İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

rural areas   (kırsal bölgeler)

At least in rural areas water is provided for free.

In rural areas, some intersections are uncontrolled.

Generally, monks are invited to home in rural areas.

other areas   (diğer alanlar)

Acts from all over Asia and other areas take part.

The school has students from other areas in New Orleans.

The effect has also appeared in other areas.

urban areas   (kentsel alanlar)

Most of the population is centered in urban areas.

In urban areas, this might be once or twice a day.

US 33 passes through farm fields and urban areas.

surrounding areas   (çevrili alanlar)

He controlled Chongqing and its surrounding areas.

Other post offices are situated in surrounding areas.

It serves Nabadwip and the surrounding areas.

areas such   (böyle alanlar)

JVs served in remote areas such as Nulato, Alaska.

He emphasised areas such as Automation since 2004.

It grows in moist areas such as meadows and riverbanks.

many areas   (birçok alan)

This holds true today, for many areas of the world.

In many areas, local extinction is frequent .

This is an omnibus act covering many areas.

residential areas   (yerleşim bölgeleri)

The rest of the area is made up of residential areas.

outside) the town are the other main residential areas.

The district affiliation of residential areas did not change.

protected areas   (korunan alanlar)

Housing is then built around the protected areas.

Most of the delta is located within protected areas.

There are a number of environmentally protected areas.

coastal areas   (kıyı bölgeleri)

Fishing is also popular in coastal areas of Belize.

A tsunami affected Kerala coastal areas in 2004.

It also serves coastal areas of Moray and Banffshire.

large areas   (geniş alanlar)

However, large areas of the forest are difficult to reach.

The fell is wet underfoot, with large areas clad in heather.

The goal is to capture carbon using large areas of kelp forest.

all areas   (tüm bölgeler)

Some varieties are not fully hardy in all areas.

Now all areas of the district are assigned to GCTHS.

The journal covers all areas related to decision science.

different areas   (farklı bölgeler)

It takes various forms in different areas of the Caribbean.

These divide the work to be carried out into different areas.

Temperature amplitudes vary significantly in different areas.

metropolitan areas   (metropol alanlar)

The statistical area includes two metropolitan areas.

In metropolitan areas, families go monasteries.

The largest metropolitan areas in the EU are Paris and Madrid.

areas around   (etraftaki alanlar)

The areas around Żebbuġ have been inhabited for millennia.

The areas around the lake have a generally leveled topography.

The traditional owners of the areas around the river are the Wurla.

certain areas   (belirli alanlar)

In certain areas, crevices opened in the earth.

Since 2008 CDMA2000 and WCDMA is available in certain areas.

This has had the effect of converging the law in certain areas.

remote areas   (Uzak alanlar)

JVs served in remote areas such as Nulato, Alaska.

Its aim is to promote health and education in remote areas.

For remote areas, aluminum towers may be placed by helicopters.

main areas   (ana bölgeler)

The main areas of the sandwich skin were only thick.

Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.

It began with two main areas of concern.

populated areas   (nüfuslu alanlar)

Plantations are typically found in sparsely populated areas.

Geekcorps set up ICT stations in less populated areas of Mali in 2006.

A road connects the populated areas of the island, along its full length.

following areas   (aşağıdaki alanlar)

The pileated gibbon is found in the following areas.

They can be located in the following areas:

It is made up of the following areas:

several areas   (birkaç alan)

The song prominently features whistling in several areas.

By the 1970s, blackbuck was locally extinct in several areas.

This study found several areas of the brain that function differently.

areas within   (içindeki alanlar)

He introduced the penny postage to areas within ten miles of Sydney.

Hunting is unregulated in many areas within the range of the brown bear.

The areas within the filling factories were all numbered in the same way.

wooded areas   (ormanlık alanlar)

Its native habitat includes wooded areas and swamps.

Adults are found in shady, wooded areas, often on tree trunks.

The city features many lakes in wooded areas which attract campers.

areas including   (dahil alanlar)

"Cheilanthes acrostica" is found in Mediterranean areas including Iberia.

There are also two play areas including a new early-childhood play center.

He was also a poet and wrote in non-fiction areas including travel, cooking and pets.

industrial areas   (endüstriyel alanlar)

Light industrial areas are also found in the area.

It serves residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Presently, it is dominated by residential and industrial areas.

areas include

Other hot areas include Turbat and Dalbandin.

this areas include Kagwe, Kagaa, Gatamaiyu and Matimbei areas.

Both areas include boat ramps, campgrounds, and swimming beaches.

various areas   (Çeşitli bölgeler)

He is a founder of several companies working in various areas.

The film was shot on location in various areas of Nashville, Tennessee.

He has authored more than 50 papers in various areas of Computer Science.

areas along

It prefers flat top reefs and areas along seaward slopes.

