data analysis   (データ分析)

Noah Smith praised CORE for "focusing more on hands-on data analysis."

In statistics, the term "analysis" may refer to any method used for data analysis.

His position on data modelling would appear to be implicit in the term data analysis.

phylogenetic analysis   (系統解析)

A phylogenetic analysis performed by Benson "et al."

A phylogenetic analysis conducted by Li "et al."

A phylogenetic analysis performed by Apestiguia et al.

statistical analysis   (統計分析)

It was established in 2007 and covers statistical analysis.

"The Economist" tested the lipstick effect in 2009 with statistical analysis.

There are a lot of tools that can be used to do statistical analysis in biological data.

detailed analysis   (詳細分析)

Beat A. Föllmi has since published a detailed analysis of the work’s narrative.

A detailed analysis of the shape of these isotherms is done using the Kelvin equation.

Film scholar Greg Jenkins has done a detailed analysis of the adaptation of the novel as a screenplay.

functional analysis   (機能的解析)

It is one aspect of nonlinear functional analysis.

Banach spaces play a central role in functional analysis.

As such, functional analysis has proved elusive at this time.

analysis gave

Lightcurve analysis gave a rotation period of 6.231 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.19 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a short rotation period of 3.34 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.12 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a well-defined rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.13 magnitude ().

mathematical analysis   (数学的分析)

The theorem has applications throughout mathematical analysis.

He is the author of several textbooks in mathematical analysis.

Modern mathematical analysis is the study of infinite processes.

critical analysis   (批判的な分析)

"Tesis" has generated much critical analysis due to its study of the fascination of violence.

An in-depth critical analysis of "1-2-3-4" is unnecessary; it should simply be listened to and enjoyed".

"Spex" is no longer focused on listing new releases, but also on critical analysis of modern social evolutions.

genetic analysis

A genetic analysis from Chaubey et al.

Cytogenetic techniques may be able to detect inversions, or inversions may be inferred from genetic analysis.

Blue-fin hybrids have also been detected from genetic analysis of whale meat samples taken from Japanese markets.

numerical analysis   (数字的分析)

Residual (numerical analysis) Loosely speaking, a residual is the error in a result.

One approach to complexity theory of numerical analysis is information based complexity.

He was one of the first mathematicians to apply normed vector spaces in numerical analysis.

chemical analysis

There he studied chemical analysis and smelting.

They can be analyzed using the tools of chemical analysis, e.g.

The on-board lab can perform chemical analysis of those water samples.

economic analysis

They are the focus of economic analysis.

The term "revolutionary" has been applied to the book in its impact on economic analysis.

The extent and the timing of budget deficits is disputed among schools of economic analysis.

complex analysis

All this refers to complex analysis in one variable.

Globevnik's main research interest is complex analysis.

One of the central tools in complex analysis is the line integral.

cladistic analysis

Comparison of bird and dinosaur skeletons through cladistic analysis strengthens the case for the link.

In 1996, Kevin Thiele and Pauline Ladiges published the results of a cladistic analysis of morphological characters of "Banksia".

A cladistic analysis showed that it was also the basalmost known ankylosaurine, placed below "Crichtonpelta" in the evolutionary tree.

analysis showed

A subsequent chromatographic analysis showed that "A.

Musculoskeletal analysis showed significant gender lifestyle variation.

Carbon dating and stratigraphic analysis showed the remains to be 10,000 to 13,000 years old.

policy analysis

Education policy analysis is the scholarly study of education policy.

It is focused on national and international security issues; military analysis, systems, and strategies; intelligence matters; and space policy analysis.

Founded in 1995, AVAC uses public education, policy analysis, advocacy and Community Mobilization to accelerate a comprehensive response to the epidemic.

further analysis

The collected samples will be returned for study and further analysis.

(2000) and propagated by subsequent scholars without further analysis.

Staggs chose to record the echo for further analysis by meteorologists.

network analysis   (ネットワーク分析)

This work is cited as being the birth of social network analysis.

Thus, the group led by Moreno displayed all four of the features that define social network analysis.

Distributed-element modelling was first used in electrical network analysis by Oliver Heaviside in 1881.

analysis shows

Stomach analysis shows that they also consume pollen and ants.

(A more careful analysis shows that it is enough just to take .)

Complex analysis shows some features not apparent in real analysis.

research and analysis

He has directed research and analysis on emerging issues; facilitated various summits (e.g.

As such, a critical essay requires research and analysis, strong internal logic and sharp structure.

