appeal against   (訴える)

She has now filed an appeal against the decision.

The shooter lodged appeal against the verdict.

The company has launched an appeal against the notice.

court of appeal   (控訴裁判所)

A Supreme Court serves as a court of appeal.

The court of appeal dismissed the appeal on 22 March 2016.

In 1901 he became advocate general at the Bastia court of appeal.

not appeal   (訴えない)

The acquittal is final as prosecution cannot appeal in this case.

Baudelaire did not appeal the judgment, but his fine was reduced.

The Government did not appeal.

filed an appeal   (控訴した)

She has now filed an appeal against the decision.

After losing a decision in 2002, they filed an appeal.

Prosecutors reportedly filed an appeal to the release order.

sex appeal   (セックスアピール)

Not sure who had the better sex appeal.

Since Fin.K.L's disbandment, Lee became known for her sex appeal.

"It's wonderful to have sex appeal.

overturned on appeal   (上訴で覆された)

These convictions were overturned on appeal.

Terry's conviction was overturned on appeal.

Two of the “serious” citations were overturned on appeal.

leave to appeal   (控訴する)

The Supreme Court granted a leave to appeal in May 2011.

An application for leave to appeal the decision was turned down.

The High Court dismissed all claims and denied Virgin further leave to appeal.

appeal the decision   (決定に上訴する)

Moshkow's lawyer said he would appeal the decision.

The petitioners planned to appeal the decision.

American Express asserted that it would appeal the decision.

right to appeal   (上訴する権利)

He was granted the right to appeal, but no appeal was filed.

A claimant has the right to appeal against this measure, under fixed guidelines.

The losing party has a right to appeal any order for sanctions in the higher court.

public appeal   (公募)

Treatment abroad was funded mainly from responses to a public appeal by for funds.

In the evening, her brother, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, broadcast a similar public appeal.

In 2011 Kew launched a £15m public appeal to address necessary repairs to the Temperate House.

designed to appeal   (アピールするように設計された)

This was also designed to appeal to very young children.

The proposal was designed to appeal to both domestic and foreign opinion.

Melodrama is typically sensational and designed to appeal strongly to the emotions.

appeal court   (控訴裁判所)

Attempts to stop this were overturned by the appeal court.

A military appeal court upheld the sentences in September.

The appeal court affirmed the judgment of the District Court.

right of appeal   (上訴の権利)

22) Act 1933 abolished the right of appeal to the JCPC.

Defendants have the right of appeal.

They excluded any right of appeal against him to any patriarch in the West.

did not appeal   (上訴しなかった)

Baudelaire did not appeal the judgment, but his fine was reduced.

The Government did not appeal.

Huang was sentenced to another ten years in prison, and did not appeal.

popular appeal   (人気アピール)

Many producers rejected it, feeling it followed too closely the war's end to have popular appeal.

Rather than seek popular appeal or radio play, the band adopted the familiar DIY ethic of constant touring.

These albums were collections of shorter more accessible repertoire that were designed to have popular appeal.

appeal was rejected   (上訴は拒否されました)

On 25 April, the appeal was rejected.

He appealed to the Constitutional Court, but his appeal was rejected.

The father appealed to the US Supreme Court to allow him to have his son circumcised but his appeal was rejected.

commercial appeal   (商業的魅力)

German singer praised the commercial appeal of the song.

For broader commercial appeal, the name was changed to "Next".

However, they could not sustain their commercial appeal, and their American tours were slow in building a following.

aesthetic appeal   (美的魅力)

This added contrast and aesthetic appeal.

He said the aesthetic appeal of the fins is as "entirely incidental as it is welcome".

Tyndall Stone is highly fossiliferous and the fossils contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

final appeal   (最終アピール)

On 20 August, the Court of Cassation, France's final appeal court, rejected a defence of insanity.

In September 2013, Carreon dropped his final appeal in the case, saying "it was a dumb thing" and "I made it worse".

Keogh's defence team had raised a number of complaints concerning evidence that has come to light since Keogh's final appeal.

mass appeal   (マスアピール)

Seeking a more mass appeal, Horn changed the channel's format to oldies music.

HipHop DX said it "oozed mass appeal without deteriorating into sloshy mainstream".

His race-conscious mass appeal utilized newspapers, popular lectures, and street-corner talks.

pending appeal   (保留中の控訴)

Because of the government's action and this Court's decision, Judge Forrest concluded that she could not rule on a stay pending appeal.

The court also said that a Second Circuit motions panel will take up the government's motion for stay pending appeal on September 28, 2012.

Judge Lohier's order further said that a Second Circuit motions panel will take up the government's motion for stay pending appeal on September 28, 2012.

courts of appeal   (控訴裁判所)

The legal courts are separate; separate courts of appeal have been in place since 1961.

The Court of Cassation is the court of last resort, with the courts of appeal one level below.

Two of those courts are primarily trial level courts, while the other two are primarily courts of appeal.

visual appeal   (ビジュアル的なアピール)

His films were characterised by strong "visual appeal" and minimal number of characters.

Anguhadluq also began to use colour for visual appeal, organization of the subject and to connote symbolic value to the figures in his works.

Forbes referred to the visual appeal of the book when it described the 29 Sketchnotes as, "I've Seen Our Digital Future, In These 29 Zany Sketches."

upheld on appeal   (上訴で支持)

Tillery's order was upheld on appeal.

On 10 July, 2017, Abdulkareem al-Hawaj had his death sentence upheld on appeal.

Ruffin's estate lost the lawsuit, and the ruling against it was upheld on appeal.

made an appeal   (訴えた)

Pope Benedict XVI made an appeal to free him.

He made an appeal in June 2009 to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

When she was brought back to the village, Leng'ete made an appeal to her grandfather.

dismissed the appeal   (上訴を却下)

The court of appeal dismissed the appeal on 22 March 2016.

However, the board of the Pará's Foot-Ball League dismissed the appeal.

The judges unanimously dismissed the appeal, and upheld the trial judge's verdict.