ancient times   (古代)

Fertilization was not understood in ancient times.

Minerals of copper were known from ancient times.

Kites have been flown in China since ancient times.

ancient city   (古都)

Hit is identified with the ancient city of Eitha.

Kalavryta is built near the ancient city of Cynaetha.

Pula is located near the ancient city of Nora.

most ancient   (最も古い)

Some chose the names of their most ancient known ancestor.

It is considered the most ancient and beloved of Polish traditions.

The key is the coast-hugging requirement of most ancient navigation.

ancient history   (古代史)

This land is a museum of man's ancient history.

Not much is known about the ancient history of Kandalloor.

The series also references contemporary and ancient history.

ancient world   (古い世界)

In the ancient world, it was known as Chalkis.

The ships were among the largest vessels in the ancient world.

It was one of the most fertile and rich parts of the ancient world.

other ancient   (他の古代)

He is a scholar of Nyaya & other ancient Indian shastras.

There are remains of two other ancient bridges both up- and downstream.

After Homer, Aeschylus, Pindar, and other ancient Greek writers use the name.

ancient name

The ancient name of Keriya was Ganmi (Gyuymi, Umi).

The village's ancient name was "Llanfair Betws Geraint".

Its ancient name may have been either Karana or Qattara.

ancient town   (古代の町)

Zhangjiang was an ancient town with a long history.

Nearby is the site of the ancient town of Cantanus.

Awbube is an ancient town in the Awbare district.

ancient parish

Kingsley was a township in Frodsham ancient parish.

It was part of the ancient parish of St Andrew Holborn.

The area was part of the ancient parish of Trevethin, in Monmouthshire.

town of ancient   (古代の町)

Nonacris Nonacris or Nonakris () was a town of ancient Arcadia in the region of Pheneatis northwest of Pheneus, situated in what is now Achaea, southern Greece.

ancient and modern

Her repertoire included ancient and modern folk songs.

The name is rendered as Μαγνησία in ancient and modern Greek language.

They have been created by nearly every civilization, ancient and modern.

ancient sources

Other ancient sources give similarly large numbers.

According to ancient sources, it was an armed dance.

No information on the bridge survives from ancient sources.

more ancient

Detinue also replaced the more ancient action of res adiratae.

The more ancient and most informative are cuneiform tablets, ca.

The Guardians must face another, more ancient enemy: Dark Mother!

many ancient

Incubation was practised by many ancient cultures.

Like many ancient temples its inside is dark.

The Samanids also revived many ancient Persian festivals.

very ancient

Temporally, it was a very ancient civilization.

Maritime History of aborigines is very ancient.

The village is very ancient and named in the "Aeneid".

ancient texts

Dharma, in these ancient texts, also takes a ritual meaning.

He describes his writing and speaking style as "mind-jazz on ancient texts".

In the ancient texts, Budha is linked to three steps of the Hindu god Vishnu.

ancient temple

The shrine of Sabarimala is an ancient temple.

There is an ancient temple in Puthiyedam.

The campus is close to the ancient temple town of Srivilliputhur.

ancient and medieval

Yamas are related to Niyamas in ancient and medieval era Indian texts.

None of these holds true for what ancient and medieval Daoists were about.

ancient monument   (古代記念碑)

It has also been scheduled as an ancient monument.

The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

It is a scheduled ancient monument.

ancient woodland   (古代の森)

As a result, its ancient woodland character has survived.

They are associated with ancient woodland.

The site has ancient woodland with typical woodland flora.

ancient manuscripts   (古代の写本)

Together they comprise most of the ancient manuscripts.

Most ancient manuscripts of the Greek New Testament have this reading.

Thousands of ancient manuscripts in the National Library were destroyed under Saddam's command.

ancient capital   (古都)

Moreover, the ancient capital lent its name to Nara period.

The ruins of the ancient capital and forts still exist at Hatuwagadhi.

