style of architecture   (建築様式)

It is built in the International style of architecture.

It was designed in the international style of architecture.

Downing "cottage" style of architecture.

architecture firm   (建築事務所)

It was designed by architecture firm Ellerbe & Co.

The winner was "Degelo Architekten", an architecture firm from Basel.

The terminal and concourses were designed by the architecture firm HOK.

studied architecture   (勉強した建築)

He also studied architecture in Hanover, Germany.

He studied architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic.

Wafik studied architecture at Cairo university.

modern architecture   (近代建築)

The hypostyle is widely used in modern architecture.

They were heralded as monuments to modern architecture.

It is considered a symbol of Cuban modern architecture.

art and architecture   (アートと建築)

"Design and music, art and architecture – they all belong together."

Collaro is considered a pioneer in the integration of light art and architecture.

The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments.

landscape architecture   (造園)

A local landscape architecture firm was contracted to develop a master plan.

Her daughter, Unity, has a degree in landscape architecture and works with her.

Edward Milner founded the garden design and landscape architecture firm of Milner-White.

style architecture

It includes Queen Anne, Pueblo, and Territorial style architecture.

The house is a significant example of Queen Anne style architecture in the United States.

The building was constructed in 1742 in a Baroque style architecture on behalf of the Eltz dynasty.

architecture and design

Wells' work in architecture and design began in 1953.

This manifested itself in the architecture and design of the building.

Athfield won over 60 national and international architecture and design awards.

church architecture

Chicago is also a prominent center of the Polish Cathedral style of church architecture.

He had by this time developed an interest in architecture, especially church architecture.

Many surviving examples of mudéjar church architecture show that the Moorish influence lived on.

architecture style

It is in the Beaux-Arts architecture style.

It is in the Gothic architecture style.

Today he is regarded as a pioneer of the modern architecture style.

degree in architecture

He graduated with a degree in architecture in 1966.

While teaching, she completed a master's degree in architecture.

degree in architecture.

vernacular architecture   (固有の建築)

It includes New Mexico vernacular architecture.

Bengali vernacular architecture is noted for pioneering the bungalow.

It was built about 1775 and is basically Georgian vernacular architecture in style.

colonial architecture

The place also contains examples of functional colonial architecture.

Portuguese colonial architecture was the first wave of architecture to go to Brazil.

Joglo roof has influenced the development of Dutch colonial architecture in Indonesia.

residential architecture

It is also Tallahassee's finest remaining example of Federal residential architecture.

The house embodies Yamasaki's approach to architectural design, expressed in residential architecture.

Buxton features mostly single-family houses and mid- to high-rise residential architecture from the 60s–80s.

domestic architecture   (国内建築)

In medieval domestic architecture the county is not rich.

Its subjects included domestic architecture, interior design, landscape design, and gardening.

According to its NRHP nomination, it is "the best example in Lehi of Victorian domestic architecture."

study architecture

In 1870, Gaudí moved to Barcelona to study architecture.

Approximately 70 pass it and are admitted to study architecture.

Folkers went on to study architecture and urban planning at TU Delft.

temple architecture

The temple architecture is distinctly of Kerala style.

The style was influenced by South indian temple architecture.

The Bangla Chali follows the tradition of temple architecture.

computer architecture

Each computer architecture has its own machine language.

During this time he coined the term "computer architecture".

Atkins specializes in high-performance computer architecture.

classical architecture

In classical architecture, ashlar wall surfaces were often contrasted with rustication.

The building uses many principles of classical architecture, including sunlight directed onto the rotunda's floor.

In 1928, she began studying classical architecture at the University of Berlin but did not complete her doctorate.

traditional architecture

onwards and it is considered the pinnacle of Japanese traditional architecture.

Again, the outcome was in direct contrast to the traditional architecture of the period.

Some very interesting buildings representative of traditional architecture can be seen here.

historic architecture

It is notable for its historic architecture.

Unfortunately, most of Milton's historic architecture has not survived to the present.

