İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

anyone else   (başka biri)

She states that she was never with anyone else.

"It's unlikely that we'd let anyone else live there."

Apollo does not want anyone else to have her.

tell anyone   (Kimseye söyleme)

Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

Bill is let off with a warning not to tell anyone about what happened.

Jesus sternly ordered many who received healing from him: "Do not tell anyone!"

open to anyone   (herkese açık)

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

The project was classified as freehold and open to anyone to purchase.

Current and former Secretary-Editors: Membership open to anyone interested in folklore.

anyone interested   (ilgilenen herkes)

The Story Bible The Story Bible is a book for anyone interested in the Bible.

Current and former Secretary-Editors: Membership open to anyone interested in folklore.

Membership in the MAS is open to anyone interested in astronomy without any age restrictions.

kill anyone   (birini öldür)

Local people began to hunt down and kill anyone who they believed to be ‘ninjas’ in response.

The email threatened to kill anyone who offended Tsarukyan, whom the letter writer referred to as "king."

According to local lore, it was formed of the blood of murder victims and would kill anyone who came near it.

more than anyone   (herkesten fazla)

Andy Murray won six titles in the year, more than anyone else.

He was issued over two hundred patents, more than anyone else at Bell Labs.

He desires Lívia more than anyone and wants to mutate her into his vampiress bride.

anyone other   (başka biri)

I couldn’t think of anyone other than Prakash Raj".

Rudy could not handle the fact that anyone other than himself as the Parasite took down the Man of Steel.

The last time anyone other than a Democrat held the position of Mayor in Buffalo was Chester A. Kowal in 1965.

before anyone   (herkesten önce)

He also convinces Kaveri to leave to her home immediately before anyone could know about this.

He is courageous and outgoing and has an ability to see a person's true nature long before anyone else.

Unfortunately the effect has now become so great that the Keltans, including Yanos and Selta, start dying all around them before anyone can act.

without anyone   (kimse olmadan)

He grew up poor, rising from poverty without anyone helping or supporting him.

Especially since they get brought on without anyone on the ship realizing it."

After a crash of thunder and light, the baby arrives without anyone's assistance.

against anyone   (herkese karşı)

We want to say that we have nothing bad in our heart against anyone."

There was no consensus in President Johnson's cabinet and there were no treason trials against anyone.

Subsequently, the shooting would result against anyone who accidentally came across them in the street.

let anyone   (kimseye izin ver)

"It's unlikely that we'd let anyone else live there."

Once a horse that would not let anyone even touch his back was brought to him.

The incident makes Alleyn notice how keen Roberts is not to let anyone get too close to the cart.

allow anyone   (kimseye izin ver)

Fearing profiteering land speculators, L'Enfant would not allow anyone to see the plan.

Terazawa positioned guards all around the hill, with strict orders not to allow anyone near the crosses.

On another episode, it is revealed that the General of the base at won't allow anyone besides Bill cut his hair.

available to anyone   (herkese açık)

"Open" meetings are available to anyone (nonalcoholics can attend as observers).

Full, voting membership is available to anyone who has a Master of Theology (Th.M.)

All hardware and software is open-source and freely available to anyone under the MIT licensing agreement.

find anyone   (birini bul)

At first, Thompson could not find anyone who recollected the prank incident.

She says that he has to marry Abhirami, unless he can find anyone else who can marry her.

The couple runs outside, but they can't find anyone to take them to the hospital, due to a curfew.