İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

applications such   (gibi uygulamalar)

Low-purity CCM is used in industrial applications such as waste water treatment.

JumpCenter provides application management for COTS applications such as PeopleSoft.

It has many applications such as antifreeze, rust inhibitor of steel and wash heavy oil.

other applications   (diğer uygulamalar)

For other applications there are other definitions.

For most other applications FPGAs are generally preferred.

It also has a host of other applications.

many applications   (birçok uygulama)

Factorials have many applications in number theory.

It is also heat resistant and has many applications.

Evolutionary theory has many applications in medicine.

industrial applications

for vibrations caused by industrial applications).

Wyes also have industrial applications.

Barium has few industrial applications.

practical applications   (pratik uygulamalar)

Howard sought practical applications for the new research.

However practical applications of algorithms are sometimes patentable.

The Euclidean algorithm has many theoretical and practical applications.

software applications

Hence, the API writers play a key role in building software applications.

Several free and open-source animation software applications exist as well.

Similar games can also be found on the Internet or as software applications.

applications include

Typical applications include urography and angiography.

Other applications include marketing and policy making.

Military applications include the Active Denial System.

web applications

Mix is used with web applications built on the Phoenix framework.

The web applications found on ZeroPC are built on Java in the back end.

Socket.IO Socket.IO is a JavaScript library for realtime web applications.

mobile applications

Developers have several options for deploying mobile applications.

A new development in the web-to-print world is mobile applications.

Today's employee scheduling software often includes mobile applications.

patent applications   (Patent başvuruları)

By 2012, 27 patent applications had been filed, all by foreigners.

Within a year, he filed several patent applications on these and other inventions.

Nonetheless, two patent applications unveil that the amino group can be changed, i.e.

planning applications

These organisations exist to keep local authorities in check, and now play significant roles in planning applications.

This meant that all planning applications within a radius of their site had to be approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

Each area committee takes decisions on local issues such as planning applications, and the split is meant to reflect the diverse circumstances of each area.

commercial applications   (ticari uygulamalar)

This is particularly important in commercial applications.

PDO is an organic compound with many commercial applications.

The Model 67 was being used in commercial applications by 1968.

military applications

Model 204 is commonly used in government and military applications.

They are normally employed in mining, demolition, and military applications.

It may also have military applications, including for mine countermeasures and undersea surveillance.

variety of applications

These methods are used for a variety of applications.

A variety of applications for such films exist.

Asphalt emulsions are used in a wide variety of applications.

range of applications

Tributylamine has a wide range of applications.

They have been extensively explored for wide range of applications.

MPEG-2 video supports a wide range of applications from mobile to high quality HD editing.

applications including

It has applications including as compact antennas, particularly in cellular phones.

It supplies simple applications including a word processor, filer, spreadsheet, calendar, and mail manager.

Artificial Intelligence has inspired numerous creative applications including its usage to produce visual art.

new applications

Moreover, new applications may be deployed over existing and future networks.

The success of sound films stimulated the search for new applications of photocells.

The task is to seek out and develop new applications for the product, in order to increase sales.

various applications   (çeşitli uygulamalar)

They can be remotely updated and various applications can be downloaded to them.

Some exporters and agents for various applications are available to provide metrics.

Soon these found various applications, with one of the earliest users being Loughborough College.

different applications   (farklı uygulamalar)

There are various types for different applications.

Most alkali metals have many different applications.

The engines were tuned differently for different applications.

number of applications   (başvuru sayısı)

CID has been used for a number of applications in biomedical research.

3 UDR had the smallest number of applications from former special constables.

This range has a number of applications, including speech communication and music.

medical applications   (tıbbi uygulamalar)

A large variety of medical applications (i.e.

It also has medical applications as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

Lintels may also be used to reduce scattered radiation in medical applications.

most applications   (çoğu uygulama)

The 2T-G was replaced by the 4A-GE in most applications.

For most applications, the radiant heat source will be hot air.

For most applications, the effect is also negligible for Schottky diodes.

potential applications   (potansiyel uygulamalar)

Dendrimers have potential applications in sensors.

This expands potential applications for phytases.

The potential applications of the technology could be even broader.

applications using

It can be used to create RESTful APIs, web apps, and real-time applications using WebSockets.

Self-organized teams created a number of applications using these tools, which they presented in a demonstration showcase.

The project aims to provide a framework to develop (dynamic) modular software applications using component and/or service-oriented programming.

such applications

For such applications, the continuum assumption is reasonable.

However, such applications can also be written in newer, higher-level languages.

During the first 7 ½ months of 2007, the Department ruled on over 600 such applications.

local planning applications

It evaluates local planning applications and works with the local police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

The parish council evaluates local planning applications and works with the police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

It is a billing authority collecting Council Tax and business rates; it processes local planning applications; it is responsible for housing, waste collection, and environmental health.

all applications

As in many things, no single wire is perfect for all applications.

Despite these feats, all applications for entry to the senior Irish League were turned down.

FOX-7 is considered to be approximately a 1-to-1 replacement for RDX in almost all applications.

computer applications

Among these are computer applications for tourism, sports and leisure studies, and casino and hotel management.

Some electives offered at CCA include art, computer applications, and speech, though courses vary from year to year.

Examples of computer applications that use the client–server model are Email, network printing, and the World Wide Web.

applications and works

It is also built into mobile applications and works in Smart TV systems.

It evaluates local planning applications and works with the local police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

The parish council evaluates local planning applications and works with the police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

business applications   (iş uygulamaları)

ERP vendors are extending ERP to these devices, along with other business applications.

C-ISAM was primarily used for business applications, which were at the time often written in the C language.

It provides knowledge and skills to interpret and use statistical techniques in a variety of business applications.

used in applications

This is often used in applications.

These metals are used in applications where corrosion resistance is important.

These communications processors are used in applications like VoIP systems, telecom switches, cellular base stations and DSLAMs.

clinical applications

These involve both basic research in other fields and clinical applications in the field of hair cells.

Nuclear medicine procedures are the major clinical applications of molecular imaging and molecular therapy.

specific applications

Some specific applications of fractals to technology are listed elsewhere.

Bruinier's compositions were of "made-to-measure music" for specific applications / events.

Cladistics, either generally or in specific applications, has been criticized from its beginnings.

engineering applications

This is a critical consideration for materials selection in engineering applications.

Alternatively, in engineering applications, such as swimming pool water treatment plants, they may be cleaned by backwashing.

The electrospun scaffolds made for tissue engineering applications can be penetrated with cells to treat or replace biological targets.

numerous applications

For an overview and numerous applications Cogdell, J.W.

Categorical equivalence has found numerous applications in mathematics.

Genetic engineering techniques have found success in numerous applications.

several applications

On several applications powered by PrivacyStar, call and text blocking is available.

Calcium isotope fractionation during mineral formation has led to several applications of calcium isotopes.

Mac OS X v10.4 offers parental controls for several applications (Mail, Finder, iChat, Safari & Dictionary).

certain applications   (belirli uygulamalar)

For certain applications, e.g.

This prevents its use in certain applications, but is not a problem in others.

However, in certain applications, the space requirements of suffix arrays may still be prohibitive.

important applications

This has important applications in magnetic resonance imaging.

Improving this process is key to enabling several important applications.

They have important applications in the characterization of complicated coupled systems.