archaeological site   (遺跡)

Ceccia Ceccia is an archaeological site in Corsica.

Cauria Cauria is an archaeological site in Corsica.

Apazzu Apazzu is an archaeological site in Corsica.

archaeological sites   (遺跡)

The parent island of Grenada abounds in archaeological sites.

Belt hooks have also been found in Celtic archaeological sites.

There are several theories behind the archaeological sites in Aitaroun.

archaeological evidence   (考古学的証拠)

However archaeological evidence for this is still sparse.

There is little archaeological evidence for precise claims.

There is slight archaeological evidence of a mediaeval settlement.

archaeological excavations   (考古学的発掘)

It has recently undergone some archaeological excavations.

He has led or participated in various archaeological excavations.

Additionally, archaeological excavations at Tiya have yielded tombs.

archaeological remains   (遺跡)

Sources of Birka are mainly archaeological remains.

Important archaeological remains of the Late Bronze Age (ca.

The archaeological remains of Baiae are also located in the "comune".

archaeological finds   (考古学的発見)

Other archaeological finds with tombs buried document the period.

Other Roman archaeological finds depict the goddess Venus in a similar garment.

There are also changing exhibitions of archaeological finds from the wider area.

archaeological research

The city is a world centre of archaeological research.

The journal publishes archaeological research in and around Europe.

Further professional archaeological research needs be done in this site.

archaeological record   (考古学的記録)

Such sudden events may be invisible in the archaeological record.

Scholars propose that a variety of objects from the archaeological record depict Týr.

Not all painting techniques are equally well represented in the archaeological record.

archaeological excavation   (考古学的発掘)

Little is known about it, and an archaeological excavation in 1910 failed to find the expected graves.

A recent archaeological excavation at Ickham has revealed evidence of Roman metalwork and copper brooches.

Subsequent archaeological excavation at this location revealed the remains of a 13th-century moated manor house.

archaeological findings   (考古学的発見)

Specific archaeological findings have confirmed that pets were mummified.

The true archaeological findings are directly below this indicated constellation.

Various shapes like two-sided or four-sided dice are documented in archaeological findings e.g.

important archaeological

The Grossu Monte is an important archaeological site.

There is an important archaeological site on the island.

This period also saw the foundation of important archaeological associations (e.g.

archaeological site located   (考古学サイト)

There is an archaeological site located in Bagh called Bagh Fort.

Yiftahel Yiftahel () is an archaeological site located in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel.

Koster Site The Koster Site is a prehistoric archaeological site located south of Eldred, Illinois.

archaeological work   (考古学)

Since the middle of the 90s, archaeological work have been done manually.

Since the late 1960s, Tuck focused his archaeological work in Newfoundland and Labrador.

More recent archaeological work and research by Alissa Slade casts doubt on Jones's theory.

archaeological discoveries

Some important underwater archaeological discoveries recently made of Roman ships tend to confirm this.

The recent archaeological discoveries have brought up remains of an important neolithic culture as well.

Many important archaeological discoveries have been made that can provide a better understanding of that era.

archaeological investigations   (考古学調査)

Many archaeological investigations of the mound have taken place since then.

Further archaeological investigations took place in 1968-9 (by Angulo Villaseñor) and in 1980 (by Wanda Tomassi).

He directed archaeological investigations at the Payne Site in 1956 and published two works on these investigations.

archaeological dig   (考古学的発掘)

Birley's first archaeological dig occurred at Birdoswald.

He conducted an archaeological dig in a cave site on Tulang.

The team examined an archaeological dig and provided advice on the work underway.

archaeological investigation   (考古学的調査)

The Borsos treated the restoration project as if it were an archaeological investigation.

During the 1998-99 renovation, an archaeological investigation was done around the church.

The film follows an archaeological investigation into a forgotten cemetery at Toronto's old Don Jail.

archaeological survey

The site was subjected to an archaeological survey.

The cemetery was the subject of an archaeological survey in the late 1990s.

An initial archaeological survey was conducted in 1892, with full excavations beginning in 1932.

archaeological museum

Attimis is home to a medieval archaeological museum.

Today it houses an archaeological museum.

preserved in the archaeological museum of Pella and in literature.

archaeological potential   (考古学的な可能性)

The archaeological potential was also reported as being high at that time.

Historical records indicate that this former cemetery site has high archaeological potential.

There is also excellent archaeological potential in the park and cemetery for evidence of early burials.

no archaeological

So far, no archaeological sites have been conclusively attributed to the Bastarnae.

However, no archaeological remains of leather strip defences for helmets have been found.

However, no archaeological evidence has been supported by scholars to maintain a date of 1600-1200 BC.

archaeological digs   (考古学的発掘)

Many very old synagogues have been discovered in archaeological digs.

He supervised archaeological digs of ancient Tyre, and digs at Sidon with Maurice Dunand.

He also worked along the Gulf Coast, directing archaeological digs in Florida and Georgia.

other archaeological   (その他の考古学)

This is supported by other archaeological sites in surrounding villages.

In the immediate area are ruined brick structures and other archaeological traces.

Unlike other archaeological methods, geophysical survey is not invasive or destructive.

archaeological artifacts

The upper floors of the building houses a bible museum, featuring archaeological artifacts and works of art with biblical themes.

The University of Chicago Oriental Institute has an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeological artifacts.

This history is known through the archaeological artifacts that have been found here, especially at "Playa Hornos, Pie de la Cuesta",and "Tambuco".

archaeological culture

Arras culture The Arras culture is an archaeological culture of the Middle Iron Age in East Yorkshire, England.

The Plaquemine culture was an archaeological culture in the lower Mississippi River Valley in western Mississippi and eastern Louisiana.

Sukow-Dziedzice group The Sukow-Dziedzice group () or Sukow-Dziedzice culture (, ), also known as Szeligi culture, was an archaeological culture attributed to the Early Slavs.

archaeological studies

The twentieth century saw a number of archaeological studies, but nothing of major significance emerged.

In 2001 and 2002, archaeological studies were carried out at Kamid al lawz near Yanta that unearthed a large amount of Ancient Greek pottery.

Five to six thousand years ago, archaeological studies in Mexico have shown that they were making atole the same way they are making it today.

first archaeological

Birley's first archaeological dig occurred at Birdoswald.

The first archaeological excavations took place in the summer months of 2014.

He was brother to physicist Augustin Fresnel (1788–1827) and is noted as an Orientalist scholar who led one of the first archaeological teams to excavate in Mesopotamia.

historical and archaeological

Ruins of Gedi The ruins of Gedi are a historical and archaeological site near the Indian Ocean coast of eastern Kenya.

A number of significant historical and archaeological remains have been found in the area, notably the remains of a carnyx.

The Beara Way is a long distance walking route around the peninsula with several historical and archaeological sites en route.