large amount   (大量)

Ancus returned to Rome with a large amount of loot.

The chosen route required a large amount of grading.

Brown has also written a large amount of poetry.

amount of time   (時間の長さ)

The team spending least amount of time wins.

Erica was Little Eric's nanny for a short amount of time.

The Germans made major advances in a short amount of time.

small amount   (少量)

They also may include a small amount of salted cod fish.

Besides, the amount of money he stole is a small amount.

Stains generally can be removed with a small amount of alcohol.

amount of money   (金額)

The estimated total amount of money was $20 million.

Besides, the amount of money he stole is a small amount.

Ward worked hard and saved every amount of money he could.

significant amount   (かなりの量)

WIXC continues to air a significant amount of sports content.

These speeches received a significant amount of media attention.

The town has a significant amount of tourism due to its beaches.

certain amount   (一定量)

A certain amount of rarer cards were guaranteed in each booster.

The Diet voted to pay for certain amount of infantry and cavalry.

We have a certain amount of tension that's very ripe comedically."

same amount

Kuipers raised $232,223 and spent the same amount.

Heacock raised $393,212 and spent the same amount.

Ukrainec raised $16,506 and raised the same amount.

considerable amount   (かなりの量)

It also wasted a considerable amount of lumber.

excited a considerable amount of feeling.

By day 21, a considerable amount of time was spent outside the nest.

total amount   (合計金額)

30,000 taking the total amount of their team to Rs.

The total amount paid to Kustomotive was $2,500.

The estimated total amount of money was $20 million.

amount of water

Lake Sevan contains the largest amount of water in the country.

This implies that a large amount of water was available on Mars.

The diver typically displaces a larger than usual amount of water.

substantial amount   (相当な量)

A substantial amount of rebuilding followed.

Christian I gave a substantial amount of money to the priory in 1480.

A substantial amount of the novel's dialogue is in the French language.

limited amount

In the game, there is a limited amount of health.

Rykoff distributed a very limited amount of frozen foods.

There is a limited amount of ores.

amount of energy

A relatively small amount of energy is required for initiation.

Then the total amount of energy can be found by adding formula_12.

Radio waves have the least amount of energy and the lowest frequency.

reduce the amount   (量を減らす)

Evidently tricks are to be applied to reduce the amount of work.

Wind breaks reduce the amount of heat carried away from a building.

Thin-film technologies reduce the amount of active material in a cell.

undisclosed amount   (未開示額)

The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount in April 2006.

In 1998, McBrayer sold Digital Solutions for an undisclosed amount.

mcgarrybowen was acquired for an undisclosed amount by Dentsu in 2008.

huge amount   (巨額)

Prairies, or vast grasslands cover a huge amount in mountain ranges.

Nuclear power plants can produce a huge amount of power from a single unit.

After this, Neeraj tasted a huge amount of continuous success in Bollywood.

fair amount   (相当額)

He missed a fair amount of the season with injuries.

Entities receiving grant money are given a fair amount of autonomy.

A fair amount of money was collected from the general public for him.

maximum amount

Therefore, the maximum amount of money that a contestant can earn is $50,000.

The maximum amount of data varies depending on the size of the address field.

The maximum amount of system memory available to AGP is defined as the "AGP aperture".

amount of land   (土地の量)

Buildings account for a large amount of land.

The family owns an extensive amount of land and property in the area.

In numerous cases the peasants ended up with the smallest amount of land.

amount of work   (仕事量)

The profound amount of work put into it staggers me.'

This is the amount of work needed to transform the water.

It also wastes the least amount of work.

great amount   (大量)

Because of this, The Law Code of Manu has a great amount of authority.

There is a great amount of research and drugs developed relating to cancer.

There is also a great amount of shared mythology and a common belief in Mana.

amount of information   (情報量)

Some formats such as JPEG achieve compression through small amount of information loss.

Then, it will emit only a finite amount of information encoded within its Hawking radiation.

The vast amount of information available about events is sometimes referred to as the event cloud.

vast amount   (膨大な量)

It also required a vast amount of wood.

There is a vast amount of literature on this, in both popular and serious culture.

Jean-Louis' boat has a large sleeping platform and a vast amount of dedicated storage.

high amount

It sold for a then record high amount: $6,400.

