1905, joining Montreal Westmount of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL), the top amateur league in Canada.

amateur dramatics

While in Eltham he was a member of the Priory Players amateur dramatics group.

He prohibited her from fulfilling herself by taking part in amateur dramatics.

His wife, Mertyl, is a mature student who enjoys creative writing and amateur dramatics.