Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

new approach   (nuevo enfoque)

As a producer, Bacharach has a very fresh, new approach."

A new approach, and such a surprising one."

The new approach also benefitted the farmers economically.

different approach   (enfoque diferente)

The New York detective tried a different approach.

More modern authority suggested a different approach.

A film company with a different approach was Film d'Art.

closest approach   (enfoque más cercano)

Currently, the closest approach possible to Neptune (MOID) is .

It is expected to make its closest approach in about two million years.

This is the closest approach the highway makes to downtown Indianapolis.

approach towards   (enfoque hacia)

Mystory is Ulmer's new approach towards learning in general.

The Berkeley Mafia's liberal approach towards economics was not supported by all.

When Thomas died, he left the New World with a new rational approach towards thought.

final approach   (aproximación final)

Both the PAR and ASR can be used as final approach aids.

The United States' various regulators have agreed on a final approach.

On the final approach leg, the pilot increased his rate of descent to build up energy.

holistic approach   (enfoque holístico)

Organic farming is sometimes considered a holistic approach.

A holistic approach to health and health care system in Nepal is taken.

Demand generation is a holistic approach to marketing and sales cohesion within the company.

similar approach   (enfoque similar)

A similar approach was adopted by Wettstein.

A similar approach has been used for the logarithm (see lnp1).

France has taken a similar approach.

alternative approach   (Enfoque alternativo)

reported an alternative approach for carmofur synthesis.

An alternative approach is anaerobic fermentation, known as bokashi.

See also parsing expression grammar as an alternative approach to grammar and parser.

approach road   (camino de aproximación)

It is at on the approach road to Turkish motor way .

But there is no proper approach road to this station.

Israel also constructed an approach road and a ski lift.

scientific approach   (enfoque científico)

At least one scientific approach to creating bestsellers has been devised.

A more scientific approach evolved as knowledge of the human anatomy improved.

DFT represents a scientific approach to flow manufacturing for discrete production.

innovative approach   (enfoque innovador)

The teaching is based on the case method, innovative approach at the time.

Callewaert had an innovative approach to liturgy and the study of history.

This innovative approach to native settlements engaged the tribes in corporate capitalism.

interdisciplinary approach   (enfoque interdisciplinario)

Holleman's interdisciplinary approach has been recognized across fields.

and museum educator Carolyn Halpin-Healy, Arts & Minds takes an interdisciplinary approach to dementia and art.

The study of concepts has served as an important flagship of an emerging interdisciplinary approach called cognitive science.

unique approach   (enfoque único)

"ST Format" noted the title's unique approach to the licence.

In death metal genre, Martin is very well known for his unique approach to vocals.

"Earthdawn" stands out from other tabletop RPGs with a unique approach to skill tests.

approach used   (enfoque utilizado)

The basic approach used is as follows.

Process study Process study is the phenomenological approach used in climatology.

The approach used for survivability was to install thick armor plate to resist gun fire and install multiple guns.

traditional approach   (enfoque tradicional)

Consequently, under the traditional approach there is only one language of first-order logic.

Moreover, this traditional approach is meant to train the mind, promote reasoning, and ensure a common culture.

It’s said that using a traditional approach of network upgrading/reinforcement would be costly and time consuming.

approach taken   (enfoque adoptado)

The approach taken in the Disk II controller is typical of Wozniak's designs.

The hybrid approach taken by rural–urban proportional reflects lessons learned from previous attempts to pass electoral reform.

However, it is nice to hear a more minimalist approach taken to most of the other tracks where drums have been stripped back and a greater prevalence bestowed upon the organ."

common approach   (enfoque común)

A more common approach is "covered" line wire.

A common approach to remedying discrimination is affirmative action.

A common approach to distance sampling is the use of line transects.

not approach   (no acercarse)

The book does not approach his better grownup fiction.

The Broncos did not approach him about restructuring his contract.

They choose to not approach them and instead rejoin the campers, who offer them to stay the night in their camp.

s approach   (enfoque s)

Belter’s approach to Rococo includes 17th-century motifs for decoration.

Spewak’s approach to EAP is similar to that taken by DOE in that the business mission is the primary driver.

The book includes a series of essays, photographs and advertisements, which support Lasn’s approach to culture jamming.

same approach   (mismo enfoque)

No other Caribbean organisation takes the same approach.

The same approach is used to address the sports community.

The director followed the same approach in his previous film "Jodi".

systematic approach   (Acercamiento sistematico)

The U.S. Coast Guard uses a systematic approach for search and rescue operations.

Franklin, in particular, had a rather comprehensive and systematic approach to self-reflection.

But rational, Enlightenment thinking led to a more systematic approach to accumulation and study.

s approach   (enfoque de)

Belter’s approach to Rococo includes 17th-century motifs for decoration.

Spewak’s approach to EAP is similar to that taken by DOE in that the business mission is the primary driver.

The book includes a series of essays, photographs and advertisements, which support Lasn’s approach to culture jamming.

integrated approach   (enfoque integrado)

Johnson is known for introducing Green Plans, an integrated approach to protecting and managing natural resources, to the United States.

The Muziris Heritage Project set a precedent in India for adopting an integrated approach to heritage conservation and regional development.

He advocates an integrated approach to the teaching of biology at both high school and college level, which he has elaborated in an interview.

such an approach   (Tremendo acercamiento)

Timelapse-seq is an example of such an approach.

