anything else   (他に何か)

I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

Do not do anything else that arouses sexual feelings.

Because I had no sense that I deserved anything else.

anything other   (他の何か)

She believes that "it is criminal to suggest anything other than condoms."

Power requirements increase noticeably in anything other than nil-wind conditions.

This time he had no illusions that prison would be anything other than a death sentence.

say anything   (何でも言って)

I won't say anything about New Year's resolutions.

Brent once again denies it and promises not to say anything.

Although she doesn't say anything about it, trouble is on the horizon.

anything more   (それ以上)

are just text substitution, they don't do anything more.

I’ll restrain myself from saying anything more about them."

I can't imagine anything more awful than losing a child, I really can't."

doing anything   (何かをして)

or to a lesser extent, "Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

I'm not sure about doing anything big on my own just yet."

It was almost like he didn't know he was doing anything special.

know anything

You had to come to my school to know anything about me.

She doesn’t know anything about her past or her real identity.

He stated on the album: "'You know anything about Spanish Fly?'

more than anything

That's having class and more than anything intelligence".

In case of a war, we will need it more than anything else.

But more than anything, they loved skiing.

almost anything

Such swords can cut through almost anything, including metal.

With his various items, Harry is equipped for almost anything.

She would sacrifice almost anything to discover what Victor Pearson is really up to.

done anything

I don't think we have done anything wrong."

Even Laurence Olivier couldn't have done anything with them.

Cora does not feel she's done anything wrong as he had Stella's permission.

unlike anything

The records sounded unlike anything we had heard before".

It still has a unique flavor that is unlike anything else".

Suskind said: "It was unlike anything the genre had seen before.

not do anything

Without the phone, the police cannot do anything.

Do not do anything else that arouses sexual feelings.

The officers of the order did not do anything.

find anything   (何でも見つける)

"We didn't find anything like an Egyptian pyramid.

I defy you to find anything about worms on there.

It was January and her cousin did not expect to find anything due to the snowy weather.

anything wrong

I don't think we have done anything wrong."

I did not do anything wrong.""

Cora does not feel she's done anything wrong as he had Stella's permission.

anything new

They were open to anything new except Impressionism.

It's not serving up anything new, but it's still a grand adventure."

But the bad news is that this is an entirely pointless remake with hardly anything new to offer".

see anything

Those eyes can't see anything, can they now?"

Jiang Ji replied, "I don't see anything good.

[...] I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them [the Jewish people]."

seen anything

These witnesses deny having seen anything, to this very day."

They'd never seen anything like it."

I’ve never seen anything like it.

anything at all

If I convinced myself of something [or thought anything at all], then I certainly existed.

The hard problem is explaining how this "feels" or why it should feel like anything at all.

She said "I can go for months and months without having anything at all other than a cup of tea.

remember anything   (何でも覚えて)

I’m old now and I don’t remember anything.

He didn't remember anything else until he awoke later bound and gagged.

Tessa, however, cannot remember anything; electroshock therapy has ruined her memory.

did anything

I never did anything else.

I didn't say I'm sorry I did anything because I still don't feel that I did anything to be here for it."

anything less   (それ以下)

Not that we'd expect anything less from our favorite style star."

For Wales, anything less than a win would virtually end their hopes of qualification.

"never pretended to be anything less than radical; she's never shied away from shock value.

mean anything

He admits he has had an affair with Estelle, but that it didn't mean anything.

They appear in Domesday as "Brochetune" or "Broctune," which can hardly mean anything else than "Brook-town".

I think he could have won the Grand Slam, but by the time he left, the historical challenge didn't mean anything.

before anything

There must be a stream before anything can be interrupted".

However, before anything could be done, trouble broke out in northern al-Andalus.

However he realizes what is going on and calms down before anything serious happens.

anything except   (以外のもの)

We don't fear anything except God."

As such, it seems very unlikely that the appreneur model will do anything except grow.

The C64 CP/M cartridge is also not compatible with anything except the early 326298 motherboards.