designed by architects

It was designed by architects Purcell & Elmslie.

It was designed by architects Wyatt & Nolting.

It was designed by architects Buechner & Orth.

landscape architects

The garden surrounding the house was designed by landscape architects Olmsted & Eliot.

Ornamental species of acacias are also used by homeowners and landscape architects for home security.

The actual planting scheme was designed by New York landscape architects Vitale, Brinckerhoff, and Geiffert.

other architects   (他の建築家)

It includes works by Jules Leffland and other architects.

Three Pavesi bridges, Chianti, Dorno and Serrevalle-Pistoiese, were built by other architects.

Costa's plan was not as detailed as some of the plans presented by other architects and city planners.

local architects

The building's construction was supervised by local architects Wilson & Sompayrac.

Darmstadt's local architects did not take part in the first exhibition in the Mathildenhöhe.

Construction on the present site began in 1883 to designs by local architects Lambert & Bunnell.

architects such

She subsequently collaborated with architects such as Olivier Bastin in a studio in Brussels.

But in the Philippines, local architects such as Juan Nakpil, Juan Arellano and others were preeminent.

He collaborated with contemporary architects such as Francesco Grimaldi, Bartolomeo Picchiatti and Giovan Giacomo Di Conforto.

leading architects

Arne Jacobsen was not just a furniture designer but one of the leading architects of his times.

The leading architects of this style in Amsterdam were Jacob van Campen, Philips Vingboons and Daniel Stalpaert.

Several of the pavilions were designed by leading architects of the 20th century, including Carlo Scarpa and Alvar Aalto.