architectural style   (建築様式)

The edifice is in the Gothic architectural style.

It is designed in the modern architectural style.

The cathedral is in the Baroque architectural style.

architectural firm   (建築事務所)

Stotz joined his father's architectural firm in 1923.

It was designed by the architectural firm Wyatt & Nolting.

It was designed by Troy-based Cummings architectural firm.

architectural styles   (建築様式)

and also confluence of many architectural styles.

A city run by crime, with a riot of architectural styles.

The St. Gumbertuskirche combines changing architectural styles.

architectural design   (建築デザイン)

The architectural design team was led by SmithGroup.

The architectural design was by Karl Kandulkov.

The architectural design is credited to J.F.

architectural features   (建築上の特徴)

Several architectural features have suggested astronomical elements.

In Mysore paintings, the jewellery, costumes, architectural features, furniture, etc.

The work is primarily focused on architectural features, rather than natural features.

architectural elements

Fortification (architectural elements)

Cave 5 is devoid of sculpture and architectural elements except the door frame.

The interior of the house has exposed architectural elements showing its construction history.

architectural practice   (建築実習)

In 1862 he established his own architectural practice.

In 1919, he returned to his architectural practice in Louisville.

In 1892, he established his own architectural practice in Worcester.

architectural historian   (建築史家)

According to architectural historian B.

During his early years in real estate, he became an architectural historian.

One architectural historian called Davis "one of the most significant lost architects in Chicago."

architectural details

The dating is based mostly on architectural details.

The remaining architectural details were auctioned off.

The architectural details of the building are rather modest.

architectural heritage   (建築遺産)

Visitors also come to see the city's rich architectural heritage.

In 1976, Grüningen received the Wakker Prize for the development and preservation of its architectural heritage.

During Lebanon's 1975-1990 Civil War, a substantial portion of Achrafieh's architectural heritage was wiped out.

architectural significance

"Raheen" is of historic and architectural significance to the State of Victoria.

The house was listed due to its architectural significance as an early example of Italianate architecture.

The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993 for its architectural significance.

architectural history

Amsterdam has a rich architectural history.

He specializes in the architectural history of Syria during the Ottoman period.

Today, it is regarded as one of the great losses in American architectural history.

architectural work   (建築工事)

Little remains of his personal architectural work.

It is a major example of Greek Revival architectural work of the time.

She is best known for her architectural work in the area of sustainability and energy-efficient design.

architectural firms

Overall billings for architectural firms range widely, depending on location and economic climate.

Sometime in 2006, Ojie Arcega and Bimboi San Pedro left for Singapore to work in architectural firms.

Several prominent area architectural firms were engaged in the development of properties in the district.

architectural competition   (建築競争)

The 1981 model produced for the architectural competition is now held by the M+ museum.

The design of the new building was to be decided on the basis of an architectural competition.

It was designed by Milan Babuška, the winner of an architectural competition in Functionalist style.

architectural drawings

It took four months to put together from Smith's architectural drawings.

Barron researched archival photographs and architectural drawings for the shot.

Building façades are shown as elevations in architectural drawings and technical drawings.

special architectural

The building is grade II listed by English Heritage as a building of special architectural or historical interest.

The following buildings and structures are listed by Historic England as of special architectural or historic interest.

architectural projects

Jerde-associated architectural projects in Japan:

He won 13 NZIA Supreme Awards for his outstanding architectural projects.

He has participated in several architectural projects, conferences and contests.

architectural designs

Wang Chiu-Hwa's architectural designs are modernistic, with emphasis on environmental totality and scale.

Many architectural designs are found throughout the city including Victorian, Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, and others.

He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome.

own architectural

In 1862 he established his own architectural practice.

In 1892, he established his own architectural practice in Worcester.

Awsumb operated his own architectural firm in Chicago from 1913 to 1919.

architectural works

Little remains of Speer's personal architectural works, other than the plans and photographs.

His architectural works include two that are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

They added important architectural works such as the İsa Bey Mosque, caravansaries and Turkish bathhouses (hamam).

other architectural   (他の建築)

At the top of the shaft is a capital, upon which the roof or other architectural elements rest.

