İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

yet another   (Yine bir başka)

In yet another version, Apollo sends the scorpion.

That exhibition represented yet another new departure.

Renovated in 1728, there was yet another fire in 1835.

another man   (diğer adam)

However, Khan is shot and killed by another man.

This led to the trial of another man, Leopald Harris.

The film opens with a man chasing another man.

another person   (Başka kişi)

It can be used individually or by another person.

He/she need not travel afar to consult another person.

Show that I can have a relationship with another person.

made another   (başka yaptı)

It would have made another classic Smiths single".

He made another film appearance in 2003's "".

Franklin made another expedition to the Arctic in 1825.

another woman   (başka kadın)

In 1936, she and another woman formed an orchestra.

Rohit has a relationship with Rangili, another woman.

His father left the family and married another woman.

another year   (başka yıl)

He spent another year and a half writing the book.

The move was extended for another year on 7 August.

On 24 June, the move was extended for another year.

another country   (Başka bir ülke)

The phone number can be of another country.

She leaves to attend an important ball in another country.

These nations, once separate, are now part of another country.

another group   (başka bir grup)

Judy had another group of puppies, of which five survived.

Cosmic Girls released another group teaser on February 13.

Wolcott created another group called the Neshobe Island Club.

won another   (bir tane daha kazandı)

They were defeated in one battle, but won another.

In the 1952 election the party won another seat.

He won another medal four years later in Seoul 1988.

followed by another   (ardından başka)

This tragedy was closely followed by another.

This was followed by another round of improvements in 2005.

This was followed by another EP in 2010, "Groove official".

another major   (başka bir büyük)

17 May 1859 was another major day for Andaman.

NRIs are also another major source of income.

Cotton production was another major industry.

another example   (başka bir örnek)

The 1993 arcade game "NBA Jam" is another example.

Rape is another example of explicit discrimination.

Facebook is another example of social media influence.

released another   (bir başkasını serbest bıraktı)

In 2017, the duo released another single “Uh Huh”.

The band's released another album, "Smack", in 2009.

He also released another new song, "Hermes Freestyle".

another team   (başka bir takım)

He rejected Sydney's contract in order to find another team.

Youth against another team while remembering how he met them.

Denotes player spent time with another team before joining Rangers.

another way   (diğer yol)

To put it another way: don't try this at home.

The growth continued in another way through the 1980s.

Sales promotions are another way to advertise.

another name   (başka isim)

Possibly another name for the 'River in the Sky'.

Holy Matrimony is another name for sacramental marriage.

another new   (başka bir yeni)

That exhibition represented yet another new departure.

He also released another new song, "Hermes Freestyle".

On the UK Tour they debuted another new song named "Changes".

another member   (başka üye)

He is another member of The Dominion with the Chancellor and Mr. Sinister.

Istvan Csontos, another member of the group, was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The remaining wafer is passed on to another member while a prayer for loved ones is said.

just another   (bir diğeri)

1-2-3 is treated as just another meaningless roll.

In this view, logic becomes just another formal system.

A critic said that "Kasu Irukkanum" is just another film.

added another   (başka ekledi)

He added another 83 catches for 926 yards in 1994.

He added another 204 yards on 22 rushing attempts.

He added another 21 points in eleven postseason games.

another term   (başka bir terim)

Becker won reelection to another term in office.

He was sworn in for another term on 3 October.

In 2011 he was re-elected for another term as a Deputy.

another version   (başka versiyon)

In yet another version, Apollo sends the scorpion.

By 311 AD, however, he was spreading another version.

Yet another version called "Flying Toasters!"

another son   (başka bir oğul)

Cohn had another son, Victor, who died at age 19).

Walsh had another son, Steve, who died in 2002.

The couple had another son, James, during their marriage.

belonged to another   (diğerine ait)

The lily crown belonged to another personage, perhaps a priestess (like on Hagia Triada sarcophagus).

There were 2 individuals who were Buddhist, 13 individuals who were Hindu and 1 individual who belonged to another church.

There were 7 individuals who were Buddhist, 14 individuals who were Hindu and 2 individuals who belonged to another church.

another former   (başka bir eski)

While there, they run into another former member of Madness, Oboro.

Later in the year he re-joined another former club, Northampton Town.

The island is connected to another former island, Twin Island, on the northeast.

another important   (başka önemli)

Migration is another important avenue in Guatemala.

Max Švabinský was another important Art nouveau painter.

Transitivity is another important division.

another part   (başka bir bölüm)

Ramsey theory is another part of extremal combinatorics.

