Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

total area   (toàn bộ khu vực)

The total area of over 400 hectares of new nature.

The total area of Mankada Panchayath is 31.33 km².

The library premises have a total area of 6158 sq.

covers an area   (Bao gồm một khu vực)

The university campus covers an area of 171 Acres.

The campus of QAU covers an area of around 286 ha.

The temple covers an area of and faces the south.

metropolitan area   (khu vực đô thị)

It is part of the London census metropolitan area.

The town is part of the Prague metropolitan area.

Selargius is part of the Cagliari metropolitan area.

area around   (Khu vực xung quanh)

The area around the river still floods frequently.

The area around the reserved remained unpopulated.

The area around the city is uninhabited and lean.

surrounding area   (khu vực xung quanh)

The town and surrounding area is quite rural.

The surrounding area is occasionally used for rallying.

Numerous hamlets are scattered in the surrounding area.

land area   (diện tích đất)

Its land area is ; it has a population of 296,000.

It has a land area of with of saltwater shoreline.

It comprises 15 islands whose total land area is .

surface area   (diện tích bề mặt)

It counts 364 inhabitants, and a surface area of .

Together they make up 13,735 acres of surface area.

The surface area is about and the volume is about .

area was part

Traditionally the area was part of Upper Carniola.

In 1825 the area was part of the Valladolid region.

This area was part of Denmark during the Viking Age.

residential area   (khu dân cư)

It is a popular residential area on three counts.

It is being redeveloped into a residential area.

It is a residential area for students from UIC.

area between

They chose an area between Republican City and Naponee.

It is about in area, with 80% of its area between and deep.

The Northern Front covered the area between Pskov and Vyatka.

urban area   (khu vực thành thị)

In 2019, the urban area had a population of 37,557.

Ventimiglia's urban area has a population of 55,000.

There is no urban area under these three blocks.

protected area

The park has an exclusive protected area for deer.

Secondly, the development finances the protected area.

Toro Negro is a protected area under the law.

government area   (khu vực chính phủ)

Its local government area is the City of Wyndham.

Its local government area is the City of Maroondah.

Its local government area is the City of Whittlesea.

local government area   (khu vực chính quyền địa phương)

Its local government area is the City of Wyndham.

Its local government area is the City of Maroondah.

Its local government area is the City of Whittlesea.

local area

180 tech companies have started in the local area.

This is causing controversy throughout the local area.

downtown area   (khu vực trung tâm thành phố)

Trams run to a few suburbs near the downtown area.

The downtown area is located in the Ilala district.

Filming in Merritt includes the city's downtown area.

large area

Forest A forest is a large area dominated by trees.

They lie within a large area of mixed woodland.

In the past, Nang Buat District covered a large area.

rural area   (khu vực nông thôn)

Modrica was a nursery of schools in the rural area.

It covers a rural area in southern Luapula Province.

It served a very rural area in Dumfries and Galloway.

through the area

Major north-south highways run through the area.

York Region Transit buses also pass through the area.

The Schmale Gera stream runs through the area.

area known

Restaurants are popular in the area known as "Le Midi".

It also contains the area known as Palm Bay.

Also, an area known as Camp Cartoon Network opened in 1998.

small area

It is only known from a small area near Rokewood.

District Play is between schools in a small area.

The eye is surrounded by a small area of vivid blue.

same area

The River Wid also meets the Can in the same area.

Stands of black pines are found in the same area.

In the same area is the monastery of Fragaiolo.

catchment area   (vùng có nước mưa rơi xuống)

The catchment area of the River Slaney is 1,762 km.

The catchment area of Le Pouget is extensive.

A catchment area of lies above the dam site.

area near   (khu vực gần)

It is only known from a small area near Rokewood.

It is located in a privileged area near the Malecon.

He pardons them and grants them an area near Scotland.

area code   (mã vùng)

The zip code is 17562 and the area code is 717.

The list is presented by area code, number and location.

Area code 941 Area code 941 is an area code in Florida.

area became

In 1977, the area became part of Hotan Prefecture.

After almost 100 years, the area became public.

This area became known as the German Northern Marianas.

total land area   (tổng diện tích đất)

It comprises 15 islands whose total land area is .