Calcium chloride also produces a high amount of heat during hydration.

The other is the high amount of toxic waste left behind from the factories.

amount of data

The minimum amount of data for S0/S1/S2/S3 records is zero.

The FDA has collected a large amount of data through decades.

Consequently, the amount of data stored in each chip is "N"2 bits.

increase the amount

The last part of Claudius' plan was to increase the amount of arable land in Italy.

The Altai Mountain goat was originally bred to increase the amount of wool available per goat.

This is part of an effort to increase the amount of local literature read in the school system.

enormous amount   (膨大な量)

That much money means an enormous amount of power.

The Washington Post said that it was an "enormous amount of hate mail and death threats".

An enormous amount of work was undertaken by the founding Chairman, Mr Edwin Derriman M.B.E.

reducing the amount

The Plus 3 reset PAGE to &1D00, reducing the amount of free RAM available to user.

He was transferred to hospital in April as he kept reducing the amount of his glucose intake.

The activity of protein C may be down-regulated by reducing the amount either of available thrombomodulin or of EPCR.

amount of light   (光量)

More elaborate designs use the amount of light produced.

Supplemental lighting can be added to make sure that the plants receive the correct amount of light.

The size of the transparent window in the bulb can be adjusted to change the amount of light emanating from the lure.

amount of power

That much money means an enormous amount of power.

Peels are hits that are thrown with the most amount of power.

Nuclear power plants can produce a huge amount of power from a single unit.

highest amount

This was the highest amount in the Lebanon County.

The battle system gained the highest amount of praise.

It receives of rain annually, the highest amount in the state.

minimum amount

The minimum amount of data for S0/S1/S2/S3 records is zero.

The minimum amount an adult dog should get is the equivalent of one long walk a day.

The Church of England had previously campaigned for all employers to pay this minimum amount.

short amount

Erica was Little Eric's nanny for a short amount of time.

The Germans made major advances in a short amount of time.

It is unreleasable on VCD or DVD for a short amount of time.

amount of damage   (損害額)

There were no casualties and only a small amount of damage was reported.

Both techniques greatly decrease the amount of damage that is received from attacks.

If the earthquake had occurred elsewhere, however, it may have caused a larger amount of damage.

least amount

The team spending least amount of time wins.

It also wastes the least amount of work.

Radio waves have the least amount of energy and the lowest frequency.

amount of material

There is also a certain amount of material peculiar to each of them.

Often the amount of material in the solution being analyzed may be determined.

The next calculation was the amount of material needed for the balloon, estimated at .

largest amount

Asia received the second largest amount at $24 billion.

Lake Sevan contains the largest amount of water in the country.

It has the largest amount of laying hens, with a figure of 12,7 million.

greater amount

Larger wasps have a greater amount of brown pigmented clypei.

Possession of a greater amount, however, does become punishable by law.

The detailed nature of these sets requires a greater amount of design time than a normal Lego set.

increasing amount

Along this, the newspaper received an increasing amount of money from abroad.

The Khodynka radio station, built in 1914, couldn't longer handle the increasing amount of radiograms.

An increasing amount of archaeological evidence collected since the 1950s has settled some of the debate.

tremendous amount   (途方もない量)

It's a story with a tremendous amount of charm.

This region has a tremendous amount of variety in precipitation.

This reaction produces a tremendous amount of heat, burning at .

amount of increase

The amount of increase each school district receives is set by the Governor and the Secretary of Education as a part of the state budget proposal given each February.

The amount of increase each school district received was set by then Governor Edward G. Rendell and the Secretary of Education as a part of the state budget proposal.

The amount of increase each school district receives was set by Governor Edward G. Rendell and the Secretary of Education Gerald Zahorchak, as a part of the state budget proposal.

amount of space

The amount of space in the yard varied with different stages.

These problems might require large amounts of time or an inordinate amount of space.

These pictures are "designed to offer readers a high-utility message in a minimum amount of space."

full amount

However, the full amount was not authorized in one lump sum.

They won US$1,500, the full amount requested for the gig deposit.

The three parties were found guilty and ordered to pay the full amount.

reduces the amount

This reduces the amount of freshwater available for drinking and farming.

