İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

among others   (diğerleri arasında)

The apostles' answer includes Elijah among others.

K. K. Rathnam, and K. S. Ravikumar, among others.

1983 - among others the early vinyl of Poison Idea.

among other   (diğerleri arasında)

It was, among other things, a sodomy law in Norway.

", "The Closer", "Nip/Tuck" and among other series.

Fiber enhances digestion, among other benefits.

among the most   (En çok)

It was also among the most successful films ever made.

It is among the most modern opera houses in the world.

Herring are among the most spectacular schooling fish.

among the first   (ilkler arasında)

In 1949, he was among the first Fulbright Fellows.

He was among the first to donate mementos to the Hall.

MacLaren was among the first captains to study tactics.

among other things   (Diğer şeylerin yanı sıra)

It was, among other things, a sodomy law in Norway.

At the back is the transport sector, among other things.

", among other things, depending on context and inflection.

popular among   (arasında popüler)

He was incredibly popular among Iranian fighters.

Lumbini Quiz is very popular among the students.

In the 1950s Jazz became popular among students.

among many   (birçok arasında)

As such, the field was divided among many local favorites.

"The Godfather" (1969); among many others.

An example among many is the usual representation of graphs.

among all   (hepsinin arasından)

This work stands in high repute among all botanists.

The school was ranked 25th among all public schools.

Arjuna enrages and addresses Karna among all Kauravas.

among the top

The series was among the top horror shows of 2018.

Gustafson was ranked among the top 3 for 1468 days.

Alice Walton was also among the top five contributors.

among the best

It was considered to be among the best of the times.

It ranked her at once among the best of the novelists.

Over 50 critics listed the film among the best of 1999.

ranked among   (arasında sıralandı)

Gustafson was ranked among the top 3 for 1468 days.

It is now often ranked among the all-time best TV shows.

The fair is consistently ranked among the best in California.

common among

(Dirt floors were common among most early adobes.)

Deep-sea gigantism is common among these animals.

Elvis suffers from tinnitus, common among musicians.

among many others

"The Godfather" (1969); among many others.

and Peter Brötzmann, among many others.

This new image eventually helped cure Ivan, among many others.

found among   (arasında bulundu)

Also they can be found among the Baloch tribes.

This variation is also found among images of Vajrapani.

Eyes of the Mongolian type are hardly found among them."

divided among   (arasında bölünmüş)

The school population is divided among four houses.

Land adjacent to the town was divided among the settlers.

Its space was divided among smaller stores.

especially among   (özellikle arasında)

Illiteracy is still high, especially among women.

There is a degree of child marriage, especially among Muslims.

It became a force in its own right, especially among the working class.

among several   (birkaç arasında)

One large sandwich may be shared among several people.

Contact lists for mobile operating systems are often shared among several mobile apps.

The East German government then divided Brandenburg among several "Bezirke" or districts.

among themselves   (kendi aralarında)

among themselves, the Giants, Pirates, Reds, and Braves.

Students divide the tasks among themselves in each group.

If this was rejected they would consult among themselves.

among the largest   (en büyüğü arasında)

Both cities were among the largest in the country.

She was among the largest donors in the 2016 election.

They are among the largest coal units built.

listed among

He is listed among the top rebounders in college basketball.

She was listed among the 8 Most Influential African Feminists

She was listed among 25 to Watch by "Dance Magazine" in 2015.

popularity among   (arasında popülerlik)

Totally shaved heads gained popularity among men.

In France this instrument gained popularity among aristocrats.

Myspace quickly gained popularity among teenagers and young adults.

place among   (arasına yerleştir)

Anthony has earned his place among the birds.'

DioGuardi struggled to find her place among the judges.

Agama got a four place among 12 participants.

unique among   (arasında benzersiz)

Their pH optima is 6–9, which is unique among the phytases.

This level of dominance is unique among Germany's 16 states.

It is unique among sundews in having narrow, branching leaves.

distributed among   (arasında dağıtılmış)

Tritanopia is equally distributed among males and females.

At the end rice with meat is distributed among the people.

They were distributed among France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain.

among whom   (aralarında)

Faculty staff members add up to 245, among whom there are:

He had nine children with his wife; among whom was George Bouchier Worgan (bapt.

Anton Samdzivari and other nobles, among whom were the meghvinetukhutsesi joined him.

among the people   (insanlar arasında)

Social respect can be seen among the people.

At the end rice with meat is distributed among the people.

However, not all of the supplies were distributed fairly among the people.

known among   (arasında bilinen)

She became known among the sisters as an organist.

