not apply   (適用されません)

Do not apply if outside temperatures exceed 30 °C.

In addition, veterans’ preference does not apply.

Covenant-breaking does not apply to most of them.

did not apply   (適用しませんでした)

In 2007–08, the district did not apply for the grant.

The law did not apply to Alderney and Sark.

(It did not apply to Scotland or Ireland.)

does not apply   (適用されません)

In addition, veterans’ preference does not apply.

Covenant-breaking does not apply to most of them.

By definition, "kareth" does not apply to non-Jews.

apply only   (適用のみ)

The extensions in International email apply only to email.

Some items apply only to companies with ten or more employees.

Karl Barth reinterpreted the Reformed doctrine of predestination to apply only to Christ.

rules apply   (ルールが適用されます)

Additional rules apply to stops that occur on a bus.

The ISU's rules apply to international events.

The same rules apply as in Officers' skat.

apply to all   (すべてに適用)

This does not apply to all such studies.

A number of electrical laws apply to all electrical networks.

These requirements apply to all workplaces in British Columbia.

eligible to apply   (応募資格)

International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

North American activist leaders ages 13 to 22 are eligible to apply.

are also eligible to apply.

apply for exceptions   (例外を申し込む)

In 2009, The Ephrata Area School Board did not apply for exceptions.

For 2009-10 school budget, the board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Index.

only apply   (適用のみ)

The rules on eligible receivers only apply to forward passes.

Drug courts not only apply to adults but to juveniles as well.

Each state may only apply for up to one GEAR UP grant at a time.

able to apply   (申請できる)

However, the array must be sorted first to be able to apply binary search.

As with the previous seasons, applicants were able to apply via the internet, phone or in person.

Dana Energy owns a stimulation vessel that is able to apply the three commonly used well stimulation techniques.

then apply   (その後、適用します)

We can then apply one of the two later rules.

If we then apply formula_1 to the second formula_2 we get formula_26.

One is to build a tree of the original expression and then apply tree rewrite rules to it.

required to apply   (適用する必要があります)

There is no entry fee required to apply for this award.

A Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is required to apply for an MMD or a QMED program.

The fighters are required to apply the wrapping in front of the fight officials, who will endorse the wraps.

how to apply   (適用する方法)

Students learn from instructors on how to apply the rules on the baseball diamond.

It is not clear how to apply a private ownership model to many examples of "Commons", however.

After expounding his epistemology, Hume explains how to apply his principles to specific topics.

used to apply   (適用するために使用)

Thus, ERM can be used to apply compromise and accommodation strategies.

The Bank of Japan used to apply such policy ("window guidance") between 1962 and 1991.

Internal paddles can be used to apply a small electric shock to the heart to restore proper rhythm.

apply pressure   (圧力をかける)

It is usually not necessary to apply pressure for a long time, so there is less need for clamps.

In November 1916, in order to apply pressure on the royal government in Athens, the French confiscated the Greek ships.

Natural point of aim is not achieved if the shooter must apply pressure to the firearm so the sight picture is on target.

owners apply   (所有者が適用)

Property owners apply for the relief through the county Treasurer's office.

order to apply   (申請する)

In order to apply for a spot in the medicine course, the candidates must rank the universities in order of preference.

In November 1916, in order to apply pressure on the royal government in Athens, the French confiscated the Greek ships.

Meanwhile, the NCSA began work with the sectorial regulators, in order to apply cyber-defence norms to various defence objectives.

decided to apply   (適用することにしました)

With a great start after college she decided to apply for a pro card and bowl the tour professionally.

Looking for stronger competition, he decided to apply for the Japan Shogi Association's apprentice school.

In November 1935, when he learned that Walt Disney was seeking more artists for his studio, Barks decided to apply.

first to apply   (最初に適用する)

Adolf Meyer was the first to apply the new diagnostic term in America.

And they were the first to apply a name to a locale which emphasized its real or supposed virtues.

He was one of the first to apply physiological techniques, to the problem of resuscitating newborn babies.

still apply   (まだ適用されます)

The principle that justice had to be seen to be done would still apply.

Individuals with Profile 21 can still apply to volunteer for service in the IDF.

The 3 percent "international transaction fee" for converting currencies will still apply.