The promenade, with its columns and other architectural elements, was meant to evoke ancient Rome or Greece.

The ruins of Ancyra still furnish today valuable bas-reliefs, inscriptions and other architectural fragments.

architectural feature   (建築上の特徴)

Colonnade (disambiguation) A colonnade is an architectural feature.

Witch posts are a rare architectural feature found in the medieval houses of North Yorkshire.

The seven-storey tower is an architectural feature borrowed from medieval defensive tower houses.

architectural monuments

Astara is rich in architectural monuments.

Two famous architectural monuments have gain the status of national monuments.

It stands next to its oldest building, "one of Houston's most revered architectural monuments".

significant architectural   (重要な建築)

The first significant architectural pieces in Bihar date back to the Vedic period.

The most significant architectural qualities are limited to the exterior facades, the fireplace in Residence No.

2005 in architecture The year 2005 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.

architectural or historic

Grade I buildings are described as being "buildings of outstanding or national architectural or historic interest".

The following buildings and structures are listed by Historic England as of special architectural or historic interest.

architectural forms

The piece also captures architectural forms in space.

Born in Toronto, Beverley Magennis is a self-described feminist who covers architectural forms in ceramic tiles.

But the big advantage of optimisation is that arbitrary shapes can be used which can blend better with architectural forms.

architectural and historical

The house is listed as being of architectural and historical interest.

English Heritage has listed the church at Grade I because of its architectural and historical importance.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 11, 1973, due to its architectural and historical significance.

architectural interest

Of architectural interest as well, it is an example of late Victorian style.

The city has some buildings of architectural interest, such as Congress Hall.

Chokling Gompa is a point of architectural interest, with a grand prayer hall and a picturesque stupa.

architectural plans

Land, building materials, and architectural plans are provided to the self-builder through public grants.

The sacristy was begun in 1621 based on architectural plans by Mario Arconio and completed by Paolo Maruscelli in 1629.

In addition to this, architectural plans are being made for the roof of the new centre to be used as a base for an air ambulance used to transport patients to and from the hospital.

variety of architectural

Seen in panorama, Detroit's waterfront shows a variety of architectural styles.

The twelve buildings were designed to reflect a variety of architectural styles.

The cathedral combines a variety of architectural styles from Romanesque to Baroque.

new architectural

He wanted to create a new architectural style to reflect this new era.

Even as the building was being completed, new architectural styles had already begun to emerge.

The social "Kur" and the changing travel habits of people required new architectural solutions in the 20th century.

historical and architectural

The museum building is a historical and architectural monument of the XIX century.

In 2014, the historical and architectural buzkhana was restored and operated again.

It is Peru's largest square and monuments of great historical and architectural value.

architectural monument   (建築記念碑)

Theater building Declared an architectural monument.

The architectural monument was built in the XIV century.

The museum building is a historical and architectural monument of the XIX century.

architectural form

Their outer architectural form has led to nicknames such as “the blobs,” “the beetles,” “the turtles” and “the computer mice”.)

"Thatchu Shasthra", or the Science of Carpentry and Traditional "Vasthu", was the governing science in this architectural form.

Beverly Magennis Beverley Magennis (born 1942) is a ceramic sculptor who works within the nexus of tile and architectural form.

original architectural

At this point, a third story was added, conforming with the original architectural style.

It was sculpted by Mr. Craig from Glasgow, following from the original architectural drawings by Carruthers.

The site, with its original architectural remains, is listed as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

many architectural

and also confluence of many architectural styles.

Despite their constant preoccupation with war, members of the Artuklu dynasty left many architectural monuments.

As the village grew, newer homes began to fill in the lots between the original homes, with the result that many architectural styles are intermixed.

different architectural

In other words, A0 acts as a bridge among the different architectural languages to be related together.

The castle is conserved in good condition, and it has been built in different architectural styles between the 13th and 18th century.

It has 11 restored Norwegian pioneer log buildings, each of which represents a different architectural floor plan of the immigrant Norwegian pioneers.

local architectural

It was designed by the local architectural firm of Frye & Chesterman.

The designs feature local architectural concepts as well as international style.

The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers was designed by local architectural firm T.I.