The total land area is 97.73 hectares (1,466 mu).

It has a total land area of 81.88 square kilometers.

area include

Major directions of research in this area include:

DOC and DOCG wines produced in this area include:

Crops in the area include wheat, oats and barley.

area during

King Charles was in the area during the campaign.

Generally people visit this area during the spring season.

Walsh came to the Black Hills area during the 1876 gold rush.

industrial area   (Khu công nghiệp)

The modern industrial area is based on manufacturing.

Iwakuni is part of the Seto Inland Sea industrial area.

There is also a small industrial area.

area surrounding   (khu vực xung quanh)

Most of the area surrounding the town is farmland.

They then set fire to the area surrounding the manor.

It also has a vividly yellow area surrounding the eye.

area now

It is a natural area now used for teaching biology.

The area now has a sizable Amish community.

Part of the area now forms the 45th World Heritage Site in China.

area called

It is also close to a large marshy area called Dachauer Moos.

Vortigern then retreats to the north, in an area called Gwynessi.

Jita people are originated from Ethiopia in one area called kushi.

area includes

The area includes pine flatwoods and oak hammocks.

The listed area includes 29 contributing buildings.

This area includes high-altitude/high-rainfall areas.

council area

It lies in the council area of Perth and Kinross.

It is in the Scottish council area of Highland.

Balnacoil is in the Scottish council area of Highland.

area is part

The area is part of the civil parish of Ingleton.

The area is part of the "Mount Rogers Cluster".

geographical area   (khu vực địa lý)

The total geographical area of village is 2860 hectares.

The total geographical area of village is 2513 hectares.

The total geographical area of village is 1132 hectares.

conservation area   (khu bảo tồn)

The conservation area was created in January 2003.

The village was made a conservation area in 1977.

The church is also declared an urban conservation area.

covered an area

The mural covered an area of about 7,000 square feet.

It covered an area of 125 square kilometres.

The fort covered an area of approximately .

entire area   (toàn bộ khu vực)

The entire area is a part of the Gangetic Delta.

recreation area   (khu giải trí)

The ridge of Puijo is a well-known and popular recreation area.

The recreation area is open year-round and operates on user fees.

The recreation area includes and surrounds the Calamus Reservoir.

area within

Shropshire became a key area within the Welsh Marches.

The club's area is the area within Barreiro.

An area within Clara Town is named "Struggle Community".

area along

The area along the river was forested at that time.

In 1838, this area along the seawall became a promenade.

Most of the area along the shoreline was connected to the railways.

service area

The Omnitrans service area covers approximately .

The company has a electric and natural gas service area.

The nearest retail and service area is in Hall's Corner, Duxbury.

central area

in the central area beneath the cupola there is a fountain.

The central area is where the Chamba Daka (Sama Nnakenyare) live.

Limestone and Old Red Sandstone rocks surround this central area.

within the area

Not finding the tiger within the area, Corbett went home.

There is no history of mining within the area of the fell.

All subscriber numbers within the area code consist of six digits.

play area   (khu vực chơi)

There is also a children's play area and a cafe.

There is a play area next to the children's zoo.

Savernake Pond offers walking and a play area .

metro area   (khu vực tàu điện ngầm)

The station used to cover the St. John's metro area.

MarketWatch ranked Columbus and its metro area as the No.

Since then, the state of the metro area's economy has improved.

area of approximately

The mountains cover an area of approximately 500 km².

The cemetery covers an area of approximately 20 acres.

The park takes up an area of approximately .

area located

Tuas Tuas is a planning area located within the West Region of Singapore.

Tanying Tanying () is an area located in the Miyun District of Beijing, China.

Tanglin Tanglin is a planning area located within the Central Region of Singapore.

area north

The area north of Turunväylä is mostly bushy swampland.

One is located near the Buhlow area north of the OK Allen bridge.

The area north of the Amur had previously belonged to Imperial China.

around the area   (xung quanh khu vực)

There's a sense of coldness around the area.

The street was sealed off as the gas spread around the area.

Needless to say, lots of greenery can be found all around the area.

ski area   (khu trượt tuyết)

He served as an executive at the ski area until 1990.

In the winter, a ski area also operates within the park.

