İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not appear   (görünmez)

Tracks 2 and 6 do not appear on the vinyl version.

That is, the Sambo model did not appear in Brazil.

It does not appear in the "Domesday Book" of 1086.

does not appear   (görünmüyor)

It does not appear in the "Domesday Book" of 1086.

Dale (Taylor Lautner) does not appear in Series 5.

Their number does not appear in the police files.

did not appear   (Görünmedi)

That is, the Sambo model did not appear in Brazil.

Her name did not appear on general election ballots.

Conductor did not appear in this spinoff series.

began to appear   (görünmeye başladı)

VR began to appear in rehabilitation in the 2000s.

Stage versions began to appear in U.S. theatres by 1961.

Early in development, rifts in the team began to appear.

appear before   (daha önce görün)

He was now to appear before the public in a new phase.

They were bailed to appear before magistrates the next day.

continued to appear

She continued to appear in concerts until 1992.

Valli continued to appear in films throughout the 1920s.

The magazine continued to appear until 1876.

appear more   (daha fazla görün)

Time and space appear more consistent in these areas.

Gray-champagnes appear more likely to experience vitiligo.

This would also help to make the action appear more realistic.

failed to appear

When Muchdi went on trial, Budi failed to appear as a witness.

Parlement visited the brothel after she failed to appear in court.

He failed to appear for Talleres in the Primera División during 2016–17.

later appear

They would later appear in Busiek's stint on the "Avengers".

Tracks 1 and 4 would later appear on the album "Seventh Wave".

He would later appear in several roles in Bioware's "Mass Effect".

first appear

They first appear in written sources circa 520.

Landspeeders first appear in "Star Wars".

The Borg first appear in the "" second-season episode "Q Who?

often appear   (sıklıkla görünür)

They often appear as many as three to six per page.

Her essays often appear in

For example, mountains in the distance often appear blue.

did appear   (belirdi)

An actualised supplement did appear in 2002.

However, Burton did appear in the Senate after his conviction.

They did appear to be intimidated by Tony Petrucci, a local man.

started to appear

Towns, including Deltaterrasserne, started to appear.

A few bootlegs started to appear in the United States.

Camouflage started to appear in high fashion by the 1990s.

only appear   (sadece görünür)

Although he would only appear once for the club.

The roof and superstructure only appear to have suffered."

Resonants only appear adjacent to vowels.

appear again

Kosaburo and Biyomon appear again and steal it.

From 2014, she began to appear again on European catwalks.

He did not appear again until the show's 10th series in 2006.

does appear

In older people it does appear to decrease depression.

When Ares does appear in myths, he typically faces humiliation.

He does appear to have a conscience.

appear in court   (mahkemeye çıkmak)

Parlement visited the brothel after she failed to appear in court.

He was arrested and held at the Midtown North police station to later appear in court.

A very ill Hopper did not appear in court though his estranged wife did – case BD518046.

make it appear   (görünmesini sağla)

""Fake"" is used to indicate the alteration of a genuine stamp to make it appear as something else.

Kimberly delivers the baby, then fills out the paperwork to make it appear Jo's child was stillborn.

For this reason, the Black Monks attempted to make it appear that the rules of the new order were impracticable.

scheduled to appear

Ross was scheduled to appear as Billy the Kid in the series.

were also scheduled to appear, but with the show running long, Billy Milano announced that M.O.D.

Nawal is scheduled to appear on "Kelmet Fassil" (The Word Of The Season) hosted by Joumana abu Eid.

flowers appear

The yellow flowers appear from spring to autumn.

The flowers appear in the leaf axils.

The flowers appear early in spring.

appear during

Floodwaters about deep appear during rainy periods.

Defects can also appear during the writing process.

Johnson's essays appear during the 1750s in various similar publications.

characters appear

Most student characters appear only in a few episodes.

"Titan" characters appear in the following novels and short stories:

The following characters appear in "The Goddamn George Liquor Program".

appear only   (sadece görünür)

The stamps appear only in specialist catalogues.

Most student characters appear only in a few episodes.

The characters "q", "w" and "x" appear only in foreign words.

appear in all   (hepsinde görün)

Kelton is the only character to appear in all three films.

Namibia was the only team to appear in all Division Two tournaments.

He played one season for the Browns and managed to appear in all 16 games.

appear throughout

Videos called "noisehead" appear throughout the film.

There are many non-playable characters that appear throughout the game.

Themes of consumerist detachment and alienation appear throughout the album.

appear regularly

He continued to appear regularly with the B-side, however.

Her articles also appear regularly in the national-Catholic daily Present.

Subsequently, Fucile continued to appear regularly for Porto on both sides of the back four.

begin to appear   (görünmeye başla)

Signs of life gradually begin to appear.

By this time, oriental carpets begin to appear in Renaissance paintings.

She returns to the vault as more villagers begin to appear at the property.

set to appear   (görünmek için ayarla)

It is also set to appear on the film's soundtrack.

Daisy is set to appear in the third season of the 2017 TV series "DuckTales".

Balmilero is set to appear in episode one while Wily is set to appear in episode two.

appear in several

Pugs appear in several of Hogarth's paintings.

His verses appear in several anthologies of Sanskrit poems.

He would later appear in several roles in Bioware's "Mass Effect".

appear together

Chinese numerals may appear together with Arabic numbers on the same sign or document.

Adjectives and nouns can appear together in nominal predicates expanded with adjectives.

The two were married in 2002, and they have continued to appear together in various works.

usually appear

Seedlings usually appear in late spring and summer.

The catalyst does usually appear in the rate equation.

Fruit bodies usually appear in groups or clusters on the ground, sometimes with moss.

player to appear   (görünecek oyuncu)

He remains the oldest player to appear in an English Football League match aged 51 years.