This mountain was not known among the Arabs generally.

The concept was well known among naturalists of the time.

among women

The size of the areola can vary widely among women.

Illiteracy is still high, especially among women.

The dimensions and weight of the breast vary widely among women.

among people   (insanlar arasında)

CAM use is common among people with cancer.

That untoward act of sportsmanship created a bad taste among people."

There are a few followers of the Hanafi rite among people of Turkish descent.

support among   (arasında destek)

These assertions have found no support among Mesoamerican researchers.

The idea of a new uprising was met with broad support among the masses.

Amid an economic slump generally, the Conservatives lost support among farmers.

first among

Ford ranked first among automotive manufacturers regarding exports.

And Degana being the first among few Panchayats which had elections.

The poem was placed first among the Latin poems in his 1645 collection.

among young

Fear of surgery is common among young children.

managed to gain a large following among young viewers.

The Café Parisien was most popular among young adults.

among the many   (birçokları arasında)

Acharya, was one among the many editors of "Karmaveera".

During the operation, Yeo was among the many British who became sick.

A selection among the many books and essays published by Arrigo Levi:

among many other   (diğerleri arasında)

Set It Off strongly endorses this organization for these, among many other, reasons.

Orson Scott Card is the author of The Ender saga and Homecoming Saga among many other works.

In August 2015, Gomez appeared in the documentary "Unity" among many other actors and actresses.

among adults   (yetişkinler arasında)

The dish is popular among adults as well as children.

, the HIV/AIDS prevalence was estimated at 1.40% among adults aged 15–49.

Right-sided aortic arch is rare, with a prevalence among adults of about 0.01%.

considered among

This work Derleth considered among his finest.

The website is considered among the first to use hypertext.

He has also been considered among top male chefs in Africa by DSTV.

among the earliest   (en erken arasında)

They are among the earliest settlers of Barbour.

They were among the earliest Catholics to locate here.

They were among the earliest settlers of Lawrence County.

among the few

The songs are also among the few that Crosby had never recorded.

The Duhesme mausoleum is one among the few graves of the fallen.

Williams was among the few African Americans to direct films during the 1940s.

among the highest   (en yüksekler arasında)

These figures are among the highest in the state.

He answered "Augustus Egg I’d put among the highest."

It is among the highest towns in the world.

included among

Also included among Juan Arvizu's single recordings are:

Hyaenodontidae was not included among the creodonts until 1909.

2), it may be included among liturgical vestments in the widest sense.

not among   (arasında değil)

She was not among the fifteen semi-finalists.

He was not among the original twenty members.

Incidentally, "Therapy" was not among them, he sent them later.

among different

Tonewood choices vary greatly among different instrument types.

The efficacy of the signal varies among different neuronal types.

The overall incidences among different cancers vary across countries.

among students

In the 1950s Jazz became popular among students.

György Lukács accepted among students, the School of Budapest belonged.

JE's early years saw a flourishing of political activity among students.

among the world   (dünya arasında)

Frankfurt Airport is among the world's busiest.

He ranks among the world's leading education economists.

By 1983 the U.S. squad was among the world's elite teams.

particularly among   (özellikle arasında)

It grows in mountainous areas, particularly among damp rocks.

Unemployment is a serious problem, particularly among younger workers.

The band was popular in the United Kingdom, particularly among skinheads.

ranks among   (rütbeler arasında)

He ranks among the most prominent economists of Egypt.

He ranks among the foremost labour economists in Italy.

He ranks among the world's leading education economists.

among children   (çocuklar arasında)

The form of attack was well known among children who watched the show.

In time a fanbase grew up among children, many of whom watched it over and over.

Borgnine had found a renewed fanbase among children through his work on the show.

among members

Freemasonry was relatively common among members of the Lay Fraternities.

In May 1993, a fight broke out among members of two gangs in Columbia Park.

Such characterisations caused discontent among members of Britain's Jewish community.

even among   (Hatta arasında)

Several orthographic mistakes are common even among native speakers.

Confusion between the two names was common even among contemporaries.

At the school, Ged's skills inspire admiration even among the teachers.

debate among   (arasında tartışmak)

The case spurred spirited debate among Civil War buffs.

This has been the subject of debate among modern scholars.

There is a long-running cycle helmet debate among activists.

counted among   (arasında sayıldı)

Her work is also counted among the New Hague School.

Emeritus ecclesiastics are counted among the latter.

Pamfile himself is counted among prominent folklorists.

among the oldest

Pila Church is among the oldest churches in Laguna.