The insulation also reduces the amount of energy needed for normal cooking.

Outsourcing the work reduces the amount of control held over these aspects.

increasing the amount

This is subsequently increasing the amount of debt the students take on as student loans.

In order to allow criticality, the fuel must be "enriched", increasing the amount of U to a usable level.

At the same time the tribe was increasing its land, it was increasing the amount of livestock, particularly sheep.

amount of heat

The difference is in the amount of heat generated inside.

This reaction produces a tremendous amount of heat, burning at .

Wind breaks reduce the amount of heat carried away from a building.

fixed amount

In this situation, a fixed amount of drug is in solution inside the microcapsule.

This fee will typically include a set fee for the room, for a fixed amount of time.

Historically, this was often a promise to exchange the money for precious metals in some fixed amount.

amount of food

In exchange, a large amount of food and other supplies are given to Tara for the Hilltop.

For example, if she had just a small amount of food, she multiplied it to feed lots of people.

The balloon limits the amount of food the stomach can hold and creates thereby an early feeling of fullness and satiety.

reduced the amount

Use and management has reduced the amount of this type of habitat nationally.

A combination of injuries and work reduced the amount of cricket MacLaren played after 1905.

Subsequent separation procedures reduced the amount of isotopically pure einsteinium roughly tenfold.

equal amount

Khan landed 312 of 679 punches thrown (46%), an equal amount of jabs and power shots were landed.

A good example would be the assertion that "When an equal amount is taken from equals, an equal amount results."

average amount   (平均額)

The average amount of precipitation for the year in Champawat is .

The average amount of precipitation falling in the pond is about 1900mm per year.

The average amount of study in primary school in Basel is 816 teaching hours per year.

greatest amount

Nitrogen is the nutrient required in greatest amount by turfgrass.

Perhaps the greatest amount of research concerning context effects comes from marketing research.

The 1988 Constitution has granted the states the greatest amount of autonomy since the Old Republic.

set amount

Bullet souls are often projectiles and consume a set amount of magic points upon use.

Equipped items cannot be removed, and will disappear after a set amount of battlefields.

After this, the player is prompted to draw the same pattern on the touchscreen in a set amount of time.

larger amount

With a larger amount of red blood cells, blood oxygenation is enhanced.

As a result, the design allowed for a larger amount of Russell's bosom to be exposed.

Another archive employee who collected Russian folklore in a larger amount was Menda Ehrenberg.

times the amount

However, the casino may only pay 4 times the amount wagered for a winning wager.

Henry Every retired a rich man, and Bartholomew Roberts took an estimated five times the amount Teach stole.

Severely sprouted grain kernels can contain several thousand times the amount of enzyme of sound unsprouted kernels.

right amount

A delightfully melodic air to the track, with the right amount of swing."

Following this method with well performed forest inventories should see the right amount of cutting.

As a piece of sheer escapism, it's fantastic: it's got just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek cheekiness.

amount paid   (払込金額)

The total amount paid to Kustomotive was $2,500.

The system's application layer provides a report with the total amount paid to its vendors for that particular month.

In the course of the "arisan" the amount paid to other members will equal the amount received when the "arisan" is held.

amount of fuel

Fuel Quantity Indication System (FQIS) monitors the amount of fuel aboard.

Fuel economy measures how far a vehicle will go per amount of fuel (units of MPGe).

Arado then improved the design so that a third crew member and a larger amount of fuel could be included.

massive amount

The 500 yen coin from Japan was subject to a massive amount of counterfeiting.

The trade brought in a massive amount of silver, which China at the time needed desperately.

Because of this, a massive amount of West German economic aid was poured into East Germany to revitalize it.

amount of attention   (注意の量)

In his very first salon, the Paris Salon in 1951, his paintings won awards and garnered a fair amount of attention.

She linked to the entry from her popular website and "The Soxaholix" received a large amount of attention very quickly.

The Catholic Church, in particular, receives a considerable amount of attention from the narrator, specifically its institutionalized nature.

amount of research

There is a great amount of research and drugs developed relating to cancer.

As a result, the amount of research that has been conducted is limited in volume and scope.

