İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

argued against   (karşı tartıştı)

", in which he argued against the proposed Trump tariffs.

The members of the kibbutz argued against his and Hanna's departures.

They always argued against it.

successfully argued   (başarıyla tartışıldı)

She successfully argued for their release, citing the Geneva Convention.

He successfully argued two voting rights cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Longford had successfully argued that to keep a sick man in jail was an "indefensible cruelty".

further argued   (daha ileri tartıştı)

He further argued that Michal was informed about these donations.

She further argued that this was "a familiar problem in the male gay subculture."

They further argued that, after Mindaugas' assassination, this cathedral was converted into a pagan temple.

scholars have argued   (akademisyenler tartıştı)

Other scholars have argued for a Turkic origin of the name.

Several scholars have argued that the pastoral epistles attack Marcionism in particular.

Some scholars have argued that the Book of Revelation incorporates imagery from ancient mythology.

argued that such

Roosevelt argued that such apparently haphazard methodology was necessary.

Other commentators have argued that such expenditures may not be legally required as claimed.

However, it has also been argued that such close monitoring breaches the human right to privacy.

argued before

700 (1869), was a case argued before the United States Supreme Court in 1869.

Kerr argued before the Supreme Court in the 2011 case "Davis v. United States".

In January 1680 the case was argued before the Council and Scroggs was acquitted.

argued in favor

From early on, Urechia argued in favor of a federal Latin bloc to counter the threats of Pan-Slavism and Pan-Germanism.

For instance, Lawrence H. White has argued in favor of free banking in the spirit of Hayek's "Denationalization of Money".

The issue of independence would be touched in a pro-Soviet article by Amelio Morazín, who argued in favor of self-determination.

argued that because   (çünkü tartıştı)

Hotz argued that because he had purchased the product, he had the right to do with it as he pleased.

Greer argued that because Padman had been assigned male at birth, she should not be admitted to Newnham, a women's college.

The prosecution unsuccessfully argued that because a change of venue had already been granted, the place of the murder was immaterial.

argued in favour

With "comparative advantage" Ricardo argued in favour of industry specialisation and free trade.

Tupper argued in favour of a strong central government as a second best to a pure legislative union.

He also argued in favour of a law establishing the general maximum, thus introducing price controls.

argued the case   (davayı savundu)

Elizabeth Bernstein argued the case for the tribe.

Norman M. Littell argued the case for Williams.

Alvin H. Shrago argued the case for Kerr-McGee.

argued that all

He argued that all foreign investment would be subject to Guatemalan laws.

It has been argued that all the specimens belong to the same species, "A. lithographica".

By contrast, some philosophers have argued that all human languages are conventional or artificial.

critics argued

But some critics argued that Kedys coached the girl to falsely testify.

Several critics argued that the TV series' change damaged Jaime's redemption arc.

Some critics argued the letter was excessively flattering and went beyond the demands of courtesy.