At just 18 years of age, he was the youngest player to appear in a National League game in 1882.

At 17 years of age, he was the youngest player to appear in an American League game that season.

what appear   (ne görünüyor)

Faeces are often deposited in what appear to be communal latrines.

Rock art of what appear to be antelopes and a giraffe are likewise found at Dorra and Balho.

However, instances of what appear to be common houses of limestone have been discovered as well.

all appear

The tractors all appear to be Samson Model M's.

Moreover, Siegfried, Gunther, and Gernot all appear as figures in the poem.

Since the mints used the current dies on hand, all appear to be U.S. issues.

appear similar

Young appear similar to adults in colouration.

They appear similar to Crescent Town but are wider in profile.

The rash may appear similar to warts if the vesicles frequently break open.

appear when   (ne zaman görünür)

Chromatic aberration does not appear when monochromatic light is used.

Thus words will only appear when other words can be made from the same letters.

Musink uses 'templates' which define how scores appear when they are published.

appear in many

The Lebesgue spaces appear in many natural settings.

Gunungshin appear in many Gut, or shamanistic rituals.

A god can also appear in many different forms.

appear between

The flowers appear between May and July and are pollinated by bees.

The flowers are yellowish-white and appear between October and January.

PVE symptoms start to appear between 8th and 14th day after vaccination.

not appear again

He did not appear again until the show's 10th series in 2006.

The gang does not appear again.

Daisy did not appear again until "Crazy Over Daisy" (March 24, 1950).

invited to appear   (görünmeye davet edildi)

Xenia Jankovic is regularly invited to appear at international festivals across the globe.

In December 2002, he would be invited to appear with Sherman Hemsley on Carnival Cruise Lines.

The theme of that week's episode had its contestants performing his and Westlife's music; Filan was invited to appear as a guest judge.

making it appear

The glass would be covered later on making it appear that the cars had small and low windows.

Kirkland then kills Lennon with an injection, making it appear Lennon has died of his injuries.

Crowly sends letters to Clementine and Gene, making it appear that each is inviting the other on a date that evening.

continue to appear

His poems continue to appear in literary journals and anthologies.

(The Bructeri however continue to appear in the record and apparently moved south.)

Chase and Cameron continue to appear occasionally in different roles at the hospital.

both appear

They both appear in the episode "The Warriors".

Flows from both appear to be pre-glacial.

It was co-produced by James Intveld and Greg Leisz, who both appear as musicians as well.

sometimes appear

Functors sometimes appear in functional programming.

They sometimes appear slow, but they can be extremely fast.

Revised selected papers sometimes appear as special journal issues.

appear in other   (diğerlerinde görün)

Similar initiatives have begun to appear in other regions.

These international heroes would later appear in other issues of "Super Friends".

Parallel interpretations of national trauma after military defeat appear in other countries.

still appear   (hala görünüyor)

Some older word usages still appear in Quebec French.

As such, "full dress" may still appear in use designating formal wear.

Occasional critical articles on the weird fiction genre still appear, e.g.

appear in both

Mut, too, could appear in both leonine and cat form.

His poems appear in both Arabic and Persian.

(Two poems appear in both books.)

names appear

Trade names appear in parentheses.

Some character names appear in the geography of the Yokohama area.

Other names appear in imperial times, including "Marcus" and "Quintus".

appear within

Baháʼís do not expect a new manifestation of God to appear within 1000 years of Baháʼu'lláh's revelation.

The oldest known fossils of most of the modern mammal orders appear within a brief period during the early Eocene.

The eyes of Leonardo's original "Mona Lisa" appear within cover-graphics for Dan Brown's fictional novel "The Da Vinci Code".

appear in every

A few countries appear in every list (BRICS, Mexico, Turkey).

Baio and Aames are the only two cast members that appear in every single episode.

The chemistry was successful and Whiteman became one of the band's four members to consistently appear in every tour.

appear on stage

Ulvaeus said: "We will never appear on stage again.

Some clubs have hundreds of entertainers appear on stage within a single year.

In the end of the 1990s Hellman started to occasionally appear on stage again.

appear in various

He and Lupita together appear in various television commercials.

Samples of his sketches appear in various fanzines of the period.

Doraemon, Nobita, and the other characters also appear in various educational manga.

appear alongside

Operatic vocals provided by Leah Estep appear alongside M.S.W.

Entering into the area around Duncan, several small farms appear alongside the road.

Until the start of the 1990s, incoming rugby results would appear alongside football scores.

appear frequently

Determinants appear frequently in algebraic identities such as the Vandermonde identity.

Mills continued to appear frequently in the team, playing in 34 matches and scoring one goal.

Variants on the name of Abyzou appear frequently in charms in languages such as ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Romanian.

appear on television

Chen Xitong did not appear on television to give this statement.

She continued to appear on television and in films throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

He was invited by the BBC to appear on television to explain why he had done what he did.

continues to appear

The strip continues to appear as re-runs.

He is currently Co-Founder of MEDIAPOP Films and continues to appear in TV and Film.

The term continues to appear as a popular topic tag on both technical and political blogs.

refused to appear

She refused to appear.

The council continued with Dioscorus' trial, but he refused to appear before the assembly.

Although she was asked twice, Joyce Grenfell refused to appear again as Sergeant Ruby Gates.

agreed to appear

He changed his mind a few hours later and agreed to appear on the show.

Several of the cast agreed to appear for less than their usual fees as a favor to Lawrence.

He agreed to appear only if he could play a military character and not "wear that silly shirt again".

ever to appear

Jeff Rudom weighed in at (), making him the heaviest celebrity ever to appear on the show.

He became the youngest player ever to appear in a major league game—a record that still stands today.

While on tour in April 1995, Schemel became the first woman ever to appear on the cover of "Drum World" magazine.