The merit of such an approach was considerable in his opinion.

Few interventions, for them, have demonstrated such an approach.

novel approach   (enfoque novedoso)

Evolutionary psychology takes a novel approach to the problem.

Keccak is based on a novel approach called sponge construction.

A novel approach was the granting of rights across the national borders of states adhering to the directive.

general approach   (enfoque general)

Nolan’s model concerns the general approach to IT in business.

This general approach led to the perception that he was "trying to be all things to all men".

This very general approach is valid in areas such as physics, chemistry, computer science etc.

design approach   (Enfoque de diseño)

A design approach is a general philosophy that may or may not include a guide for specific methods.

The Zimmerman group has taken a rational design approach to discovering small molecule drugs that target r(CUG).

The program aimed to train, research, and outreach to modern information systems through an incentive-centered design approach.

approach based   (enfoque basado)

He would later employ an approach based on time-points.

To meet that goal, he developed a mathematical approach based on quantizing spacetime.

In the late 1980s, backgammon programmers found more success with an approach based on artificial neural networks.

close approach   (acercamiento)

The close approach will be visible from Europe, Africa, and western Asia.

"DART" would then impact the asteroid's moon in October 2022, during a close approach to Earth.

China plans an exploration fly-by mission to Apophis in 2022, several years prior to the close approach in 2029.

modern approach   (enfoque moderno)

Uren took a modern approach.

However, a modern approach to define NP is to use the concept of "certificate" and "verifier".

He had a modern approach to diet and fitness, a rare quality amongst players of his generation.

first approach   (primer enfoque)

In 1987, five months after her first approach, the company hired her.

: merchant) was a first approach to intermediate between private wealth and public interest.

The first approach to V Beach was made by the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in boats that were towed or rowed.

another approach   (otro enfoque)

Outline analysis is another approach to analyzing shape.

To obtain it from the PSD another approach must be taken.

Yet another approach uses a synthetic resin that is solidified using LEDs.

approach allows   (enfoque permite)

This approach allows for players to play a wide variety of non-human species.

This approach allows for the creation of hybrid architectures for electrode materials.

The approach allows devices with very limited communications hardware to operate over IP networks.

conservative approach   (enfoque conservativo)

Mora favored a conservative approach to the game, relying on a strong running game and solid defensive play.

A more conservative approach was thus taken, to appease the Korean market, resulting in Fluidic Sculpture 2.0.

His critics, both among fans and media reporters, often blamed his lack of success in the postseason to his conservative approach.

comprehensive approach   (enfoque integral)

In August 2012, TDA completed work on a comprehensive approach to managing the challenges of a post-Assad transition in Syria.

Brahmachary, along with Jyotirmoy Dutta of Bose Institute, Kolkata made the first comprehensive approach towards understanding the nature of big cat pheromones.

This initiative strives to improve the health and safety of workers by taking a comprehensive approach to eliminate hazards and control risks earlier in the process.

approach to music   (acercamiento a la música)

Their approach to music feels at once old-timey and totally modern.

This string of incidents prompted Koromah to rethink his approach to music.

Struck by their honest approach to music, Eric decided to employ the same to his composing and performing.

pragmatic approach   (enfoque pragmático)

Legault advocated for a pragmatic approach to the environment.

Click takes a pragmatic approach and expose few abstractions to learn and understand.

He usually dressed informally in well-worn clothes, and had a direct, pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

experimental approach   (enfoque experimental)

The music took an experimental approach than the previous releases.

He continued this eclectic and experimental approach, irrespective of whether the fundamental format was rock, jazz or classical.

PHUNK is known for taking an experimental approach to their projects, combining various contexts and symbols to create a signature visual language and system.

approach roads   (caminos de aproximación)

The IDOT estimates that it would cost $173 million to construct a replacement bridge and approach roads.

However, a large system of approach roads, including two smaller toll bridges, was built on the Isle of Wight County side.

Bergen and Essex have requested that the bridge be re-built by the NJDOT and are acquiring land for a widening of right-of way along approach roads to it.

direct approach   (Acercamiento directo)

Shea's superiors were finally forced to take a more direct approach.

The team ultimately found that a direct approach was better than any of the alternatives.

But, at the end of the day, such a transfer is the most direct approach to faster recovery.

second approach   (segundo enfoque)

Nasution's second approach was to centralise military training.

Garnsey made a second approach to Norman for emergency financing, and was again rebuffed.

On the storm's second approach toward the Azores, schools were closed and flight were cancelled.

approach to education   (enfoque de la educación)

The New Deal approach to education was a radical departure from previous practices.

Johnson's approach to education and teaching influenced Browning for the rest of his life.

The new Learner-Centered Model is similar in many regards to this classical person-centered approach to education.

multidisciplinary approach   (enfoque multidisciplinario)

Each issue is of substantial length and explores a single topic with a multidisciplinary approach.

Although he was enrolled in anatomy, he also incorporated physiology despite resistance from the university to this multidisciplinary approach.

In 1988, PRTM pioneered its "Product and Cycle-time Excellence" (PACE) framework to provide companies with a multidisciplinary approach to innovation.

based approach   (enfoque basado)

Promoting a rights based approach to poverty and social justice 4.

Critical ethnography Critical ethnography applies a critical theory based approach to ethnography.

The most common used model based approach in signal processing is the maximum likelihood (ML) technique.