ΜΓ 72) in Sinai, another part at the Russian National Library (Gr.

The French victory was decided on another part of the battlefield.

another season   (başka sezon)

Rose contract was extended further for another season.

On 14 July 2018 his loan was extended for another season.

On 12 May 2016, his contract was extended for another season.

received another   (bir tane daha aldı)

In September 1981 the car received another redesign.

The Outlander received another update for the 2019 model year.

In September 2010, Caubergh received another 12 years in prison.

against another   (başkasına karşı)

It may involve pitting a bear against another animal.

Youth against another team while remembering how he met them.

Each club was drawn against another club from the opposing pot.

make another   (başka yap)

Al-Fihri eventually did make another bid for power.

Barks never traveled to make another Disney appearance.

Sandip Ray wanted to make another sequel to this series.

another player   (başka bir oyuncu)

The game can be played alone or with another player.

The game also features cooperative gameplay with another player.

Play restarts with the ball being transferred to another player.

scored another   (başka bir gol attı)

He scored another own goal against Hertha BSC.

An RBI double by Mays in the third scored another run.

On 2 June, he scored another brace for Romania against Hungary.

another chance   (bir şans daha)

Dr. Pine convinces her to give Gannon another chance.

She affirms, and he asks for another chance.

Overall, he planned on returning to give Bosi another chance.

another song   (diğer şarkı)

King; and "Blues Deluxe" similar to another song by B.B.

She invites another song about the women of her [his] land.

In 1987 Izhar produced another song for Haza, "Im Nin'Alu".

up another   (diğerine)

He scored a 1-02 and set up another goal in the match.

He set up another try before being rested at half time.

The following day, they picked up another win over the D.U.F.

along with another   (başka biriyle birlikte)

They also have 8 sisters along with another brother.

She, along with another doctor and ten nurses, treated the patients.

Lacey was later speared along with another of the station shepherds by Aborigines.

another attempt   (başka bir girişim)

Later that night, another attempt is made on Drummond's life.

Another one of my witnesses, there was another attempt on her life.

On another attempt, the hawser became detached from the rescue tugs.

another album   (başka albüm)

The band would not record another album until 2013.

The band's released another album, "Smack", in 2009.

The band disbanded in late 2010 after another album.

against one another   (birbirlerine karşı)

15 teams compete against one another and played each weekend.

13 teams competed against one another.

moved to another   (diğerine taşındı)

As of 2018, the depot may be moved to another location.

These activities were moved to another location in the late 1980s.

It was not held the following two years, and then moved to another location.

find another   (başka bul)

Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag.

They would never find another Alexander.

He rejected Sydney's contract in order to find another team.

took another   (başka aldı)

It took another 76 years before this task was completed.

He took another course and joined the crew of a destroyer.

However the culinary influences also took another way around.

another film   (başka bir film)

Ultimately, they decided against pursuing another film.

He made another film appearance in 2003's "".

A critic said that "Kasu Irukkanum" is just another film.

another company   (başka bir şirket)

This company was paired with another company of heavy cavalry.

However another company in San Diego called "Axiom" was founded earlier.

TopoTarget plans to sell this project to another company or to out-license it.

another source   (başka bir kaynak)

Patent-licensing is another source of revenue.

Tourism provided another source of income for the village.

Phospholipids represent another source.

another municipality   (başka bir belediye)

Which means that the current cities became cities without merging with another municipality.

, there was 1 student in Maggia who came from another municipality, while 119 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

, there were 3 students in Besazio who came from another municipality, while 76 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

another church   (başka bir kilise)

The congregation met at another church until the new building could be completed.

Also in this village is a church and the surviving chancel of another church, both of which are listed.

The patriarch financed and consecrated a new church in the city of Antioch in 721, and another church in Sarmada in 722.

another location   (başka bir yer)

A second "Sas" was installed at another location.

As of 2018, the depot may be moved to another location.

However, another location was eventually found for the lodge.

when another   (başka bir zaman)

, when another leap second was added, TAI is exactly 37 seconds ahead of UTC.

The Melmoth was destroyed on the ground in 1982, when another aircraft hit it.

Ben, meanwhile, is angered when another drawing of him is posted in the office.

through another   (bir başkası aracılığıyla)

Natalie comes through another entrance with her glasses on her head.

The final 50 were next reduced to 30 through another series of workshops.

A second smaller lake led through another large lake, closing the circuit.

another world   (başka bir dünya)

She set another world record in the same event in 1975.

She recorded another world No.