Greece has established several marine protected areas along its coasts.

The route passes through a mix of suburban and rural areas along its extent.

mountainous areas   (dağlık bölgeler)

The species is mainly found in mountainous areas.

It makes its home in fallen logs in mountainous areas.

A few autopistas in very mountainous areas are two-lane.

forested areas

As such, the surrounding landscape became mostly forested areas.

The blackbuck inhabits grassy plains and slightly forested areas.

They tend to frequent the ground and low shrubbery in forested areas.

open areas   (açık alanlar)

One of the open areas is bordered by a man-made hill.

There are several open areas and meadows within the forest.

It forages over forests and more open areas, including towns.

new areas

The player can also use gadgets to explore new areas.

Gibney produces 3-minute guides to new areas of research.

The storyline is important to unlocking new areas in the game.

areas near   (yakın bölgeler)

There are two wildlife areas near Monti.

There are usually small white areas near the base of the tail.

He served mainly in the areas near Benghazi, Derna, and Tobruk.

agricultural areas

Rural agricultural areas continued to help the local economy.

Both are fertile agricultural areas.

The chief agricultural areas are around the Bossangoa and Bambari.

affected areas   (etkilenen bölgeler)

The affected areas are densely populated and mountainous.

About 120 people have been evacuated from the affected areas.

A map showing the most affected areas was released by ReliefWeb.

suburban areas   (banliyö bölgeleri)

It also includes suburban areas to the east of Oldham.

A 2011 project is to establish "dark sky oasis" in suburban areas.

most areas   (çoğu bölge)

are taken in excess of their availability in most areas.

In most areas the plan was to reduce the water table to .

In Canada, the series was simsubbed in most areas on City.

specific areas   (özel alanlar)

All of the specific areas of design customization are separated.

There are also some inter-municipal centres serving specific areas.

Some aspects of the remodeling targeted specific areas of the mall.

nearby areas

Pharsatikar is an educational hub of nearby areas.

Settlers occupied the abandoned fort and nearby areas.

Jhamatpur Baharan railway station serves nearby areas.

picnic areas   (piknik alanları)

There are 2 designated picnic areas located in the park.

It contains picnic areas, restroom facilities and various trails.

There are several picnic areas with electric barbecues and toilets.

commercial areas   (ticari alanlar)

West of US 1, the freeway passes commercial areas.

There are two commercial areas in Faulconbridge.

Kiulap is one of the few commercial areas in Bandar Seri Begawan.

key areas

The Atari 7800 differs from the 2600 in several key areas.

BLP focused on key areas of nutrition, education, agriculture.

Liang's key areas of interest are law, popular culture and content piracy.

government areas   (hükümet alanları)

It spans three separate local government areas.

Its local government areas are the Cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.

The Adelaide metropolitan area is divided between nineteen local government areas.

areas of research

Gibney produces 3-minute guides to new areas of research.

His areas of research were descriptive geometry and synthetic geometry.

Grants are made in all areas of research, in both science and the humanities.

subject areas   (konu alanları)

using one copy of the shared dimension across subject areas.

Maheswaran has carried out research in several different subject areas.

They also take an Academic Proficiency Test (APT) in intended major subject areas.

small areas

The Park also contains small areas of swampy habitat.

Several small areas in the Ranges have protected area status.

Blu Tack can be finely shaped and worked into even very small areas.

rocky areas   (kayalık alanlar)

The habitat consists of rocky areas with tall grass.

The habitat consists of rocky areas in woodland.

It spawns in November, in shallow rocky areas.

unincorporated areas   (kurumsuz alanlar)

In addition, the county serves as the local government for all unincorporated areas.

Both Woodlands and Warren are unincorporated areas with small populations below 100 of R.M.

It has two unincorporated areas — the Northeast Greenland National Park and the Thule Air Base.

local government areas   (yerel yönetim alanları)

It spans three separate local government areas.

Its local government areas are the Cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.

The Adelaide metropolitan area is divided between nineteen local government areas.

research areas

Many of his papers are the source of new research areas.

His research areas include: Interfacial phenomena and surfactants.

such areas   (bu alanlar)

This had caused decades of underinvestment in such areas.

This is the usual make-up of such areas which are grazed oak woodlands.

Therefore tall variety plants with deep root system should be planted in such areas.

areas between

The areas between pits are known as "lands".

The Indians mostly settled in areas between the Afro-Guyanese villages.

It also provided areas between the wings that were safe for recreation.

areas surrounding

The playground is ADA compliant, and offers seating areas surrounding it.

It also references the green roof and the lush areas surrounding the station.

The areas surrounding the towns of Arezzo, Florence and Pisa is also excluded.

areas outside   (dışarıdaki alanlar)

However one of the rural areas outside Lydenburg is called Mashishing.

However, areas outside coal and steel required the consent of the Council.