Perhaps the greatest amount of research concerning context effects comes from marketing research.

amount of traffic

This is more sustainable as it reduces the amount of traffic on local roads.

Second, it reduces the amount of traffic routed through the Gnutella network.

Trail conditions vary based on the amount of traffic certain sections receive.

smaller amount

This is due to the smaller amount of memory available in the Xbox.

However, in totality it made a much smaller amount during its run-time.

Inside lamas, rainwater also flows on its surface, but in a smaller amount.

minimal amount   (最小量)

The advantage of a line list is that it requires a minimal amount of memory.

Because of his short reign of one year, a minimal amount of coins were produced.

A minimal amount of steel was used as it was in short supply during World War II.

amount of gold

The amount of gold that came into Roman possession actually brought down the value of gold.

For the 2011 season the team modified their uniforms dropping the yellow in favor of a smaller amount of gold.

Bank notes were legal tender issued by state banks which could be exchanged for an amount of gold at any bank.

good amount

Therefore, a good amount of criticism arises.

Shi explains how she worked with a good amount of female supervisors on her team for "Bao."

The Mission Circle Committee, Nazareth, took steps and sanctioned a good amount for this purpose.

amount of cash

That night, Brose leaves a large amount of cash in the apartment for his maid.

Luc reveals he has a large amount of cash on him and refused to pay on a whim.

Expensive jewelry and a large amount of cash were found on the Thompsons' bodies, eliminating robbery as a likely motive.

amount of rainfall

As a result, it receives a considerable amount of rainfall per year.

Agricultural water usage varies depending on the amount of rainfall each year.

The highest amount of rainfall recorded in a single day is on 30 November 2010.

not amount

850- Mere silence cannot amount to any assent.

The Code further explains that "mere words do not amount to an assault.

The overpayments did not amount to representations that they were (so no estoppel by representation).

increased the amount

This expansion increased the amount of steam available to the refinery.

After the Armistice, the Recruit Educational Center increased the amount of citizens eligible for military service.

The compound decreased motility and testosterone levels and increased the amount of morphological abnormalities within the sperm cells.

amount of carbon

Therefore, the amount of carbon on Earth is effectively constant.

This is much more than the amount of carbon in the oceans or atmosphere (below).

The amount of carbon dioxide varies naturally in a dynamic equilibrium with photosynthesis of land plants.

given amount

As well, a given amount of actuating force creates more pressure on the mating surfaces.

If the ice is keen, a rock will travel farther with a given amount of weight (throwing force) on it.

This analogy is partly motivated because (for a given amount of debt) debt servicing is a fixed cost.

increased amount

"Vibrio chloerae" releases a toxin that induces an increased amount of water in the small intestines.

It has also been defined as increased amount of saliva in the mouth, which may also be caused by decreased clearance of saliva.

The increased amount of habitat fragmentation, due to expanding technology, has increased the likelihood of a deer-vehicle collision.

amount of blood

There was a small amount of blood found at the scene that was never tested.

He lost a kidney, lacerated his spleen, and lost a significant amount of blood.

The only sign that a muroni was there at all was an exceptional amount of blood loss.

amount of air

The race car's engine needs a considerable amount of air to produce maximum power.

The corners of the mouth always remain relaxed, and only a small amount of air is used.

The amount of air required for complete combustion to take place is known as theoretical air.

limit the amount   (量を制限する)

following in September 2008 (with a few edits to limit the amount of U.S. advertising).

when the issue was actually whether to limit the amount of salt only in pre-processed food.

Thus, low numbers of aquatic plants can limit the amount of dissolved oxygen that enters the water.

sufficient amount

One RNA gene may not be able to provide a sufficient amount of RNA.

In this situation, tandem repeats of the gene allow a sufficient amount of RNA to be provided.

BIA-COR purchased a sufficient amount of Braniff stock to gain voting control over the airline.

amount of tax

The exact amount of tax that would be raised is also uncertain.

Decurions were made liable for any shortfall in the amount of tax collected.

Sadashiv warns Najib ad-Dawlah (Mantra), the Mughal Army's chief, due to the high amount of tax he owes to the Empire.

amount of weight

Earlier that year he had contracted a virus and lost a great amount of weight.

The team that had gained the least amount of weight would become the Have-Nots for the week.

