Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

animal rights   (derechos animales)

After retiring, she became an animal rights activist.

Laima Vaikule is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian.

The development of pet trusts is part of the animal rights movement.

animal species   (especies animales)

A total of 200 animal species inhabits the sands.

They constitute about 95% of the animal species.

It is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

animal welfare   (bienestar de los animales)

Hamley took interest in animal welfare.

In later years she became well known as an animal welfare advocate.

Adjunctive behaviour has been used as evidence of animal welfare problems.

animal husbandry   (la cría de animales)

This provides opportunities for animal husbandry.

Its population is mainly busy with animal husbandry.

Economy is mostly based on animal husbandry.

plant and animal   (planta y animal)

It is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

Overall, 41,493 plant and animal species are present.

There is a diverse number of plant and animal communities.

animal models   (modelos animales)

Like magnesium, supplementation helps in animal models.

PGO waves have been studied mostly through cat and rodent animal models.

Genetic engineering is also used to create animal models of human diseases.

human and animal   (humano y animal)

There was also human and animal sacrifice.

The film is a study of the differences and similarities between human and animal behaviour.

Agarose is often used as a support for the tri-dimensional culture of human and animal cells.

animal life   (vida animal)

Most animal life during the Cambrian was aquatic.

There is much plant and animal life throughout the Dighty Burn.

Fauna (disambiguation) Fauna is a collective term for animal life.

animal feed   (la alimentación animal)

The source was found to be kaolin added to animal feed.

The byproduct of manufacturing was used for animal feed.

It has also been found in animal feed.

animal studies   (estudios en animales)

The NCI found that no "in vivo" animal studies had been conducted.

No convincing animal studies or masked clinical trials have been reported.

The idea was brought back with a series of animal studies in the early 1980s.

other animal   (otro animal)

The same symbol represents the gene in other animal species.

This group includes fly larvae, nematodes, and many other animal groups.

Easter costumes are associated with the Easter Bunny or other animal costumes.

animal cruelty   (crueldad animal)

Chipperfield was later charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty.

In 1985 he authored an article on animal cruelty, "Animal Wrongs".

The agency enforced humane laws, and investigated cases of animal cruelty.

animal bones   (huesos de animales)

Common finds included numerous flints, pottery and animal bones.

Human and animal bones were decorated with incised symbols and scenes.

The oracle bone script numerals were found on tortoise shell and animal bones.

animal products   (productos animales)

The USDA regulates canning of animal products.

Bell is a vegan who avoids the consumption or use of animal products.

This is often due to alleged health benefits of certain animal products.

animal and plant   (animal y planta)

Chad's animal and plant life correspond to the three climatic zones.

It surveyed the distribution of both animal and plant species on islands.

Ultimately, it would cause a massive extinction of various animal and plant species.

animal testing   (pruebas en animales)

It has a range of behavioral effects, based on animal testing.

Beagles are the dog breed most often used in animal testing, due to their size and passive nature.

This stems from animal testing that has shown increases in PGO waves as nitric oxide levels were increased in the pons.

animal kingdom   (Reino animal)

Blue whale penis The blue whale has the largest penis in the animal kingdom.

Linnaeus believed that man biologically belongs to the animal kingdom and had to be included in it.

Over 130 species from numerous classes of the animal kingdom call the bank home at least temporarily.

animal behavior   (conducta animal)

Furthermore, animal behavior is also influenced by evolved predispositions, or genetics.

Therefore, the identification and classification of animal behavior as being imitation has been very difficult.

Long (and others) were anthropomorphizing animal behavior, blurring the lines between the animal world and humans.

wild animal   (animal salvaje)

Like large parts of Germany, Franconia only has a few large species of wild animal.

Local noticeable wild animal species, especially on the Addetta floodway banks, include:

Detailed life cycle studies have not been carried out with wild animal definitive hosts.

animal health   (salud animal)

It conducts research into diseases of farm livestock and the promotion of animal health and welfare.

Erber Group's third and fourth divisions joined in 2007: Sanphar, a Brazilian company specializing in animal health, and EFB.

He is the founder of Erber KG, later known as Biomin GmbH; the animal health and nutrition company specializes in feed additives and premixes.

animal and human   (animal y humano)

Okheena abstracts formal qualities of animal and human forms.

The features of the mask are composed of both animal and human attributes.

In the cave were found a clay pipe, a flat perforated stone, and both animal and human bones.

animal sacrifice   (sacrificio de animales)

There was also human and animal sacrifice.

He especially critiqued animal sacrifice as taught in Vedas.

Rather, the animal sacrifice was likely done to, in some way, honour the deceased.

animal protection   (protección animal)

She also participates in various animal protection organizations' charitable events.

She is also a consultant with Humane Society International, one of the world largest animal protection groups.

The film carried out an exposé of snaring in Scotland and was commissioned by animal protection charity OneKind.

animal skins   (pieles de animales)

Lynx and fox hunting in the county produces valuable animal skins.

