İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

tenth anniversary   (onuncu yıldönümü)

In October 2005 Kink FM celebrated its tenth anniversary.

This echoed the overlay from the tenth anniversary in 2002.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Tom Peterson & Gloria's Too!

first anniversary   (ilk yıl dönümü)

It was installed for the first anniversary of his death.

The statue was unveiled in July 2003, in time for the park's first anniversary.

They were dating for a year and got engaged shortly before their first anniversary.

anniversary celebration   (yıl dönümü kutlaması)

Powell House held a 40th anniversary celebration in 2000.

A 50th anniversary celebration and reunion was held on May 13–14, 2011.

It opened in 2012, in time for the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration.

anniversary celebrations   (yıldönümü kutlamaları)

Every year, church anniversary celebrations take place on 6 and 7 October.

Ceremonial anniversary celebrations are held at the "Atash Behram" on the day of its founding.

The importance of the school within the community has been acknowledged during anniversary celebrations.

fiftieth anniversary   (ellinci yıldönümü)

The Operations Center recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

Unabridged readings of novellas published for the fiftieth anniversary of "Doctor Who".

At its fiftieth anniversary in 2020, one third of the original residents still lived there.

wedding anniversary   (evlilik yıldönümü)

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is golden.

He committed suicide on his late parents' wedding anniversary.

He and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1894.

year anniversary   (yıl dönümü)

The club celebrated a 100 year anniversary and re-opening in 2017.

In 2017, The Ben Nye Makeup Company celebrated their 50 year anniversary.

2020 will see the 10 year anniversary of The Decade of Health and Well Being.

anniversary edition

"Copper Blue" was simultaneously released in a 20th anniversary edition.

It was later released on Blu-Ray, alongside a 10th anniversary edition in 2015.

A special numbered and signed anniversary edition was also published in 1996, with an embossed gold jacket.

fifth anniversary   (beşinci yıldönümü)

On the fifth anniversary of the attacks, "Democracy Now!"

"Promise") on December 25, 2008, celebrating the series' fifth anniversary.

coinciding with the fifth anniversary celebration, entitled NET 5.0: Upgraded.

twentieth anniversary

In 2016 AFA celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

In honor of her twentieth anniversary and to celebrate "T.K.O.

They are obviously still in love at their twentieth anniversary party.

birth anniversary

In 2009, the students and staff celebrated his 148th birth anniversary at C B Kolli Polytechnic College.

On 14 February 2008, stamps in his name were issued in the country to commemorate his 525th birth anniversary.

It is named after Veer Narmad the famous Gujarati poet from Surat and was opened to public on his 158th birth anniversary.

anniversary show   (yıldönümü gösterisi)

Ruth was seen rarely on screen until "All My Children"'s 35th anniversary show on January 5, 2005.

She made special appearances onstage at the Jazz Café in 2000, and at a Kent Records anniversary show in 2007, both in London.

On March 6 at NJPW's 45th anniversary show, Kanemaru and Taichi defeated Roppongi Vice to become the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

anniversary tour

Recording continued during breaks on The Who's 50th anniversary tour, The Who Hits 50!

Planned as a 40th anniversary tour, this outing was billed as the "Hardcore Devo" tour.

Alkaline Trio also dedicated their song "Goodbye Forever" to Dunn on their fifteen-year anniversary tour.

death anniversary   (ölüm yıl dönümü)

His death anniversary, November 4, is a holiday in Quezon.

His urs (death anniversary) is celebrated annually in a traditional way.

The grand opening of the monument took place on 21 June 2012, the second death anniversary of the journalist.

second anniversary

The last show of the series aired on its second anniversary, July 18, 2008.

On the second anniversary of the event, homage was again paid to the victims.

It is Abha and Ranchod's second anniversary and Karan is able to talk and move by now.

anniversary concert

The second DVD features the full 20th anniversary concert.

In 2012, the band reunited for their 30th anniversary concert.

During the same year he sang in the 25th anniversary concert of Gorky Park.

hundredth anniversary   (yüzüncü yıldönümü)

725) appeared in 1955 on the hundredth anniversary of his death; two others, nos.

On the Sunday nearest 26 September 1997, the Christian Flag celebrated its one hundredth anniversary.

In 2002, the hundredth anniversary of his birth was commemorated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta.

anniversary year

In 2004 in its 60th anniversary year, it became Grimsby Institute.

That year is recognized as the official anniversary year of the fair.

1870 was the 250th anniversary year of the Pilgrim's landing at Plymouth, Mass.

anniversary special

Fegi then returned to the "ASAP" stage for the 22nd anniversary special.

A 25th anniversary special edition DVD was released on October 10, 2006.

Two years later Sladen appeared in the 20th anniversary special "The Five Doctors".

third anniversary   (üçüncü yıldönümü)

The third anniversary of the foundation of Apollon was celebrated joyously.

6 RAR erected the Long Tan Cross to mark the third anniversary of the battle.

Around 20,000 people marched in Tizi-Ouzou to mark the third anniversary of Matoub's assassination.

fortieth anniversary

The 300-man Navy Unit RFMF celebrated, on 25 July 2015, the fortieth anniversary of its founding.

On 18 June 2011 BICA celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a banquet at the Atlantis Grand Ballroom.

In September 1958, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Defence of Reims, a new monument was started.

centennial anniversary   (yüzüncü yıldönümü)

The city celebrated its centennial anniversary in the summer of 2006.

The centennial anniversary of Washington's inauguration as President fell on April 30, 1889.

In 1997 she played all the solo piano works of Brahms in a series of five recitals in Germany during the composer’s centennial anniversary.

anniversary event   (yıldönümü etkinliği)

Archer went on to fail in his title challenge on March 3 at NJPW's 41st anniversary event.

Archer went on to fail in his title challenge on March 3 at New Japan's 41st anniversary event.

On October 20, 2005, some of the acts returned to participate in an anniversary event for this visit.