Once evidence has been gathered there usually follows a period of research and analysis by the committee.

regression analysis   (回帰分析)

Statistical methods such as regression analysis are common.

Policy capturing assessments rely upon regression analysis models.

The title of the thesis was "Linear regression analysis of economic time series".

factor analysis   (因子分析)

His contributions to factor analysis were central.

The results in these tasks were taken to conduct a factor analysis.

He developed the Varimax rotation method for factor analysis in the late 1950s.

quantitative analysis   (定量分析)

covered 60 programs and added a dimension of quantitative analysis.

Hydration energy is one component in the quantitative analysis of solvation.

Classical quantitative analysis uses mass or volume changes to quantify amount.

risk analysis

Löfstedt teaches risk analysis at King's College London.

Quantitative risk analysis has been applied to IT security in a major US government study in 2000.

He previously worked with the provincial Office of the Fire Commissioner, and was involved in risk analysis and hazard assessment.

technical analysis

It also provides DealSmart platform for technical analysis.

Some traders identify market trends using technical analysis.

This was followed by the development of easier-to-use interfaces and advanced features such as charting and technical analysis tools.

analysis using

It is highly sensitive and can carry out analysis using only a few milligrams of a sample.

Later analysis using the pictures they took determined that they had come within an estimated of the crater's rim.

An important part of the course is case studies of real accidents and incidents with analysis using "MRM terminology".

comparative analysis   (比較解析)

Motiongrams allow for quick navigation in video material and for comparative analysis of motion qualities.

Through comparative analysis, two alleles that could be responsible for the whale's longevity were identified.

Additionally gene trees, generated by comparative analysis of DNA segments, do not always fit the species tree.

image analysis

The latter enables image analysis workflows with concise syntax.

Computer vision covers the core technology of automated image analysis which is used in many fields.

The fields most closely related to computer vision are image processing, image analysis and machine vision.

analysis suggests

Further analysis suggests, however, that women's place in Confucian society may be more complex.

A crude analysis suggests that companies with PEG values between 0 and 1 may provide higher returns.

DNA analysis suggests that the three genera "Elastostema", "Pellionia", and "Pilea" be grouped together as one.

analysis revealed

Forensic analysis revealed stomach contents of unhusked millet and blackberries.

A 2004 DNA analysis revealed that Y chromosomes, tracing male descent, are 87% Scandinavian.

The soil analysis revealed a high content of sand & clay hindering the growth of agricultural crops.

analysis found   (分析が見つかりました)

Modern computer analysis found it to be very accurate .

For example, a 2002 analysis found that oviraptorosaurs were basal avians.

Collet-Descotils's analysis found (mistakenly) that the samples contained only chromium.

analysis tools

Lowry-derived land-use analysis tools reside in the MPOs.

Lastly, the EDS is capable of providing objective analysis tools and aggregation.

Such networks are generally nonlinear and require more complex design and analysis tools.

political analysis

Miami (book) Miami is a 1987 book of social and political analysis by Joan Didion.

He can currently be seen on the Pennsylvania Cable Network offering political analysis.

The company provides commentary and political analysis through a daily email newsletter.

harmonic analysis

These techniques are now basic in abstract harmonic analysis and representation theory.

Nikolski's research deals with operator theory, harmonic analysis, and complex analysis.

Note: The harmonic analysis demonstrates a functional chord progression using the circle of fifths.

historical analysis

First, he developed a novel approach to the historical analysis of land values that utilized primary data and mapping techniques.

The Journal of Modern History stated the book was "more a work of philosophical meditation than conventional historical analysis."

In 1970, McQueen wrote "A New Britannia", an historical analysis of the emergence and development of the Australian labour movement.

analysis software

MatchMatix takes the data output of video analysis software and analyses sequences of events.

Reference - Fundamental Analysis Software for more information on fundamental analysis software.

Eaton developed spectral-spatial imaging using EPR, as well as the analysis software to accompany it.

structural analysis

MSC Nastran is commonly utilized for performing structural analysis.

These conclusions have been confirmed by structural analysis of adrenodoxin and P450 complex.

In the 1970s, engineers were just starting to use computer structural analysis on a large scale.

sequence analysis

The four families excluding Boryaceae form a well-supported clade in studies based on DNA sequence analysis.

This is particularly invaluable given the rapid emergence of various sites providing different sequence analysis and manipulation tools.