The city is among the oldest settlements in Central Asia.

Nevlje is among the oldest settlements in the Kamnik area.

among various

Most of his canvasses are scattered among various private collections.

Disagreements sprang up among various parties and the project was shelved.

There is disagreement among various sources regarding the dates of Saint Mary's life.

share among   (arasında paylaş)

The episode was watched by 2.55 million viewers with a 0.6/2 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

The episode was watched by 2.53 million viewers with a 0.7/3 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

The episode was watched by 2.47 million viewers with a 0.7/3 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

among fans   (hayranlar arasında)

The album became a cult hit among fans of the group.

Misty has become a favorite among fans of the series.

among fans and on social media.

among its members

The treaty is aimed at promoting free trade among its members.

From among its members were selected the 104 Judges mentioned above.

Jehovah's Witnesses allow moderate alcohol consumption among its members.

among the other   (diğerleri arasında)

Flute is popular among the other Indians.

The remaining eight teams were randomly drawn among the other three pools.

competition among   (arasında rekabet)

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams.

Colonization policies in particular created a fear of German competition among Poles.

This phenomenon is called clonal interference and causes competition among the mutations.

among both

However, panic began to spread among both passengers and crew.

It remains popular among both singers and double bassists today.

At Bryn Mawr, he worked hard and was a popular student among both staff and pupils.

relationships among   (arasındaki ilişkiler)

The rock cycle illustrates the relationships among them (see diagram).

The text-figure below summarizes the relationships among these various words.

Statistics revolves around the analysis of relationships among multiple variables.

among scholars

The reasons for the delay are debated among scholars.

However, photocopies of the proofs circulated among scholars.

There is no consensus among scholars.

consensus among   (arasında fikir birliği)

That's the consensus among economists.

There is no consensus among scholars.

However, there was no consensus among Iranian authorities on whom to blame.

very popular among

Lumbini Quiz is very popular among the students.

It is very popular among devotees of Hayagrīva.

Cayuga Lake is very popular among recreational boaters.

work among   (arasında çalışmak)

Crosby published three volumes of memoirs about his work among B.C.

After leaving Oxford, Rawnsley went to work among the urban poor in London.

In 1881 Collison began work among the Gitxsan, up the Skeena River from the Tsimshian.

among men   (erkekler arasında)

Totally shaved heads gained popularity among men.

Cancer mortality is higher among men than in women.

Rates are higher among men than women of a given age.

among the members

The is appointed from among the members of the cabinet.

The President is elected among the members of MIA Council.

The Sheftalls were founding among the members of Congregation Mickve Israel.

among the founders   (kurucular arasında)

Ansel Adams was among the founders of the Center.

He is among the founders of the Resilience Alliance.

In 1871, Montero was among the founders of the Civilista Party.

rate among   (arasında derecelendirmek)

Also, Hampton has the second highest graduation rate among HBCUs.

The casualty rate among officers is particularly high at the front.

They attained the highest literacy rate among the local groups here.

shared among

There were five reigns shared among five wrestlers.

MDC and MDIO can be shared among multiple PHYs.

One large sandwich may be shared among several people.

among a group

IPTBO is found among a group of highly toxic bicyclic phosphates.

Danner and Milner were among a group working on publishing in 1961.

The presence of alveoli and other traits place the Apicomplexa among a group called the alveolates.

reputation among

Wild had a frightening reputation among Southerners.

Ochino's reputation among Protestants was low.

Recently, the tower's reputation among Czechs has improved.

among the various

Migration among the various islands is important.

Breasts and especially the nipples are among the various human erogenous zones.

There are, of course, great differences among the various different types of regulatory regimes.

controversy among   (arasında tartışma)

The change, however, stirred up much controversy among candidates.

Himes as a rookie general manager generated controversy among players.

This arrangement sparked controversy among certain groups in San Diego.

rank among   (arasında sıralama)

rank among the best-selling girl groups.

His 1901 to 1904 seasons rank among the best four-year runs ever.

His career statistics rank among the greats in Syracuse's school history.

among the local

The school is familiar among the local yet by its previous name.

They attained the highest literacy rate among the local groups here.

The highest place of the hill is called "Baş" (bash) among the local population.

among other places   (diğer yerlerin yanı sıra)

Kinman sold these photographs, among other places, in the U.S. Capitol.

Others exist in among other places Kabul, Afghanistan and Khartoum, Sudan.

It is used in the proof of Gödel's completeness theorem, among other places.

among local

Disputes over water made Craig unpopular among local ranchers.

Usage varies among local organisations, with both names being used.