People living in these settlements used tools, fire, animal skins as clothing.

The actual roof was probably made of animal skins that were covered with soil and moss.

animal model   (modelo animal)

Research is often carried out on an animal model, the Ts65Dn mouse.

Next he considers the animal model of humanity which has grown popular in science.

Genetically modified mice are the most common genetically engineered animal model.

animal cells   (células animales)

The nucleus is the largest organelle in animal cells.

IF proteins are found in all animal cells as well as bacteria.

Unlike plant cells, animal cells have neither a cell wall nor chloroplasts.

small animal   (animal pequeño)

The young woman looks sickly, and holds the small animal in her hands.

Jackal (disambiguation) The jackal is a small animal in the dog/wolf family of mammals.

In 1936, the zoo began to grow from a small animal park with its first (loaned) elephant.

human or animal   (humano o animal)

It focuses on the use of multiple sensors to monitor physiological characteristics of a human or animal.

Dayananda Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj has rejected any kind of human or animal sacrifice in "vaidika yagñas".

In figural vessels, these were often parts of a human or animal body, or the face of the god Bes or the goddess Hathor.

animal shelter   (refugio de animales)

She helped run the animal shelter and was part of raids related to cruelty to animals.

The animal shelter gave Meow a strict high-protein diet intended to make the cat lose weight.

However, Meow died of lung failure two weeks after entering the animal shelter, on May 5, 2012.

animal rights activist   (activista de los derechos de los animales)

After retiring, she became an animal rights activist.

Laima Vaikule is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian.

He is an animal rights activist.

animal rights activists   (activistas de los derechos de los animales)

This act garnered negative attention from critics and some animal rights activists.

Extraction of the civetone is cruel and has been criticised by animal rights activists.

Many people blamed animal rights activists who were angered at Deicide's lyrical themes of animal sacrifice.

animal remains   (restos de animales)

Grave goods include metalwork, ceramics and animal remains.

Specifically, plant and animal remains are also called ecofacts.

While at Saqqara he made the significant discovery of a "zoo" of mummified animal remains.

animal figures   (figuras de animales)

At street level, the fence is adorned with animal figures (rooster, owl, fish).

Also present are animal figures, while a restoration in 2002 showed traces of a fresco.

The glyphs include images of water turtles and circular shields, as well as human and animal figures.

animal research   (investigación animal)

Animal studies or animal research may refer to:

Possible antidepressant effects have also been attributed to baicalein in animal research.

Mandi and Nick steal the homecoming court charity money, which is to be donated to an animal research group.

when the animal   (cuando el animal)

The foot is cream coloured and very large, partially covering the shell when the animal is moving.

Alternatively, they might be explained as juvenile traits that would have changed when the animal matured.

Livestock sequester carbon when the animal eats the grass, causing its roots to release carbon into the soil.

agriculture and animal   (agricultura y animal)

The inhabitants worked in agriculture and animal breeding.

Most villagers worked in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Economy is mostly based on agriculture and animal husbandry.

animal rescue   (rescate animal)

Surviving until the camp was liberated, she returned home to the Netherlands, married, had children, and became active in animal rescue.

In addition, Steele donates time and financial resources to numerous organizations, including daughter Kylie’s non-profit animal rescue, Rubicon Rescue.

It allows users to begin crowdfunding campaigns by creating pages and/or embed fundraising apps on their Facebook pages to raise money for causes such as medical care, memorials, and animal rescue causes.

animal care   (cuidado animal)

Other professions such as authority lodging and animal care, were given considerably fewer workers.

Balaji Farms is set on a five-acre plot in a green belt and introduces farming and animal care to city dwellers.

Additional support for researchers are available through offices or committees providing ethics review, intellectual property and innovation and technology support, and animal care and use.

animal control   (control Animal)

These will be monitored and feral animal control measures are in place.

Sometimes, police agencies use trucks equipped with cages for animal control.

Some police departments use pickup trucks with cages for animal control units.

animal sacrifices   (sacrificios de animales)

The triumph with its dedication of spoils and animal sacrifices at the Capitol was in part a fulfillment of such a vow.

Historically, it has been against caste system, and especially against animal sacrifices common in Vedic sacrificial form of Hinduism.

The early celebrations, included elements of Sufic influence, with animal sacrifices and torchlight processions along with public sermons and a feast.

animal skin   (piel de animal)

The first stage in creating a codex is to prepare the animal skin.

It is made of hollow tree, wrapped on both sides with animal skin.

The animal skin was folded accordion style to form the distinct pages.

many animal   (muchos animales)

He made many animal paintings.

Habituation is a simple form of learning and occurs in many animal taxa.

He has created many animal sculptures, often executed in hammered and driven metal.

animal shelters   (refugios de animales)

None are returned to animal shelters.

All but two of the sixteen dogs were rescue animals, coming from local animal shelters.

VetDepot supplies directly to pet owners, veterinarians, animal shelters, and other customers.