The area where his ancient capital was Manu Arama today called Mannar District.

ancient tradition

Cheesemaking is an ancient tradition in most Alpine countries.

61b), the Crœsus of his time, he was, according to ancient tradition (Meg.

An ancient tradition of making bere-based homebrew survives until this day on the island.

ancient settlement

Ballyroan is an ancient settlement, though its origins are obscure.

It is an ancient settlement whose roots reach back to the early Stone Age.

The ancient settlement of Charklik was located in what is today Ruoqiang County.

ancient village

Olmo al Brembo is an ancient village built along Strada Priula.

Kurli is a big and ancient village.

Hombori is an ancient village of the Dogon people; its exact age is unknown.

ancient monuments

It thus became one of the first scheduled ancient monuments.

It has been registered as one of the ancient monuments of Bangkok.

On March 18, 1975 it was registered as one of the ancient monuments of Bangkok.

ancient authors

Several instances of popular etymology are attested from ancient authors.

According to the ancient authors, the Boii arrived in northern Italy by crossing the Alps.

These are referred to by a number of ancient authors, including Pausanius (III, 16: 10-11).

ancient site   (古代遺跡)

Noricum is the ancient site of modern Austria.

The ancient site remains in it as a ruin.

Xinjiekou is an ancient site in Nanjing.

ancient kingdom   (古代王国)

Drumacoo was located in the ancient kingdom of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne.

It is a Historical place being an ancient kingdom of kings of Pal dynasty.

several ancient

It is also home to several ancient Roman ruins.

It is mentioned in several ancient writings.

The willow tree appears in several ancient Greek myths and rituals.

part of ancient

The area around Ağva was a part of ancient Bythinia.

The area around Kanazawa was part of ancient Kaga Province.

The area of present-day Iwaki was part of ancient Mutsu Province.

ancient civilizations   (古代文明)

They evolved from ancient civilizations in the region.

Many ancient civilizations alloyed metals for purely aesthetic purposes.

"Empires Apart" allows the player to control any of six ancient civilizations.

ancient church

Behind the apse is visible the ancient church apse.

Friendly, all-age congregation worshipping in an ancient church with a most unusual groundplan.

Monte Budello was home to an ancient church, detached from Monteveglio in around the 8th century.

ancient ruins

The chapel is purportedly built on ancient ruins.

The village was founded in a place full of ancient ruins.

Marshall receives a telepathic message begging for help and finds himself in ancient ruins.

ancient art

It now holds the Dragomirna museum of ancient art.

It is an ancient art and needs to be preserved as well as nurtured.

The collections comprise three sections: archeology, ancient art and contemporary art.

ancient cultures

Incubation was practised by many ancient cultures.

Some ancient cultures promoted gleaning as an early form of a welfare system.

Long-distance trade between the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica was increasing.

ancient people   (古代人)

In Zeila a clan called Harla claims to be related to the ancient people.

Meteoric iron was very rare and valuable, and difficult for ancient people to work.

Sittaceni The Sittaceni were an ancient people dwelling along the Palus Maeotis in antiquity.

scheduled ancient

The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

It thus became one of the first scheduled ancient monuments.

It is a scheduled ancient monument.

back to ancient   (古代に戻る)

Relations between India and Italy date back to ancient times.

The earliest known flower arranging dates back to ancient Egypt.

However, wine flavoured with wormwood goes back to ancient Rome.

ancient languages

He was a professor of ancient languages in 1917.

Instead it taught high-status ancient languages (Greek and Latin) and their cultures.

Only the ancient languages curriculum came down to a close vote, passing by a margin of 8–7.

both ancient

In both ancient and later art, Cupid is often shown riding a dolphin.

There are many other small tombs which were connected to this complex by both ancient and modern passages.

As in both ancient Greece and Rome, inconvenient new-borns were commonly killed by exposure to the elements.

ancient writers

Among many ancient writers, Moses was seen as an Egyptian rather than a Jew.