General security teams operate in areas outside the main conservation area.

adjacent areas   (bitişik alanlar)

It is presumed that he was from Flanders or adjacent areas.

The adjacent areas to the east were uninhabited by this time.

Sackville Ward included the previously named College Ward and adjacent areas.

areas of interest

Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.

Liang's key areas of interest are law, popular culture and content piracy.

He was the friend of many specialist authorities in his areas of interest.

developed areas

Roth had previously developed areas elsewhere in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Fire fighting services are provided in most developed areas to extinguish or contain uncontrolled fires.

The road was to run through developed areas of Philadelphia, intersecting several streets and railroad lines.

public areas   (Kamu alanları)

They operate mainly in busy public areas in Hyderabad.

while 25 dunams were classified as built-up public areas.

Muslim dress is not prohibited in Albania in public areas.

wilderness areas   (vahşi alanlar)

White Pine County is home to a number of designated wilderness areas.

He also frequently preached in wilderness areas near the Jordan River.

Sometimes, on the other hand, they were sited in wilderness areas (e.g.

border areas   (sınır alanları)

Friendly ties between Egypt and the various states of Asia Minor and the border areas of Armenia.

There are a few border areas where varieties close to Portuguese are spoken, for example near Olivenza (Olivença).

During the period 1910 to 1926 the fort was used as a major military base for the Trøndelag border areas with Sweden.

major areas   (ana alanlar)

All the above major areas of chemistry employ chemists.

Umunumo consists of two major areas: Ibeafor and Ibenkwo.

There were four major areas of the park, each given the name paradise.

outlying areas   (dış bölgeler)

This generally causes higher night-time minima than outlying areas.

The site designation includes the outlying areas of Iron Mills and Littleworth Commons.

Until the 1950s Aghoose had a dance hall where the young people flocked from outlying areas.

northern areas

In some northern areas, tadpole shrimp are more common.

It lies South of Astore, northern areas, Gilgit, Pakistan.

Thick stews are found often in these northern areas as well.

natural areas

The state forest system also has natural areas, with more restricted usage.

The proposed botanical garden would also protect extensive natural areas along the marsh.

Thousands of displaced people have fled to protected natural areas, endangering the wildlife there.

areas of study

Comer’s research examines four overlapping areas of study.

Non-science includes all areas of study that are not science.

Barnard offers Bachelor of Arts degree programs in about 50 areas of study.

forest areas

The forest areas are hilly with plateau at the top.

In the forest areas there were rarely wealthy farmers.

Most forest areas are in the centre, east and west parts of Bosnia.

few areas

Only a few areas of epidemic typhus exist today.

A few areas in there have been developed.

This region is one of the few areas of settled agriculture in the country.

geographical areas   (coğrafi bölgeler)

as well as for particular geographical areas.

The garden is full of plants organized according to geographical areas.

Five of the members represent different geographical areas of the state.

geographic areas   (coğrafi bölgeler)

Angus can be split into three geographic areas.

Plaques are categorized by geographic areas and linked to interactive maps.

Offering record lookups for particular geographic areas is another common service.

service areas

The UNGSC consists of three main core service areas.

The service areas were originally referred to as "Glass Houses".

The services defined in the APP tend to fall into broad service areas.

conservation areas   (koruma alanları)

It is one of the oldest known conservation areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There 29 national parks of Costa Rica many conservation areas of Costa Rica.

It poses a significant threat to wildlife conservation areas and other reserves.

areas as well   (alanlar da)

Green areas as well as desert exist on the archipelago.

The impact of the war was felt in many other areas as well.

Thick stews are found often in these northern areas as well.

through rural areas   (kırsal alanlarda)

The highway zig-zags through rural areas in the southeast of the county.

It travels through rural areas of the county and passes into Burke County.

The route heads northwest through rural areas until it enters Bacon County.

southern areas

Finally the Catholic southern areas showed religious declines.

The forts protected the border between ancient Egypt and the southern areas.

The southern areas became part of German offices for the United Nations in 2008.

number of areas   (alan sayısı)

Geertz applied his method in a number of areas, creating programs of study that were very productive.

Carroll has worked on a number of areas of theoretical cosmology, field theory and gravitation theory.

The Cleland family lands were therefore a number of areas which included the present day Cleland village.

areas of land   (arazi alanları)

The Campbells of Possil owned large areas of land throughout Lanarkshire.

It owned large areas of land in Wix and much of the surrounding countryside.

On several occasions, Doekhi was allotted large areas of land by the government.

storage areas

The fuel storage areas are double-hulled.

The basement areas include storage units and bicycle storage areas.

The bombs were kept in secure storage areas (SSAs) on the same bases as the bombers.

inland areas   (iç bölgeler)

Leveling exists only in inland areas in Southern Norway, and areas around Trondheim.