Her first stop was Florence, Italy, where she absorbed much of Italy's historic architecture.

architecture critic

"Washington Post" architecture critic Benjamin Forgey called it "Tuscan" in style.

Sharon Johnston (architect) Sharon Johnston is an American architect and architecture critic.

"New York Times" architecture critic Paul Goldberger wrote that Television City was "woefully simplistic."

contemporary architecture

Subsequent influence of the Art Nouveau was reflected in contemporary architecture.

The city also has abundant contemporary architecture, largely built by Harvard and MIT.

The building protects the site and recreates their original elevation with contemporary architecture.

design and architecture

It is one of the most prestigious schools of design and architecture in Russia.

The museum is dedicated to exhibiting modern works of art, design and architecture.

Danish Design is a style of functionalistic design and architecture that was developed in mid-20th century.

software architecture

STREAMS employs a distributed computing software architecture.

Simprints software architecture also conforms to EU Data regulation.

The idea of using layers to control complexity has become a mainstay of software architecture.

naval architecture

She is without exception the noblest piece of naval architecture I ever looked upon."

Johan Neerman worked on wide variety of projects from transport systems to naval architecture.

Following his education in Belfast, he pursued a career in naval architecture and engineering.

professor of architecture

Reichlin has been a professor of architecture at the University of Geneva since 1984.

In 1949, Pereira became a professor of architecture at the University of Southern California.

University of Miami professor of architecture Allan Schulman said "Miami's brand is its identity as a tropical city.

modernist architecture   (モダニズム建築)

They specialised in modernist architecture, mostly built in reinforced concrete.

Fascist-styles of architecture are a branch of modernist architecture which became popular in the early 20th century.

Brasília was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its modernist architecture and uniquely artistic urban planning.

architecture and urban

Folkers went on to study architecture and urban planning at TU Delft.

Scott Brown has remained a prolific writer on architecture and urban planning.

Opened in 2003, it was designed by WET and SWA Group landscape architecture and urban design.

medieval architecture

Very little medieval architecture is preserved in Brussels.

Copper and its alloys were integral in medieval architecture.

He drew conclusions from medieval architecture that he applied to modern architecture.

studying architecture

After studying architecture he turned to sculpture.

He would go on to attend briefly attend Ryerson University in Toronto, studying architecture.

He was educated at Sherborne School, followed by studying architecture at the Architectural Association in London.

religious architecture

This is an example of modern religious architecture.

Among the religious architecture in the town are the following:

The prang is the tall finger-like spire, usually richly carved, common to much Khmer religious architecture.

school of architecture   (建築学部)

He taught at Case Western Reserve University’s school of architecture.

His efforts to establish a school of architecture at Vanderbilt University were unsuccessful.

The academy was housed in the Louvre for most of its existence, and included a school of architecture.

enterprise architecture

Other enterprise architecture frameworks may or do have operational views.

The separate levels of an enterprise architecture are interrelated in a special way.

It also reflects the new addition to the enterprise architecture family called “Security”.

architecture involved

2005 in architecture The year 2005 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.

military architecture

It is the best-preserved example of the Martello style of military architecture in the country.

They incorporate military architecture mainly of Venice, but also a few of Illyria, Byzantium, and Austria.

As such the monument represents one of the most important examples of defensive Venetian military architecture.

new architecture

Eventually that new architecture became Alpha.

In some instances, private investors have incorporated parts of preserved stonework into new architecture.

With or without the influence of "SA", by the end of the 1920s "constructivism" became a generic word for "new architecture".

commercial architecture   (商業建築)

It was "a notable collection of late 19th and early 20th century residential, and commercial architecture.

It was deemed "significant as a well-developed local example of early 20th-century neoclassical commercial architecture.

It is the last of the city's many ante-bellum taverns and ordinaries, and is an important example of early Federal-style commercial architecture.

monumental architecture   (記念碑的な建築)

All of the major monumental architecture at the site was built during this period.

Cities like Tell Brak and Uruk grew to over in size and displayed monumental architecture.

The Maya civilization in the Americas was known for its sophisticated art and monumental architecture.