A large amount of weight can be lifted if the "knee raise" style is used in a standing position.

amount of resources

Gluttony is a condition where the first player to collect a certain amount of resources wins.

Eritrea has an extensive amount of resources such as copper, gold, granite, marble, and potash.

Centralized computing, however, specifically allocates a large amount of resources to a small number of computers.

reasonable amount

I want to do every kind of role with a reasonable amount of panache.

Even a university professor admitted that he could not finish the exam in a reasonable amount of time.

Once a reasonable amount of time for auditing has passed, Helios decrypts the ballots and tallies the votes.

amount of oxygen

Human blood contains a large amount of oxygen.

Reducing the amount of oxygen available and harming aquatic life in the river.

The dissolved oxygen reduces the amount of oxygen in the water that plants and animals need to survive.

exact amount

The exact amount of tax that would be raised is also uncertain.

The concubine may not have commanded the exact amount of respect as the wife.

The figures are for nominal water capacity, rather than the exact amount carried.

determine the amount

Correctly diagnosing respiratory compromise requires a screening to determine the amount of gas in the patient's bloodstream.

The first player rolls dice of three colors to determine the amount of food, parasites and shelters that will be available in the next phase.

Rainfall patterns and seasonal temperatures influence photosynthesis and thereby determine the amount of water and energy available to the ecosystem.

double the amount

The amount of exported goods was double the amount of imported goods.

The tourists on the island use about double the amount of water as the native inhabitants of Fuerteventura.

By law, both sons and daughters could inherit properties but the sons would get double the amount that of the daughter.

amount of precipitation

The heaviest amount of precipitation observed was near Jayuya.

The average amount of precipitation for the year in Champawat is .

The average amount of precipitation falling in the pond is about 1900mm per year.

no amount

Even if they could agree, the TCM theories are so nebulous that no amount of scientific study will enable TCM to offer rational care."

Erysichthon used her shape-shifting ability to sell her numerous times to make more money to feed himself, but no amount of food was enough.

amount of force

Drive: The next section of the deadlift produces the highest amount of force.

The electric opener provides only a small amount of force to control how far the door opens and closes.

Temporary cavitation can also cause the tearing of tissues if a very large amount of force is involved.

excessive amount   (過剰量)

Injuries can lead to an excessive amount of morbidity when a flood occurs.

Occasionally an excessive amount of snow must be dumped and is sometimes allowed to be legally dumped into water bodies on an "emergency only" basis.

According to the veterinarian quoted in the "New York Times" article, the excessive amount detected suggested that it was used as a performance enhancer and was not simply a feed contaminant.

very small amount   (非常に少量)

A very small amount of frictional energy would still be dissipated.

Glazes consist of a great amount of binding medium in relation to a very small amount of pigment.

The dye was very expensive; a great quantity of gall-nuts were needed for a very small amount of dye.

required amount

A bond several times the required amount was secured in less than an hour.

Suppose an amount "P" is given in order to pay the required amount "Q", with "P" greater than "Q".

After the payment of the required amount, the Boys Middle School was raised to the status of a high school in 1930.

higher amount

A higher amount of cocoa solids indicates more bitterness.

This may be related to less non-REM sleep due to a higher amount of stage 1 sleep.

Credit restructuring is made more likely by a higher amount of imports relative to FX reserves.

increases the amount

This drastically increases the amount of memory available to programs.

A higher amount of inland glacial melt ultimately increases the amount of outlet glacier output.

Points that the player earns increases the amount of weapons available to the player on the "Jerk-O-Meter".

amount of new

The amount of new garments bought by Americans has tripled since the 1960s.

Starting from the year 1704 there was a great amount of new taxes introduced.

This value is equal to the sum of the pre-money valuation and the amount of new equity.

amount of oil

Oil exploration is ongoing and the amount of oil continues to increase.

Oil mist is an atomized amount of oil carried or suspended in a volume of pressurized dry air.

Su (酥) is another kind of pastry made with more amount of oil, making the confection more friable.

specific amount

The middle compartment held a specific amount of ice for the heat source to melt.

This was the only instance that a specific amount of aid was given to a specific district.

The grated carrots are then put into a heated pan with a specific amount of milk or khoya and sugar.