The former, where the protagonist gets transported to another world (e.g.

another study   (başka bir çalışma)

In another study, 100 mg mesterolone cipionate was administered twice monthly.

In another study, two large samples of Spanish children were assessed with a 30-year gap.

In another study, 100% of spontaneous adhesion formations were associated with the omentum.

another club   (başka bir kulüp)

In 1970, another club in the city was founded, Alcobendas CF.

Each club was drawn against another club from the opposing pot.

Agnes then leaves the club and walks down the street to another club.

came from another   (diğerinden geldi)

I said I believed the information came from another source, whom I could not recall.

If they came from another center, they kept the letter and the number assigned as identification.

He was able to vaporize people with his heat vision and thought that he came from another planet.

another local   (başka bir yerel)

Trout are another local product.

The town is also known for another local product, the "Noci Aversane".

In addition, she signed another local San Francisco band, 2 Lane Blacktop.

another set   (başka bir set)

Five years later, another set was auctioned for $60,500.

There was another set released in 2011.

Yet another set of claims was centered on the Hindu goddess Kanya Kumari.

another attack   (başka bir saldırı)

At noon, de Villiers made another attack on Wagon Hill.

In July 1944, another attack followed, killing 36 more civilians.

Preparations began for another attack but bad weather forced a delay.

another series   (başka bir dizi)

O'Rourke planned another series for 1903.

In November 2012, another series of changes were announced.

In June 2018, another series of schedule changes was announced.

another form   (başka bir form)

Opal-A, another form of silica, was also found on Mars.

Retinal implants are another form of cyborgization in medicine.

The equation is another form of the Richardson/Richards' equation.

another type   (başka tip)

Neopagans have created another type of drum circle.

NGC 5676 is another type Sc galaxy of magnitude 10.9.

But another type of reader will find it dry and colourless."

another single   (başka bir bekar)

In 2017, the duo released another single “Uh Huh”.

Championship is another single player component.

Weeks later they released another single, "Broken Body".

suffered another   (başka acı çekti)

In 1978, the hotel suffered another disastrous fire.

En route, the convoy suffered another kamikaze attack.

One year later, he suffered another stroke.

then another   (sonra bir başkası)

Then a third edition in 1894, and then another in 1897.

For Preca to become a saint then another miracle was required.

Then it turns to the left through a canyon then another turn to the right.

another occasion   (başka bir fırsat)

On another occasion during the War, there were just 59 prisoners, including 5 women.

On another occasion, seven inmates wearing only underwear were placed in a single room.

On another occasion, Rivera claims to have returned to her bunk to find a piece of shrapnel in it.

another band   (başka bir grup)

He had a short stint with another band, Salvation Air Force.

White formed another band, The VW Boys.

After In Pursuit broke up, he founded another band called Bedlam.

another book   (başka bir kitap)

In 2019, Traci writes another book based off Cane Ashby

Siringo wrote another book, "Pinkerton's Cowboy Detective".

In 2013, Esselstyn released another book, "My Beef With Meat."

another party   (başka bir parti)

Any preference votes for candidates of another party are invalid.

The animals protect the lemurs, and help them collect food for another party.

The Union 55+, another party aiming to represent the elderly, also won one seat.

another state   (başka bir eyalet)

This appeared to remain true even if another state (e.g.

The citizen of UPR cannot be simultaneously the citizen of another state.

in another state.

another game   (başka bir oyun)

A&M did not win another game that year and finished 2-9.

Martindale did not host another game show for over a decade.

He would follow these projects with another game, "", in 1998.

way or another   (öyle ya da böyle)

One way or another, the party will end here.

In one way or another they are considered.

Laquin was home to five companies, all of which processed wood in one way or another.

replaced by another   (başka biri ile değiştirildi)

Andrew was soon replaced by another Andrew - A.J.

That building was replaced by another in (1812, 1813–17?)

Dumas was replaced by another black man, Samuel Armstead.

up with another   (başka biriyle)

He followed it up with another goal in the home fixture.

They followed this up with another in 1933.

Prisoners are paired up with another and handcuffed together.

another character   (başka bir karakter)

Père Noël is sometimes confused with another character.

Samuel Baron is another character who is his own worst enemy.

Radnitz said the location was almost another character in the film.

another school   (başka okul)

His paternal grandfather was another school master.

There is another school Devi Sahayam Lower Primary School in Kuttur.

There was also another school of philosophical skepticism, the Ajñana.

another large   (başka büyük)

Ticks and lice form another large group of invertebrate vectors.

He moves another large crate under the vent so he can climb up to it.

