apartment building   (アパート)

It eventually became a run-down apartment building.

It planned to erect an apartment building in its place.

It was the third luxury apartment building built in Atlanta.

apartment buildings   (マンション)

In "Im Feld" modest apartment buildings were built.

In the distance, modern apartment buildings are seen.

I think it’s been turned into apartment buildings now.

apartment complex   (団地)

The factory is now an apartment complex.

The apartment complex was built later.

The area includes a housing neighborhood and an apartment complex.

apartment blocks   (アパートのブロック)

Ataköy quarter consists of four neighborhoods with eleven sections of apartment blocks.

Besides the casino, the zone has hotels, shops, restaurants, hospital and apartment blocks.

Wilenius is particularly known for a number of apartment blocks built in the centre of Helsinki.

apartment complexes   (アパート団地)

Many multi-storied apartment complexes have been built (e.g.

Several apartment complexes are housed in bathhouse villas ("Bäder-Villen").

The highway passes mostly chain retailers and apartment complexes along its length.

apartment block

They leave the apartment block together.

She quits her job and lives alone in a modern apartment block, bored and waiting for Mr Asai.

In 1893–94, Mrazović built an apartment block with newspaper offices and a printing shop on the ground floor.

small apartment

He returned to Pierrefonds, where he had a small apartment.

A couple of years later Michael is living in a small apartment with his son.

The purchase price for the home is scarcely enough to cover a small apartment.

new apartment

Most of the new apartment buildings were limited to four floors.

The new apartment buildings are located to the rear of the old buildings.

Under police pressure, Lepke hides from the police at Joey and Eadie's new apartment.

apartment house

In the 1950s the hotel became an apartment house.

She lives in an apartment house named "Maison de Akiba".

An apartment house was built on the site where the bays were removed.

own apartment

James Terry was arrested for "looting" his own apartment.

She moved into her own apartment and began taking art classes.

Some time later, Seo-young moves out of the Kangs and rents her own apartment.

luxury apartment   (高級マンション)

It was the third luxury apartment building built in Atlanta.

In 2016, he purchased a luxury apartment in South Korea worth US$1.6 million for his personal use.

Nearby, Boraie Development constructed the 21 story luxury apartment building known as 50 Rector Street.

apartment units

The project consists of six 20-story buildings containing 1,272 apartment units.

The project consists of thirteen 14-story buildings containing 1,523 apartment units.

1,940 apartment units are contained within the apartment buildings in the Grant Houses.

large apartment

They were one of the few large apartment buildings built in Detroit.

The neighbourhood is dominated by five large apartment buildings, some of the largest in Ottawa.

For example, an inminban might consist of all families sharing a common staircase in a large apartment building.

apartment houses

Sradionov (hotel Petrograd), some apartment houses, etc.

He moved to Detroit in 1894, and built a number of apartment houses and other buildings in the city.

Fredriksberg's central districts consists of shops, other commercial buildings and smaller apartment houses.