correct answers   (正解)

5 points for correct answers, no deductions for wrong answers.

Some even changed correct answers to present a consistent image.

Suspicions arose during filming after coughing was heard loudly adjacent to the correct answers.

questions and answers

Then he'll come out and lecture the audience with time for questions and answers."

", in which she alternates different voices to highlight the questions and answers of the text.

Even if the person is not joining the KChO, the person can download the questions and answers at the KChO website.

answers the question

The series answers the question, "can exes be friends?".

The film answers the question, is there a difference between Republicans and Democrats?

The team answers the question and score the corresponding number of points if they answer correctly.

answers to questions   (質問への回答)

You will get a lot of answers to questions you never knew you had."

A computerized version of a quiz show, the game presents multiple choice answers to questions from a range of categories.

The pronouns are also mandatory as the direct answers to questions involving figuring out who was doing what or what was done to whom.