The Grand-Massif ski area had been born.

wide area

The village has a wide area for sporting activities.

The feathers would fall over a wide area when released.

However, your wide area network infrastructure does not need to be SNA.

covering an area   (bao phủ một khu vực)

The island is long and wide, covering an area of .

There are eleven exhibition halls covering an area of .

It is roughly oval and measures , covering an area of .

parking area   (Khu vực đậu xe)

There is a good parking area outside the park's entrance.

It is located north of the parking area.

The festival also offered a campsite and parking area by then.

area south

This attack took place in the area south of Peshawar.

The area south of Crete, known as the Greek Abyss, hosts many of them.

At the time, the name "Ourique" designated a large area south of Beja.

penalty area   (vòng cấm)

Goals can be scored behind the borders of penalty area.

In front of the goal is the penalty area.

The first of these travelled 45 metres from the sideline into the penalty area.

floor area   (diện tích sàn)

The stores in the tower range from in floor area.

The floor area is open for general admission.

It has a floor area of and can hold up to 150,000 books.

municipal area

The municipal area encompasses Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

The A21 Torino Piacenza highway crosses the municipal area.

Hockenheim's total municipal area covers 3,484 ha, with ca.

whole area

There is not even an ATM machine in the whole area.

Various sport facilities are spread over the town's whole area.

Herive declared it the first “mother church” for the whole area.

area including

Request came from the bigger area including Swellendam.

Graea was a greater area including Aulis, Mycalessus, Harma etc.

There are also a variety of lizards in the area including horned lizards.

up area

The total built up area is 50.000 m2.

The locality is a built up area, despite the number of inhabitants.

The Allies dropped 67,607 tons of bombs on the city, destroying 6,427 acres of the built up area.

area of responsibility   (khu vực trách nhiệm)

The next day Morakot recurved, reentering PAGASA's area of responsibility.

Its area of responsibility covers the states of Amazonas, Acre, Roraima and Rondônia.

Each sector had a Commander and a demarcated area of responsibility except sector 10.

commercial area   (khu vực thương mại)

Sinsen is a mixed residential and commercial area.

Petani is de facto the commercial area of the town.

The commercial area, about , has a variety of shops.

built up area

The total built up area is 50.000 m2.

The locality is a built up area, despite the number of inhabitants.

The Allies dropped 67,607 tons of bombs on the city, destroying 6,427 acres of the built up area.

statistical area   (khu vực thống kê)

The statistical area includes two metropolitan areas.

Alexandria is part of the Anderson, Indiana metropolitan statistical area.

The wider statistical area of Wieringerwerf has a population of around 5700.

area covered

The area covered by the corporation is 181.66 km².

The total surface area covered by the collapse is about .

The SSSI includes the area covered by Chalbury Hill Fort.

coastal area   (Miền duyên hải)

The coastal area of the peninsula is populated.

"Derrubado" is also the name of the coastal area near the islet.

There are irregular settlements of squatters in the coastal area.

area before

The family had left the area before the mid-1950s.

At least 13 further grants were made in this area before 1800.

Abancay was already a populated area before the arrival of the Incas.

unincorporated area   (khu vực chưa hợp nhất)

Rapid View is an unincorporated area of the RM of Meadow Lake No.

Eridu, Florida Eridu is an unincorporated area in Taylor County, Florida.

Eugene, Florida Eugene is an unincorporated area in Dixie County, Florida.

geographic area   (khu vực địa lý)

King Kleagle was the head of the Kleagles for a geographic area.

load across a wide geographic area.

Bârlad Plateau Bârlad Plateau () is a geographic area in E Romania.

wooded area   (khu vực rừng)

It is a mountainous, heavily wooded area, and is above sea level.

Several days later, Cherry's body was found hidden in a wooded area.

South of the village is a wooded area which is also popular with tourists.

area is characterized   (khu vực được đặc trưng)

This area is characterized by multiple sites of venting.

The area is characterized by grassland.

The area is characterized by mild days and cold nights and is malaria free.

area of land   (Diện tích đất)

A nook is said to be an area of land of approximately .

The area of land extended from Burlington Bay to Etobicoke Creek.

