İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

anonymous author   (isimsiz yazar)

Scholars refer to the anonymous author as "the Pastor".

The anonymous author seems to have completed the work by adding canons for the tables.

This collection was written, or at least composed, by an anonymous author shortly before 1300.

remain anonymous   (Anonim kalmak)

The dogs' owners remain anonymous.

They could remain anonymous.

(or remain anonymous).

anonymous letter   (isimsiz mektup)

After the wedding, however, an anonymous letter exposed her.

Pritchard was apprehended after an anonymous letter was sent to the authorities.

In the summer of 1855, an anonymous letter signed simply "A Miner" appeared in the "Oregon Statesman."

anonymous source   (anonim kaynak)

He had been an anonymous source for an article in 2017 in "The Observer" by Cadwalladr, headlined "The Great British Brexit Robbery".

Per a legitimate anonymous source, fraternity members required pledges to stand in buckets of ice and salt, resulting in severe injuries.

According to an anonymous source, Peters is said to be the person referred to as "Senate Candidate 4" in the Blagojevich criminal complaint.

anonymous donor   (anonim bağışçı)

It was given to the church by an anonymous donor from the parish.

It was given to the Trustees of Reservations by an anonymous donor.

It was purchased by the trust in 1987 with funding help from an anonymous donor.