This led to some alarm among local residents that another dam had broken.

differences among

The primary differences among these clown types is attitude.

Giraffes have a typical coat pattern, with regional differences among subspecies.

These calls are one of the traits used determining species differences among the gibbons.

second among

His 76.5% catch rate ranked second among NFL wide receivers in 2016.

In 2008, Sports Business Journal ranked him second among sports agents.

In 2004, he ranked second among all points scorers at the Athens Olympics.

named among

Nataliey was named among Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018.

It was named among 10 best free mobile games by

Peña was named among the 23-man squad for the 2013 Gold Cup.

spread among   (arasında yayılmak)

However, panic began to spread among both passengers and crew.

Khizri has a total population of 2,317, spread among about 397 houses.

It increased awareness about the ease in which bacteria spread among organisms.

among hundreds

The audition ended by choosing 4 kids among hundreds of submissions.

Species in the genus "Capillaria" include (among hundreds of described species):

The Zoques are found in 3,000 square kilometers the center and west of the state scattered among hundreds of communities.

among the public   (halk arasında)

The exhibition among the public and critics was well received.

However, written sign language remained marginal among the public.

Louise was popular among the public for her beauty and charitable personality.

among the last   (sonuncusu arasında)

Their videos were among the last episodes of the show.

Teodolfo Mertel was among the last of the lay cardinals.

The Tampere City Hall was among the last strongholds of the Reds.

unusual among   (arasında olağandışı)

Its survival is unusual among Darrah's works.

Fly ash properties are unusual among engineering materials.

The park had several features that were unusual among ballparks.

cooperation among   (arasında işbirliği)

Its task was to facilitate cooperation among churches and missions of varying Protestant backgrounds.

The NAASP remains an important and potential forum of cooperation among countries in the two continents.

The corporate team-building program caters to businesses looking to increase cooperation among employees.

share among adults   (yetişkinler arasında pay)

The episode was watched by 2.55 million viewers with a 0.6/2 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

The episode was watched by 2.53 million viewers with a 0.7/3 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

The episode was watched by 2.47 million viewers with a 0.7/3 share among adults aged 18 to 49.

highest among

School absenteeism and dropout rates are highest among indigenous girls.

This is the highest among all state transmission utilities in the country.

Her score of 92% was the highest among any Republican Member of Congress in 2006.

among the population

Hoveyda was largely unknown among the population of Iran before Towfigh publisized him.

Following the Appeal of 18 June, debate arose among the population of French Polynesia.

The Haskalah and modern Jewish political parties also were represented among the population.

prominent among

He became prominent among the discontented nobles.

As Garcia was prominent among the missionaries, he was given the middle place.

Then there are the customers: the evil Mattlin and the sensitive Hartmann most prominent among them.

among individuals

However, the variation among individuals is quite large.

The disease itself is not fully systemic and virulency is varied among individuals.

It is possible that the realization of murmur varies among individuals or languages.

following among

Hinduism also has a small following among Maori.

managed to gain a large following among young viewers.

It also had a large following among Swedish Americans.

use among

He found it in use among the Audiani, Syrian heretics.

These features all came into wider use among other Czech games.

Padukas made of ivory were in popular use among royalty and saints.

became popular among

In the 1950s Jazz became popular among students.

The work eventually became popular among amateur light opera groups.

It was formulated by Dan Duchaine, and quickly became popular among bodybuilders.

notable among

He was notable among painters for subversive political stances.

It is notable among "Neisseria" for its ability to metabolize sucrose.

Her personality was even notable among the Montparnasse bohemian circle.

position among

Fire station 8 occupies a special position among the Munich fire stations.

A sixth-century date for Obadiah is a "near consensus" position among scholars.

During their inaugural 2017-18 season, the team occupied the 8th position among 8 teams.

interest among   (arasında ilgi)

Early daguerreotypes of Poe continue to arouse great interest among literary historians.

Marketing campaigns have also used such claims to raise interest among curious audiences.

In 1965, WXPN-AM started airing popular music shows, stirring interest among the students.

among the more

His meaning had to lie among the more spiritual meanings of the word.

Tomato and cucumber are among the more important crops of the village. and are among the more popular .org users.

among historians

A dispute exists among historians as to the motives for the attack.

The exact location of the kingdom is the subject of studies among historians.

There is disagreement among historians over when exactly “the Terror” started.

used among   (arasında kullanılan)

It was also used among the Kushites and the Aksumites.

Traditional Chinese names are used among the Malaysian Chinese.

It may also be used among medical staff outside of the hospital.