İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not answer   (cevap değil)

Kimmarie did not answer the question in the finals.

"), "LIOUY" ("Why do you not answer my question?

Rav Zeira spoke to him, but he did not answer.

answer the question   (soruyu cevapla)

Kimmarie did not answer the question in the finals.

Its purpose is to answer the question "How".

For example, one would answer the question, "Tens fome?"

did not answer   (cevap vermedi)

Kimmarie did not answer the question in the finals.

Rav Zeira spoke to him, but he did not answer.

The remainder did not answer this question.

answer questions   (soruları cevaplamak)

The EVLR staff are always on hand to answer questions.

He rarely speaks, but can answer questions.

These members also have access to a live teacher to answer questions for them.

correct answer   (doğru cevap)

and stated that the correct answer was "Godzilla".

Whoever buzzed-in first with the correct answer won.

5 points were awarded for each correct answer.

question and answer   (soru ve cevap)

This book was essentially an email question and answer interview.

Every year, the convention included a question and answer session.

This book has been compiled in the form of question and answer explanations.

no answer   (cevapsız)

After her early exuberance, Scott had no answer.

But there is no answer for the main count against him.

Unfortunate as it is, Ashok had no answer.

refused to answer   (cevap vermeyi reddetti)

Ambassador Zorin refused to answer.

The priestess refused to answer his emissary until the Lydians had rebuilt the temple.

During this debate, he refused to answer whether or not he would make abortion a crime.

incorrect answer   (Yanlış cevap)

An incorrect answer on a steal keeps the word going.

No penalty for an incorrect answer.

wrong answer

However, Apollo gives the wrong answer to one of them.

Confederates purposefully gave the wrong answer on 12 trials.

So, he could also completely mislead a player by giving the wrong answer.

answer a question

The contestant had to answer a question based on the chosen topic.

In the "Preference Round," the object was for each member of the team to guess how his/her spouse would answer a question.

There would be a board of general topics and both teams would try to answer a question to determine who got to pick the topic.

right answer

But the really right answer is, what if he is?

Being more motivated to get the right answer increased the tendency to conform.

Ewart's parenting motto was, "Whatever works for your family is the right answer".