Bradman received another large round of applause as he left the arena.

another two years   (iki yıl daha)

Burdett spied intermittently for another two years.

Khrushchev held power for another two years.

After another two years, the work met completion in 1787.

transferred to another   (diğerine aktarıldı)

A year later he was transferred to another Bundesliga team, 1.

Play restarts with the ball being transferred to another player.

He survived to be picked up and transferred to another English warship.

played another   (başka oynadı)

Geno Silva played another Indian, Fool's Crow.

He never played another down of pro football.

Roncero played another five times for Argentina in 2005.

another brother   (başka bir erkek kardeş)

They also have 8 sisters along with another brother.

He also has a twin sister and another brother, Abdul.

He has another brother, John David Thornton.

another child   (başka bir çocuk)

During this time, the Alcotts had another child.

The young couple married and had another child in 1981.

He lost another child when Roxana miscarried at Babylon.

another popular   (başka popüler)

Futsal is another popular sport in Azerbaijan.

Basketball is another popular sport in Macau.

Nature watching is another popular activity.

win another   (başka bir tane kazan)

Holden would not win another title until 1994.

Arizona would not win another NL West title until 2007.

A&M did not win another game that year and finished 2-9.

another girl   (başka bir kız)

In the meantime another girl, Lisa Ganz, disappears.

in 2009, and later joined B.C.G., another girl group.

He had a girl in Southwold and another girl in London.

another dimension   (bir diğer boyut)

Clay stated that this shows another dimension to his character.

Ryan theorizes that the reactor caused Tree to drift into another dimension.

One day, a black hole appeared and sucked everyone who lived there into another dimension.

before another   (diğerinden önce)

It would be five years before another album was released.

Peace lasted for two decades before another war began in 1578.

He testified again before another New York state commission in May 1968.

well as another   (başka biri gibi)

9) were from this album, as well as another Top 20 single in "Run for the Roses" (no.

The school offers a science and technology-oriented program as well as another one focused on language.

DeMille also was planning a film about the space race as well as another biblical epic about the Book of Revelation.

another small   (başka bir küçük)

The port was expanded, giving rise to another small town.

Xuxinha was given the job of protecting another small man, Guto.

First, the old temple was strengthened by a wall and another small portico.

another touchdown   (başka bir gol)

UCF added another touchdown in the second quarter, stretching their lead to 21–6.

However, Temple drove 64 yards in 1:25 for another touchdown, and a 34–28 halftime lead.

Michigan added another touchdown in the fourth quarter on a one-yard run by Stan Edwards.

another round   (bir tur daha)

If the people want another round, I’ll do it again.

This was followed by another round of improvements in 2005.

Semi-finalists undergo another round of interviews by the judges.

another successful   (başka başarılı)

2010 was another successful season for the Divas.

Besides Metro, another successful publisher is Norway's Schibsted.

He is the younger brother of Pier Morten, another successful Canadian Paralympian.

another time   (başka zaman)

... they would not let me in: I must come another time!

"But all of this is a different story, for another time."

He was nominated another time in 1992.

another case   (başka bir dava)

In another case, there may have been an inadvertent Saxbe fix.

Kate issues a final warning to Megan, so Megan takes another case.

Risperidone and valproic acid treated the symptoms in another case.

saw another   (başka bir tane gördüm)

The 18th century saw another golden age of Bordeaux.

The next round saw another injury to a player.

The film saw another DVD release on September 13, 2005.

published another   (başka yayınladı)

She published another famous poem, "Yania Tierra," in 1981.

The "Times" published another article about the incident on 12 June.

He then published another book, "The Great Second Advent Movement", in 1905.

another daughter   (başka bir kız)

1930), and another daughter, Margaret born in 1931.

Wadler's mother also adopted another daughter in 2009.

They were gifted another daughter.

another reason   (diğer sebep)

Sexual behavior is another reason for clitoridectomies.

Competition is another reason.

This is another reason why the discovery of Srivijaya was so difficult.

time or another   (zaman ya da başka)

At one time or another Blume has been involved in the following projects.

The United States has deployed four nuclear cruise missiles at one time or another.

Between 1766 and 1799, seven dower slaves worked at one time or another as overseers.

another ship   (başka bir gemi)

Her fuel was removed to another ship before the repair.

He had just lost , another ship owned by Robert Williams.

Another was planned, but the name was reassigned to another ship:

launched another   (başka başlattı)

Buckner launched another American attack on May 11.

Sabuktigin launched another invasion in retaliation.

Out of work, Storey launched another drug store.