Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

designed by architect   (diseñado por el arquitecto)

It was possibly designed by architect Walter Ware.

It was designed by architect Joseph Bell DeRemer.

It was built in 1912 and designed by architect J.W.

landscape architect   (arquitecto paisajista)

He was also landscape architect for Mepkin Abbey.

The landscape architect was Roberto Burle Marx.

landscape architect, marine architect, software architect etc.

local architect   (arquitecto local)

It was a work of local architect Frank R. McGeoy.

Designed in 1892 by a local architect, Charles F.

It was a home of local architect Jules Leffland.

chief architect   (arquitecto en jefe)

He was the chief architect of "Bangabhukti Andolon".

It was one of Wenck's last works as DSB's chief architect.

Its chief architect was John A. Holabird.

naval architect   (arquitecto naval)

"Ragna IV" was designed by Danish naval architect Oscar W. Dahlstrom.

She was designed by the noted naval architect Bernard Waymouth (1824–1890).

He was employed for forty years as a naval architect and mechanical engineer.

noted architect   (arquitecto notable)

His son Alejandro Sureda became a noted architect.

Both were designed by noted architect James Gandon.

His father, Edward Stotz, was a noted architect in Pittsburgh.

prominent architect   (arquitecto prominente)

Yost, (1847–1923), a prominent architect from Ohio whose works included other public buildings.

Henry Busch Henry Frederick Busch (1826-1902) was a prominent architect in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It was a new gallery set up at the 7 Alexandra Avenue address, by the prominent architect Datuk Lim Chong Keat.

architect who designed   (arquitecto que diseñó)

John Vaughan was an architect who designed many homes.

Enric Miralles, the Spanish architect who designed the building, died before its completion.

It was designed by Pytheos of Priene, the same architect who designed the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

renowned architect   (arquitecto de renombre)

Both were designed by renowned architect Mary Jane Colter.

Jean Delespine was a renowned architect.

He was one of four children of renowned architect Fernando H. Ocampo and Lourdes Luciano.

architect and designer   (arquitecto y diseñador)

Jon Drezner Jon Drezner is an American architect and designer.

Sara Losh Sara or Sarah Losh (1785–29 March 1853) was an English architect and designer.

Salim Al-Kadi Salim Al-Kadi (Arabic: سليم القاضي) is an architect and designer from Lebanon.

principal architect   (arquitecto principal)

Ambedkar, the principal architect of the Constitution of India.

The principal architect of the project was Olivier Vinour of the firm Marye, Alger and Vinour.

He conditioned his participation on using Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as the principal architect.

famous architect   (arquitecto famoso)

It was designed by the famous architect William Harris.

He was the brother of Abraham Zabludovsky (1924-2003), a famous architect.

The architectural part of the monument was designed by the famous architect Avraam Melnikov.

city architect   (arquitecto de la ciudad)

B. Sartorius and city architect Arnold Zenetti.

The designer was Fritz Weidner, a famous city architect in Bydgoszcz.

John Smith (1781–1852), known as "Tudor Johnie", was Aberdeen's first city architect.

architect based   (arquitecto basado)

Rosa Sheng Rosa T. Sheng is an architect based in San Francisco, California.

Albert Cameron Albert Cameron was an American architect based in Salem, Ohio.

Ethan Nelson Ethan S. Nelson, AIA is an American architect based in Las Vegas.

architect and engineer   (arquitecto e ingeniero)

Thomas C. Howard was lead designer, architect and engineer for both companies.

Until modern times, there was no clear distinction between architect and engineer.

The castle was constructed under the supervision of a Moorish architect and engineer.

course architect   (arquitecto del curso)

He has also developed a career as a golf course architect.

The course architect was Bob Lohmann.

Golf course architect Mark Muller revamped the original construction in 1998.

commissioned architect   (arquitecto comisionado)

Palmer commissioned architect James Piers St Aubyn to design St Peter's Church.

They commissioned architect Francis William Deas (1862-1951) to modernise the house in 1902.

In 1868, George Clark commissioned architect Richard George Suter to construct a grand homestead.

design by architect   (diseño por arquitecto)

The design by architect Johan Höjer is unique to Sweden.

It was design by architect Han Pao-Teh, with Southern Min style.

It was built in 1852 to a design by architect William Strickland.

main architect   (arquitecto principal)

The main architect of Bijlmermeer was Siegfried Nassuth.

He was the main architect in developing Kovalam as an international tourist spot.

A. G. Moltke was in charge of the project and Nicolai Eigtved was the main architect.

architect and builder   (arquitecto y constructor)

B.F. Ingalls served as the architect and builder.

The architect and builder are unknown.

His home was designed and built by local architect and builder Charles Lembke.

golf course architect   (arquitecto del campo de golf)

He has also developed a career as a golf course architect.

Ross will go on to design 600 courses in his storied career as a golf course architect.

The couple had one son, Joseph Seifter Finger (1918-2003), who became a chemical engineer and golf course architect.

modernist architect   (arquitecto modernista)

It was designed by the British modernist architect Clifford Culpin.

Lakofski traveled to London in 1952, working for the modernist architect Frederick Gibberd.

He had a particular interest in and affinity with the work of Dutch modernist architect Willem Dudok.

hired architect   (arquitecto contratado)

Moss Brothers hired architect Arthur E. Allen to design the homes.

Berne hired architect William F. Wortham, Jr. to design the complex.

In 1917 Hale hired architect Bertram Goodhue to produce a master plan for the campus.

style by architect   (estilo por arquitecto)

The station was designed in the Greek revival style by architect Earl Nielson.

It was designed in Colonial Revival style by architect Paul R. Williams, and built in 1928.

It was ostensibly designed in the Classical Revival style by architect Edward Columbus Hosford.

court architect   (arquitecto de la corte)

He was appointed to the post of senior court architect in 1730.

The ornaments at the ceilings and the walls were the work of the court architect Sarkis Balyan.

The park at Castle Hill was designed by Joseph Kornhäusel, the court architect of the Viennese court.

became an architect   (se convirtió en arquitecto)

He wanted to study painting but became an architect.

His nephew Costante Tencalla also became an architect.

McGeoy became an architect in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1908.