Due to its sheltered and southerly location, it contains lesser seasonal swings than northerly inland areas.

This onion orchid is common in soil pockets on granite outcrops in inland areas, mostly between Hyden and Balladonia.

recreational areas   (Rekreasyon alanları)

There are also recreational areas to relax.

In Ibirité there are Polisportives and recreational areas.

Two rooms were used as office and recreational areas for the sheriff deputies.

statistical areas

A collective term for MSAs, μSAs, and CSAs is primary statistical areas (PSAs).

Carson City is the smallest of the United States' 366 metropolitan statistical areas.

(In the US these are grouped into metropolitan statistical areas for purposes of demography and marketing.)

areas during

The regency was among the hardest-hit areas during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Williams became more aggressive in his efforts to annex new areas during his second term.

Residents on the small island of Minamidaitojima evacuated their homes to safer areas during the storm.

business areas   (iş alanları)

It is one of the main business areas of the district.

Expansions in new business areas as well as new offers in the area of funding are planned.

The route enters business areas and comes to an intersection with US 13 (Frankford Avenue).

marine protected areas

However, it is present in several marine protected areas.

Greece has established several marine protected areas along its coasts.

The exhibit includes species native to the nearby marine protected areas.

areas of expertise   (uzmanlık alanları)

Her areas of expertise include Reiki and hypnotherapy.

His areas of expertise included plant geography and systematics.

His general areas of expertise are macroeconomics and cognitive economics.

parking areas

It has an easily accessible boat launch, dock, and parking areas.

There are further parking areas to the north and south ends of the inlet.

The plan included shops, offices, libraries and parking areas within the complex.

neighbouring areas

Over time it included the neighbouring areas of Martindale and Newclare.

In 1652 there was the plague epidemic in skete and the neighbouring areas.

Mookkannoor is a small business and cultural hub for people of neighbouring areas.

more rural areas   (daha kırsal alanlar)

They are typically, though not always, found in more rural areas.

past Eastville as it runs north-northeast through more rural areas.

The road heads through more rural areas before crossing into Freeburg.

play areas   (oyun alanları)

There are also two play areas and a well-utilised Community Centre.

There are also two play areas including a new early-childhood play center.

There are several schools and there is a leisure centre as well as a few popular play areas.

areas of high

They are popular in car park buildings and other areas of high vehicle usage.

In areas of high stress, the level of facilitation is especially high as well.

Greenland stitchwort is found in areas of high elevation where bedrock is exposed.

recreation areas

They range from vest-pocket parks to large recreation areas.

Restrooms are located at the Project Office and all recreation areas.

The Corps of Engineers maintains seven recreation areas around the lake.

found in areas

Indonesian Shia are found in areas of Java, Madura and Sumatra.

Larger toads tend to be found in areas of lower population density.

It is commonly found in areas with chestnuts, oaks, poplars, and elms.

mountain areas

It grows in sub-humid and humid mountain areas.

Snow is frequent especially on mountain areas.

Cacti inhabit diverse regions, from coastal plains to high mountain areas.

green areas

Inala has a high ratio of green areas and parks.

The whole structure centers on parks and green areas.

Deeper green areas are probably forests.

local areas

Some of these societies form in towns or unite local areas (such as repeater groups).

It was not until 2005 when this system was replaced by direct elections for local areas.

Wine production, primarily red, was "famous in the local areas" to which it was exported.

areas throughout

Rees has worked in diverse areas throughout his career.

Study carrels and lounge seating areas throughout the branch.

Health can be replenished in designated areas throughout the game.

shopping areas

The nearest shopping areas are McAdam Square and Burnt Bridge.

The route runs through shopping areas, passing to the west of Nittany Mall.

The shopping areas are extended into the main showground by market-style stalls.

areas not

those areas not occupied by the Japanese or ruled by puppet governments).

Initially, WISPs were only found in rural areas not covered by cable or DSL.

The B&L built or leased many branches to serve areas not on its original line.

areas affected

The City of Casalnuovo for the areas affected by earthquake.

Urban areas affected by food shortage adhered to a rationing system.

The extent of pain and the areas affected are related to the cause of the injury.

tropical areas

Reforestation in tropical areas has a cooling effect.

"E. colini" inhabit tropical areas, 17ºN - 16ºN, 88ºW - 89ºW.

They lived in tropical areas that experienced periodic drought.

disturbed areas   (rahatsız alanlar)

"Bromus catharticus" grows in open and disturbed areas.

The grass easily colonizes disturbed areas such as roadsides.

The habitat consists of forests and disturbed areas such as cocoa plantations.

vast areas   (Engin alanlar)

Its landscape is a mix of vast areas of coconut trees and many reefs.

In the 1930s, vast areas of land were planted in "Pinus radiata" by relief workers.

In addition it contained vast areas of desert and the few communities were poorly served by road and rail links.