It was a triangular elevated area of land with its apex at the north.

picnic area   (khu dã ngoại)

The Doña Juana Creek runs next to the picnic area.

The picnic area and playground are near Shady Lane Pond.

The island has a small beach picnic area and boat ramps.

immediate area   (khu vực ngay lập tức)

A search of the immediate area found 226 VC dead.

SE 48th Street is also in the immediate area.

Castlerigg is named after a hill in the immediate area.

populated area

Finland proper was the most densely populated area.

Pang village is a predominantly Muslim populated area.

It serves a relatively densely populated area of Berlin.

larger area

The larger area are called Ngrowo.

A much larger area was enclosed and planted with oak trees in the 1780s.

He believed that Serbia could govern a much larger area that the territory it held.

coverage area   (vùng phủ sóng)

KVLY-TV serves its large coverage area with three translators.

KFYR boasts an enormous coverage area.

This pushed rates down even as density and coverage area increased.

area is now

The area is now one of the most populous in Wales.

The area is now the agency's training barracks.

The area is now part of the municipality of Jönköping.

shopping area

The Minor Centre shopping area is within Weavering.

The shopping area is going through major rebuilding.

The station is in the main shopping area for the district.

area as well   (khu vực là tốt)

Magnolias and viburnum surround the area as well.

Other batoids are commonly caught in this area as well.

There is a bungee jump in this area as well.

throughout the area

Education and development spread throughout the area.

Many other smaller schools are present throughout the area.

In addition, there are many thermal springs throughout the area.

new area

A relatively new area, formed in the mid-1980s.

The land closed on September 5, 2018 to make way for the new area.

The infrastructure of the new area has recently been greatly improved.

agricultural area

Quail Hollow Park is in a rich agricultural area.

Today, it is an important irrigated agricultural area.

The village is in a mainly agricultural area.

area codes

The areas (with the area codes from the site nomination) are:

There are no area codes in Greenland, and all telephone numbers have 6 digits.

Many area codes reserved 999; 320 was also formerly reserved in Bell Canada territory.

area began

Settlement of the area began in the mid-19th century.

Settlement in the area began to expand quickly.

storage area

There is a small storage area for trolley buses.

The coal is unloaded into a concrete lined storage area.

The hatchery then housed the indoor education centre and storage area.

area is heavily

The surrounding area is heavily wooded, with mixed hardwood and conifer forests.

Northern Bosnia contains very fertile agricultural land along the river Sava and the corresponding area is heavily farmed.

Northern Bosnia (Posavina) contains very fertile agricultural land along the River Sava and the corresponding area is heavily farmed.

left the area

The family had left the area before the mid-1950s.

He withdrew in 1277 and left the area to Brandenburg.

The Hvide family seems to have left the area in about 1300.

when the area   (khi khu vực)

In 1886, when the area was still claimed as Greer County, Texas, W.H.

The approximation is valid when the area and wavelength interval are small.

It later formed a part of Italian Somaliland, when the area was known as "Dante".

area contains

This area contains the western end of Eglinton West.

The area contains much Forestry Commission managed stock.

The Hornby area contains many sports clubs.

area is located

The women's prayer area is located on the balcony.

The downtown area is located in the Ilala district.

The area is located within Libertyville Township.

occupies an area   (chiếm một diện tích)

Botswana occupies an area of , of which are land.

The high hall has four stories and occupies an area of .

It occupies an area of 53.3 km (20.6 sq mi).

general area   (Khu vực chung)

Timbered lodges in the general area, i.e.

Evans Bay Intermediate School takes its name from the general area.

The Smithsonian listing has a satellite photograph of the general area.

area now known

In 1908 Congress gave Idaho an area now known as Heyburn State Park.

Celts inhabited the area now known as Düren before the Roman invasion.

The area now known as Fondachelli-Fantina always has been quite isolated.

forest area   (khu vực rừng)

The forest area was originally established in 1956.

About 7% of the state is protected forest area.

82% of the forest area is in private ownership.

area of research

This area of research is known as parallel computing.

Her area of research was Spanish and Puerto Rican history.

Pomology has been an important area of research for centuries.

area consists

Most of the area consists of plantations and farms.

The metropolitan area consists of inhabitants.

This area consists of many small communities.