The Dahlgren system recognized three families of orchids, but DNA sequence analysis later showed that these families are polyphyletic and so should be combined.

scientific analysis

Louis Pasteur carried out scientific analysis on paint as well.

A scientific analysis shows that he mixed oils, plant based paints and gouaches.

A gravesite was uncovered in 1890 and scientific analysis proved they were actually Acadian soldiers.

behavior analysis

In 2004, Michelle Dawson challenged applied behavior analysis (ABA) on ethical grounds.

After earning his PhD, Lovaas worked at the University of Washington’s Child Development Institute, where he first learned of behavior analysis.

This philosophy of behavioral science assumes that behavior is a consequence of environmental histories of reinforcement (see Applied behavior analysis).

analysis has shown

Phylogenetic analysis has shown that "Bovista", as defined by Kreisel, is monophyletic.

Some authors have considered "M. illuminans" to be synonymous with "M. chlorophos" due to their morphological similarity, but molecular analysis has shown that they are distinct species.

Archaeologists Alasdair Whittle and Michael Wysocki note that such estimates were commonly based on the "numbers of skulls or mandibles", and recent analysis has shown the bones to be from at least 40 individuals.

analysis of data

The analysis techniques Rossi's group developed laid the groundwork for the analysis of data from future arrays.

The study will aid in the analysis of data collected by the James Webb Space Telescope, which NASA expect to launch in 2021.

); and in-depth interviewing: "The analysis of data involves interpretation on the part of the researcher" (Hammersley in Genzuk).

molecular analysis

However, none of the parasites are morphologically distinguishable, except by molecular analysis.

The important relationship between ecology and genetic inheritance predates modern techniques for molecular analysis.

(3) The rest of the species have not been for the most part well-documented taxonomically and thus, there is limited molecular analysis on their phylogeny.

component analysis

Principal component analysis (PCA) is a commonly employed tool to do summarize the variation.

In such a case, one could apply the biostatistical technique of dimension reduction (for example via principal component analysis).

CAGE tags are clustered by proximity, followed by independent component analysis to decompose the peaks into non-overlapping regions.

analysis techniques

A range of analysis techniques are in use by drug checking services.

Great effort is being put in shrinking the analysis techniques to chip size.

Static analysis techniques for software verification can be applied also in the scenario of query languages.

analysis indicates

Modern analysis indicates that the Ukrainian language was underrepresented in Soviet media production.

Allometric analysis indicates that mammalian brain size scales at approximately the ⅔ or ¾ exponent of the body mass.

This analysis indicates the presence of multiple largish craters, similar to 253 Mathilde, but no major variation in albedo.

linguistic analysis   (言語分析)

A. van Roon argued the style is consistent with Paul, and thought the entire linguistic analysis dubious.

Understanding language, according to Derrida, requires an understanding of both viewpoints of linguistic analysis.

Christian Askeland's linguistic analysis of the text shows that it is in a dialect which fell out of use well before AD 741.

analysis methods

Support for various time series analysis methods.

Chemical analysis methods may include the analysis of mass, density or chemical composition.

Modern explosives engineering utilizes computational analysis methods which avoid this problem.

analysis conducted

A phylogenetic analysis conducted by Li "et al."

Unlike the analysis from the description of "Xiaotingia", the analysis conducted by Godefroit, "et al."

Below is the cladogram of the Tyrannosauridae based on the phylogenetic analysis conducted by Loewen "et al."

discourse analysis   (談話分析)

A fourth group uses modern discourse analysis or Greco-Roman rhetorical structures to describe the structure of James.

It developed from critical discourse analysis (CDA), a branch of sociolinguistics concentrating upon how power is articulated.

Such methods include ethnography, auto ethnography, contextual analysis, media analysis, discourse analysis and participant observation.

content analysis

They are insectivorous, based on stomach content analysis.

Gut content analysis of yellowtail damselfish shows a change is food ingested from young adulthood to adulthood.

Coding reliability approaches have the longest history and are often little different from qualitative content analysis.

analysis based

This later arrangement has been challenged by phylogenetic analysis based on molecular data.

Gramene is an online web database resource for plant comparative genomics and pathway analysis based on Ensembl technology.

A 2014 phylogenetic analysis based on cytochrome b sequences and linear skull measurements showed polyphyly in "Neotragus".

recent analysis

In their recent analysis, Verheyen "et al."

Another recent analysis suggested pyogenic (infectious) spondylitis or meningitis.

However, recent analysis of the Archaic elements of the treasury suggest that its founding preceded this.