According to ancient writers Demosthenes called Alexander, "Margites" () and a boy.

The large number of references to it by other ancient writers shows how influential the work was.

used in ancient

Ship camouflage was occasionally used in ancient times.

Sundials were widely used in ancient times.

Algorithms were later used in ancient Hellenistic mathematics.

ancient temples

Matunga is a known haven for ancient temples.

Like many ancient temples its inside is dark.

Remnants of ancient temples are seen at different places.

scheduled ancient monument   (予定されている古代記念碑)

The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

It is a scheduled ancient monument.

ancient sites

There are also other ancient sites including Tapachula and Tepcatán, and Pijijiapan.

Many ancient sites were discovered on the shores of the gulf dated to up to nine thousand years old.

He discovered the treasures excavated from Pompeii and other ancient sites, and entirely changed his style.

ancient buildings

Both these ancient buildings still exist in Meerut.

From 1933 to 1935 he travelled with his father in Palestine, helping survey ancient buildings.

Most of the ancient buildings and structures at Sarnath were damaged or destroyed by the Turks.

ancient cities

The school has six houses, named after ancient cities.

These ancient cities started producing coins from 550BCE to 510BCE.

Many ancient cities have names such as "Mudraya"/"Musraya"/"Thinis".

ancient literature

Khetaka in used as a name of a region surrounding the place in ancient literature.

This is the only evocation in the ancient literature of the Parthenon's decoration.

The study of Chinese ancient literature is one of the key studies in Hubei Province.

ancient civilization   (古代文明)

Temporally, it was a very ancient civilization.

Thus, according to them, Lemuria could not have hosted an ancient civilization.

Elam was a "pre-Iranic" ancient civilization located to the east of Mesopotamia.

study of ancient

Paleoclimatology is the study of ancient climates.

The study of ancient documents in general is called paleography.

The Roman monuments of his native town very early attracted Gaston Boissier to the study of ancient history.

found in ancient

The ring was first found in ancient Latgalian lands.

All of these strategies are found in ancient economies including Ptolemaic Egypt.

Evidence of this belief has also been found in ancient India, Egypt, Japan, and China.

ancient family   (古代の家族)

This according to Theo Siebenberg might indicate the ancient family's priestly connections.

Here are buried several members of the ancient family of Shafto, the earliest mention of whom is in 1240.

The Zapotec languages belong to a language family called Oto-manguean, an ancient family of Mesoamerican languages.

collection of ancient

Lady Charlotte Guest published "Mabinogion", a collection of ancient Celtic stories from Wales.

He donated his collection of ancient artifacts to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens in 1890.

The collection of ancient glass objects is one of the four largest ancient glass collections in the world.

ancient stone

They uncover and break open an ancient stone "temple".

The village is made up of a few old farmhouses (Finca) and an ancient stone defence tower.

Nearby are the ancient stone ruins of Loropéni, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009.

ancient time

Purakkad was known as Burkkare in ancient time.

In ancient time Rajnota came under the Matsya Kingdom.

Actually at ancient time Nargho is called Rajgardh Nargho.

ancient traditions

His paintings reflect the conserved and ancient traditions, the beauty and spirit of old times.

Many other legitimate Nihon jujutsu Ryu exist but are not considered koryu (ancient traditions).

It combines harmoniously elements of the liturgy and of popular piety, ancient traditions and innovation.

number of ancient   (古代の数)

The celebration of funeral games was common to a number of ancient civilizations.

These are referred to by a number of ancient authors, including Pausanius (III, 16: 10-11).

There are a number of ancient hamams in Baku dating back to the 12th, 14th and 18th centuries.

ancient origin

The breed appears to be of ancient origin.

Clan Moffat Clan Moffat is a Lowland Scottish clan of ancient origin.

An ancient origin for the single stranded circular DNA viruses has been proposed.